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Distorted Love by mocasoul 17 and older
  Keisha is trapped in a world she doesn’t know isn’t real.  Tyler is her fiancé and his years of torturing and terrorizing her never happened.  Outside forces try to bring her to her actual reality and try to help her see Tyler for what he really is…a monster.   Spin-off-ish...
Bloodlust 2: Treats by mocasoul 17 and older
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More Than Your Woman by TheKreativeKeeks Mature Content
"They say you can't turn a bad girl good, but when a good girls gone bad she's gone forever" - Jay-Z (Song Cry) Aaliyah Knight, a 22 year old R&B singer seemed to have the perfect life, a successful career, popularity, riches and finally the love of her life Dame Dash a producer and CEO,. Everything...
The Rouge by EJBradley Mature Content
Sequel to The Chozen;Years after the start of the end, the Undead still walked amongst the living. Mutated, they became a tougher force to eradicate, but they were no longer the only threat. While Haven's Cove was dismantled, their secrets hid within the walls of the new government and their plans were...
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'Once upon a moonlit night, a girl, whom wasn't just any ordinary girl, met a boy, whom wasn't just any ordinary boy. . .'
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SEQUEL to Sasha: the Wallflower. Adaline Lang is an up and coming photographer with more than her own set of problems. During her cousin's wedding she comes face-to-face with the man that she had fallen in love with as a child. Only to find out he was in love with someone else. What will she do to...
NightFall by Elizablu 17 and older
In the land of Gods and Monsters lurking just beyond the veil of day is a beast using the Blue Forests of Luminensce as a hunting ground.
Strange Fruit by Missus James 17 and older
A modern Southern Gothic tale of revenge. While the skeletons from his closet ate him alive with guilt,She devoured his sanity bit by bit.She was the beginning of the shadows that haunted him, And the reason for his inevitable end.And as the others reaped what they sowed,He was saved for last.He waited...
Croy by Alexandria Glass 17 and older
Banner by: Siennna Gray   Croy Martin left her hometown in Texas for her dream job in a small town in Missouri. She falls into a seductive web that is weaved in front of her. Not afraid to fall in love, she dives in head first. Torn between three men, what's a girl to do?
Choosey Lover by CaramelGal Mature Content
  Elle always played it safe and chose wisely. Every accomplishment in her life was meticulously planned. When an old flame from a past complicated relationship comes back into her life, she soon finds out everything doesn't go as planned.   

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Reviews For Gia

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 03/20/12 11:27 pm · For: Chapter 17

I'm glad that he making sure Gia is going to be ok and that bastard Sonny , Liz, and Nick is going down and they going to pay for what they did. Thank for the update.

Name: Bain (Anonymous) · Date: 10/29/11 02:15 am · For: Chapter 16


Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 10/28/11 09:38 pm · For: Chapter 16

wow so the true finaly came out good. Now jason knows about his son and now can bond with him.Liz is a slut always talking about someone like she mss perfect her dam self. Thank for the update.

Name: trina mase (Anonymous) · Date: 10/28/11 05:19 pm · For: Chapter 16
Once again another update. I am glad Lucky is starting to see what Elizabeth is. I love when Jason is protecting his woman and family. I am glad that jason and Gia are helping Lucky. I hope Nicholas and Elizabeth learn that Jason is not playing. I am glad that Lucky is learning the truth. Please another update. Please update your other stories

Name: trina mase (Anonymous) · Date: 10/28/11 04:43 pm · For: Chapter 15
I am so glad that Gia is pregnant with Jason baby. How Gia reacted about Elizabeth shows she how human you made her. Elizabeth is still conniving and always wants to play innocent. I love Carly and Gia friendship. I also like how protective Edward is. You are a beautiful writer please more updates

Name: trina mase (Anonymous) · Date: 10/20/11 04:52 pm · For: Chapter 14
I am shocked her and Elizabeth are sisters. I am glad Gia told her off. It is shame Lucky always sticks up for Elizabeth even when she cheats. I am glad to see that Gia has let go of everything and is taking care of her family. I wonder who fed Starboard information? I love how loving Jason is and protective. I love Carly and AJ in this story. I am glad that Sam and Marcus are moving back. Please update again!!!!!!!! I love YOUR STORIES

Author's Response:

Thanks Trina, I keep trying to write Elizabeth as good but she is so sneaky.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 10/20/11 03:29 pm · For: Chapter 14

Wow talked about dram dram dram glad gia put that stuck up chick in her place and letting her know she better not cross them.  Thank for the update.

Author's Response:

Can u tell that I really hate Elizabeth?


Name: trina mase (Anonymous) · Date: 10/20/11 11:38 am · For: Chapter 13
OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS STORY. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AN UPDATE. I love all your stories. Please update another chapter. Please update your other stories as well. Very good chapter you are the best. Please continue with your stories who cares about how stupid people can act you have great stories.

Author's Response:

Thanks Trina. Sometimes stupid people need to be reminded that they are not the center of my world. I do love that delete button.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 09:18 pm · For: Chapter 12

wow who is gia sister? is it sam? I think sam going to be a great mother. It good jason finaly having the family he always wanted. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 09:12 pm · For: Chapter 11

oh my so gia has a son and the father is nick wow didn't see that coming. I woner what nick going to say when he find out? thank for the update

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 09:05 pm · For: Chapter 10

I hope they kill him and he stays dead so this crazy can end and jason gia and their loves ones can move foward and be happy and safe. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 09:02 pm · For: Chapter 9

glad they found out what was going on and going to show to anyone don't mess with the people that he loves. carly and sam are a trip lol talking about jason in the sack lol thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 08:54 pm · For: Chapter 8

Wow talk about faith. Jason was her first and then years later they end up together as husband and wife yeah like sam says they are each other soul mate for sure. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 08:41 pm · For: Chapter 7

Glad she not having a baby yet and hope her and jason can have a child real soon. I love how gia put that bitch liz in her place letting her know that jason is hers and she better step. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 08:33 pm · For: Chapter 6

I hope she not carry8ing that satan's spawn at all. I love how so sweet jason is with gia and showing her love and letting her know that he going to keep herself. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 08:26 pm · For: Chapter 5

Aww jason is so sweet and he and gia are supposed to be together happy for the rest of their lives. I hope jason finds a way to get rid of savros for good. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 08:19 pm · For: Chapter 4

I hope she not pregnant and who knows jason and gia might work out at the end and be happy. But I bet everyone going to flip their wigs when they find out gia and jason getting married lol. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 08:14 pm · For: Chapter 3

I hope jason can look out for her and make sure that sicko or anyone else doesn't hurt gia agian. It good jason found her and helping her out. thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 08:08 pm · For: Chapter 2

I hope jason kills him it so sad when a woman has to go thu this.  I wonder what going to happen next if jason going to find him and kill him? Thank for the update.

Name: wwefanforlife (Signed) · Date: 08/23/11 07:53 pm · For: Chapter 1

I hope jason kill that s.o.b that rape gia. I so hate liz she such a slut lol I wish someone kill her lol. thank for the update.

Name: trina mase (Anonymous) · Date: 08/23/11 01:56 pm · For: Chapter 12
I love your stories. I love this update. I love how loving Jason is with Gia and their son. It is good to let Luke go after Helena and Jason takes care of their family. I love the angry writing. This is getting good. It is nice to see all of them getting along and protecting one another. Another update please

Name: baha_malo (Signed) · Date: 07/17/11 07:26 am · For: Chapter 11
Definitely a lovely surprise. More please.

Author's Response:

Thank you baha_malo. Almost done with next chapter.


Name: Bain (Anonymous) · Date: 07/16/11 07:06 pm · For: Chapter 11

Wonderful, please update soon.

Author's Response:

Thanks Bain, I will.

Name: mekaky (Signed) · Date: 07/16/11 02:55 pm · For: Chapter 11

Can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response:

I'm glad your enjoying it

Name: Trina (Anonymous) · Date: 07/16/11 01:42 pm · For: Chapter 1
If you have a separate website please let me know.

Author's Response:

I'm building one now. I'll let you know when it's finished.

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