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Dakota's Pride by katherinemadison 17 and older
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Tina Hamilton's mother always told her to travel in style for she never knows who she could run into. Who knew her mothers words would actually prove true.
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This story is a follow up to Lost Girl, so if you haven't read it yet, please do, as this is the sequl to that story. To those who have already read Lost Girl, yes, I know the title is unimaginative and sorta lame, but It's just a working title, so it won't be permament. :P To all of my readers who...
Reincarnation by seyajany 17 and older
During ancient times, the Korean kingdom,Gaya, finds its creation through a visitor from far-off lands descending onto the land of the morning calm. Legend has it that a young maiden princess from the distant country of “Ayuta” arrived in the kingdom and married a fabled king,Suro. He would...
Roxie and Griffin: Ever After by GeorgiaP Members ONLY: 17 and Older
She got the guy, the fairytale. But when complications of his new life come to light will she be strong enough to keep him?   ***Please do not post this story to other sites. I post all my stories here with the intention of publication. I thank you all for your attention :)***
Never Let Me Go by DramaQueenAmby Mature Content
Arianna James is a 21 year old, struggling college student with a dark past. She meets NFL superstar Colin Kaepernick at a club and the two immediately hit it off. Next thing she knows, she's in bed with the man, and has a wedding ring on her left finger.    
Unstuck* by carolinaheart Teen or Above
Formerly Fate and Coincidence (and by formerly I mean completely rewritten, my NaNoWriMo project) A year abroad did nothing to help Cassandra Mitchell heal from the earth-shattering death of her on-again-off-again boyfriend. She did not think coming home to the familiarity of the Big City would do her...
Memories Lost by CrimsonBlaze 17 and older
Zoey Vance woke up in the hospital with no memory of her life before that moment. She doesn't even know her own name. Now she has to try and put the pieces of her life back together with the help of the man who hit her with his car that fateful night. As her memories start to return she wonders if she...
Born to sin by sweetrst1 17 and older
Kylie and her best friend samantha uncover a secret about their families that they would have rather not known. After reaching the age where their curse is activated they will no longer be able to face the world as human beings. Instead they will have to learn to deal with the fact that they were dark...
The 'Other' Girl by PurpleChocolate 17 and older
My name is Camden, and I'm the ‘other' girl.   You know, the girl who was best friends with the popular girl in secondary school.   The girl who awkwardly stood there as yet again her friend gets hit on by a guy during fresher’s week.   The girl who doesn’t really...

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Roxie and Griffin: Ever After by GeorgiaP Members ONLY: 17 and Older
She got the guy, the fairytale. But when complications of his new life come to light will she be strong enough to keep him?   ***Please do not post this story to other sites. I post all my stories here with the intention of publication. I thank you all for your attention :)***
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Reviews For Do you Remember?

Name: sweetrst1 (Signed) · Date: 01/21/15 05:13 am · For: Chapter 16

I did not think this story could get any better boy was i wrong fantastic job!

Name: Sarai (Anonymous) · Date: 12/11/14 12:36 pm · For: Chapter 16
Hey!!just wondering when you will get back to this. please get back to it soon. i love your writing. :)

Name: luv_romance (Signed) · Date: 11/07/14 11:19 am · For: Chapter 16

When will you update this story? Finish this please ---- and make it fast 😄

Name: FreshBreath (Signed) · Date: 10/30/14 07:32 pm · For: Chapter 16

PENNY 88. I am a big fan. You got some serious skill. How you captures the readers attention in every chapter is amazing.  I love the structure, the plot and the characters. They feel real to me. I'm glad they are working the way back to each other.

I hope I see another update for this story and I am not a hero SOON. I LOVE UR STORIES. On a scale from one to ten I would rate this story A HUGE 20. U rock. Keep writing, dont let anything deter u. U GOT dis SON!!!!!

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 05:06 am · For: Chapter 16
Ha! "Pssst Serene guess what ...FAIL!"

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 05:00 am · For: Chapter 15
Oh man i did not see this coming

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 04:55 am · For: Chapter 14
Dear god PLEASE tell me she's not about to do this

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 04:51 am · For: Chapter 13
Thats just fear speaking right....

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 04:43 am · For: Chapter 12
Awww bye Mama B you rock,hopefully i see you again soon and thats right Kerry dont give that tramp the satisfaction of recognition

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 03:37 am · For: Chapter 10
WHOOOOOOO GO Breona you bonny sexy mama you handle those home wreakers. I LOVE this woman and i am loving the teeny steps James and Kerry are talking forward they are small but its progress non the less

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 03:29 am · For: Chapter 9
Gods woman your dancing on my heart

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 03:25 am · For: Chapter 8
WHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY OH WHHHHHHHHHY Jesus why did this god damn man sized divorce have to show up. There were rays of sunshines now i see forcasts of bloody hurricane winds *sigh*

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 03:17 am · For: Chapter 7
Im gonna have to agree with Breona on this corp dicheile . Kerry going into a panic over those clothes was painful to watch

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 03:07 am · For: Chapter 6
Wow,i thought i was gonna hate mummy dearest but i actually kinda like Breona see made this chapter a bit fun

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 03:02 am · For: Chapter 5
Uh-oh....i dont care how old you are nobody wants to get caught in the middle of something hot and heavy by their mom

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 02:52 am · For: Chapter 4
This chapter is gut-wrenching a spark of hope before it gets shot to hell then there's that bitter Serene and now ...Jamal cant ,this bruised and broken marriage cant get a chance to heal

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 02:41 am · For: Chapter 3
Seeing Kerry this open and nice i wonder what made her so bitter...what made him so bitter they both seemed so beautiful in the begining

Name: LetMeDream (Signed) · Date: 10/29/14 02:34 am · For: Chapter 2
That was...brutal i wonder how they can move forward from that

Name: Sarai (Anonymous) · Date: 10/27/14 01:50 pm · For: Chapter 16

Patiently waiting for an update.  


Name: nightseer (Signed) · Date: 10/05/14 05:13 pm · For: Chapter 16

Serene need to stop her mess..

Name: jjazz59 (Signed) · Date: 09/26/14 09:48 pm · For: Chapter 16

This was an emotional chapter.  I'm glad Kerry put her foot down and James listen to her. He shouldn't be running to Serene's rescue.  I like that Kerry and James are inching closer and closer to each other. I hope she doesn't terminate the pregnancy. 

Name: Genevieve (Anonymous) · Date: 09/26/14 02:40 am · For: Chapter 16

Okay, I don't like that, as an author, you had Selene lie about getting raped. You can could do so much better than that. It made me upset for a second because when a woman is raped, most people don't believe her anyway, so using this as a plot device (that actually didn't drive the plot) was completely unnecessary. Why couldn't she had said she fell down and was too embarrassed to go into the hospital because of how it happened?

Anyway, the rest of the chapter was really interesting. Hope Kerry can work things out with Ashley (which she probably won't if we're realistic)

Author's Response:

I actually need to address this right off the bat because it is a serious issue and I don't want anybody thinking (especially my fellow readers) that I use rape just as an unncessary plot device or I take it very lightly. Genevieve if this is a trigger for you, I apologize so much. I'm getting to the part where I need for Serene to show her true colours and that means doing anything and everything. SHe knows that James won't just come up because she hurt herself and is embarrassed. she knows that not only is he a doctor but he's compassionate, if she says it's rape, there is no way he would refuse that. So knowing that, when he still doesn't show, that puts her completely over the edge. I need my readers to see how down and dirty she could get just to get him back. Of course no logical, sane woman would cry wolf about rape just to get attention, but I don't wante Serene to be a logical sane woman at this point. Not sure if you understand. I don't usually try to explain things to my reader because I like you to draw your own conclusions rather right or wrong, but this topic is too touchy for me to leave the review untouched. Once again, I meant no offence honestly.

Name: Bajerie (Signed) · Date: 09/26/14 01:27 am · For: Chapter 16

I know nothing but I want to know everything!!!

Name: Tiana (Anonymous) · Date: 09/25/14 05:34 pm · For: Chapter 16

Great chapter but the friend scene for me at least was pretty confusing. Too many new names all  at once. I was just wondering if there was going to be any Serene conflict since James and Kerry are doing so well. Can't wait for more.

Name: letitia (Signed) · Date: 09/25/14 03:15 am · For: Chapter 16

Lets start with Serene first.  That old hag just better be glad that James ever thought of her as a truthful person.  I am glad that he didn't leave home and have Kerry just cry herself to sleep. And good for Kerry to give James the okay to go not knowing what he would do.  This really might be their real start.  But I hate that she if finding out the hard way to person she was during her trouble time with James.  Was it that she couldn't carry a child that started her down that road of was it something else?  Just an AWESOME chapter and so worth the wait.

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