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Name: aprilfool (Anonymous) · Date: 05/09/12 05:30 pm · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

Great sequel!

Name: BellaChica (Signed) · Date: 01/02/12 05:37 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

Wow! Henry is something else. I hope he doesn't hurt Vanessa. Henny is another story. She will be less forgiving. What's the next holiday? and are we limited to American holdiays? :-}

Name: attheritz (Signed) · Date: 12/31/11 02:19 pm · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

I don't know if it is your intention or not...but the character of Henry still leaves me cold...he is a very weak-minded and selfish individual...I know we all make mistakes in our youth...but what he did to Vanessa and then by extension was so incredibly unjust...I can't at this time root for him...they say that having a life-threatening illness changes a person...and by Henny giving him a second chance at life...he is out to rectify the past...what you've described of Henry's personality goes beyond just a youthful mistake...but is more like a huge character flaw at his core...

I would have thought that breaking through Vanessa's barriers would have been more difficult than Henny's...she is the one who faced direct rejection and she was the one who was left pregnant, alone, and heart-broken by Henry's cowardice...but there she is...accepting this man back not only in her bed...but back into her fragile heart....I understand more clearly Henny's makes sense to me...if left up to this weak man and his parents...she might not even exist now...this is a very interesting story glad you gifted us with another intriguing chapter in their saga...

Thank you again...I look forward to where you take this story...and I didn't overlook that no mention of protection was msde in Henry's and Vanessa's more recent encounter...wonder what Henny will make of that and what will the result of her parents' carelessness...excellent writing as always...

Author's Response:


Thank you for your in depth review.  Yes, Henry is weak, but he's working on it.  All men are not Alpha and strong.  Henry's flaw is that he was born sickly with a silver spoon in his mouth, being waited on hand and foot.  Of course by the time he had to make an adult decision at 19 never having to have to live in the real world, he did what was easy.  

The good part is that Henry had a conscious.  He knew he was wrong and was filled with self loathing.  He deliberately married a lesbian because he didn't feel that he deserved to be loved again.  He wouldn't date because he felt that he wasn't worthy to be loved after what he did to Vanessa.  He went aimlessly through life, just existing.  He was rich in money, but poor in health and spirit...until Henrietta. 

When he realized that his daughter was his salvation, he felt that God was giving him a second chance to get things right.  When he went to Vanessa, he didn't go with the intent to seduce her and she certainly didn't expect to end up in bed with him.  But the vow they had made to God never left their subconscious minds and when they kissed, all their pent up emotions came pouring out.

Now they are at a crossroads in their relationship.  Henry has not won her back, and Vanessa will back  off from Henry because of her daughter.  It will be an interesting journey.  

Henry has to go through some things to become a stronger man.  He will have to fight for what he wants which is something money can't buy.

You don't have to be on his side, but know that with his second chance, he would give his very life before he hurts either of the two women again.



Name: juno (Signed) · Date: 12/31/11 11:29 am · For: The Cast

You've done it again. I am so addicted to all your stories.<p>Henry and Vanessa have long way to go. I don't know if anyones pick this up but Henry didn't use protection. I can't wait to see what happens next.</p><p>Please update soon.</p>

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review.  No they didn't use protection.  Their sexual encounter was totally unplanned and they both got caught up in the moment.  I will update for the next challenge/holiday.  I was thinking about MLK Day.  A story for that holiday would be quite interesting.  Valentines day will be easier.  LOL Stay tuned!

Name: Bredreaway (Signed) · Date: 12/31/11 06:03 am · For: The Cast

like the pics

Name: Bredreaway (Signed) · Date: 12/31/11 06:03 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

I love this story...I truly understand her feelings

Name: bayoumomma (Anonymous) · Date: 12/31/11 04:42 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

Mom was receptive,but not daughter. He has a long way to go to win her over.

Name: pmgayles (Signed) · Date: 12/31/11 01:31 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

How about Goerge Clooney?  OR Oded Fehr?  Perhaps McSteamy? 

Author's Response:

LOL  PM  I dont want Clooney, but I will have to look at Pix of Oded Fehr and who is McStemy?  LOL


Name: sandra (Anonymous) · Date: 12/31/11 12:19 am · For: The Cast

Your cast is great!

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 12/30/11 09:48 pm · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

love the story so far :)

Name: pmgayles (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 08:13 pm · For: The Cast

Brenda I normally love your choice in male cast members but I am not a fan of Christian Bale.  Christian don't do nothing for me, he don't rock my boat.  Oh well, I still love the story!!! Happy New Year!!!

Author's Response:

I was having a hard time with the cast on this one.  I am looking for a dark haired handsome man.  Any recommendations?  I'm willing to switch.  LOL

Name: Bluegardenia (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 06:44 pm · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

Great update!!

I learned the hard way that children have no business getting involved with much less taking sides in matters of the heart between parents.

Henny has a right to take or reject Henry as she deems fit and as her heart and conscience can bear. However, she neesd to stay out of grown folks business. Her mother and Henry's relationship is separate from that of either one as a parent.

Henry needs to work on bulding something between both lades.

Brenda, I guess a Valentine story would be too obvious and too soon if Henry is gong to beat the new year's resolution odds. Perhaps for Easter. Or Mother's Day!!! 

Author's Response:

Im sure I will have a Valentines day story, but that doesn't mean that he will have won them over by then.  This is going to be a journey.  I can guarantee you that.  His resolution is to get his family back.  That doesn't mean that it's going to happen right away or even the first year.  He is just going to work on their relationship.  He's not going to give up, come what may.

Have a happy new year!

Name: brownskingurl (Anonymous) · Date: 12/30/11 03:50 pm · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

BRAVA!!!!!! loved it!!!! maybe we can catch up with these two on valentines!!!! vanesssas not too old to have another baby!! more please!

Author's Response:

LOL Vanessa is only forty about to turn 41.  She's not too old, but that doesn't mean she wants another baby...but she did have unprotected sex with her baby daddy....uh oh....

Name: Divsionred (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 03:04 pm · For: The Cast

Good cast.  Thanks

Name: Divsionred (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 03:03 pm · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

Thanks for a great read.  I was a little surprised that Vanessa caved in so easily.  But Henry is her first and only love.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  As for his marriage just wow.  Henry's parents are a mess, especially his father.  Looking forward to read what happens next.  Hopefully, Henny will come around.  I thought that the things that she said to her mother was awful. Thanks 

Name: Happy2bNappy (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 02:07 pm · For: The Cast

I always get giddy whenever I see this update. I absolutely love it the way you keep me so engrossed in a story. You have a winner with this story as well and I hope to see more of it. Right now, I'm team Henrietta. How the hell is Henry going to stay away like that and then just because his daughter donated bone marrow to him he all of a sudden wants he suddenly wants his family back. I'm sorry, but I think he should work harder than that and I think he also has to realize that it's not going to be easy. I'm a bit disappointed at how easily Vanessa fell back into his arms. Like Henry's parents pointed out, there was nothing stoping him from going after her when he came into his inheritence. I don't mind Henry and Vanessa getting back together but I thinks he should make him sweat first. As always, this story was the bomb and I look forward to seeing these characters again. 


P.S. Do you plan to revisit the Ferguson clan. There still so much story to be told there and I'm dying to find out what happened with Max and the gang.

Author's Response:

Hey there Happy!  The sex was totally unplanned.  Vanessa had no intention of sleeping with Henry and he didn't come to her house with the intention of seducing her.  Things got out of control once they started kissing and the rest is history.  LOL. 

Just because she slept with him doesn't mean that he won her back.  Vanessa is mortified by her own behavior and how it looks to their daughter.  She's going to back off from Henry and keep her distance until she can figure out her own feelings.

Henry stayed away because he really thought that Vanessa hated him because he forced her to have an abortion.  He felt that nothing he could say to her could make up for that.  Once he found out that Henrietta was alive and well, he then felt that perhaps he had a chance to redeem himself.

It's going to take some work to win Henny over.  He knows that and feels that he is up to the task.  Nothing could be as difficult for Henry as the last twenty two years and for him there's no turning back.

Thanks again Happy and have a very Happy New Year!

Name: Thundakat (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 12:46 pm · For: The Cast

Love the cast....More please I am already fiening I know pathetic right.

Name: Thundakat (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 12:44 pm · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

I am loving it! I enjoyed this update and I hope for Henry's sake he does as he has proclaimed and beats the odds but he has a lot of work it would seem to win his daughter over and Van and Henry did the do and guess what like the first time they were together which produced Henrietta they didn't use protection this time around either. Duh Duh Duh Duh!!!! I wonder if there will be a repeat of 22yrs ago minus him tucking tail and running when the heat is turned up.

Thank you for giving us more of Vanessa, Henry and Henny I am sure I am going to enjoy the adventure like all of your stories take me on.

Happy writing!!!!

Happy and safe holiday!

Author's Response:

Kat :  You always pick up on things.  LOL  No, they didn't use protection because both were celibate and neither had planned on having sex.  Maybe Henry will get a second chance to be a father...


Name: Jules (Anonymous) · Date: 12/30/11 11:25 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

That was a wonderful update, don't think much of Henry's parents. They think money can buy everything, obviously they have never done a selfless thing in their life, to assume that their grandaugher was after something for the donation of her bone marrow.  

Seems Henry has his work cut out with his daugher so lets hope he doesn't give up as easily as he did in the past.

Author's Response:

No, Henry is going to fight for his family.  Thanks for the review.

Name: Jujubee50 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 09:26 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

I'm so glad we haven't seen the last of this story!  Whatever the muse picks I will be reading!  You need to be published!

Author's Response:

No, it'll be updated with the holidays/challenges that pop up.  thanks for the review!

Name: pmgayles (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 06:32 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

Wow, Henry got further with Vanessa than I thought he would.  But since they are both still in love with each other I guess that that is par for the course.  Vanessa should have made him work harder for the nookie.  Shame on Henny for speaking to her mother that way, that was highly disrspectful and she deserved that slap.  Henry it will take you awhile to win over Henny!!!  Brenda thanks for this story, I feel as if this were my birthday gift!!

Author's Response:

Vanessa had no intension of sleeping with Henry.  Henry didn't come there for sex.  He just wanted a chance to be in their lives.  Once he kissed her and they both still had strong feelings for each other, things just got out of hand.

Henny was disrepectful, something she has NEVER been to her mother.  She is feeling a bit overwhelmed with that, and with Henry coming back into their lives.  Even though they ended up in bed together, Henry still has a ways to go to win Vanessa back.  She's going to backpeddle a bit and make him work for her trust.

More is coming....

Name: Elizablu (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 04:33 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

DAGNIT, Brenda!! You spitting out these Masterpieces quicker than I can read them...and I love it!!! I know that sometimes memories can come rushing back and make a person try and relive the past...I guess I can see that what's happened with Vanessa sleeping with Henry. Also the fact that she hasn't had sex in over 20 years. I hate Henry's family and I can understand Henny's anger. Thanks for another winner and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

Thanks Liz:  Things got out of hand quickly for both Vanessa and Henry.  Neither of them expected to end up in bed, but it happened. Henry hasn't won them back yet.  It's going to take some effort for Vanessa to trust him and it's going to take work to win over Henny.  Thanks for the review.

Name: Annie (Anonymous) · Date: 12/30/11 04:13 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

This was great! Loved it!

Author's Response:

Thanks!  More is coming!  Have a wonderful New Year!

Name: Natori aka R (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 04:02 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

This was a good read...I understand Henrietta's anger completely. I have to say that I found it almost unbelievable that Henry was never with another woman except for his lesbian wife...after twenty something years.  I can understand Vanessa not wanting to be with anyone else and besides her daughter was her first priority.  Oh well...I guess that was some powerful love though it wasn't enough for him choose her and their child.  He remained celibate all those years and was miserable from what I read so why in the hell did he wait until his daughter shows up to save his life to finally do SOMETHING about it?  Better late than never...I guess. I would love a little more backstory about the history of Henry and Vanessa...I caught a glimpse of it in the little that you wrote but I need a little more.

Author's Response:

More of their past will be revealed in the future.  I will say that Henry was miserable after leaving Vanessa.  He never went back to her because he felt guilty about having her to have an abortion and he felt that she would never forgive him for that.  He couldn't forgive himself for being too weak to stand up against his parents.  His self imposed celibacy was part of his penance for what he did to Vanessa.  Once he realized that his child was alive and well, he felt that he had a second chance to redeem himself.

I will say in Henry's defense that he was a sickly child with asthma.  He didn't have many friends and spent his first seventeen years under constant doctors care.  Once his asthma went into remission, he decided to go away to college to experience life.  That's when he met Vanessa.  When she became pregnant, he wanted to marry her and went to his parents who threatened to cut him off if he didn't make her have an abortion and Henry had to transfer to another college.  Henry had no idea how to take care of himself, because he never had to in the past. He felt that he had no choice but to bow to his parent's wishes.

Thanks for the review.  More is coming with Henry and Henny and Vanessa in the near future!

Name: chatty504 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/11 03:29 am · For: Chapter 1 Henry's Quest

I just don't understand how you write such amazing stuff! Every single thing you've written on the site i absolutely adore!!! Tbh this story is the bomb ahahaa but it's really cute... From an outsiders view though i can understand why Henny is mad, totally understandable... I hope he wins them over :D

Author's Response:

Hey there Chatty:  Thanks!  Glad you liked it.  Henry is going to have to work hard to win his family. 

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