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Reincarnation by seyajany 17 and older
During ancient times, the Korean kingdom,Gaya, finds its creation through a visitor from far-off lands descending onto the land of the morning calm. Legend has it that a young maiden princess from the distant country of “Ayuta” arrived in the kingdom and married a fabled king,Suro. He would...
The 'Other' Girl by PurpleChocolate 17 and older
My name is Camden, and I'm the ‘other' girl.   You know, the girl who was best friends with the popular girl in secondary school.   The girl who awkwardly stood there as yet again her friend gets hit on by a guy during fresher’s week.   The girl who doesn’t really...
TAKING A CHANCE: A FIRST DATE STORY by marchpisces92 Teen or Above
Josh McDaniel recieves a very thoughtful and loving card for Valentine's Day however the person who sent it leaves no identity except for ANONYMOUS. All Josh wants is to know who this sweet person is so that he can take her out and show her a good time. Little does Josh know that person isn't so anonymous...
Stranger From the East by AstralSkies Mature Content
Just when she thought her life couldn't get any worse, he showed her that life was just getting started...
Unstuck* by carolinaheart Teen or Above
Formerly Fate and Coincidence (and by formerly I mean completely rewritten, my NaNoWriMo project) A year abroad did nothing to help Cassandra Mitchell heal from the earth-shattering death of her on-again-off-again boyfriend. She did not think coming home to the familiarity of the Big City would do her...
Daniel Latebloom by lovelydreamer 17 and older
Daniel has always been late for everything in his life. He's been late for puberty, dating girls, and even the "monkey in the bush". When he discovers his new neighbor next door is a woman, a very pretty woman, will he take a chance and ask her out? Or will his former bully, Nick Young, beat him to it?
STUDIO MATES by marchpisces92 17 and older
Megan Nicole “Nikki” Smith is in her final year of grad school at the prestigious School of Visual Arts hoping to further pursue her illustration career. Nikki feels that there aren’t enough black female book and graphic novel illustrators and wants to break that wall in the industry...
Citrus by FreshBreath Mature Content
  She joined Citrus because she was once weak, she wanted to stop evil and the ruthless of man that was so prevalent in this world. Her only dream was to make a difference. He joined Citrus because he was powerful. He was Citrus's secret weapon. What happens when two people from warring factions...
Something Wicked by LilCoqui 17 and older
*Formally Redemtion and Retribution* The world is changed, that much is certain. However, unfortunately that initial change was not for the good. As the jaws of the underworld have opened beneath our feet to birth the babes of the horde that for thousands upon thousands of years have crouched in wait...
Choosey Lover by CaramelGal 17 and older
  Elle always played it safe. She was used to being in control. Every accomplishment in her life was meticulously planned. The only thing she didn't have reign over was her stale love life. When an old flame from a past complicated relationship comes back into her life, she soon finds out everything...

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Something by Intangible 17 and older
    And it's so misunderstood; the topic of falling out of love...

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Reviews For La Petite Mort

Name: AP (Anonymous) · Date: 05/21/13 04:57 am · For: Chapter 7

Are you not writing this story anymore? Complete as is?

Name: Loop (Signed) · Date: 10/07/12 11:48 pm · For: Cast

I'm liking this, but I wish Connie could just have a little less evil people around her. But anyway I really hope that wasn't the last chapter, because u wanna read more :-)

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 08/15/12 09:47 am · For: Chapter 7

Cliffhanger? Sequel? Please say this isn't it!!!!!

Name: Divsionred (Signed) · Date: 06/24/12 01:45 am · For: Cast

Thanks for the pics.

Name: baha_malo (Signed) · Date: 06/24/12 01:12 am · For: Chapter 7
Loved the update!! Please let Corey see the light about Fiona's golddigging a**!! Is he that blind to her evil manipulations?!! Who the heck is this Magdalene and what's her beef with Corey/family??? Can Connie not catch a break from these crazies??

Name: skriver (Signed) · Date: 06/23/12 01:44 pm · For: Chapter 7

Great story, but you need to give poor Connie a break, poor kid had been rape, traumaize, evil parents and your are still putting her throught the ringer by surrounding her with more evil people like Fiona and Magdalene.  Come on put some joy in the poor girl life. I mean her brother is blind by fake love and stupid,but he love her, so how about sending Saundra to her rescue lol.

Name: Annie (Anonymous) · Date: 06/23/12 07:14 am · For: Chapter 7

Loved how Fionas friends know what's up with Fiona and attached men glad Fiona overheard them talking about her! 

Name: KittyOh48 (Signed) · Date: 06/23/12 07:08 am · For: Chapter 7
Damn,why does everyone want to use this girl? Her momma should be ashamed of herself! Picking her man over her child!Damn good story!

Name: pmgayles (Signed) · Date: 06/23/12 04:56 am · For: Chapter 7

Fiona and Magdalene are pure evil so please make sure that death greets them.  Corey you are really stupid you should listen to Connie.    Your stupidity has put Connie in more danger, wake up before it's too late.  Excellent!!!

Name: Dimples (Signed) · Date: 06/23/12 04:39 am · For: Chapter 7

The the hell is wrong with there people around Connie.

Name: baha_malo (Signed) · Date: 05/03/12 05:47 am · For: Chapter 6
More please!! Love this story.

Name: Karen (Anonymous) · Date: 05/01/12 09:33 pm · For: Chapter 6

Intriguing story sure had a lot of surprises though. Loving it.

Name: Anne (Anonymous) · Date: 05/01/12 05:48 am · For: Cast

Update please?!

Name: anna (Anonymous) · Date: 05/01/12 02:26 am · For: Chapter 6


Name: baha_malo (Signed) · Date: 03/26/12 10:11 am · For: Chapter 5
Sad that her parents sent her away. Hope that scheming Fiona is exposed. Corey needs to open his eyes and see the big picture. She's using him! Hope Connie stays strong and make something of her life.

Name: annette (Anonymous) · Date: 03/18/12 05:38 am · For: Chapter 5

This is really good, and surprised the hell out of me. Wow. I can't wait for more.

Name: BellaChica (Signed) · Date: 03/17/12 10:49 pm · For: Chapter 5

This is deep. I shake my head at the parents, especially the mother. And Corey has no clue as to what he's engaged to. But with Connie living there, I think he'll find out. Like Connie said, everything happens  for a reason. And I can see the threads running thru the sequences of events. I can't wait to meet Saundra. Corey's true love.

Travis might've gotten jsut 5 years, but I think they will change the little shit that he is. Beth was naive to think that all would be right with her and Connie after the rape. But, they're both 13 and have no clue. It would be unrealistic for them to remain friends at this juncture.

Connie has a long and hard road ahead. I wish her luck.

Name: pmgayles (Signed) · Date: 03/17/12 10:29 pm · For: Chapter 5

Please, let Connie have a miscarriage! That child doesn't have a clue about life and about taking care of herself or a baby. Her parents disgust me but I can feel their pain.

Name: cuppacoffee (Anonymous) · Date: 03/17/12 05:38 pm · For: Chapter 5

so who's the stranger and what's the offer? It's taking an awfully long time to get there...

Name: annabanana98 (Anonymous) · Date: 03/17/12 05:04 pm · For: Chapter 5

I hope Corey dumps that bitch. And her mom pisses me off! She should tell her friend! Update soon pleaseeeee

Name: KittyOh48 (Signed) · Date: 03/17/12 06:36 am · For: Chapter 5

I can tell you right now..Fiona is a HO to the second power. I know she is going to try some sneaky low down underhanded shit with Connie and that will be the end of her and Corey...please don't give Fe-HO-na more than 3 chapters before you get her out of the picture..cuz if she would do that to her supposed best friend you can just imagine what she would do to his vulnerable little sister!

Name: pmgayles (Signed) · Date: 03/17/12 04:49 am · For: Chapter 5

Okay, what the hell is Connie thinking?  Keeping the baby, she's a baby herself!!!  Her father was wrong but they should have talked to her.  That Fiona ho, has to go.  I can't believe that her momma just left the little with her son.  I was really hoping that she wouldn't end of pregnant, this story is really making me sad!!  I am waiting for the good times to roll!!

Name: ChristinaElizabeth (Signed) · Date: 03/17/12 04:24 am · For: Chapter 5

hummmm.... I just don.t know what to say about this story the idea seems intresting but I think ypou might need to develop your characters a little more and explain some of the background so it not just clips put together with little action.

Name: AP (Anonymous) · Date: 03/17/12 01:41 am · For: Chapter 5

The daddy has me heated right about now. Her parents act as if they're the ones who were raped!! I got excited when the mom had the suitcases b/c she was taking Connie's side but she took a grown a** man's side over her child. Just betrayal all around. I just hope that Corey and Saundra get back together b/c Fiona is already a trip.

Name: nikol (Anonymous) · Date: 03/17/12 01:39 am · For: Chapter 5

really curious to see how this turns out

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