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Title: Justice

Sorry if this was already mentioned, I promise that I've read both stories from beginning to end/most recent update, but I can't remember where to find this info if it was already mentioned: Does anybody know or is anybody even supposed to know who exactly was the father of Rae's unborn child? (For whatever reason, up until now I assumed that it was Peter that impregnated Rae, but now I finally discerned that since other men also sexually abused Rae, unless you as the author explicitly mentioned that it was Peter, it wouldn't make since for me to just assume that it was him).

Reviewer: guest Anonymous [Report This]
Date: September 18 2016 07:05 pm

Title: Justice

Yes!Yes!Yes! one down and many to go. I can't wait for Peter to become someone's lady in prison. The things he made those children do, may it comes back on him. I hope Shaundra receives the same fate. I'm still on the fence with Kendrick after he told his story. Thanks D&L for a great update and welcome back honey!!

Reviewer: jacqua43 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 06 2016 04:06 pm

Title: Justice

Oh no. So it was revealed to us that Peter and his fellow mafia goons trafficked/sexually abused OTHER children/young girls, in addition to Rae? idk why I'm surprised but...smh, that's just awful. Thank goodness Rae was brave enough to stand up for herself and all of the other victims. This chapter was deep! I'm glad that Rossi was taken down and I hope that Peter and all of the rest of those, get what they deserve too. Rossi's convo with Peter earlier in this chapter made me afraid that they were going after Rae again, and something tells me that'll still happen before Peter is taken down too, but I'm glad that it didn't happen before Rossi's trial so that Rae wasn't too intimidated to testify. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: September 04 2016 11:50 am

Title: Justice

This story is very good, it pulls you in like a blockbuster movie. I'm literally chewing on my nails waiting for Peter to get his.

Reviewer: Blessed Soul Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 01 2016 02:22 am

Title: Justice

Thank you for updating DarkandLovely, you and your story have been missed.  What'so happening with school sweetie?  Now onto the critique,  Rae has found her self and Roto helped her get there. Ian so happy that Rossi 's slimy tail went down.  I have been waiting gorgeous the seen with Shaundra and Kendrick it was well worth the wait, now onto Peter. Jail is too good for him however. Awesome sauce!!!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 30 2016 01:05 am

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