Title: Chapter 11

Thank you for the update. Wow! Vangie sure packed a punch with her words. I do get her feelings. She feels second best to both Blair and Starr, even his impulses. My best friend once told me that he felt that his wife's first love (her ex) over shadowed their marriage and he couldn't compete and felt second best. I simply told him. "He may have been her first love, you shouldn't try to compete with that. However, you are her true love and no one can compete with that!Once Evangeline sees that she is Victor's true love, then she'll realize that no one, not even Blair can compete. Their love and life is based on truth and respect, not deception and betrayal. I'm happy they had that talk, it was long overdue.Chocolate 470, once again you rock!!!!

Author's Response:

Awww Sarah your reviews are so amazing!

I concur with your best friend in the way that Evangeline was feeling. You were a great help to me writing this chapter and I want to thank you. And yes Evangeline is still a bit weary. In her mind, his relationship with Blair was so tangled and toxic that she is kind of thinking that he has some leftover emotions that is affecting their relationship. We both know Victor however :) He is capable of proving that he loves and respects her before anyone else.

You say I rock but so do you! Thanks for being such an awesome reviewer!

Reviewer: Sarah Anonymous [Report This]
Date: November 28 2017 04:13 am

Title: Chapter 11

Great to see that Evangeline followed Victor.  She and Trey can offer comfort to Victor during the difficult situation.  Good that Evangeline discussed all this with Victor.  Hopefully it will make their relationship stronger.  Thnx for the update.

Author's Response:

Communication is key to any relationship especially when you feel like the other person is either not listening or understanding where you are coming from. Evangeline felt that they needed to talk to get things settled and I also believe that Victor is good listener when it comes to his wife. Now she and Trey can be there with him as they continue this journey.

Thanks so so much for reviewing!!

Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous [Report This]
Date: November 28 2017 03:55 am

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