Reviews For Discovery
Title: Discovery

I love Spock and Nyota together!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/10/09 02:24 pm

Title: Discovery

Aw man! I thought they were taking it to the next level.

Author's Response: Not yet!  But I hope you continue to read in the series!

Reviewer: Sweet Pea Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/08/09 09:54 pm

Title: Discovery

Love it !!! The Real Emotion from Uhura and Spock . Love it . Thanks.

Author's Response: You're very welcome! :)

Reviewer: Stacie Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/08/09 03:35 pm

Title: Discovery

Ahah I have been waiting and waiting... haunting the pages looking for you... for this..

It was worth the wait.

Ahem (throat clearing) are they still calling themselves friends?  Really? Even Kirk and McCoy can see past that. I mean even Sulu knows better than to get in the middle of the two of them.  OH and didn't I feel awful for our girl when he said that.

At least they're trying though right?


Author's Response:

Well...I think you know why they're still calling themselves friends! ;)  But yeah, it's obviously "in name only" because what's brewing between them is beyond friendship.  But like you said, they're trying to...get to that place where they'll both be comfortable at the very least, but it may take a while longer!


Thank you so much for reading!

Reviewer: Acorn Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 06/08/09 01:28 pm

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