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Name: londongirl (Signed) · Date: 09/18/11 04:57 pm · For: Pure Intentions

Really lovely story - well written with an undercurrent of real emotion.  And while I don't watch Cold Case regularly it really felt like it was an extension of the show. I really, really enjoyed spending a few hours with Kat and Scotty.

Name: mcsgirl (Signed) · Date: 04/23/11 11:20 pm · For: Standard Bitter Love Song #4

I'm VERY late to the party, but I still wanted to add my 2 cents worth.

I truly enjoyed this story because you managed to maintain the 'voices' of Kat and Scotty while letting the reader see just how they could and did fall into love..first with their daughter and then with each other.  You made them romantic without being sentimental--something that would have rung false.

The pacing of their gradual awakening to the fact that they felt more for each other than parental trust, professional respect and personal friendship was spot on.

Well done!

Is there any chance of a short sequel to give us a look into their first 'official' date?

Name: intellectual titmouse (Signed) · Date: 11/03/10 04:54 am · For: Pure Intentions
love it! where's more?

Name: Libri (Signed) · Date: 01/02/10 04:52 am · For: Standard Bitter Love Song #4
I have so much love for this story! The story was wonderful, I am now watching the show for subtle clues about a secret relationship between them.

Name: Stacie (Anonymous) · Date: 11/14/09 05:48 am · For: Color In Your Cheeks
Wonderful job. I will be so sad to see this story end.

Author's Response: Awww, thanks!  I was sad to finish it, but I've got more stuff in the works, so stay tuned!  Thanks for the review!

Name: JoVanAdDek (Signed) · Date: 11/07/09 11:21 pm · For: Pure Intentions
Love it

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Name: JV4ME (Signed) · Date: 11/07/09 11:21 pm · For: Pure Intentions

Sweet ending.  Scotty/Kat sequel…yayyy!  I’d love to see their real date, who says ILY first and last but not least, more of the Cold Case family.


Wonderful story, loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks!  I'm not sure whether my next project will end up being a sequel or something different altogether, but whatever it is, it'll be Scotty/Kat. 

Name: pmgayles (Anonymous) · Date: 11/07/09 06:56 am · For: Pure Intentions
I loved this story, I am glad that you said that there are more Scotty/Kat stories in the works  because I need to know how Kat responds to Scotty telling that he loves her.  Great stories.

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Name: iamwhatiam6904 (Signed) · Date: 11/07/09 06:15 am · For: Pure Intentions
Wonderful!! Thank you!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!  Glad you enjoyed it!

Name: Stacie (Anonymous) · Date: 11/03/09 05:38 pm · For: Color In Your Cheeks
I love this story so much I will hate to see it end. You have done such a good job with this story .

Author's Response: Thank you! I've had a blast writing it, and I've got more Scotty/Kat in the works, so stay tuned!

Name: iamwhatiam6904 (Signed) · Date: 10/31/09 09:34 pm · For: Color In Your Cheeks
Oh thank the Lord. Because if they didn't get it together soon, it was going to be a problem. Thanks.

Author's Response: ROFL.  They're stubborn, but I think they're heading in the right direction!  Thanks for the review!

Name: JV4ME (Signed) · Date: 10/31/09 07:34 pm · For: Color In Your Cheeks

For a man and woman who claim to know the other, they really don’t. Professionally they’re great at reading people yet they fail miserably when it comes to matters of the heart. Both have valid misconceptions but…their actions is running amok, bordering on the ridiculous.

Enough already!  All evasive maneuvers need to cease…immediately! lol

I wonder how Veronica feels about her parents’ comfortable awkwardness.  (Scotty’s the only father-figure she’s ever known; I’m sure he loves her as his daughter too.) Sometimes adults gain clarity through a child’s perspective.

One more chapter you say?  Surely not, bringing Miller and Valens together is almost an act of…of…of…I dunno…multiple updates? LOL

Don’t you agree?

Author's Response:

Yeah, these people are brilliant detectives when it comes to anyone but themselves.  I think next chapter will bring the conversation we've all been waiting for!

I think this story will wrap itself up nicely in the next chapter, but I have more Scotty/Kat in the works, so stay tuned!

Name: Chocolate Girl (Anonymous) · Date: 10/31/09 04:42 pm · For: Standard Bitter Love Song #4
Its time Scotty & Kat to knock it off already! They both want to be with each other but are too afrai to sit down an talk to each other. Kay jumped to some crazy conclusions all because she woke up and scotty wasn't in THEIR BED after the almost kiss. They need to talk because I can see her doing something stupid and setting back all the progress they've made.

Author's Response: It really is, isn't it?  Fear is a powerful thing, and it can keep you from a lot of joy.  I think that talk, despite their best efforts, just might come to fruition.  Thanks for the review!

Name: pmgayles (Anonymous) · Date: 10/31/09 04:28 pm · For: Color In Your Cheeks
Kat is so stupid, when is she going to wake up and realize that she is pushing him away.  Scottie is fine and he wants to father to their daughter but a man to her.  Independence is one thing, but hers is bordering on stupidity and it's a detriment to her happiness.  I am losing all respect for Kat!!

Author's Response: Well, she is difficult to respect sometimes, I'll give you that.  She's very, very damaged and lets her hurt do her thinking for her more often than not.  Scotty's got his work cut out for him!  We'll see if he's up to the challenge.

Name: kETAJ1316 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/31/09 03:06 pm · For: Color In Your Cheeks
Come on for two smart people these two are acting really dumb. They were friends before becoming accidential lovers, and over the last 2 1/2 years they've become a family. Now their scared. They've each shown the other that they can be trusted, let's have some honest communication and make this family official. Never watched to TV show, but I absolutely Love this story.

Author's Response:

They really are, aren't they?  I think that, despite their best efforts, there's going to be some honest communication in the next chapter!

Wow, I'm so glad you like the story even though you've never watched the show!  I've had a blast writing it, and have more Scotty/Kat in the works, so stay tuned!  Thanks for the review!

Name: Cheri (Anonymous) · Date: 10/29/09 08:29 am · For: The Recognition Scene
OMG, the stale beer, thai food and wet dog remark had me in stitches. Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks!  I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 10/25/09 04:53 pm · For: Fault Lines
Kat is ok because she not alone. She went without a man for 10 years. Scotty is her friend and her baby daddy.  She trust him. its all good because they got love for each other.

Author's Response: Nope, she's not alone.  Hope she figures that out! Thanks for the review!

Name: iamwhatiam6904 (Signed) · Date: 10/25/09 01:56 am · For: Fault Lines
OMG!!! Please hurry with the next update. The suspense is killing me. I am so addicted to this story.

Author's Response: Awwww, thanks!  I'm glad!  Next chapter will be up ASAP.  Thanks so much for the review!!

Name: JV4ME (Signed) · Date: 10/24/09 10:39 pm · For: Fault Lines

Oh good grief Scotty!

Yes, okay, I get that they’re accustomed to their way of life but dang man…to leave her hanging like that?  Wow. He’s murder on a woman’s self esteem.  Even Kat Miller deserves affection, love…he of all people should know that.

Wonder how she felt about their near-kiss?

Author's Response: Scotty's a big chicken.  I think he's figured this out.  And yes, he knows she deserves more.  I think, though, that he also thinks she deserves more than just random sex on the couch without him figuring out how he feels about her first.  As for how she feels...well, that's what next chapter is for!  Thanks for the review!

Name: JV4ME (Signed) · Date: 10/24/09 10:11 pm · For: This Magic Moment

Beautiful. Eloquent. Loving. Life. Adorable.

Stunning chapter. One of the best written births I’ve read; I couldn’t stop the flood of emotion even if I tried.

Exceptional work!

Author's Response: Awwww, thank you!  This is my favorite chapter in the whole story, I think.  I'm sooo glad you enjoyed it!  Loved your use of Bella's name in the review!  Thanks so much!  More soon!

Name: JoVanAdDek (Signed) · Date: 10/24/09 03:12 pm · For: Fault Lines
I wonder what he would do if Kat went out on a date since he can't make up his mine loving it

Author's Response: I don't know what he'd do!  My guess is he'd be uber-jealous...but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that!  Thanks for the review!

Name: JoVanAdDek (Signed) · Date: 10/24/09 03:08 pm · For: This Magic Moment
I am so loving this story. Kat is my fav on the show.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Name: Chocolate Girl (Anonymous) · Date: 10/18/09 05:39 am · For: Standard Bitter Love Song #4

Loved it!!! Poor Scotty got cold feet..I'm glad they are both showing they are interested in more than co-parenting.

Can't wait until they actually become a family..

Author's Response:

He did!  I was as surprised as you!  Thanks for the review; glad you're enjoying the story!

Name: Gale (Anonymous) · Date: 10/18/09 05:27 am · For: This Magic Moment
Great update, I love this story.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Name: Sweet Pea (Signed) · Date: 10/11/09 05:55 pm · For: Distant Stations
These two are sweet and cute together!!! I'm still wondering when they're going to get a clue about their true feelings for each other.

Author's Response: Thank you!  They're slow, but I think next chapter will provide an important step for them.

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