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It's been seven years since Billy walked out of Lily's life. He's returned to Genoa City with one goal, and he's willing use all of his resources to accomplish it.

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Lily and Billy were together for ony a short time, but they were incredible together. They had great chemistry, excellent dialogue, and the type of potential that great soap couple are built on. Sigh, I no longer watch Y&R, because I feel the writing has gone downhill all the way around, and that every character on the show has been destroyed in one way or another. However, I found myself thinking about this pairing one day, while listening to an Alicia Keys song, and here we are, lol.


This story is off canon, it has absolutely nothing to do with the show. Well, not absolutely nothing, the Abbott are the Abbotts, and Newman are the Newmans. You don't have to follow Y&R to read this, because a lot of the history has been changed. I'm basically borrowing the characters, but the story is all Mine! lol 

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I will add to the cast later.


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I nice little fluffy peak into the past.


6. Six by Cholyn [Reviews - 0] (5012 words)

I want to reiterate- just in case you didn't see her picture- that the Mac in this story is Ashley Bashiuom, who was the original Mackenzie Browning.  

Thanks again for commenting. I replied to most of them.

7. Seven by Cholyn [Reviews - 0] (5866 words)

I apologize for the delay.

Chris Adam, and not Michael Muhney is Adam. I added a picture of Chris in chapter one.  



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This is a long chapter, its over 7,000 words. 

Please forgive any grammatical errors.


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There is scene that might make some want to poke out their eyes, please don't.  :rotfl 


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I'm a little unsure about this chapter, but I was told it gets the job down. 


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This is the shortest chapter in this fic, but I wanted to seperate this from the next section. 


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