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Story Notes:
I also wanna add that I am slightly obsessed with the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown drama. And when I say obsessed, I mean very depressed to the point that I read everything regarding these two and what happened that fateful night. They were a sweet and cute couple in my eyes and I am big fans of both of them. I also had a similar situation so my heart goes out to them both, its hard on both sides. Lots of things in this story are from their biographies and court documents.

Author's Chapter Notes:


Breana "Pisces" Taylor

Maurice Brown


Jasmeen Evans

Leandra Williams

Natalie Nunn


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Fishes
February 19th- March 20th

The twelfth sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* compassion, sympathy, love, altruism
* dreams, the psychic, clairvoyance, sixth sense
* illusions, magic, film, fantasy, make-believe
* art, drama, music, poetry, prose, dance
* unusual talent, memory, wisdom, versatility


Breana locked herself in the bathroom and cried her eyes out. This was the worst night of her life. How did she let it get this far? Why did this happen!? She never imagined in a million years that this would happen to her. She put her head in her hands and winced. She didn't even want to look at herself. She knew her face was bruised up and her head hurt badly and was still bleeding. She couldn't close her eyes because every time she did, she would hear her own screams. Someone knocked on the door and coaxed her to come out. "Go away and leave me alone!"she said. She would stay here all night if they didn't listen. She was not budging.

"Miss Taylor, we need you to come out so we can finish with your examination. I know it is hard for you but the sooner we get this finished, the sooner you can go home"someone said

'I can't go home. He is probably there', she thought. "Please just give me a fucking minute! My head hurts!"she said as she sat on the floor and hugged her knees to her chest. Her Vera Wang gown was torn and bloody, it was ruined. Soon there was no answer and she sighed, tears continued to fall and she fought herself by wiping them away. "Ah"she said in pain, her left eye was basically black and sore to the touch. Then another knock came. She groaned.

"Miss Taylor? A Jasmeen Evans is here? She says she is your sister"the same someone said.

Breana looked up at the closed door. A part of her wanted to open the door and cry in her best friend's arms but the other part of her wished she wasn't even here. She wished this all wasn't real. "Bree?"Jasmeen said through the door. "Come out sis. It's ok. The police are here too, you'll need to speak with them"

"I dont want to Jas!"Breana cried

"Bree, I love you ok? I'm here. Everything's going to be ok now-"

"No! Nothing is ever going to be ok again!"Breana cried

"Maurice turned himself in"Jasmeen said

Breana gasped and stopped crying. "He did?"

"Yes, Officer Haynes is here, he just told me so. Maurice turned himself in about an hour ago"Jasmeen said. "Come on, I will help you with the police report and hold your hand through the exam and you can come home with me. Everything's gonna be ok Bree"

It seemed like an eternity but Breana finally opened the door. Jasmeen couldn't help but gasp when she saw her best friend. A couple of hours earlier, Breana's hair, makeup and dress were clean and perfectly styled. Now her hair was a mess. She had a black eye, bruised cheeks, a swollen and bloody lip and marks all over her body. Her dress was bloody and torn, the same dress that she helped pick out earlier that day. Jasmeen wanted to be strong for her but she couldn't help but cry too and she held Breana as she did so. She was hurt. She was upset that Maurice hurt her after he claimed that he loved her. And what was fucked up was that he probably does. She led her to the hospital bed and sat her down. Breana texted her about what happened but she didn't know everything, but she would talk for her as best as she could.

"And who are you filing these charges against ma'am?"Officer Haynes asked as he made notes on his pad

"Maurice Brown"Jasmeen answered for her and Breana nodded.

"The singer?"he asked. He couldn't help it. This woman looked so familiar but with all the cuts and bruises, she didn't look like the person he thought she was supposed to be.

"Yes, the singer. What does that have to do with it?"Jasmeen snapped

"And your name ma'am?"

"Breana. Breana Taylor. B-R-E-A-N-A."she said sadly. Officer Haynes nodded sadly. Breana Taylor the model? Also known as 'Pisces: The Video Vixen'? He was a fan of hers and it saddened him that she was in this situation. Especially with Maurice Brown, he seemed like the average good guy, very cookie cutter. But obviously not. Who knew and what the fuck did he know anyway? She started to cry and his heart went out to her. "I'm sorry ma'am. I'm really sorry"he said.


Pisces is the mutable water sign of the zodiac.


If you told Breana, or any girl for that matter, that a night like that would happen to them, they wouldn't believe it. They would also try their best to make it not happen. But sometimes you can't fight Fate. Breana learned this at an early age. A motto that she started to live by was "Never a failure, always a lesson". She would never know the true meaning until that fateful night and the events afterward.

But how could a supermodel such as Breana Taylor come to this moment in her life? How will she get past it? We would have to learn more about her and where she came from first.


Breana stared out the window of her classroom at Combermere School in the city of St. Michael, on the tropical island of Barbados. She was born and raised here and lived a normal life. She went to school, she would then go to the beach right after and play with her brothers, then go home and do homework or work on her favorite hobby: fashion. She was a good student, she was in the choir and she was a part of the school's cadet program where she trained with the military of Barbados.

She stared out at the blue water, the palm trees blowing in the breeze and wished she could be out there. It was kinda hard to go to school and work on an island where everyone else in the world flocked here to get away from those same things. She wasn't in the mood to do any work and she started to daydream until her teacher approached the desk in front of hers with a hat in her hand. She wasn't paying attention at all and didnt know what was going on now. She saw the student in front of her reach and take a small slip of paper out. The teacher came up to her and did the same thing. She decided to make it fun and closed her eyes and reached in and finally pulled out a slip of paper that could be "the one", even though she didnt know why they were doing this in the first place. She opened her slip of paper and there was a name and address of an unknown person on her paper.

Jasmeen Evans, age 13
2000 E 9th St Apt K
Brooklyn, NY 11223

When everyone selected a sheet of paper, her teacher went back to her desk in front of the room. "Now your pen pals have been selected! For the rest of the class period, you are going to write a letter, with 1-2 paragraphs, to your new pen pals. Remember everything we discussed this year, making new paragraphs for each new subject, correct spelling, complete sentences. When you are done, you will turn them into me so I can review"she said to them. "Be creative and have fun"

Breana opened her notebook and stared at the address. What was she supposed to say to someone she didnt know? She turned behind her and looked at her best friend, Leandra. "Who did you get?"

"Some kid named Michael. He lives in Harlem. He is probably gonna be dumb and immature"

Breana smiled. "I got a girl named Jasmeen. I dont know what to say"

"Wow for once?"Leandra smiled and Breana stuck her tongue out at her. "I'm just gonna write really big"she said,"Tell him all my favorite things in case he wants to buy them for me. I hope he isnt ugly"

Breana laughed and turned back around. She then started to write.

Hi Jasmeen!

My name is Breana Taylor. I am from St. Michael, Barbados. It's a pretty island. What is Brooklyn, New York like? I am 12 years old, my birthday was on February 20th. When is your birthday? What did you get for presents? I got a lot of clothes and cd's. I love clothes and music. What is your favorite music to listen to? I love Mariah Carey and Bob Marley. Do you?

I cant think of anything else to write, so I will wait for you to write me back. I hope you write back soon!

Breana :)

At the end of class, she turned in her letter and wrote her address on the back of the envelope and her teacher ok'd her letter saying it was very good. Breana couldn't help but feel excited. She hoped this Jasmeen girl was cool.


Pisces is the mutable water sign of the zodiac. It can be likened to a warm, turquoise lagoon, twinkling in the sunshine, or to a strong ocean current rising from the depths to break over a rocky shore, smoothing the pebbles for all time.


A week later, a girl named Jasmeen Evans received her first letter from her pen pal. She hoped it was a girl because she hated boys, well except for the guys in *NSYNC, but they are different. She opened the envelope and read the letter. She smiled. She was a girl and she lived on an island? Cool!

"Make sure to include your portraits you took in your letters so your pen pals will know what you look like. They will send one back when they write"her teacher said. Jasmeen started to write excitedly:

Hi Breana!

It's Jasmeen! Your new pen pal! I was so excited when I got your letter today!

I have to say I love your name, it is very pretty. I bet you are pretty too. I dont know where Barbados is? Is it near Hawaii or something? It's great that you live on an island! You are so lucky! I live in Brooklyn, New York, it's a big city and we are right next door to New York City. It is starting to get cold now. Does it get cold where you live? I bet you get to wear bathing suits all the time! :)

I am 13 years old, I will be 14 next year. My birthday is November 4th. For my birthday I got a lot of money. I spent it all on clothes though! I love clothes, too. I also got a lot of cards, cd's, posters, keychains, odds and ends from my friends at my birthday party. I love Mariah Carey too! She is the best! I also love Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I love *NSYNC too. I have a huge crush on Justin Timberlake!!! I love him! I also love Jay-Z, Destiny's Child and Usher. I dont know who Bob Marley is though, sorry, what kind of music does he sing?

I also have a few more questions for you. What is your school like? Do you like your teacher? Can you tell me about your family? I go to PS 189, it is a public school here in New York and it is jam packed full with kids! My teacher is cool. I dont get in trouble much. I am an only child. My mother is German and my father is African. I was actually born in Germany and lived there for a couple of years and then moved to New York. Germany is interesting but New York is way more fun! Have you been to any other countries?

Ok, I'll stop asking questions now. Cant wait for you to write me back!


p.s.- Oh! My teacher told us to put in a picture of myself, cant wait to see what you look like!

p.s.s.- Ooops! And you can call me Jas if you wanna, do you have any nicknames? :)

Every week the girls went back and forth during the pen pal program. They became best friends quickly. At the end of the school year, they were able to sign into a chat room and instant message each other. The pen pal program was only for that year but the girls continued to write for the remainder of their schooling. They exchanged pictures and even exchanged numbers but were not able to call much due to international charges so they emailed each other a lot. Breana cherished her friendship with Jasmeen, especially when her family life started to take a turn for the worse...


Mutable means changeable, and water can change it's form in many ways: rain, hail, snow, mist, frost, clouds, rainbows, warm pools, and puddles; thus, Piscean feelings can change a dozen times a day.



For years, Breana would wake up in the middle of the night to hear her parents arguing. Sometimes the arguments escalated, things were thrown or her father would hit her mother. She has seen this countless times and always wondered why her mother never left her father. The first time she saw him hit her, their relationship with him changed. She still loved him but it was different. He was different. She was stuck in the middle. Her father would always hit her mother to end a fight or argument and leave in the middle of the night. Breana would try her best to comfort her brothers as they cried. Once her father had left, she would also comfort her mom. "I love you mommy"she would always say.

Word on the street was that her father was on drugs. Crack cocaine to be exact. Breana didn't want to believe it but sometimes, her father's supervisor or employee's at the garment factory he worked at, would call their house and ask why he wasn't at work. She always made an excuse. One of her brothers was sick, the car broke down, his cell phone broke. However, one day she found the substances in the house and she stopped making excuses for him. She soon started to not respect him and told her mother so. She wouldn't listen.

Not until one night...

Breana, her two younger brothers and her mother just started eating dinner. Her mother didn't like eating dinner without their father but she couldn't reach him. 'He's probably at a crack house', Breana thought but kept her mouth shut. While they ate, her mother asked her how school and her cadet rehearsal went and if she talked to Jasmeen lately and also asked her brothers how they were and how school was. Then her father barged in and slammed the front door behind him. They all sat there frozen as they listened to his hard footsteps make their way to the kitchen. Then there he was, sweaty with that same look in his eye. The look that meant he was angry and shit was gonna go down if it wasn't fixed now.

"Byron, what is it?"her mother asked him

He put his hand in his left pocket and threw down a roll of money wrapped in a rubberband. Her brothers smiled. Ooooh money. Breana looked at it with surprise and looked at her mother. Why was her father mad about money? That's what they always fight about. "I found this under the mattress this morning"he said,"I figured you forgot to put it in our I was gonna take it to the bank for you...until nosy ass Miss Braxton asked who dropped you off in that fancy car last week? You running around on me? Huh? Is he paying you to-"

"Stop it Byron! I am not seeing anyone behind your back!"her mother said as she stood up

"Where did you get the money from? $1000? Who has that much to spare!?"

"My boss"her mother explained. "I asked him if he knew of any job openings for you and he agreed to call around and he gave me that! I didn't ask for it!"she explained. Breana was shocked. Why was her father in need of a job? Was he fired?

"You didn't ask? You didn't ask for money but he gave you money???"her father shouted. "The same boss who flirted with you at your damn office barbeque??!"

"We weren't flirting!"her mother shouted and then paused. She didnt want to shout in front of her children. "He loaned me the money. You haven't worked in a month and there are bills to pay! I refused but he insisted! So I took it! He then gave me a ride home because you forgot to pick me up that night, remember? Because you were God knows where doing God knows what!"

Then her father ran up to her mother and slapped her across the face. Her youngest brother, Byron Jr., started to cry. Breana ran to him and took her other brothers hand. They couldn't see this. She led them out of the room and then stopped. No, they shouldn't see this anymore. This shouldn't happen at all! "STOP DAD! STOP!"she shouted at him. He didn't listen. After he slapped her mother around a few times, he picked her up and held her against the refrigerator accusing her of sleeping around. Breana knew it wasn't true. It made sense now. Her mother was an accountant and lately she worked late. She had to since her dad was fired a month ago. She was doing everything while he was out bullshitting. She led her brothers to their room. "Stay here"she said to them. "Don't move"she said and closed the door. She usually would stay with them but she couldn't take it anymore. She ran into the kitchen as her mother shoved her father back. His head hit the cabinet that was behind him.

"YOU BITCH!"he yelled and her mother ran past Breana and out of the room

Breana didn't know what she was thinking but she stayed in the doorway and tried to block her father from getting to her mother. "STOP DAD! STOP!"she yelled at him. "LEAVE HER ALONE! SHE DIDN'T DO NOTHING!"

"GET OUT OF MY WAY"he yelled at her but she didn't move. Then with strong, brute force, he shoved her out of the way. She fell against an end table with a glass vase of flowers and a glass ashtray, both were knocked off the table and broke around her. Several pieces of glass pierced her skin and she started to bleed. She tried not to cry but she yelled at her father as she held her bloody arms close to her, she also had a cut on her face. Her parents continued to fight and she backed away toward her mother's desk. She glanced at the screen and saw that Jasmeen just sent her an instant message on AIM.

GoldenBarbie: hey, you online?

Breana didnt know what to do so....

Pisces2000: please help me, i dont know what to do!!!! :(
Golden Barbie: what!? whats wrong?
Pisces2000: my mom and dad are fighting again
GoldenBarbie: im sorry! tune them out, turn up your music
Pisces2000: he threw me into a table, im bleeding
GoldenBarbie: then call the police! where are your bro's?
Pisces2000: they are safe, i locked them in their room

Breana just sat there and then got up. The phone was in the living room where her mother and father were screaming at each other. She would have to just risk it. Then she heard the front door slam and all she could hear was Byron Jr. crying in their room and her mother sobbing. It was over....for now. She ran to her mother and her mother gasped at her wounds. "Oh no 'Ana. What did he do to you?"

"Forget about me! We gotta call someone!"Breana said, her mother had a swollen lip and black eye

Her mother nodded,"I'll call my lawyer in the morning"

"No call someone now Mommy. This has gone on long enough!"Breana pleaded

Her mother sat there hesitantly and then ran into her brother's room and consoled her brothers. Breana then went back to her mother's computer as a few dings went off.

GoldenBarbie: did you call them yet?
GoldenBarbie: hello you there?
GoldenBarbie: PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE OK!!!!!!!!!! :.(
Pisces2000: Im ok, hes gone
GoldenBarbie: Thank God! Are you ok?
Pisces2000: I will be

At least she hoped so...

Her father didn't come back that night and her mother packed them up and took them to stay with her grandmother. Her grandmother took care of their wounds and cleaned them up. The next day, Breana walked from school to her grandmother's house and noticed a police officer leave. She ran to the porch where her mother and grandmother were sitting. "What happened?"she asked them eagerly

"I filed a family disturbance report. I also filed for divorce"her mother said to her as she started to cry. Her mother held her hand in hers as Breana hugged her. She knew it was hard on her but she knew they would get through it together.

"What won't kill you, will make you stronger...and better run like hell"her grandmother said wisely


Spiritual Goal: to learn the meaning of peace through service to others.


"I don't care who's wrong or right, I don't really wanna fight no more"- Tina Turner


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