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Whats your zodiac sign?Are you an earth or water sign?Are you crabby like a Cancer or a headstrong ram like a Taurus?Whether you believe in astrology or not,the day you were born determines your zodiac sign and that can determine who you are.Lots of research has been done and your sign can determine who you are compatible with,your positive and negative traits,goals,personality,even right down to a small detail like why Aquarians eyes always have that dreamy look about them.Each sign has a character,each character has a story.Is their story similar to yours?Or way different?

Breana Taylor's real life is becoming the very fantasy that she used to dream about. She was once a young girl from the island of Barbados that dreamed of living in America and being a famous model. Now she is doing just that and dating one of the hottest pop singers around and becoming best friends with the best in the business. But everything isnt perfect and one night changes her whole life. Now she is wishing her fairy tale life wasn't real. How would a Pisces bounce back?

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Series: ~*The Zodiac*~
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Published: 06/10/10 Updated: 14/10/10
Story Notes:
I also wanna add that I am slightly obsessed with the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown drama. And when I say obsessed, I mean very depressed to the point that I read everything regarding these two and what happened that fateful night. They were a sweet and cute couple in my eyes and I am big fans of both of them. I also had a similar situation so my heart goes out to them both, its hard on both sides. Lots of things in this story are from their biographies and court documents.

1. Chapter 1- "I Don't Wanna Fight" by Butterfly [Reviews - 2] (3614 words)


Breana "Pisces" Taylor

Maurice Brown


Jasmeen Evans

Leandra Williams

Natalie Nunn



2. Chapter 2- "Hero" by Butterfly [Reviews - 0] (1076 words)