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Chapter One


“Brandy, did you forget that tonight we were going to the studio to finish up your CD”, asked Ray J.

“No I didn’t Ray, but something came up, and I have to go out of town tonight”, replied Brandy.

“Come on sis. We have been putting this off long enough, I endured your Dancing with Stars BS, but this shit can’t continue, Brand”.

“What the Fuck is that suppose to mean Ray? That you endured my BS on the show. We discussed my reason for wanting to do Dancing with Stars, and you were in support, so what’s the problem?”

Ray J paused and contemplated his next words, “I’m just worried that your head is not in your music sis. You have been tripping lately, acting real weird. Are you upset about not winning?”

“No I told you I’m cool with what went down, but I have to go.” Brandy sighed.

“Where are you going?”

“New York”, she whispered.

There was silence on the other end, then Ray J replied, “Are you going to see my boy Makism?”


“When will you back?”

“On Sunday, I have to be back for Sy’rai to go to school on Monday”.

“When you get back Bran, it’s got to be about your CD, understand?”

“I know and I will, I love you Ray, just be patient right now, okay.” She asked him.

“I love you to big sis. And tell Maks, I said what’s up playa”.

“I will.” Brandy ended the call and looked around her bedroom and closed her eyes, remembering the night she and Maks had made love in this very room.


She and Maks were at the dance studio, finishing up their dance promo for tomorrow night’s show, when Maks asked,

“So has it really been six years since you were last intimate with someone?”

“Yes it honestly has, but I wanted to do it. I was so tired of thinking sex was the answer to keeping a man, when I was giving 110% of myself, and going over and beyond to make a man happy, when I wasn’t being satisfied”.

Maks looked her up and down, and then stared at her intensely, and said. “I can satisfy you, if you let me.”

“Boy you are so silly, quit playing, before I call Errin and tell on you”, Brandy joked teasingly, and playfully shoved him.

However Maks grabbed her hands and pulled her close to him, and whispered in her ear. “Let me show you how sexy you are, and when we perform our Rumba tomorrow the world will also know how sexy you are.”

“Maks we are going to go on a pretend date, so you can romance me.” Brandy was a bundle of nerves all over from the sensation of Maks touching her.

“That is what we will put on for TV, but I want you to feel sexy in your mind and your body, baby”. He whispered in her ear.

“Maks don’t do this, we are friends. I like being your friend; I don’t want to ruin that. Besides you are with Errin, so stop playing with me”. Brandy Shouted at him and turned and walked out of the dance room, angry that he would try this.

“Brandy, wait!” Maks shouted. “Let me explain”, but Brandy had escaped behind the closed door.

“Fuck, Fuck, why couldn’t I just keep my hands to myself?” He asked himself. What am I thinking? I don’t want to mess up my friendship with Brandy, but this chemistry they share was overtaking his judgment. Just the thought of her smile, her scent, her voice and her sexy body and him jacking off every night since they been on DWTS.

Maks was so determined to have her, they he didn’t care what anyone thought, or said about him & Brandy.

He closed his eyes and fantasized about him and Brandy, when the door opened and Brandy walked back in the room, She stood by the door and watched him for a few moments and the ran into his arms.

And whispered in his ear, “I am not going to run anymore, I do want you desperately and I want this… you.”

Maks looked into her eyes and then drew her face to his and began to softly kiss her ear, and then her closed eye lids, he planted feathery kisses on her cheeks then he softly kissed her lips, he didn’t want to scare her off by how he was truly feeling inside, but when his lips touched her full pouty lips all sensibility left him and he crushed his mouth to hers and began to devour her mouth, his skilled, arousing mouth moved slick and hot against hers.

Fire, heat, and awe were the potent mix of their kisses. Brandy wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, arching her back to press her tender breasts against the hard planes of his well defined chest, tilting her head back to give him better access. He did not disappoint. He broke away from her mouth, his breathing harsh, and kissed his way down to her neck. His mouth was like hot silk against her skin.

“More, I want more of you tonight,” he whispered.

“Maks we can’t do this, this is wrong on so many levels, What about Errin?”

Maks interrupted her and said, “I told you for the last time Errin and I are just good friends and nothing else. We played around with the media last year just to keep them guessing, since all the rumors were flying off the press, that we were dating.”

“Just like they’re saying about us?” She spat sarcastically.

“Brandy, they accuse me of having a hot romance with all of my partners, hell they even said that me and Laila Ali had a thing going, but that girl was crazy, madly in love with Curtis. I can’t help how sensual some of the dances come across, but I have never felt this way about any of my partners the way I feel for you.”

“But you told me no dating; no sex, ‘just stay focused’, and now you want to take it there?”

“I told you that because; I can’t handle you being with anyone else.”

Brandy stared at him, and then turned around and grabbed her bags, she walked over to the door, hesitated and turned back around, she looked up at Maks, and said simply, “Tonight, Maks at nine.” And walked out the dance studio.

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