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The strikingly beautiful Regan McKrenna meets the family she never knew she had or needed. Staying was only meant to be a temporary arrangement at first, until she looked into the most intense set of blue eyes she had ever seen. With the whispered words “I am not your brother,” Ian McKrenna shatters everything he had assumed about love and about himself. In a whirl wind of sexual denial, erotic passion and carnal exploration, an entire family is forced to redefine wants, needs, family and love.

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Published: 26/05/11 Updated: 26/05/11
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This is a novella that I just keep coming back to. I’ve fallen in love with this dysfunctional family, a collection of heavily flawed characters that are both sexy and amusing. I hope that they appeal to you. Be kind and gentle please; this is an evolving work in progress. I hope you enjoy…


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1. Chapter 1 " It's a Family Affair" by avrgblkgrl [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (6149 words)

Chapter One:  It's A Family Affair

Introducing the The McCrenna-Daugherty Clan:

Ian Daugherty

Allysia Daugherty

Audra McCrenna

Ian Daugherty-McCrenna

and TJ Daugherty

2. Chapter 2 All That Glitters... by avrgblkgrl [Reviews - 0] (12820 words)

Chapter 2: All that Glitters...

Regan McKrenna arrives and she discovers that everything that glitters is not gold. They have had all the advantages; but, does that mean that they have had the better life?  She meets Ian, his sapphire to her stone...