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A/N: This is my first attempt a Merlin fanfiction, I hope I don't fail too miserably, I thought that it would good to mention the fact that I love Arwen, and the way that Merlin ships it. Uhmm... oh, the characters, I want to apologize ahead of time if they seem out of tune, I don't think I will ever be able to fully grasp the banter between everyone. With that said...


I don't own(characters), BBC does, if I owned, by the Gods, you would know...



"Remind me again why we are out here." Said Merlin, sitting with the crowned Prince, on the grand stairs that lead to the entry doors of the Castle building. Merlin was tired, from slaving over his typical everyday jobs of cleaning the stables, and polishing Arthur's armor. Merlin had it set in his mind that once he did those things, he was going to have some time to memorize a few spells for practice, but his plans were overthrown by Arthur's insistence to wait with him, as far as Merlin could tell, there wasn't any jusifiable reason for it, but he was the Princes manservant, he did what the Prince said, it was the order of things.


"Because Merlin, we are awaiting the arrival of King Baron of Kaparoe, and his son Prince Alexander to greet then upon arrival, on behave of Uther." Arthur stated as if he had been repeating it for the past hour.


"And he couldn't have gone about this hisself, I mean they are his guests after all?" Merlin asked, squinting his eyes due to the harsh light of the sun.




"Why not?"


"He's dealing with the preparations for tomorrows delagations. By God Merlin, you ask too many questions." Arthur stated annoyed.


"So he asked you to do so in his stead?"




"So I have no reason to be here?" Merlin decided to try his luck, who knows how long they will be sitting, waiting under the merciless glare of the sun. Merlin made to get up.


"Merlin." Arthur asked not looking at the young warlock.


"Yes Arthur?"

"You stand, and in the stocks you'll be."


"Yes, sire." Just as Merlin sat, the sound of a steeds hooves against the cobblestone of the courtyard echoed, both Merlin and Arthur looked in the direction of the castle's drawn bridge, and were welcomed to the sight of King Baron, his son Alexander, preched on chestnut colored horses, and two other knights flanked them. Even when riding the horses, you could tell how regal they were, the king glittering in gold, dressed in the colors of green and white, the colors of Camelot's neighboring kingdom Kaparoe. Arthur stood as their guests were nearing them.


"Merlin, I wil-" Arthur turned back towards the stairs to find his servant looking at him quizically. "...Merlin stand up you idiot!"


"But you just said-"


"I don't care what I said, just stand up." Merlin stood begrudingly.


"You need to make up your mind." Merlin muttered to himself, Arthur turned around.


"What was that?"


"Nothing." Merlin said clasping his hands behind his back. The newcomers rode up to the stairway, and began to dismount as Prince and manservant walked down to meet them. King Baron turned to face Arthur with a smile on his face.


"Prince Arthur I presume?" asked the King. Arthur gave a curt nod. "Of course, how could I have missed it? You look every bit of Uther, blonde hair, and blue eyes exempt, those you clearly recieved from your mother."


"So I've been told." Arthur replied, glancing at the green-eyed red head by the King's side. King Baron noticed this.


"Where have my manners gone? Arthur, this is my son,", King Baron waved a hand in the direction of the ginger,"Prince Alexander." The Princes nodded at each other in acknowledgement. " It is my hope that you two will become great friends as your father and I did." King Baron, looking around the courtyard, and behind Arthur, notices an absence. "Where might I ask is Uther?"


"He is in his chambers, preparing for tomorrow, thus why I am here, welcoming you to Camelot."


"Pity, I understand how tedious paper work can be, will he be present for the late meal?"


"There is to be feast held tonight in honor of your arrival, he will be there." Arthur told him.


"Execellent, Camelot is still as courteous as I remember it. If you don't mind, I would like to retire, and freshen up for the evening."


"Of course, Merlin show these fine men to their rooms." Arthur said mentioning Merlin for the first time since he began speaking with the King.


"Yes sire." Merlin bowed, and began walking, expecting the King, the Prince, and the two knights to follow.




It was new that much was certain. Arthur couldn't figure out where she had gotten it, he knew that she hadn't bought it, because she didn't have the money, and even if she did, she wouldn't have spent it on something as frivilous as a new dress. He knew he didn't buy it, because he would have remembered something like that, not that she would have accepted it anyway. The only logical conclusion was that she had sewed it herself, it would also justify the way it fit snugly to her frame, the measurements were extremely precise. Arhtur also discovered that his favorite color looked amazing on her.


The dress was of course a deep blood red, the red of Camelot, there was a corset fairly similar to the one on her liliac dress, it acentuated her bust, but this dress was shortsleeved, it showed a great deal of her softly defined shoulders, and delicate looking collarbone. It was long as all her others, and it was modest, but inticing, it left little to the imagination. Her hair curly as ever, was left hanging loose, but was pulled away from her face by a red head band that matched her dress perfectly. She was beautiful.


Through the mass of people at the feast,eating, drinking, talking, dancing, laughing, and enjoying themselves immensely, Guinevere, who was previously staring down into the pitcher of mead that she held, looked up as if she felt Arhtur's gaze, and they locked eyes, brown on blue, and she smiled softly, making Arthur's heart skip a beat, he gave her a small nod, as if it hadn't fazed him, and he returned his attentions back to the table conversation.


King Uther, and King Baron, glad to meet again after all the years, were happily catching up on each others lives, talking full speed, like a couple of school girls, Arthur thought to himself amused.


"So Arthur, I've heard that you're the best knight Camelot has ever seen." King Baron stated looking at Arthur.


"I'm not sure if I agree with that-"


"A modest one you are Arthur, a wonderful characteristic for a King."


"Uhh, thank you." Very friendly this king was.


"I'm sure Prince Alexander, is just as skilled, if not more so." Arthur tried thwarting the attention. He glanced over at the other Prince, who seemed occupied, his tankard was being refilled by a pair of elegant hands, a very familiar set of hands...Arthur eyes followed the hands, up the owners arms, and to the face...Guinevere of course, he would know those hands anywhere. When did she get there? The was another servant there, an awkward blonde, perhaps she had retired for the night. Arthur prefered Guinievere anyway.


It didn't sit too well with Arthur, the way that Alexander was looking at Gwen, it was the look of a hunter, of want, and lust, and that looks sole focus was the object of Arthur's love.What made it so bad was the fact that Alexander made it no secret who he was staring at, Arthur decided to over look it, surley he would look, and not touch. As if in tune to his thoughts, Alexander, grabbed Gwen's wrist, and brought her head down close enough for her to hear him whisper in her ear. Arthur felt his hand twitch, and a flame of possessiveness clouded his vision, where did this man get off touching Guienevere like that? He couldn't hear what was being said, but was sure that he wouldn't have liked to know, if Gwen's stiffness, and mad blushing were any indication. Alexander released her, with a smirk on his face, Gwen walked away quickly, to the corner from whence she came. Of all the Servant girls he could have chosen, why Guienvere? Arthur looked back at her, well, he could see why Gwen, but it didn't matter, she was with him, not the other prince, he had no claim on her.


"Perhaps, Prince Alexander-" The other Prince cut Arthur off.


"Alex please, if I'm going to spend the next week here, I insist that we drop the formalities." He said with before taking a sip of mead, the stupid smirk still on his face.


"Perhaps...Alex" Arthur said the name like it tasted of vinegar coming out of his mouth, of course, Alexander was oblivious," You would care to join me for my morning training."


"It would be my pleasure."


"Wonderful, meet me in the fields an hour after dawn, Merlin will show you the way should you have any trouble." Arthur, pushed his chair away from the table, and stood, "I think I will retire for the night, I bid you all a good night." With that, Arthur left the banquet hall, and made way towards his chambers, suddenly very anxious to test Alexanders stamina in battle...





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