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Story Notes:

This too is a repost.

Love this song.

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Summer time and the living is easy

Fish are jumping and the cotton is high


Oh kiss me sun warm my tongue

Make me forget my skin God spun

My cage pa built, kin as thick and warm as mother's milk

‘Mongst the tall corn stalks I lay

Disquieting fears hushed away

By the breeze them it sway

And the sun


Your daddies rich and your ma is good-looking

So hush little baby, baby don't you cry


Light not dark contrast betwixt us stark

She be pretty but I'm smart

In her magnolia I swing, she got stuff I can't even dream

To hers his kin come visit

I laugh, he'd rather miss it

My likeness is caught in his vision

But I run


One of these mornings, you're gonna rise up singing

You'll spread your wings and you'll take to the skies


How long has it been fourteen and ten?

I'm doing so good it's a sin

Again, again at my side his interest he don't even  try to hide

Who was she? To me he comes

Caresses my cheek with his thumbs

Beat heart beat of a million drums

We kiss


Until the morning there's a nothing can harm you


Kiss me sun warm my tongue

Refuse to be ashamed of the skin God spun

He's mine of all men, in the sheets we rock and spin

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Only devoid of his touch, I sorrow

To time my love I owe

This bliss


So hush little baby, baby don't you cry


Chapter End Notes:

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