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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of J.K Rowling

Quidditch player by day, order member by night. This was what many knew Angelina for. On the field she was fierce, powerful, swift, and smart, those same qualities tended to carry over to her participation with the order. Many thought they knew all there was to Angelina. Afterall she didn't seem to keep very many secrets and she was in Gryffindor. She had many friends, old and new who could vouch for her. Overall she was the perfect example of the witch fighting for the light.


However, it is impossible to know everything there is about a person. Especially if it was a dirty little secret they wished to keep their own. Angelina was one of these people. This secret she knew she could never expose nor did she have any desire to do so. It was one that she kept very close to her heart, locked under unbreakable chains and a hidden key. After all what would everyone think of their golden girl if they knew her little secret.

What would they do if they knew she was running her hands through his hair forcing his lips against her own. What would they do if they saw her press her body intimately against his and his arms wrap possessively around her waist. Would they look upon her with disgust as she arched against his body? Or shudder if they saw him trail kisses from her chest up her neck to her lips. What would they say if they heard the things whispered between them? Whispers of meeting again and the need between them. Would they hate her to know she laid in his arms so comfortably pressing light kisses across his chest? Would they dismiss her from the order for the secret meetings between them?

Would she be seen as a traitor? As a disgrace to the light for mixing with the darkness. Would they shun her and treat her as if she wasn't the same person they attended Hogwarts with? Some might understand, but very few. Would Fred look at her as though she had just broken his heart? Or George gaze upon her with confusion? Would Lee regret ever asking her out? Would Alicia support her? Would Katie understand? All questions to be answeared but never were.

Yes, it is impossible to know everything there is about a person. Some secrets are best left at just that, secrets. No one needed to know that she spent her nights with the very man who had been a prat to the entire Gryffindor population. No one needed to know those light grey eyes made her knees weak, or how she loved the color contrast between them. No one needed to know how weak he seemed lying in her arms spilling his secrets, or the many invisible scars that marred her own heart.

No one would suspect for she was Angelina Johnson. She was doing nothing wrong in her eyes, but in other's eyes it may as well been a sin. So, no one needed to know that she had fallen in love with a Slytherin, someone from the dark side of the war.

No one needed to know. No one would ever know.

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