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Love and Prejudice

A Pride and Prejudice spin off. Five years after their marriage, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy are made the guardians of Mary Caroline Farthington, a free black woman and the  heir and adopted daughter of Lord Matthew Farthington. When Colonel Fitzwilliam returns from Louisiana, fresh on the heels of a hearty defeat in the Battle of New Orleans, he visits the Darcy's for the Christmas holidays. When the soldier and the heiress fall in love, will love be able to overcome prejudice?

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Published: 09/07/09 Updated: 18/12/10
Story Notes:

I love reading Jane Austen and Regency fiction. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novels. Reading it, I could not help but wonder what sort of barrier race would be to marrying well if family history was such an impediment. I then read about the lives of Dido Elizabeth Bell and Sarah Forbes Bonetta and wondered what life would have been like for a wealthy black woman of some connections during that time.


This story is currently being revised and reposted chapter by chapter on my livejournal page. I'll update the chapters here once I've caught up to chapter 18 in my revisions. There are changes to the character's background as well as minor plot tweaks.

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I had edited this chapter to tone it down a bit, as in Regency times such a makeout session would be a big no-no. But, as I live firmly in the 21st Century, I decided to leave it in for this site. I trust you'll forgive me for being a little too spicy for Regency times, well, at least for polite literature of Regency times.

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So, my updates after this won't be as frequent. This is very much a WIP and this chapter is my last completed chapter. Portions of the next chapter are already written and I hope to have those up by the end of the month. Thanks for all the kind feedback and reviews. They are really motivation to keep writing. Do let me know if this is getting too melodramatic. Also, rest assured that Mary will get some respite after another chapter.

15. Chapter 14 by Candace [Reviews - 0] (5717 words)

Sorry for the delay! I left my mac on the other side of the country and had a bad case of writer's block. I hope that you enjoy this chapter!

16. Chapter 15 by Candace [Reviews - 0] (4615 words)

A/N: So here is chapter 15. I am trying to churn these bad boys out faster so that this story can be closer to completion. I do hope to have them all past Tweltfh Night before Twelfth Night 2010 rolls around! Next chapter brings the ball, the wicked cousins getting a bit of their just deserts and some relief for poor Mary and Richard. Please forgive (but feel free to point out) any errors. I promised to have this chapter out this week and rushed through my read through. I've taken to reading it out loud complete with bad classical Britsh accents. Its silly but fun! 

17. Chapter 17 by Candace [Reviews - 0] (3694 words)

So here is chapter 17. I hope that the Viscount's punishment is satisfying. I had requests from one reader to have him castrated and his wee member placed as a trophy over Mary's fireplace. However, I doubt that Mary would like to look at that little thing everyday.

 I know I promised the ball this chapter, but the Viscountess still had another trick up her sleeve that required its own chapter. But, next chapter is the ball! 

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A/N: Yay! My story has finally reached the half way point! And it only took me nearly six years. Hopefully the next 19 to 20 chapters will not take as long. Since I don't have law school or a hectic law firm job, I should be able to update more often. I am determined to finish this!!!