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A one-shot addition to the series Love Bears All


 September Chamber Challenge

Somewhere in Time...

She was made perfectly, his queen.

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Classification: Alternate Universe
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
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Warnings: Adult Situations, Character Death, Racism
Challenges: Somewhere In Time
Series: Love Bears All: A Journey to Love
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Published: 21/09/09 Updated: 21/09/09
Story Notes:

The story is based loosely on the epic Cleopatra, with events stretched to the imagination of the writer with plot twists to align with events of the lives of 'Pat' and 'John', conveys how Pat managed the news of his alleged death and the effort she made to go on, eventually finding love again.  John and Pat are finally reunited in "Denied".   And on their honeymoon a bit of misfortune finds them.  Pat is sickened with fever, and dreams of a time where her life closely parallels the Queen of the Nile, for whom she was named.

1. Cleopatra...Remember the TimeŠ by SparkApCider [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (3368 words)


Cleopatra 'Pat' Charles-Santi/Queen Cleopatra

John Bernardino Santi/Julius Caesar

Jessyca McKalpain/Charmian

Tracy Sturgis-Ross/Iris

Curtis Lemon/Mardian

Brett Blanchard/Rufio

Vanessa Lentini/Calpurnia

RIP Dr. Steven Chauncey Maxwell/Mark Antony