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Love to read and write. Currently have a Twilight fanfiction out "And No Birds Sing" but yeahh don't know about that lol. I'm currently interested in writing original fiction, so hopefully I'll have something up soon:]]

Edit/Update: I am proud to say I have two stories posted on 'The Chamber right now. "Into the West" and "The Memory Keeper"

Check them out and let me know what you think :}  

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"This time and place, as I look upon your face..remember as long as you live,

                                                       it was my love  to give"   

                     -except from It Was My Love to Give by Barbara LaBarbera


Sally Parker had heard talk of Indian or "Injun" attacks out West, but that was just talk from around town. Right? Wrong.

Sally embarks on an enthralling, and often dangerous journey when she is kidnaped and taken into the Comanche Tribe. However, the journey isn’t easy, between battles with the increasingly, dedicated, hard-nosed, "war chief," Nakotah Quanah, and trying to fit into a strange society which she feels she doesn’t belong.

Just when things begin to look up, what happens when an enraged mistress wants her servant back and will go through all costs to get her back? Will this kick-off the beginning of many battles for the Comanche with the Texan government or can Sally defuse the situation in time?

Either way Sally is going to have make a life-altering decision that will not only affect her, but maybe for the ‘ayashe’ as well.

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"People think it is holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it's letting go."

From the author of Into the West


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