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I have always like writing.(That's what everyone says on here I bet.) Well the infinite noise in my head needed a way to escape so I write. Don't worry all the voices in my head speak English_. As you can probably tell, I'm weird as hell. I like anime, various genres of music and drawing. I love reading fan-fiction and am so glad I found this place...

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Experiencing phantom limb is nothing compared to phantom sex. She could feel his breath on her neck even though she knew he was miles away, hear him whispering the words in her ear, telling her to repeat them. She could only hope he was feeling as crazy as she looked. Writhing in her bed, messing up the sheets, labored breathing, the whole nine. She could even feel his long sweaty hair on her, tantalizing she understood the meaning of the lyrics to Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

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Published: 28/04/10
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Rated: 17 and older
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Summary: After a relative leaves her a home in Bon Temps Naomi has a chance to break the mundane lifestyle she leads in GA and mix it up and she ends up working for a certain Sheriff at Fangtasia she gives him a taste chocolate she becomes his drug.

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