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Story Notes:

Part Two in Adina and Ant's story...

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

~Jacobi Charles~


~Ant Bianchi~


~Adina Rush~

~`~February 14, 2002~`~


"Good Evening Miss..."


The voice was familiar, Adina had heard it before. Shifting her weight on her heels, Adina tossed a wary glance over her shoulder, and smiled softly to herself when she identified the owner of the seductive tenor, "Good Evening Mr. Bianchi."


He moved closer, obviously pleased by the fact she knew his name, "I believe you have me at a slight disadvantage Miss..."


She returned her attentions to the remainder of her drink, ignoring his phishing attempts, "And here I thought you knew everything and everyone in Jersey City."


Ant Bianchi unbuttoned his jacket, slid it off his arms, and hung it on the back of the high back chair. He stood for a moment longer before occupying the seat next to Adina, "I'm failing miserably." He held his hand up in a request for another drink for her and his first of the evening, "First New Years' Eve and now Valentines' this my I doomed to only see you on holidays?"


Adina graciously accepted the drink and took a tentative sip, "It would appear that way."


Ant thanked the bartender and raised his glass for an impromptu toast, "Then I guess I'll just have to make everyday a holiday."


The butterflies in her stomach had awakened but she quickly reeled them in and added an edge of coolness to her demeanor, "I knew you had substantial influence Mr. Antioco Bianchi," His eyebrows rose and waited for her to continue, "But I didn't know you single handedly made our local government your bitch."


He was offended and for a second she was fearful of his reaction to her smart assed comment. His eyes darkened and his mouth twisted, but he didn't budge, "There's a lot you don't know about me." His thumb connected with her bottom lip in awkward re-acquaintance. She flinched when his entire hand moved to caress her cheek, "You don't have to be afraid of me," Her eyes drifted closed only to reopen half a breath later, "What's your name beautiful?"


He had asked the question the night they first met and she had avoided answering, tonight, she felt benevolent, "Adina Rush."


Mr. Bianchi's eyes brightened and his cheeks reddened, "Was that so hard?" She shrugged and he chanced asking a second question, "What brings you to my birthday party...I don't recall including an Adina Rush on the guest list."


"You didn't." She kept her response as general as possible, not mentioning the lower level employee who got a last minute invite and requested she join him. No, now was not the time to mention the man she had been seeing for almost eight months even when her dreams and fantasies were still filled with Mr. Crystal Blue Eyes. After their initial meeting on New Years Eve she had gone out of her way to enjoy more evenings out in the company of less than savory individuals. She hadn't seen Ant Bianchi once in fourteen months. She had heard his name on countless occasions, waited for him to appear out of nowhere, but nothing. Instead of her dream man, she ended up with Jacobi Charles.


It wasn't a terrible trade off. Jacobi was the epitome of sex on two legs. Cocoa infused skin, plump and eager to please lips, and hands that were diligently charged with exciting her body on her command. Not to mention, said sex infused body was sculpted and made for sin. His eyes were lazy and indicative of every illicit thought his mind had produced about her and he possessed a series of intricately designed tattoos that told the story of his life. She should have been head over heels in love.


She wasn't...she was obsessed with a memory...


Jacobi's frame was still cut and defined from his years playing football in high school, college, and one season stint in the NFL. Now he moonlighted as a personal trainer and alleviated the unwanted problems for his assigned Capo. Until this moment she had no idea Jacobi had ties to Ant.  


"So I didn't invite you and yet here you sit."


"I guess I know the right people," Adina inched closer; ready to continue their flirtatious game when she saw Jacobi rushing towards her. Internally she groaned, unhappy that her moment with her new friend was soon to be interrupted. There were no introductions, just the man's lips on hers in an unspoken greeting. When Jacobi had his fill of Adina, he turned and acknowledged Ant's presence, "Happy Birthday Mr. Bianchi."


The tension in the air increased and Adina suddenly developed an insatiable desire for the warmth and comfort of her bed.




It was the mystery woman. Yes her hair was shorter. Her face was harder and a bit colder, but it was her. Ant Bianchi was certain. He still didn't know her name but he couldn't think of a better birthday present; a reunion with his favorite New Years' Eve beauty and maybe a private celebration. She had occupied his thoughts in the months since their last meeting. He had misjudged the attempt to play it cool and walk away, in hindsight, it would have been better to make his intentions known, and lay claim to the woman who had haunted his dreams for almost a year and half. He hadn't spent his time as a lonely monk would have, pacified by empty vows and elaborate chants, but he was still left unfulfilled by his encounters with some of the city's most exotic beauties.


Business he knew. The role of his family in Jersey City and beyond was not a concept that escaped him, but when it came to women; he was still the naïve teen aged boy that begat a son with his first nut.  


Five minutes into their first exchange of the evening, he had her full name, and with another five minutes he was certain he would have had her measurements. Her smile was flawless, things were going well, and he didn't doubt that whatever man had invited her to his event was delusional if he believed he would escort her home later that night. Adina Rush was his and his alone, until, Jacobi Charles strolled into the picture and shoved his tongue down her throat.


Jacobi was recruited by one of his associates. The only thing Ant knew about the man were his career stats and any job he had been assigned was completed without incident. He was discreet, efficient, and a fraction of the cost in comparison to their other cleaners. He would have given him a glowing recommendation prior to their current meeting. She was with a common criminal who was capable of ending her life in the flash of an eye. She deserved better than Jacobi Charles.


Ant kept his insults on pause while he studied the exchange between Jacobi and Adina. Her body recoiled from the man. When he touched her, she didn't melt or coo with each touch of his minion's fingers. She had when Ant took the liberty of becoming acquainted with the feel of her skin. She had moved closer and silently pleaded for more. Adina didn't want Jacobi, she simply tolerated the man. Ant needed to know why but for now he would play gracious host and benefactor. The linebacker was speaking again and the blue eyed man kindly gave him his undivided attention, "Take care of her boss; I have a few things I need to handle."


"Of course Jacobi," Ant masked his grin behind the rim of his glass, "I'll treat her like she belongs to me."


Jacobi laughed and quickly disappeared to the back of the club.


Adina eased from her seat, "I'm not an object or possession," She poked her finger in his chest, "You don't own me."


Ant kept his eyes trained on her face as he swallowed the last of his drink, "You're correct but one day soon, your sweet ass," He snuck a peek of the divine backside that had done overtime in his dreams, "Is going to beg to be mine."


Her body was pressed closely to his, "You think."


He placed a hand on each hip and pulled her closer, "I know."






Chapter End Notes:

More soon...including edits...

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.