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Round Two - You Ready?

Side Note - You may want to read Mixed Signals first or you'll be completely lost.

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The scent of pancakes wafted to her nose and she cooed, "This is why I married him." Yes, she was well on her way to a blissful six years of marriage if her husband kept delivering on his promise to cook breakfast every morning. She cuddled against the mountain of pillows, rolling deeper into the sheets, until she fell on the floor, "What the hell?" How had she possibly fallen on the floor, they had a California King, she could roll at least five times before she reached the edge and still leave room for Izzie and Noah. Something just wasn't right but she was still unwilling to embrace the morning. She grumbled and groaned, curling into a fetal position on the floor in an attempt to find the remains of her peaceful night's sleep.

Bonnie stretched and opened her eyes. She was greeted by the sight of her old high school bedroom. Her cheerleading uniform was on the back of the door. Pictures of Caroline and Elena decorated her mirror and there was a tiny pink box on the dresser wrapped in a white bow. The same box had adorned the furniture on the morning of her sixteenth birthday. It held the keys of the Prius her father purchased to make up for his chronic absenteeism. She sat up straight and rushed around her room. She furiously searched for a calendar, cell phone, anything that would confirm her unfounded fear, "It just can't be possible."

When she crawled into bed the night before she had been Bonnie Bennett Gilbert, wife of Jeremy, mother of Noah and Isabella, and Mystic Falls' resident witch. She made the best chocolate chip pecan cookies on the block and the high school jocks always watched her weed her garden. She was the hot mom in the neighborhood. Now she was thrust back into her teen years. Acne, heartbreak, and yes she was still a virgin in this timeline. She brought her fingers to her lips as she finally scrolled through her cell to the calendar and saw it was merely days before she first became aware of Stefan and Damon Salvatore.

Bonnie panicked.

Only a spell could cause such a dire adverse effect as sending her back in time. A spell in Emily's grimoire, but if she had spoken the words of the incantation, then she would recall it. She didn't. Nothing came back to her mind except the last night she spent with her husband and his promise that they had definitely created little Gilbert number three. If she hadn't muttered the ancient Latin only one person had, "Shit...Noah Matthias Bennett - Gilbert, mommy is going to wring your cute little neck."

Sheila Bennett picked that moment to open the door during Bonnie's nonsensical random threats, "About time you get up sleeping beauty, we have much to discuss."

Her heart leapt and sank at once, "Grams." Not since Izzie's birth had she seen her beloved Grandmother, and then she had been a mere spirit there to bless the soul of her great grandchild. Her eyes burned with unshed tears. What was her son up to?

The woman rolled her eyes, "No it's the tooth fairy, girl get up," She offered her granddaughter a hand before she balanced those hands on her hips and took in the sight before her, "I see Bennett little ones are still as mischievous as ever. Child's just as bad as you, it's why we bound your powers at age five, and you were hell on wheels." She backed out of the door, "Come on your breakfast is getting cold and you have a Physics test this morning, it's the one you failed that sent you into a Ben & Jerry's pint an hour depression."

Bonnie exhaled; unaware that she had been holding her breath the entire time Sheila was speaking. She went through her long forgotten motions. The prolonged minutes it took to blow dry her curly hair and flat iron the unruly mess into silky straight strands. Wasn't this the reason she had opted for wearing a sleek bob after her son's birth. It shaved minutes of her morning routine. She loudly protested at the flower child wardrobe in her closet. Why wasn't she home with all of Banana Republic's finest creations hanging before her? Had she really managed to get a date with her frumpy clothing?

Forty - five minutes later she was at the breakfast table, indulging in her grandmother's famous pancakes, sausage, and eggs. She devoured half a pitcher of orange juice before the elder Bennett joined her, "Slow down 'fore you choke." She sat back and stared at the woman in front of her. Years had passed and her heart still ached when she thought about her death, "Stop thinkin', I'm here now, and we've got a mess and a half to get you out of."

Bonnie felt her brows lift, "I just need to get home, restrict Noah from his playstation, and make him sit on the bench during his soccer game."

Sheila reached across the table and took Bonnie's hand, "What do you remember?"

Her face flushed hot and she skipped the memories that involved her husband, "Homework, dinner, bed, and waking up here."

She didn't miss the worry that spanned out across her grandmother's face or the way her lips twisted when she had painful information to relay, "Bonnie you died three months before the day Noah cast the spell to reverse time." Sheila tightened her grip, "He's trying to undo your death."


Damon Salvatore did not like early morning wake up calls. Even if it was preceded by his favorite little children delivering breakfast to him while he still lounged in his bed. Izzie Gilbert kissed his nose before she skipped off to go wake her dad, but Noah remained at the foot of his bed, staring. The kid had the maniacal genius thing mastered at an early age.

"What do you want short stack?" Noah wiggled his finger and the door closed and locked. "Your dad told you stop using or he was going to have Lucy bind you." The kid shrugged and remained rooted to his spot. Damon patted the space beside him as he cut into a particularly runny egg, "Come on and tell Uncle Damon what's bothering you."

The child climbed on the bed and grimaced at the sight on the plate, "Izzie cooked not me."

Damon tossed his fork down still churning a runny yolk over his tongue, "It shows and tastes like it." He turned to face the child next to him. He recognized the look of guilt and he wondered if Noah had destroyed his father's favorite golf clubs or forgot to do a project, "Okay spill it mini Bennett."

Noah's eyes brightened, "It worked." Damon frowned as the little boy pulled a folded piece of paper from the band of his superman pajamas and thrust it in the vampire's face, "I can feel it...I know it worked Uncle Damon."

The eldest Salvatore brother recognized the script in which the spell was written. He translated the words on the page easily. He whispered the incantation at the end of the text and he felt his presence slipping from one time to another. Before he completely transitioned he looked at the little boy in his bed and wondered aloud, "Noah what have you done?"

And just like that Damon Salvatore found his way back to Mystic Falls, VA circa 2009. He knew what he had to do; he couldn't let Bonnie Bennett die, "Welcome home Damon." He stood and brushed the dust off his pants and grabbed his head when the voices of a hundred witches attacked him at once, "Okay welcome to your home," He hissed, climbing the basement stairs to the main level of the house, "Witches."

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.