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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


She forced the horse to go faster as she raced to Camelot, hoping that she wasn’t too late to save a man’s life.  The trees were a blur to her and all she could think about was getting to Uther Pendragon and making him see the error of his ways.  She would tell him o what she knew, of how nothing but lies had gotten the blacksmith to his current predicament.  She would ask that he be released to whatever family he had and then she would be on her way.  That is if I make it on time.  She thought as she encouraged the horse to go faster.  Ahead she could see where the forest led to a clearing, and as she got closer to her destination she could see the gates that protected the city.  Soon she reached the gates and abandoned her horse as she raced through the lower town. 

Anras removed her hood as she reached a crowd that had gathered to watch what was happening.  Her breath hitched as she began to weave herself through the throngs of people. 

“The blacksmith is as guilty as the day is long.” She heard one man say, while a woman, in turn, defended him. 


Tom Leodengrance’s head lay on the block as Uther read the charges.  Arthur stood behind his father and watched as the blacksmith openly wept. 

“I’m innocent.” He cried, yet it fell on deaf ears as Uther continued to rattle off the trespasses that Tom had to die for. “What of my daughter?”

Uther had finished and his eyes travelled to the hooded man who was lazily leaning on the sword that would remove Tom’s head.  Slowly he righted himself and Tom caught sight of the sword. Bitterly he laughed.  They kill me with my creation.  

“Are there any last words?” Uther asked.

“Tell Guinevere I love her, so much.  And that she’s just like her mother.”

With that Uther nodded to the executioner and his blade came down swiftly upon Tom’s neck.

“NO!” Anras yelled.  She had made it to the front of the crowd just in time to see the blacksmith beheaded.  His blood just as red as Uther’s cloak, just as red as the banners that hung from the castle.  Tears filled her eyes as the crowd began to disperse.  She stood there for a moment and watched as the blacksmith was loaded into a cart as if he was nothing, as if he had been nothing.  Her blood began to boil and she stormed towards the castle.

“I demand an audience with the king.” She gritted through clenched teeth at the men who were standing guard at the throne room.  The one to the right turned on his heel and made his way to the King’s chambers and Anras was left there to wait with the other one.  A few moments passed when Prince Arthur came storming down the corridor, a parchment clutched in his hands.  When Anras saw him her eyes widened as she cut of his path.

“My Lord…” she began as her arm was grabbed by the guard. “…Arthur Pendragon, your family put an innocent man to death today.”  She rushed out as she tried to wrangle herself from his grasp.  “The blacksmith was innocent.  I know it to be true.”  Arthur began to side step her.

“Eddard Stark knows it to be true also.”  This caused Arthur to pause; his back became straight as an arrow when the name Stark tumbled from her lips.



Morgana Le Fey stood before the only man that she had known as a father and stared coolly into his eyes.  Blue mirroring blue, she was unflinching. 

“I know the extent of your affections for you maid, Morgana.  Believe me I do, but this, what it is that you want me to do, will never happen.  I will not bring shame to the Pendragon name, or throne, for a peasant.”  Uther reasoned harshly.

“That maid has taken care of me for years.  She has wiped your beloved Prince’s feverish brow and rocked me to sleep during the night.  She is a part of this family whether you like it or not.  She is more than a maid; she is like my sister, even more so now that we are both orphans.  Need I remind you that both of our fathers have died by your hand, a commonality that is stronger than blood; it can grow into something dangerous Uther.”

“I am to fear a maid?”

“Not a maid, but the people.  Your iron hand will rust one day and there will be too many who will be eager to remove it from you.”  She steadied her nerves.

“Is that a threat, Morgana?  Choose your next words wisely, I would hate or you to do something foolish all for a maid.”  Her jaw clenched at his words and she bit her cheek to keep the foul words that she wanted to spit at his feet inside.  After a long moment she finally spoke.

“No threat was intended my Lord,” he voice quaked with anger, “I am merely suggesting that a firm hand must also have a kind stroke.  You have shown the people what little tolerance you have for magic, that is perfectly clear.  But now is the time to show Camelot that you also have a heart.  It is impossible to continue to rule those who hate you.  You have shown them strength; now show them your mercy.”

Before Uther could respond to Morgana’s stern words there was a swift knock at his door. 

“Who is it?” he bellowed, contempt laced in his voice.

The guard opened the door and told Uther of the woman awaiting an audience with him.  “Tell her to come back tomorrow, I do not wish to see anyone today.”

“Father, I think you should talk to this woman.” Arthur interrupted, letting everyone know of his presence. “She is the wife of Torrent and sent by Lord Stark.”

“Ned?”  Uther turned to his son.

“Yes father, she has been sent by my Godfather.  She has given me this letter for you.”  Arthur handed the envelope to Uther, the Stark seal on the closure. “It’s from him.”

“Yes, give me a moment to read this and prepare myself for her.  I will meet you in the throne room; see that she is given whatever it is she needs.”  Uther turned from them.

Morgana stood in disbelief. “But she is Torrent’s wife!”

“Sent by Ned Stark!” Uther yelled back, sending a shiver up Morgana’s spine, but she did not relent.

“So you kill a man seen with Torrent for a brief moment, yet you wine and dine a woman that has shared his bed.  Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

“Hold your tongue Morgana, or I will be forced to hold it for you.  Your maid will remain as such, a maid.”

“Father…” Arthur interrupted again.

“Yes, Arthur.” Uther answered with inpatients in his voice.

“The letter, her visit… was originally intended for the blacksmith.”  Now it was the time for a shiver to makes its way up Uther’s back.  He turned and looked out the window before he dismissed everyone out of his chambers.  “I will be in the throne room soon.” He told his son as he closed the door.

Now alone, Uther Pendragon went to his desk and sat there looking at the envelope for a long minute.  Would there be something in this letter to let him know that he had killed the Blacksmith in haste.  He hoped not as he opened the letter.


Old friend, I am writing you because Robert should not make it to next Sunday.  He has been injured whilst hunting, of all things and his life here will be ending soon. This letter is to inform you of the importance of your attendance here in the North.  With Robert’s death a new era will be ushered in, one that is full of falsities and would see a boy, a terrible boy, as the King of the seven kingdoms when he has no rightful claim to the iron throne.  You and I both know who it belongs to and it is time that Cersei and the rest of the Lannister clan choke on their ambition.  The child, the Prince Jeoffry is the product of an affair between Cersei and Jamie Lannister, yet the foul blond has his eyes set on ruling the seven kingdoms.  I ask you old friend to come to Westeros but for now leave the girl behind in Camelot.  When you receive this letter take it to Uther himself and ask him to protect her.  She must take her seat on the iron Throne, but her time is not now.  Please old friend, come swiftly.  The Lannisters have already tried to kill my boy because he found out this secret and now that Cersei knows that I have this knowledge I fear what they may do to me.

May the gods bring you safely,



Uther paled.  He had killed the blacksmith a mere hour ago and now, all of this had come to light.  His child, the maid, was the heir to the Iron Throne, and now she was without a protector.  Uther sat his desk a while before placing his crown on his head and sending for Arthur, Morgana, and the maid. 


Once everyone had entered the throne room, including Anras, Uther dismissed his guards and council. “This is more of a family matter” he announced, “Therefore your presence is not required.  Please go and enjoy your time off today.”  Uther was no fool; news of the girl’s origins would make it back to the Lannisters faster than he could write to Ned.

With that the only people left in the throne room were Uther, Arthur, Morgana, and the maid.  Uther mentally cursed himself.  She was not just any maid, she was heir to the Iron Throne, the most powerful throne in the seven kingdoms, and here she was with no idea of how important she was.  He then turned his attention to Anras.  “You’ve asked for an audience with me, well, go ahead.”

Anras looked upon the throne that Uther Pendragon sat in all of his smug glory.  “The blacksmith was innocent.” Anras began.  With that Guinevere let out a low moan, she was still so inconsolable, but Morgana was doing her best.  “My husband tricked him, which I told him was a dangerous game.  But he thought that this would be easy and clean.  But here in Camelot, magic is everything but.  My husband kept me abreast of what was happening in Camelot with Tom.  He told the blacksmith that he needed a sword.  That is all Tom was doing.” Anras stopped, she could feel the grief and guilt of getting here to late begin to choke her and he eyes were burning with unshed tears.   “Tom had no idea that Torrent intended to use magic in anyway.  It pains me that I was too late in getting here.”

The sound of Guinevere crying pulled everyone’s attention to her as she began to crumple and landed on the floor.  Hearing that her father was innocent so soon after his death was too much for her to bear and she could no longer care about her actions in the throne room, in front of Uther.  She was fatherless, he was gone too soon, and here she was in a room with his murderer, while he was being told that he had killed a man who was innocent.  Anras rushed to her side and stroked her hair while Morgana held her tightly.  It was moments like these where Gwen hated her kindness, these were the times she wanted to tell them to leave her be, to get their hands off of her, but instead she allowed herself to re cocked and stroked like a child.  Yet she was no longer a child, Uther Pendragon had seen to that an hour ago, with the death of her father.

Uther watched the women and a pain tugged at his heart that he hadn’t felt sine Igraine had died and it startled him.  It would’ve been easy to roll his eyes if this was just dramatics, but there was a gut wrenching pain in the child’s low groans, as if she could bear this grief no more.  “Arthur,” Uther called to his son, who was busy watching the girl. ‘Come here”

Arthur approached the throne, but before he dedicated all his attention to his father, he looked back at the woman he loved once more.  His unshed tears were visible to Uther when he finally turned back to his father.

“Yes, father.”

Uther studied his son for a hard minute.  Finally he told Arthur to have a chamber prepared for Guinevere, as it was to be her new quarters. He then turned his attention back to the girl.

“Guinevere Leodengrance,” he fought for his voice not to crack with emotion under the weight of her stare. “…stand child.” She struggled to her feet with Morgana and Anras rising with her.  “You are welcome into my home and tomorrow morning will be announced my ward.  Arthur has gone to prepare your room.  I am truly sorry for taking your…father from you.  Therefore I will try to give you the world.”

“My Lord?” the words spilled clumsily from Gwen’s mouth; her grief momentarily forgotten by her shock.

Uther caught Morgana’s eyes and saw that she too was shocked; her eyes brimming with tears, love, and admiration.

“When your chambers are prepared a servant will come for you.  For now dear,” Uther rose from his throne and approached Gwen, “why don’t you go to Morgana’s chambers and take a bath.  I’ll send someone up to fill the tub for you.” Uther than did something quite uncharacteristic, he grabbed Gwen rough, calloused hands. “Guinevere, I hope to make up what I’ve taken from you and I hope you can look at me as a father figure in these trying times.  I am deeply sorry for my actions.”

Gwen stood, silent as the king; her sovereign apologized and made her into his ward.  Her mind was swimming with all of the changes that had taken place in the last hour.  She had lost her father and was now a part of the royal household of Camelot.

“Come Gwen; let us wash this day off of you.” Morgana coaxed and grabbed Gwen’s hand.  As the made their way the exit Uther called out again.

“Morgana give her one of your dresses and I’ll have Agatha come and tailor it to her.  Gwen tomorrow we will go into the lower town and buy fabric for you and have your own dresses made for you.”  All Gwen could do is nod in response.


Gwen and Morgana entered Morgana’s chambers in silence.  Morgana watched as Gwen went to Morgana’s vanity and began to tidy up the brushes and perfumes like she always did.  Morgan instantly went to her and stilled her hand.

“This is no longer your job, Gwen.” She cooed.  Gwen blinked back tears.

“Gwen do you understand what’s happened?” Morgana asked.

Again Gwen just nodded.

“Do you know what this means?” Morgan squeaked with excitement.

“I am Uther Pendragon’s ward.” Gwen answered blandly.

“No Gwen, it means you’re my sister.  How long have we dreamed of being sisters and now it has come?”

“I’m happy that you’re happy Morgana.” Gwen tried to smile.

“Oh Gwen I understand you’re grieving right now, but I hope you come to love us as your family; even the big bad wolf Uther.”

There was a tentative knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Arthur came into Morgana’s chambers sheepishly. “Gwen, your chambers are ready.  I figured you’d enjoy a bath in your own tub, in your own room.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” Morgana said as she reached for a discarded shawl.

“If it’s alright with you morgana, I’d like to walk Gwen to her room; that way I can talk to her in private.”

Morgana paused. “I guess that alright.” She replied as she draped the shawl on her bed post.  “Gwen, I’ll be by later to check on you.”

“Ok” Gwen replied as she was led out into the corridor.


“Merlin got your room ready in no time.  After your bath, we’ll go to your home and get the things that you want.” Arthur had been talking the whole time, while she remained silent.

Finally Arthur took the hint and he too fell silent.  As they walked on Gwen stopped suddenly.

“Where are we going?” Gwen asked.

“T-to your chambers.” Arthur replied, hoping she hadn’t made the connection.

“Your chambers are this way.  I should know; I’ve cleaned every inch of this castle.”

“Yes, but I want you to be comfortable and the largest vacant room is here.  Plus I figured it would give us the opportunity-“

“Opportunity to what?” she interrupted.

“The opportunity to lean on each other when we need to.” Arthur took a step towards Gwen.  “It gives me the opportunity to sleep next to you, even if it’s in the other room.  Hell Gwen, I never thought you’d be anything but a maid to me.  I want you as near as possible. I love you.”

Gwen deflated a little. “I love you too…show me my chambers.”








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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.