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Fixed it...for the most part anyway

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"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light..."

The teacher walked around the room. He had the bible gently clasped in his hands; it was open, but his eyes made no move to look at the pages because he knew the first few by heart.


"That sounds completely phony..." Calvin said from the back.

The class looked at him expectantly. He just leaned back in his chair, not affected by the glares sent his way.


"Please explain to me the phoniness of this Mr. Childs. Enlighten me."


"There's nothing here that can be explained. How do we know God created this? When God "created" the earth who was around to witness this exactly? And where's your proof?"


"The bible--"


"Is a bunch of fictional garbage."


The teacher set his bible down, and crossed his arms. "Why take Bible literacy, son, if you do not believe in God?"


"I want to understand why Christians and other religions insist on being a nuisance about Jesus and God or the other gods. I just want to see why you guys push a fictional character so far. I mean you Bible humpers read a book, then declared it sacred. It doesn't sit right with me."


"You obviously have lost your mind! Read the bible," Lisa stood from her seat "See God's power; his strength! Look at the world he created!"


"Lisa look, you have no proof he made the world get over it. And if he did he's letting us humans do a pretty shitty job of taking care of it. Face it he's not real!"

"Mr. Childs, no cursing in my presence, nor in my classroom." he picked up his bible once more. "What an interesting year this'll be." he mumbled to himself.




"What's with that little stunt you pulled back there Childs?"

Lisa cornered him in the hallway.


"I'm just letting my opinion be heard. So take your black ass somewhere else and complain. Please and thank you." Calvin pushed passed her.


"You freaking--"


"Temper temper, Mrs. Van. You're a nice Christian don't do anything you'll regret." Calvin called over his shoulder.


"I'm gonna--"


He kept walking but he shouted down the hallway, "Do what? Tell on me? You know a real black girl would've whooped my ass by now."



"Calvin Childs is a stupid racist bastard who needs to just die. Why did God waste his time making a human being like Calvin?"


Her friend Erica rolled her eyes, "Li, he's not racist his last five girlfriends were black, and his best friend is black, so don't start. And stop complaining! It's the first day of school and you're already bitching with him!"


"With good reason! He walks up in bible literacy like he owns the place and then he bashes on the bible!"


"You guys just need to get together already."


"Excuse me?"


"You two have been at each others throats since second grade. Just fuck him already."


"Erica! Language!" Her friend rolled her eyes once more, "and I would NEVER date that...that person. I don't date bad boys or non Christians."


"Don't you think that's kinda hot though? Getting bent over and fucked senseless by a boy you're not supposed to be with? That your parent don't approve of?"


"Erica!" Lisa yelled.


"Don't act like it never crossed your mind!"


"It hasn't!"


They sat down underneath a tree.

"All I'm saying is that--"




Erica pointed off further into the distance. "Look there's your boyfriend!"


"Eri! He's" she stopped as she saw him leading some girl into his car. "Boyfriend..."




"No! Eri stop I'm serious!"


"Fine how's school so far? Any cute teachers?"


Lisa groaned "Do you ever quit?" she laughed.




It was later in the day and Calvin decided to skip the rest of the first day, along with some friends. They all met up at Calvin's house, and hung out down stairs in his basement.


"So that Lisa chick," his friend Rodnee began, before taking a puff of his cigarette, "You knocking boots with her yet?"


Calvin laughed, "I wish I was. I can't get her to crack yet. I was gonna pull more racist shit to get her to finally crack. And I joined that bible literacy shit so I could mess with her."


"That fucking hot to think that a girl with such good self control and goodness could just...go off and be wild and crazy." Derrick grinned at his own comment and gave it an approving nod.

"Yes it is."


Rodnee smiled, "Speaking of wild and crazy, I heard you fucked Kelly at lunch."


"I thought everyone heard she was screaming so loud!" Calvin grinned "Though who could blame her! I mean it is e we're talking about."


"Yeah yeah. Whatever. Enough of this let's talk about playing some COD! Marco go upstairs and turn the X-box on, Steve go get the drinks, and Derrick get the snacks. Me and Calvin are coming in a minute."


They waited until the trio went upstairs.

"Look, Calvin I know you want her to be all wild and crazy and shit, but don't you think you're pushing too far?"




Rodnee sighed, and shook his head.

"She's going to hate you at some point."


"....She saw me get into the car with Kelly...God she was right there Rodnee!" he put his hands over his face, "I couldn't help myself. Kelly's hot. What should I do?"

"At least try and stop being stupid. And keep your dick in your pants."


His friend walked passed him and up the stairs.


"I'll try. I don't know how long that second parts going to last though..."

They both laughed.



"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I shouldn't be doing this."


Kelly looked up at him, but continued bobbing her head and he pushed himself further into her mouth.


This certainly wasn't the way to keep dick in his pants, but he was so far past caring.


"What the heck?"


His eyes snapped open. "Lisa...hey."


Kelly just kept going as if Lisa wasn't there.


"In the Art supply room Calvin!" she slammed the door back pretty hard, making Calvin jump. "I can't believe you." he could hear her.


He moaned when she grazed her teeth against him, and he bucked further into her mouth.


"Okay wait." he pulled out from her mouth. "I gotta go."


"Going after your girlfriend?"


"She's not my girlfriend. Look meet me later." He fixed his pants.


"What about your problem?" She smiled.


"Don't remind me."



The hallway was basically empty, except for a few students who were hurrying off to tutoring, since it was early in the morning. Calvin hurried down the hall to catch up to Lisa.




She stopped and turned around. "I should of known when I saw you get to school early it was just because you wanted to fuck that Kelly girl again."


"Hey it's not like that! I was serving my detention in the art room and she showed up!"


She seemed to believe him a little; at least it was a start.

"...You agreed to indulge in sexual actions with her though..."


"Look why do you care?"

"I don't, but when I draw I'd appreciate it if I didn't have to witness in people's mouth while I'm trying to get supplies."


"You still draw?"


"Yes Calvin! Where've you been for the past ten years?"


"Well I sorry. I thought that was just a childhood dream or something. You were never actually good at it."


"...I gotta go; I don't feel like drawing anymore...."


She turned and started to walk away from him, but he grabbed her arm.



"No! Don't hey me! You ruin everything Calvin! Since second fucking grade I had to put up with you! Enough is enough, why do you hate me?"

She just cursed, she never cursed. He screwed up bad.


"I don't hate you! I like..." he stopped himself before he said anything he'd regret.


"...You like what."


He smiled, "I like making you miserable."


It surely wasn't the way into her heart, but he felt defensive, like he had to protect the truth from her. "Funny for a second there I thought you would say something nice." she snatched her arm away and continued down the hallway to Bible literacy.



"Okay class in this is due in two weeks. I want an essay on how the bible or religion makes you feel. Then quote specific parts to help us understand where you're coming from. Any questions?"


"It can be about anything?"Calvin said, smirking deviously.


"Yes Calvin. Within reason of course." his teacher raised an eyebrow at him.


"Nothing to flashy Mr. Childs."

"Of course." Calvin smiled, maybe for the first time in a long time he'd be motivated to do his homework.


"He was what!?" Erica yelled at the top of her lungs.


"You heard me."


"In the art room?"


"Yes Eri."


"From Kelly."


"No Erica, the other only school slut."


"Hey don't get smart with me."


"Let's just not talk about him, yeah?"


"Did you feel that?"




"Some rain drops..."


Lisa looked up at the clouds in the sky. "It gonna rain..."


"I hope not...Oh yeah my mom's picking me up early so I can't give you a ride today."


"So I have to walk in the rain?"


"I guess. Unless you have another ride."




"You were supposed to keep your dick in your pants bro!"


"Rodnee, let's just let it go, okay?"


"No we can't stupid. Why would you do that?"

Calvin rolled his eyes. Why was Rodnee so annoying? Couldn't he give him a break for once in his life?


"It's fucking raining outside." Rodnee puts his hand up to the hallway windows.


"Let's go outside."




"Afraid do get your fro wet?"


"Yes actually I am."


"Man stop being a big baby! Come outside."


Calvin ran down the hall and pushed the doors open to run outside.


"You're fuckin' crazy!" Rodnee shouted as his best friend ran out the door and danced in the rain.



"Look at Calvin! Lisa he's dancing!" They both laughed and watched as Calvin danced and made ridiculous faces at Rodnee.


"You know he's pretty funny and kinda cute."


"Yeah maybe when he's not doing unholy things with girls in the art supply room."

Lisa tucked further under the protection of the tree to hide from the rain. She hated rain and she really hoped that the rain would stop before she had to walk home today.


"Lisa the bell rang. We gotta get back to class."


"No way!"


"Good Christian skipping class? Oh getting a bad side Lisa?"


Erica began gathering her things to head inside.


"Eri, it's raining hard!"


"I know...listen I'll find you an umbrella and I'll be right back, k?"


Lisa nodded and Erica ran off into the rain.


"Hey bible humper! Why aren't you inside?"


She turned to see Calvin walking in her direction. He was soaked.


"It's raining...and don't call me that."




"Just don't okay! Don't talk to me!"


"Do you hate me that much?" Calvin frowned as he watched her




"...can I sit?"


Lisa turned her head away from and watched the rain fall dangerously close to her.

"I don't see what's stopping you..."


He sat down a little too close for Lisa's liking, but she didn't move away.

"Can I ask you a question Childs?" she didn't turn to look at him."


"Go for it."


"Why do you hate the bible?"


"I...I just don't see the point in believing in something I can't prove, that you can't prove, one in the world can prove."


"You have to believe in something Calvin!"


"We're human...we all need to believe we're not going to just die. We have to make up a...fictional paradise for people who die. But...if they're not perfect to "Gods" standards then you go to hell? What kinda bullshit is that? Why's that even logical? Explain to me, Lisa. I get there's murders, rapists, liars, cheaters, but no one deserves eternal punishment!"


She finally looked at him in the eyes. He looked serious, and mad. Two things she really liked on him. Lisa had to admit he looked pretty hot.


"We, as humans, should accept the fact that we die! Boo who, get over it." he smiled


"I think you're wrong."


"And that is your God given right to disagree with me." Calvin teased as he turned to her and leaned a little closer. "I didn't ask for you think me right. I like butting heads with you."


"Which is what pisses me off! Just leave me alone."


"Prove to me Gods real."




"Prove to me Gods real and I'll fucking never ever talk to you again in my life."


"You promise."




He leaned in further until they were inches apart. He let out a sigh and his breath tickled her lips.


'What is he doing?' Lisa told herself to pull away but she couldn't. She was attracted to him she admitted that, but she surely didn't want to be.

Calvin pushed his lips against hers. She didn't respond at first but he managed to get her to after a while.


He ran his hands over her upper thigh and pulled her into his lap. Calvin thought he was pushing it too far, but he tried anyway and moved his hand further up her thigh and massaged the inner part. She parted her lips as she jumped slightly at his action, and Calvin took the opportunity to shove his tongue in her mouth.

She moaned, she fucking moaned. Calvin loved it. He rested his hands on her backside and gave it a squeeze. He liked the way it felt in his hands.

It was unexpected, but she liked it. She liked making out in the rain under a tree with a boy who was soaking wet and wasn't she supposed to be with. Then she remembered why she wasn't supposed to be with him.


Calvin pushed his hips upward and his groin met her thigh, and he moaned. She pushed down and began thrusting back; trying to forget all the reasons this was wrong.


She remembered him basically torturing her in second grade. Him putting worms down her shirt in eighth grade. Him spending a rumor that she sucks the priest dick in tenth. Him joining bible literacy to probably humiliate her. Him not being Christian. Him not believing in God at all. Him being a "bad boy". Him fucking Kelly...


She pulled away, and she looked like she was about to cry. "I Hate you. Just leave me alone." Lisa to up from his lap.


"What the fuck?"


"Are you just trying to humiliate me some more? Is that it? I know you don't like me! I'm not just another whore who you can...Mess with and run...So let's pretend this never happened--"


"--whoa are you like fucking PMSing? What the fuck? One minute you're totally down with me having my tongue down your throat, and now you hate me?"

As incredibly hot as she thought that kiss was, she wouldn't back down. That was her first and last kiss from him.


"Just Don't talk to me anymore, and I'll take my "black ass" back inside far away from you!" she turned to step in the rain, but then stopped. "On second thought, I'll stay you go."


"You can't make me."




"You know what. Fine Lisa! You want a fucking war well you got one! And you won't fucking see it coming!"

With that he stormed out into the rain...



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