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      It had been a week since Sheree was offered the position in Taiwan, and all Sheree could do was look at the papers sprawled onto her coffee table.  What was she to do?  This was an opportunity of a lifetime.  She would be a boss, and no one would be able to take her position from her.  It would be a nice change of pace.  She did love the city of Taipei, but did she love it as much as Yixing?  Her heart was torn into two.  Part of her rejoiced with the opportunity to finally leave him for good, but the other part of her knew he was a scared little boy who just wanted to be loved.  He had put her between a rock and a hard place.  She also feared his father.  Who knows what would happen to her if he had found out.  He was one of the most powerful business men in the country it would take nothing for him to destroy her already tarnished reputation, and Cai could only protect her so much. 


                She had a suitcase packed, but she didn't have the mind to use it just yet.  Every time she thought of Yixing and his wife she would grab the suitcase and roll it to the door, but as soon as she got to the door she'd think of all the moments they had shared.  She knew he felt something for her.  He was a man of prestige and power. He wouldn't waste a year of his life with just anyone.  She was completely confused.  Why couldn't things go back to how they were before she had met him?  She put her head in her hands and wondered why? Why did she have to be in love with a married man?  Why couldn't she leave him, and why she could not do better? 


             She was so deep in thought that she did not see the door knob turning.  His heavy footsteps alerted her to his presence.  He could see she was tense which was rare, but then again he did surprise her.  Usually he had a set time and date that he would come see her, but being sloppy had alerted his father to her presence. When she didn't move he walked over behind her chair to massage her shoulders.  He could feel her tension.  What was really going on with her?  This was not in her character at all.  She still couldn't be mad at the fact that he was married, could she?


               "What's the matt..." he tried to ask as she interrupted him with a "don't".  She didn't want to hear his words.  They would only detour her plans.  She had been thinking about it and she knew what she had to do.  She stood kissing him passionately on the lips.  This will be the last time she thought.  She led him to her upstairs bedroom and pushed him down on her bed.  This is it she kept telling herself as she straddled him.  His jacket was the first thing she removed, then his dress shirt, and undershirt.  She sucked his earlobe between her lips before nipping down his neck.  Butterfly kisses were placed between his collarbone and the base of his neck. 


              One of his hands was firmly attached to her backside while the other was tangled in her hair.  He loved the scent of her hair.  It smelt like fresh cut strawberries in the summer time.  He buried his face in her neck planting kisses on her spot.  Her skin tasted like vanilla from the finest restaurant.  She was in his arms and she was perfect. Right now he wanted to run away with her and be free of his father, and those who would judge him for thinking with his heart rather than his mind.  She was truly his everything.


                She freed himself from his grip before placing a playful bite on his nipples.  She sank down to her knees removing his shoes one at a time before she undid his belt buckle.  If this was the last time she was going to go out with a bang. Removing his pants and underwear in one yank she took her hand to his hardened shaft using his precum as a lubricant for her swift movements.   She eyed him with a hunger that had never possessed before.  She hungrily licked the tip of his swollen head savoring the flavor that was unique to Yixing. 


        Yixing gasped as he felt his hot tongue on his stiffened member.  In all the time they had been together Sheree never took control like this. All he could do was suck in a breath as she hallowed her cheeks and took him fully into her mouth.  Her left hand jacked him as her right hand fondled his balls. He tried to place his fingers in her hair as a guide but her left hand smacked his hand away.  He liked this side of her.  She found her rhythm again as her head bobbed up and down his shaft and salvia began to run down the sides of her mouth. She could feel him stiffening in her mouth and slowed down the pace. This was not how she wanted him to come. 


       Her mouth reluctantly let go of Yixing's member and she stood to her full height.  That is when she realized she was still dressed.   Removing her clothing she climbed on top of Yixing laying him completely down on the bed as her hips straddled his waist.  His erection grazed her engorged clit causing a moan to escape from her lips.  This was it this was the last time she repeated to herself as she placed him inside of her tight walls.  She bounced on top of him gently at first trying to savor the moment, but the animal inside of Yixing would not let her. 


        Yixing was tired of being teased and slammed his full length inside of her causing her breast to shake from his harsh movements.  He loved seeing them jiggle other than her ass her tits were his favorite asset.  He lifted his back of the bed and placed a nipple into his greedy mouth as she rode him.  His hands were guiding her speed.  Up and down and round and round her hips moved causing him to hiss out swear words as she constricted her walls around his member. 


      Sheree groaned as Yixing began to rock her hips faster.  His member brushed against her clit with every movement.  He was hitting her spot just right, but she had to hold out.  She wanted to make this last as long as possible. Her fingernails clawed at his back as her nipples rubbed against his chest.  She held him firmly to her taking in his scent of jasmine and sandalwood.   She took one last moment to study his face while he was concentrated on her body. His hair was stuck to his forehead from perspiration.   He bit his plump bottom lip as he continued to move in and out of her, and his dimple that dimple was exposed underneath the light.  In this moment Yixing looked perfect to her.  


      She gasped as he began pounding into her harder causing her walls to spasm in orgasm.  She collapsed on top of him as he pumped into her twice more before succumbing to his own orgasm.  She rolled over and looked at her Yixing one more time before she let go.  As he rolled over and went to sleep she got in her shower vowing to wash him from her body, but she could never cleanse him from her mind.  When she finished her shower she put on her clothes, and grabbed her luggage.  This was it she could not do this any longer.  It was best if she moved on with her life, and he moved on with his life.   She rolled her luggage out of her bedroom and out of his life.  To the airport she was headed. 


      When Yixing awoke he woke up to an empty bed  He figured Sheree was downstairs cooking them a treat like she had done so many times in the past, but when he got down there the room was empty.  He looked around when he spotted the papers littered across her coffee table.  He was so worried about her that he didn't notice them when he came in.  He picked up the papers and read over them.  All he could see was Taiwan.  Racing through the house he tried to find her, but she was gone.  He immediately got into his car and headed toward the airport.  When he got there he looked at the giant board of destinations to only see the last flight to Taiwan had already departed.  With a piercing scream he fell to his knees, she was gone.  


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.