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Troubled FBI Special Agent Michael Wolfe knows his fair share of loss and pain.  As a criminal profiler within the Behavioural Analyst Unit, he has seen many horrors. But none more haunting than witnessing the death of his wife. Consumed with grief and guilt Michael drowns himself in work.  His partner Special Agent Patrick Kepler suggests a very unconventional form of therapy.  Will he take it?


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Published: June 06 2013 Updated: October 14 2015

1. The Cast by SPimpernel [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (5 words)

2. Xanax by SPimpernel [Reviews - 22] starstarstarstarstar (2167 words)

These characters have been living in my head for a year.  It is time to set them free.

3. Lithium by SPimpernel [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (1484 words)

Hi lovelies.  After a very stressful year (or two) I'm back.  I haven't touched this story in a while but my mission is to update regularly with new chapters and also post  the new stories that are currently sitting on my computer.  I hope you all enjoy the update and please feel free to rate and review.  By your suggestions i'll shape the story... 

Another note- the story is dark.  I have stated that in the warning but just wanted to mention it again.  Hope you enjoy.

Until next time

S.P x

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