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This is the separation of a weak force called love. Undeniably beautiful on paper, but in reality it is not so great.
The heaviness of the situation didn't hit her until she was at the front door. She had her doubts just as any dependable woman would.

But she knew That being together was intoxicating; being apart was invigorating.

~Your mouth is a poison, your mouth is wine

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Published: November 26 2013 Updated: November 26 2013

1. Poison and Wine by Intangible [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1308 words)

Started writing this at fucking midnight fell asleep then finished it at 8:00am this freaking morning. Boo yeah!

anywho, I'm just exploring some different things, checking out the 3rd person action some more instead a first person. Experimenting with a new style? I dunno...

But with this story I know all I wanted to do was explore a mutual falling out. With the story Something I did it in first person and just one person "falling out of love." I think a mutual falling out can have more depth to it though. No one is the asshole in this story honestly because they both came to the conclusion that they did for a reason and they firmly understood that reason.

It is a short a simple story, but the good kind of short.


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