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Hope you enjoy this!!

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Kassidy Caine is driving her bumblebee yellow Jeep Wrangler to her best friends house for an end of summer pool party before the start of their Senior year. Her best friend, Alli, short for Allison lives in a wealthy neighborhood in South Florida. Her mother and step-father own an upscale health focused steak house resturant called Rare. A very prestigious establishment for celebrities, nearly impossible for an average joe to get a reservation.

Kassidy has not seen Alli in a week. Alli and her family have been in Puerto Rico visiting family.

Most of Kassidy's summer was spent at Alli's house, swimming in the pool, watching movies, playing video games. Shit. Kassidy even helped with chores. Anything was better than being at home with her mother. She still had to wake up at 5 am to workout. Her mother said she had to be in running form even though it wasn't track season. She says if you are always in shape than you don't have to get in shape for the season.

Kassidy specializes in the 200 and 400 meter dash. She has won first place in every race since Sophomore year. It is the main reason for her popularity at school. Kassidy holds the state record for fastest time in those events. Her mother, always unimpressed, tells her she could always do better.

Kassidy's mother, Jocelyn Caine, is an ex-Olympic hopeful for the 200 and 400 meter dash. Jocelyn blames Kassidy for her career coming to an abrupt end and reminds Kassidy on a daily basis. When Jocelyn announced that she and her husband were going on vacation to the Bahamas for a month, Kassidy was walking on cloud 9. A whole month of blissful freedom, to go where she wanted, eat what she wanted, and not wake up at 5 in the fucking morning to run. Hells Yeah! She knows she will have to be in shape by the time her mother returns. That was part of the agreement for allowing Kassidy to stay home by herself for a whole month. She has to maintain her exercise regimen and diet, no staying out late which meant Kassidy had to have her cell phone on her every evening in case her mother was to check up on her. If she stays over Alli's house, Jocelyn had to speak with Alli's parents first. It is all worth it. Today is the last day of her bingeing before she resumes her strict exercise and eating plan. She'll have 2 weeks to achieve her " Ultimate Performance Shape" as her mother calls it, before Jocelyn returns.

Needless to say, Kassidy is ecstatic Alli is back, she was so bored and lonely without her. Alli told her Akira would be there too, finally back from Japan. Kassidy smiles at the thought of Akira, he's been gone for 3 months. She's missed him.

Kassidy thinks back to when she first met Akira.

It was the begining of the second quarter Sophomore year at Summerville High School. She was running late to school so was heading to the office to check in.

As she is walking down the hall she spots a cute Asian guy. He is wearing a pink untucked polo with the collar turned up, form fitting jeans on his lean frame, and white converse high tops. His dark black hair all over the place reminds her of the Japanese animation characters. He does have some swag Kassidy observes. Jake Laudry and Marshall Harris, the school's biggest potheads are harassing him. Kassidy takes a deep breath and is determined to help him out.

Akira just left the office of the new school with his schedule in his hand. Being the new kid at a High School is bad enough but starting in the middle of the school year really fucking sucks. He has no idea where he's going. He stopped these two idiots to ask for directions but they are fucking high as a kite. Now, they won't stop harassing him, about his clothes, being new, just dumb shit. They aren't bad just aggravating. He lifts his head up at the ceiling and inhales deeply. When he looks past those idiots, he's heart almost stops. It is a gorgeous African American girl, walking towards him with determination. She is wearing dark wash skinny jeans that outline her muscular legs and a tight V-neck T-shirt which barely shows the top of her breast but hugs them beautifully. She has on lip gloss but no other makeup he can detect. Her long wavy hair bouncing loosely with each stride.

Kassidy stops right in front of him, completely ignoring Jake and Marshall. She is the same height as Akira at 5 feet 7 inches. She threads her fingers in his hair smashing her lips to his. He is shocked at first but when she uses her warm tongue to softly plead acceptance into his mouth he does it without hesitation. The kiss was way too short in his opinion. She gives him a quick peck and turns to the two drugged out students.

"Thanks boys, he's with me." She grabs Akira's hand and drags him into the office with her.

"Hello Mrs. McDonald."

"Hello Kassidy." Says the school secretary from behind the desk. "You're late."

"I know. But it was only because I ran into ," shit she thinks, I don't know his name. "into my fellow student, here." She points at Akira." Who is completely lost at this school and in need of a tour. Soo, I thought this will be my good deed for the day and if you don't mind can I get a tardy pass, por favor?" She smiles at Kassidy then looks over at Akira.

"Of course dear. That is very considerate of you."

"Thank you." Kassidy replies. Akira rolls his eyes. Kassidy gets her slip and jams it in her front  jean pocket. Akira follows her as she leaves the office. Once in the hallway, she turns to Akira and smiles sweetly.

"I will now accept a thank you and a what can I do to repay you." Kassidy bows to him the way she is used to seeing in Asian films. Akira finds it humorous but hides it feigning anger.

"That is racist." Kassidy scruches her eyebrows in confusion.

"The bowing. My parents are Japanese but I was born in America. I don't bow." That was a lie. His Japanese culture was very predominate in his upbringing. He did bow but only to the appropriate people at the appropriate time.

"Soo..rry. Didn't know you were so sensitive." They both stand there awkwardly staring at each other.

Kassidy puts a hand on her hip. " Are you going to Thank me for saving you from those 2 potheads?" Kassidy asks.

"I didn't need saving." Akira answers roughly.

"Bullshit. Those two are freshly high which means they have a shitload of energy which means they were not going to stop tallking until next period which would be in about an hour. SO I SAVED you." She answers confidently.

After a minute. "Fine. Thanks." Akira strains out. Kassidy smiles smugly.

"You didn't have to kiss me, you know." Akira says. He is just angry that Kassidy won the agrument.

"It was the easiest and the fastest thing to do to get way from them. Didn't have to say a word." She is proud of her quick thinking. "Besides, you know you liked it." She teases.

"No, I didn't!" He lies. That was the best kiss he's ever had. Although considering he's only 16 years old and only had 2 other real kisses to compare it to, it's not saying much. Kassidy cocks her head to the side, Akira notes a little disappointment in her expression. He immediately feels bad about he's previous comment. He wants to tell her he loved the kiss and wants to do it again, but his pride won't let him.

"Well then, you won't have to worry about it happening again." She bites back. Akira wants to yell NO! He's so stupid sometimes when it comes to girls.

Still standing in the hallway, Kassidy closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before she speaks again. Akira has his arms crossed in a standoffish manner but is staring at her beautiful face. Nice full lips he knows first hand how soft they feel. Her eyes pop open.

"Okay, now that I saved you, you owe me."

"I don't owe you anything, I didn't ask for your help." Kassidy looks down dejected and Akira feels bad once again.

He huffs." Fine. If you show me around school, I owe you. What do you want anyway?" She looks at him with a bright smile. Akira can't help but smile back. Wow. She thinks, he really is cute.

"Okay. You being Asian. Well most Asians are smart, right? Especially in Math. Are you good in Math?" Akira rolls his eyes and frowns.

" That's really stereotypical." She shrugs and stares at him expectantly. He huffs again."Yes. I'm really good in Math."

Her eyes gleaming, she asks."Will you please, pretty please, with a cherry on top tutor me?"

"What?! No. I'm not a good teacher."

"Please." Kassidy pouts.

"Why?" Akira asks her.

"Because I fucking suck at Math. My mother hired a tutor but he gives me the creeps. He stares at me all weird and shit. She said if I could find my own tutor by the end of the week, I didn't have to go back to that weirdo."

"Listen dude, I'm on the track team. I'm really good. I do decent in all my other classes. I just for some reason, can't get Math. I almost failed these last 9 weeks but I did a lot of pleading and crying. I managed to get my grade up to a barely passing C. But, I was put on probation for track. So, will you please tutor me? Look, my mom will pay you and you get to hang out with a rad ass chick twice a week." Kassidy pleads her case.

"Soo, you're just a dumb jock?" Is Akira's response.

Kassidy's eyes get glossy. She just met this guy and he already has her pegged accurately. Her head falls. After an uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah. Pretty much." She whispers. She blinks back some tears and looks at Akira, eyes full of sadness. "Hey, you know what? Don't worry about it. You don't owe me anything." She says softly walking away.

Akira inwardly curses himself out. He really hasn't learned to talk to girls. Everytime he likes a girl, he acts so aggressive and mean to them. It's like the child in school who pulls the girls hair and pushes her because he has a crush on her. He doesn't know how to handle his feelings yet.

"Wait!" He jogs to Kassidy."Wait!" Kassidy stops and turns to face him. " Hey, we got a deal. My dad will be happy I got a job." That beautiful smile illuminates her face again. Akira genuinely smiles back. Kassidy threads her hand around Akira's arm.

"Come on, let me show you around. My name's Kassidy by the way."


"Ooo. How cute. Like the Japanese Anime movie."





Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for reading.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.