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Author's Chapter Notes:

As promised...thanks again for reading.

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                Sally wheeled her bike to the end of the road and stopped. It would take less than a minute to change shoes, get on the bike and leave but she hesitated. Looking back, she also realized it would take less than five minute to tell him how she felt. ‘He could have gone with any of the girls there tonight but he took you as his date. He wanted you,’ her conscience remarked. Sighing, she turned back.



                Storm had his back to the door. He glanced back at it least twice already trying to convince himself that there were so many other women he could have at the snap of his fingers. ‘But those women would bend to you every whim but Sally won’t. Her life is separate from yours,’ his conscience piped in. He didn’t have any proof, but his gut instincts told him Sally wouldn’t change who she was just to appease him. He knew she was scared, scared and attracted to him, and he wanted her with him tonight. But Megan had to fuck up his plans with her childish school girl crush. ‘You should have had more patience with her.’ For the last two months, he had not stopped thinking about her. The desperate want to touch her again took over every rational thought.

“Fuck!” he muttered as he headed for the door. He was going to bring her back and they were going to talk about what happened between them.

As soon as Storm opened the door, he found his path blocked by Megan, wearing a long coat and smiling flirtatiously. She reached for him but Storm took two steps back which allowed her entry in the house. Megan then dropped her coat and stood in front of Storm naked, wearing only her strappy Jimmy Choo’s.

                “Meg…” Storm began but was cut off as she threw herself at him and began to kiss him.

Storm grabbed her arms and pushed her away from him only to look behind her at the open door to see Sally watching the entire scene.

                “Sally! Sally! Wait!” Storm yelled as Sally retreated into the night.

                He moved to go around Megan but she grabbed his arm. Storm pulled his arm up breaking her hold as he turned to her and yelled, “Get off me Megan and leave me alone,” then going after Sally.

                “Sally! Sally wait! Just hold on a sec,” he said catching up to her and reaching for her arm.

                She wrenched her arm from his grasp, “Leave me alone…”

                “Stop! Come back inside…”

                “I’m not coming anywhere near you or her. Go back to her…”

                “No…you came back. Don’t do…” getting frustrated, he grabbed her arm tightly and began pulling her back up the driveway.

                “Let me go! Let me go!” Sally yelled but Storm ignored her.

                Entering the house, he noticed that Megan was still standing in his foyer naked. Sally stopped squirming when she saw Megan and watched as Storm grabbed Megan’s arm, walked her to the door, shoved her out and slammed the door behind him. Turning back, Storm noticed Megan’s coat was still on the floor. Remembering that she was naked, he grabbed the coat, opened the door, threw it at her and slammed the door again. This time he locked it and set the alarm, all the while retaining his hold on Sally’s arm.

                “Storm, stop this,” Sally yelled as she struggled to get away from him.

She managed to get an arm free and turned to leave but Storm grabbed her around her waist. Lifting and carrying her to his bedroom, he dropped her on his bed where she began to struggle, hitting and kicking to be free.

“Stop it Sally,” Storm commanded but she wasn’t listening.

He tried to grab her hands but couldn’t get a grip so he flipped her on her stomach trapping her hands beneath her. But Sally got a hand free and elbowed him in the stomach. Storm grunted and moved back slightly. With the space, Sally turned over and raked her nails along his left peck.

“You bitch!” he yelled jumping back from her as she got up and backed away from him.

Seeing her look at the door for her escape, Storm very slowly walked to the door and slammed it shut then closed it with the electronic lock. Looking at the fear in her eyes, he barely acknowledged her as he walked to his bathroom. He heard when she went to the door, trying to get it open but the lock on his bedroom door was now in sync with the house alarm. It was an extra security feature he had ordered built into the system when it was being installed.

He came from the bathroom with strips of cloth. He tied one at each of the small post at the bottom of his bed and the third he tied at the middle of his headboard. He was shirtless and like a predator stalking a prey, he watched as Sally moved to the corner of the room, looking for another way to escape. Her dress was hanging off one shoulder and he looked at her as he undressed, the angry red scratches now plainly visible on his chest.  

“Come here Sally,” he said softly but kindness was not in his eyes.

“Storm, I’m sorry. Please let me go. Please.”

“Not tonight.”

                “Please…please let me go. I won’t say anything…”

                “I can’t, not tonight. Come here Sally.”

                He took a step towards her and she took one back just to be stopped by the wall at her back. She tired running past him but he easily caught her around her waist and lifted her off the ground. He moved her quickly to the bed where he tied her hands above her head. He tied one ankle to the post but when he reached for the other leg, she pulled it in closer to her body. He knew she was going to kick him so he followed her leg in but she kicked out sooner than he anticipated and the kick caught him dead center in his stomach. Angrily, Storm gripped her foot and pulled it to the other post, wrapping the tie around it twice. He crawled over her and began pushing her dress up then up her arms as far as it would go, keeping it wrapped around her already bound hands.  

                Storm looked down at her. Her bra was a deep décolletage black lace and stain and her breast looked simply divine in it. He told himself to buy her more just like it. Her underwear was a lace styled deep vee which only came up to the top of her pubis but covered most of her ass which gave her a sexy decant boudoir look. He cut away her bra and panties and she gasped. When she saw him looking at her, she looked at the ceiling.  

                Storm sat beside her on the bed trying to understand how he could be both calm and angry at the same time. He always had tight control over his emotions. He always knew how he felt, what he would do; but for the first time he didn’t. Sally never played by his rules and the only time she’d allowed him to see a side of her that wasn’t fully guarded was the one night they made love. He was overjoyed she had not been with the other guy but who was he kidding, he wouldn’t have let her go even if she had. Where he could have easily walked away from another woman, he couldn’t with her. His calm was because she was there and his anger was because he had to fight her to be there. Somehow he had to get her to realize they were worth taking a chance on…he wanted that chance.

                He turned to her and saw her looking at him but said nothing. Her breathing had calmed greatly but she kept a wary eye on him. He couldn’t blame her after all she was tied to his bed naked. Storm decided to rectify that and stood and dropped his underwear to the floor. Now they were both naked in his room and on his bed, just the way he wanted. He moved to stand at the foot of the bed and looked down at her. Her body was shaking slightly and she was trying to pull her legs together but to no avail. She was left open for his viewing pleasure and what a pleasure it was he thought. He bent down and kissed the top of her feet. A kiss so gentle it was almost as if it didn’t happen. He did it again and again moving slowly up her leg until he came to the junction of her thighs and moved up to kiss the hollow of her stomach to her breast. He teased and sucked a nipple in to his mouth and twirled his tongue around the hardness. He moved up to her neck and kissed along her jaw to her ear.

                “I want to taste you. You smell delicious,” he whispered softly in her ear.

                He heard her gasp and he smiled. He kissed her eyelids close and before kissing her other cheek, then her nose and then her chin before kissing along her jaw to her other ear.

                “I want to feel how soft you really are.”

                He felt her shiver and kissed her ear before taking the lobe into his mouth and sucking on it until she moaned. He began moving down her body again, this time along the opposite side he came up, along her ribs, and the indentation of her waist before moving to the inside and down her legs. He moved back to the junction of the legs, wrapped his arms underneath her legs and over her mound interlacing his fingers. He then rested his chin on the top of his interlaced finger and took a deep breath of her.

                He waited, knowing that curiosity would get the better of her and smiled when she looked down at him. He had won the first battle of wills. She looked away quickly. Her stomach quiver and she once again pulled on her restraints, testing their security. She was aroused and the heady smell of her was intoxicating. He unlaced his fingers and opened her to him. She was wet and slowly, with the tip of his tongue, Storm reached out and gathered a taste of her. Sweeter than he imagined she would be, he closed his eyes and savored her flavor. He didn’t miss the pull of her hips back from him as much as she could or the arch of her back at the feel of his tongue. Steadying her hips, he licked her again, this time much deeper than before.

                “Oh God, please…” Sally pleaded.

                Storm listened but continued his administration. He tasted her body as if it were a source of sustenance. He pulled her clit into this mouth and flicked the tip of his tongue on it over and over not allowing her desperately moving hips to dislodge him from his task. The more he tasted the more he wanted, feeling drugged and when she exploded he drank more of her, feeding on her nectar.

                Her quivering body calmed and he kissed her stomach moving upwards. Everywhere his lips touched her skin jumped as if shocked. When he kissed her chest, he could hear her rapidly beating heart. “Do you want to know how you taste?” he whispered in her ear as he pressed his erection into her stomach purposefully. When she looked up at him with dazed eyes, he knew the fight was all but gone from her. “You taste amazing…sweet and warm, like freshly made honey.” She swallowed heavily and her lips parted so she could breathe. “Here, taste,” he said right before he kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue against her teeth to gain access to her mouth.

She gasped and her soft lips molded to his perfectly. Just the feel of her tongue licking, sucking on his made him moan into her mouth and want to devour her more. He pushed himself on her, rubbing his hard member on the top of her mound, teasing her clit. He felt her hips tilt up to him, trying to make contact and he slowly rocked back and forth, getting her more aroused. Squeezing himself on her pubic bone he leaked out on her stomach before pulling back and aligning himself with her entrance. He buried himself to the hilt in one fluid thrust. ‘Perfect,’ his mind preened while his body felt like it was finally home.  He remained still, savoring the sensations flowing through his body while allowing the tension in her to subside.

She breathe out and he smiled against her lips and watched her as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in again. She gasped and pulled at the binds and he knew she felt the same intense feeling he had also. Over and over he teased her, pulling out slowly only to push back in hard, the feeling of moving inside her pushing and pulling him to the edge of bliss. But he wouldn’t go, not without her. He wanted to share the heaven he had found with her. He watched her struggle for breath as the sensations heightened and he himself didn’t know how much longer he would last.

Taking a shallow breath, she called out to him, “Storm.”

“Do you want me to stop?” but she just looked at him, her eyes desperately searching his if he would be so cruel. “Do you?” he asked again and he watched as she shook her head ‘no.’ He leaned into her, kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear, “You feel so fucking good.”  She moaned.

He kissed her again, ravenously, drinking from her lips, trying to quench his thirst and she returned his kiss just as ardently. His hardness moved inside her hard and dominant, forcefully as her contraction made him crush the sheets beneath his fingers. He plundered on through her orgasm with his head down to his chest and his eyes closed in a futile attempt to concentrate. He couldn’t look at her anymore as too many of his sense were focused on her: seeing, hearing, feeling; instead he closed his eyes and listened to her scream as her orgasm flowed through her. Watching her experience it was just too beautiful.

Her grip on him eased even as he slid in and out of her smoothly. She arched her back again, trying to pull her pelvis back in an attempt to escape him, but Storm drove into her harder, his body on a mission not to be alone in the frenzy. He kissed her neck and sucked on the skin there. She cried out to him and he felt her tighten again. This time he would join her.

“Storm…” she pleaded, “Please…please.”

A tear ran from her left eye into her hair and he understood how acute the feeling was because he was experiencing the same. Again she tugged at her binds hoping she could break the hold. But Storm rose above her and balancing his weight on his arms, bent his knees slightly for more leverage while looking into her glossy, pleading eyes. Dropping his head in the bend of her shoulder, he pushed into her over and over again, determined to bring them both to the release they both so desperately wanted and needed.

“You’re almost there sweetheart,” he whispered hearing her barely audible plea of his name. “Come with me baby. Come with me.”

And she did screaming his name as her body went taunt and contracted on him, holding on to him with everything in her. Storm pushed back in holding himself still and emptying himself inside her, screaming into her neck.

“Sally, fuck….ugh.”


It took some time for him gather the strength to roll from her. About ten minutes later he leaned over to try and pull the ties but they were now too tight so he took the knife and cut them from her wrist and ankle. Laying back he waited for her next move and smiled when she laid her head on his chest. He felt her relax when he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. 

Chapter End Notes:

Have a great week. 

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