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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I really appreciate them and am happy you are enjoying reading the story. 

I am a consultant so I am very busy right now trying to grow my business but besides that, I am also trying to work on a chapter that is going to lead into why Sally behaves the way she does. Therefore it is not that I do not have the next chapter written but more that I am working on a series of events where Storm will gather information about Sally that no one else knows about. I want the connection makes sense and that is where my focus is on at this time in the story. 

Please accept my apology in advance for not posting chapters frequently. While I know it is a fantasy, I still like writing with a touch of possible reality.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


                The ringing of his phone seemed so far away and Storm fought acknowledgement of any kind. Instead he took a deep breath and tightened his arm around Sally, securing her to his frame. He was almost asleep when his phone began ringing again however this time it was accompanied by banging on his door and consecutive rings of his doorbell. Storm rolled on his back gently as he tried not to disturb the sleeping woman beside him. He waited hoping the person would go away and after a few minutes of silence he turned back to Sally who was coming awake.

                “Good morning,” he whispered before bending to kiss her lips gently.

                “Good [door bell chimes] morning.” After he made no attempt to leave the bed she asked, “Are you going to get that?”

                “Nope,” he replied settling in a comfortable position.

                But the person at the door did it again, this time ringing the house phone, doorbell and banging on the door simultaneously.  

                “What the…Ugh!” he snapped, angrily getting out of bed. Someone was courting death.  He hurriedly pulled on his discarded pant and turned to Sally when he unlocked the bedroom door. “Do not leave that bed,” he ordered before leaving the room.

Reaching the front door, he took a deep breath before opening it. “What the hell...mother.”

Debora Monsello stood at the door.


Debora Monsello with her dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes stood at the door of her son’s home. With regular exercise of Pilates and intense aerobics, she maintain her size eight figure and didn’t look old enough to be the mother of the gorgeous 31 year old man standing in front of her at that moment. Every time she saw her son she thought he was the perfect combination of her and his father. He had his father’s eyes, an intense deep blue but her sensual mouth. While his black hair was a family trait from both sides, she wished he had gotten her dark brown. His height and built was definitely his father. There were many women vying for the spot of Mrs. Storm Monsello but she would have a say in that decision as he could not be allowed to marry just anyone. The woman he married had to be perfect and as his mother, it was her job to help him choose the correct wife for the position she would hold in his life.

“Good afternoon Storm. I hope I am not disturbing you,” she said entering the house and stopped only when she reached his living room. Looking around, she wondered when he was going to give up living in such simple dwellings.

                Knowing she didn’t care if she was disturbing him or not Storm decided not to address her comment. “Good afternoon Mother, how may I help you today? And you look lovely as usual.”

Debora dismissed his compliment with a flick of her wrist and got to the reason for her visit. “I heard your sister got married yesterday. Please tell me it is a joke, a bad joke, but a joke none the less.”

Storm sighed. He hated having to be the referee between his mother and his sister. He often wondered how his father did it, keeping them at bay from each other. “No mother, it isn’t a joke. Ayasha got married yesterday and before you begin, I did ask her to wait and invite you but she didn’t think you would want to attend anyway.”

“Whether I wanted to or not is not the point. She had no right to get married without my knowledge and Annette had no right to assisting her. Her behavior is inexcusable.”

“Mother, its Ayasha’s choice who she wants to invite to her wedding…”
                “I am her mother. I should have known and I should have been there.”

“No you’re not and that’s why she didn’t want you there.”

“No I’m not what?”

“You’re not her mother. You two have never gotten along and if you both would just…”

“What do you mean I’m not her mother? I am…”

“You can stop pretending, I know.”

Debora stared at Storm. After a quite a moment of pause she asked, “How did you find out? Did Annette tell you? That witch she was never…”

“Auntie Annette didn’t tell me. Dad did,”

“That’s a lie. You’re father gave me his word that he would never tell anyone.”

“Dad did tell me. I have no reason to lie about that. I’m his son,” Storm snapped.

Both mother and son stood staring at each other. The thin veil of civility barely covering and keeping the angry that brewed below the surface from erupting into a nasty fight.

Looking away, Debora wrung her hands before looking back at Storm. “So was there anything else your father told you? Any more secrets that I no longer have to keep?”

His mouth twitched but he replied, “No. That was it.”

“She should have still told me. I should have been there as the only other parental unit in the family. Annette is not her mother and you, you should have called me to let me know. You walked her…”

“No, she’s her Aunt and one that we are both close to. And yes, I did walk her down the aisle. I wasn’t going refuse my sister her one request on her special day especially when I’m the closest male relative she has. As the head of this family it was my duty to walk her down the aisle and further more Collin had already asked my permission for her hand and I gladly gave him my blessings.”

“As usual, she has you twisted around her fingers. You have never seen anything wrong with what she does. You and Antonio think she is a perfect angel…”

“God you really do hate her don’t you. You hate her so much you had to hurt her when she was only ten years old and you wonder why she doesn’t include you in her life?”

“I never did anything but try to be mother to her. Antonio spoiled her, both of you always defending her no matter what she did. When, when did I hurt her?”

“You don’t recall telling her she wasn’t your daughter when she was only ten years old?”
                Debora visibly bristled. “I do not recall any such incident but I do recall her being very rude on more than one occasion.”

“He spoilt me too you know. He spoilt both of us.”

“You’re different…”

“Why? Because I’m your son and she’s not yours biologically? It’s not Ayasha’s fault how she came about. She was just an innocent baby.”

“There’s nothing innocent about how she came to be.”

Debora looked away remembering the day she found out about Ayasha Monsello. She had overheard a conversation Antonio was having with his best friend, Henry Lister about divorcing her and confronted him about it. That’s when he told her he had found someone else and he was moving on with his life. But when Antonio when to the woman he now loved he found out she had died. The letter was sent by her parents who had become ill and were too weak to take care for the child she had, Antonio’s daughter, Ayasha. Ayasha’s mother had run away when she found out she was pregnant and that he was still married. He immediately wanted to move them home with him but they refused stating that they wanted to live the remainder of their lives with their people. They did however make him promise that Ayasha would learn her heritage, Cheyenne Indian. And so they met, the little girl to a father she never knew and a father to the daughter he always wanted but gave up hope of having. When he returned home, Storm had immediately loved her and it was only a matter of time before she began to idolize her big brother. The only person who didn’t like the little girl was Debora.

Debora not wanting to be separate from her son and from the life she had come to love, bargained with Antonio to stay on as wife in name only so she could be a mother to both children. She especially convinced him that every girl needed a mother in her life. Since he would have done anything for his children, Antonio agreed but Debora saw the way he would look at the picture of Ayasha’s mother with longing and regret and knew he wished he had been able to marry her. Her anger and hatred of Ayasha grew until that faithful day Storm had asked about. Ayasha and her had gotten into another one of their nasty battles and out of that anger, she told her she wasn’t and never wanted to be her mother. When Antonio came home that night and heard Ayasha crying, she wasn’t given the change to tell her side. Instead Antonio flew into a rage and threatened to destroy her family if she ever hurt any of his children again. It was then that he really told her how much he hated being married to her.

She knew he was ruthless enough to follow through with every word he spoke. He had threatened her that he would never allow her to see Storm again especially since he was the heir to a fortune worth more than 75 million dollars at the time. Since then, with lucrative business deals and firm growth, his inheritance was more than a billion dollars not including his own personal wealth. While Ayasha’s wealth was less than Storm’s, her fortune was also in the hundreds of millions. It was she Debora who was left to live off a set income and when she died, her portion of what was left to her would automatically go to Storm. Antonio had made it so that she couldn’t leave a penny to any member of her family. Storm was also cut off from her family. Even the house she lived in was Storm’s; a family home waiting for him to bring home his bride to begin the new generation of Monsellos. Now with the news of how honest Antonio had been with him, she wondered if he told Storm about his birth.

“Well I guess I should be happy that you at least approve of the man she’s married. I do hope she made the right choice.”

“Yes, she did. Collin loves her very much.”

“Well…” Debora said as she moved to the door but turned before she opened it. “I heard you and Audrey are no longer seeing each other? Why? She is a lovely girl and very interested in you. She comes from the right home and she would make…”

“Audrey is a slut and I won’t have anything to do with her.”

“Storm you cannot call her such names….”

“I can when it’s the truth. I won’t go to bed very night wondering if I’m taking care of another man’s child or better yet wondering what disease I caught this time.”

“But this girl you took to the wedding…”

“Is no one’s business but mine.” Trying to take the sting out of his words, his tone became softer, “I will call you to set up a time when we can have dinner. Until then mother, good day,” Storm said as he opened the door and bit his mother goodbye.


Storm took a deep breath and released it before turning to head back to his room. When he opened the door, it was to see Sally dressed waiting to leave.

“Where are you going? I told you not to leave that bed.” He was not going to spend the day alone and hoped he wouldn’t have to argue with her about it.

“I have to go home,” she replied as she tried passing him.

“Why? Stay spend the day.”

“I can’t but thanks.”

“Why can’t you stay?” Storm pulled her to him and began kissing her neck.

Sally took a deep breath, “I don’t have any underwear.”

Storm looked up at her immediately and smiled. “That’s a problem how?” She bit her bottom lip and looked away as she blushed. “Okay, give me five minutes to change,” he said as he kissed her quickly and moved away, “and change into your jeans.”


“Just do it. Go,” he ordered with a smile as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later they were at the mall having ridden there on one of his bikes. Storm had relished feeling her hold on to him as they rode. She was there to pick up underwear while he was trying to convince her she didn’t need any while she was with him. He noticed she was very conservative with her choice of dress including lingerie which surprised him. She preferred boyshorts and confessed to not owning a thong. He tried paying for the few items she picked up but she adamantly refused. Not wanting to argue, he relented. Afterwards they rode to a small restaurant where they ate, talked and laughed, and Storm noticed her guard came down a bit. She spoke about her friendship with Rhonda and Jack and his wife.

As soon as he closed the door, he began kissing and walking her to his bedroom, but she stopped him.

“Storm…Storm,” Sally whispered in between his kisses.

“Hmmm…” he kissed her neck and was lifting her t-shirt.

“Storm wait, please,” Sally asked as she stepped away from him.

He stopped noting the look on her face. “Sally…what’s wrong?”

She swallowed hard, “We need to talk.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

She looked at him at bit scared, “Did you…you didn’t…did you use a…”

“No I didn’t.” He took her hand but when she wouldn’t move he looked back at her, “Come with me.”

“I think…”

“Come with me Sally.”

They went to his office and Storm opened a locked drawer from his desk and handed her a sheet of paper. She took it and read. It was his STD workup. He was negative for everything she could possibly think of.  

“I always use a condom.” She looked at him. “You’re the first in more than ten years.”

“You’re that precise?”

“I was.”


“Yes, until you.”

“I haven’t been tested since…I was negative the last time I was tested which was a few years ago. I’ll get tested again.”



“Why no condom with you?” when she nodded he continued, “I don’t know. I only know that I want to make love to you.” Storm began kissing her again. “Let’s go to my bedroom shall we?”


Sally smiled and followed along.

Chapter End Notes:

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your amazing support. 

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