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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone. Happy that you are enjoying the story. I am working on a chapter that is different from what was in the original story therefore it is taking up a bit of my time. Please be patient as my postings will be delayed.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


 “Good morning. I could get used to this,” Storm said as he wrapped his arms around Sally who was scrambling eggs. He nuzzled her neck before kissing it gently.

                “Good morning,” Sally replied as she turned to him. Storm kissed her lips before she pulled back. “Don’t get used to it, I’m leaving today. Can you get the toast and orange juice please? Do you like coffee?”
                “Yes, why are you leaving?” Storm asked as he got two glasses and the orange juice from the refrigerator.

                “Well you have to make it yourself, I don’t know how and I live somewhere. Your neighbors are going to think I moved in.” Sally replied as she shared the eggs on the plates.

                “Why don’t you know how to make coffee?” Storm asked placing the orange juice and toast on the table.

                “I don’t drink it. Would you like a croissant?”

                “Yes, thank you and my neighbors don’t care and I don’t care what they think. Do you drink, tea?”
                “Not really and I know you don’t care but I do. I have to go home. I need a change of clothes anyway.” Sally turned to get the warmed croissants from the oven but Storm stopped her.

                “Do your laundry here and I would have purchased anything you wanted.”

                “I can buy my own clothes and do my laundry at my own place. Anyway, aren’t you going to work today?”

                Storm pulled Sally into his arms. “I’m taking the day off and I want you to spend it with me, please.”

                “We spent the day together yesterday.”

                “We got up after two…not exactly the whole day. Today would be a whole day.”

                “I have things to do.”

                “I’ll make you a deal. Leave when I leave for work tomorrow.”

                Taking a deep breath, she looked away before replying, “Deal.” He pulled her to him and kissed her gently.



                “Good morning,” Storm greeted Sally as she turned on her back. She had been sleeping on Storm’s chest where he placed her last night after they made love again.

                “Good morning.”

                “So how about movies all day?”

                “I have things to get done today, things that I put off yesterday.”

                “Okay, a deal’s a deal.” Storm nuzzled her neck and kissed her shoulder before moving up to her ear. “But you feel so good.”

                “Thank you.”

                Smiling, Storm watched Sally get out of bed and head for the bathroom. The images of her wrapped in his sheet had his mind drifting to how sexy she looked while having her orgasms. She returned wearing a tank top and shorts.

                “What are you smiling at?”

                “How good it would be if you join me in bed.”

                “I’m going to make breakfast. Do you want eggs?”



She was removing the sheets from the bed when Storm came in adjusting his tie. “Why are you doing that?” he asked.

                “I’m changing the sheets.”

                “I know but why? The housekeeper will do that.”

                “Its fine, I’m almost finished.”

                Storm walked over and stopped her. “No, that’s why I have a housekeeper. She does that, not you.” When Sally looked away, he changed the subject slightly, “Are you leaving now?”


                “What are you doing today?”

                “I have to see my foster brother. I need a favor.”

                “Anything I can help you with?”

                “No, but thanks.”

                “Okay. Let me know if I can help. Ready to go or do you want to stay a bit longer. You’re welcome to spend the day.”

                “I’m ready to go.”

                When they got to the garage, Storm kissed Sally before they parted ways but watching her leave, he felt her barriers go up again.



                Tricks was yelling at a mechanic when Sally pulled up to the garage. “Hey man, get off your damn phone and do your job.”           

“Are you in a bad mood?”

                “Hey Sal, what’s happening? Why are you here so early? No school today?”  Tricks asked as he hugged her.

                “I’m finished with classes. Now I’m just waiting to hear back about my internship. I need a favour please.”

                “Sure Sal, anything you know that. What’s up?”

                “I need a car…I was thinking an Acrua TL or the Infinite G35…but I don’t want a Honda please.”

                “The Acura is a Honda,”
                “You know what I mean. I don’t want an Accord.”

                “I know. So what’s sparked the change? Not that I mind. I’ve been dying to get you off that bike.”

                “I know…I think I’m gonna need something different if I get the internship.”

                Just then they both heard, “Hey, I’m looking for Tricks?”

                “Yeah he’s over there,” a man answered.

                When he came into view, “Mike?” “Sally?” everyone said at the same time.

                “What are you doing here?” Sally and Mike said at the same time.

                “You know Tricks?” they both said again at the same time.

                “Stop speaking both of you,” Tricks said, “you’re both making me dizzy.” They all laughed. “Okay Mike you go first.”

                “Sally how do you know Tricks?”

                “He’s my foster brother. How do you know Tricks?”

                “We went to school together before he moved away,” Tricks answered as he and Mike shook hands and greeted each other.

                “Yeah…how is your family?” Mike asked.

                “My parents are both dead now. My Mom died only about two years ago.”

                “Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about that. Your parents were really good people. And you ended up with Sally as you foster sister. Wow.”

                “How you do know Sally.”

                “I ah…met her though a friend.”

                “A friend of mine…I just met Mike this weekend at a wedding I attended.”

                “You attended a wedding? Who do you know got married?”

                Sally and Mike looked at each other. “A girlfriend of mine invited me to her wedding.”

                “Is this a friend from school?”

                “No. I don’t only have friends from school. I have other friends.”

                “Well anything is a step up from…”

                “Tricks stop, please.” Sally sighed. “Go ahead and talk with Mike. I’ll talk with you later.”

                “No, Sally. I’ll wait.”

                “Thanks Mike. No Sal, you wanted to talk about a getting a car. I’ll get you one. What price were you looking at?”

                “Let me know what is the best price you can get and I’ll let you know. I have to get going. I’ll talk with you later.”

                “Sal don’t go,” Tricks tried to get her to stay.

                “I’ll see you later Mike, take care.”

Mike and Tricks watched as Sally got on her bike and rode away. When she was out of sight Mike turned to Tricks, “Hey can we speak privately.”

                “Yeah…this way,” Tricks said as he led Mike to his office. “So Mike what’s up? Man it’s great to see you. What are you doing now?”

                “I’m a detective now and I’m doing good.”  Taking a deep breath, Mike continued, “Tricks, I knew you were Sally’s foster brother.”

                “What? Why did you…”

                “I had to. You need to sit down.”

                “What’s going on?”

                “I think Sally is getting involved into something that she possibly doesn’t know anything about.”

                “What? What’s going on Mike? Just tell me plain.”

                “We think Rhonda…”

                “That fucking bitch,” Tricks yelled as he stood up abruptly. He paced the little office a few times trying to get his temper down. “I knew that bitch wouldn’t stop until she dragged Sally into one of her shit.”

                “Tricks, calm down. That’s what I came to talk with you about. Why did you automatically assume Rhonda was pulling Sally into something?”

                “Mike that girl is always in trouble. She was my Ma’s foster kid too but we all tried. No matter how much we tried telling Sally to stay away from her, she keeps telling us she’s gonna change and we have to give her another chance. Fuck her an’ anymore chances. I’m done with that ho…all she wants is easy money and a sugar daddy. Sally’s always been smart enough not to get caught up in her crap until now. What the fuck has she done this time? I tell you Mike, I’ll kill her ma damn self if she fucks up Sal’s future. Sal’s a good girl and she’s only done right by that skank.”

                “Okay, now that I know how you really feel, help me keep tabs on both of them. I think Sally’s innocent…”

“You think? Mike, I know Sal’s innocent…”

“I’m pretty sure she is but I need solid proof, I must have solid proof. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what’s going on but I don’t know what she does know. I really need to know everything going on with Sal, I mean everything. I need her schedule but I can’t let her know.”

                “I’ll give you everything under one condition, keep her out of it. She’s a good girl Mike. Please you have to help her.”

                “Tricks, I’ll do my best. I promise.”

                “You’ll hear anything that I hear.”

                “Good now what type of car is she trying to get?”

                “I’m gonna look for an Infiniti…she’ll look good in that.”

                “Yeah, I agree. What is her favourite colour?”


                Storm sat at this desk after just finished putting away some files that were going into storage. He was actually in the process of closing some pending cases. While he enjoyed being an ADA it was time to move on. This job was his father’s idea; to hone his skills as a lawyer and his first loss was all it took. But now it was time to sharpen his skills in a different arena. He would assume his position as the managing partner at the firm he had inherited from his father and godfather, Henry Lister. But as he sat in his chair thinking about the upcoming changes he also thought about the changes that were happening now, in his personal life. Sally was definitely an unexpected but welcomed change in that area. Interlocking his fingers, he leaned back into his chair and remembered how having her with him over the weekend felt. The joy of touching her very soft skin, feeling her move beneath him, hearing her moans of pleasure were wonderful, but the best part was the comfort of feeling her beside him as they slept. It was why her barriers going up again had him a bit worried. He didn’t want to lose the progress he’d made so far. He wanted her to trust him because her trust was beginning to mean something to him.          


                Sally stopped at the door to her apartment and looked out to the street. For some reason she didn’t want to be at home but she had nowhere else to go. She decided to go upstairs to see Paul. Knocking at the door, she waited for Paul to answer knowing he was going to drill her about where she’d been for the last few days. But when the door opened, it wasn’t Paul who stared at her but a very good looking blond man wearing nothing but a very tight pair of underwear.

                “Yeah, what can I do for you honey?” he asked in a very feminine voice.

                “Oh hi, is Paul here?”

                “And who are you?”

                “I’m his friend Sally from downstairs.”

                “Oh yeah…well he’s sleeping. Want me to tell him you stopped by?”

                “Yeah…yes, if you don’t mind. That would be great. Thanks…have a great day.”

                “Same to you,” the man replied and closed the door as Sally turned away.

                She was walking down the stairs when her phone rang. Looking at the caller ID she first told herself to let it go to voicemail but she wanted to hear his voice so she answered.


                “Hello to you. What are you doing?” Storm asked.

                “I’m…nothing, just getting into my apartment.”

                “Have lunch with me.”

                “Sorry I can’t. I have some more errands to finish,” she said walking into her apartment.

                “You need to eat.”

“I’ll eat when I’m finished. I’m not hungry now.” She sat on her bed, “Aren’t you busy?”

Storm laughed, “Nothing that will prevent me from having lunch with you…okay then…have dinner with me.”

                “I’m having dinner with a friend already.”

                “Oh you have date that fast?”

                “He’s my friend from upstairs and I haven’t seen him in a while. I’m sorry I can’t.”

                “Okay. I’ll talk with you tonight.”


                She lay back on her bed and wondered why lied to Storm about dinner with Paul.



                “I saw her foster brother today,” Mike said as he walked into Storm’s office with the file Storm had requested.

                “Okay, who?”


                “You know who her foster brother is? When did you see him?”

                “Early this morning. I went to school with Tricks many years ago before my family moved away. His mother was Sally’s guardian. But get this, Rhonda was also a foster child but everyone loved Sally more.”


                “Apparently Rhonda is always in trouble. Tricks is going to keep me in the loop with anything he hears from Sally and he’s going to ask Jack to do the same.”

                “Wow! You got a lot done this morning but I wonder why she had to see him today?”

                “She’s getting a car.”

                “A car?”

                “Yeah.  Tricks gets cars from the auction. Which reminds me I need to speak with the guys in auction to see if I can get a heads up when the good stuff comes in.” ”

                “What type of car does she want?”

                “Tricks was thinking of an Infiniti G35 or G37. We both think she’ll look really hot in a G37 sport.”

                “Yeah, I think that would fit her nicely also.”


Chapter End Notes:

Thanks again everyone for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful, propersous and happy week!

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