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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello everyone and espeically to the person who left the review of the story posted on Lite...I am Honeyrider1517. Thanks so much for reading the story and noticing that it was posted there also. It was wonderful readers such as yourself who notified me of the orginal being stolen and posted to another site the first time it happened. I appreciate your honestly in letting me know.

Lite was the birth place of my online journey in story writing and posting, therefore, I resposted this re-write because so many people kept asking for the story. Please note that the only two places this story is posted is Literotica and here at the Chamber. If the story is seen posted to any other site, please let me know becuase it has been posted without my permission.

Once again, I am happy you are reading and enjoying the story. And to everyone, thanks for your wonderful feedback and comments. 

Have a wonderful week. I hope you enjoy this chapter. 




Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


                Sally was at work laughing with her co-workers when Rhonda came bounding up the stairs.

                “Hey girl. Hey everybody, what’s going on?” Rhonda asked.

                Some replied, others gave her a look of disapproval especially Nancy, Jack’s wife.            “Rhonda, where have you been? I haven’t seen or heard from you in weeks. I’ve been worried.” “I’m fine. I have a surprise for you,” Rhonda said happily as she bumped Sally on the shoulder.

                “Oh God, please don’t tell me you’re pregnant. Please don’t.”

                Rhonda laughed, “You’re funny sometimes. You know I don’t want to get no kid. That’s not it.”

                “You went back to school?” Sally asked optimistically.

                “That’s hard work Sally and we all know Rhonda doesn’t believe in doing an honest days’ work, isn’t that right Rhonda?” Nancy directed with false sweetness.

“Go to hell Nancy. I wasn’t talking with you. I work hard for your information.”

                “The only hard work you know is leeching.”

                “Nancy, it’s okay,” Sally said trying to prevent an explosion between the two. Nancy walked but Sally saw the flicker of pain that flashed across Rhonda’s face. “What did you want to show me?”

                 “Just forget it,” Rhonda said feeling rebuffed. She looked at Nancy. “She’s such a bitch. I haven’t done anything to that bitch to have her hate me.”

                “She doesn’t hate you. She actually wants the best for you.”

                “No she doesn’t Sally. She hates me, always have. I’m not a school person…whatever.”

                “Tell me what you wanted to show me.”

                “I got a new car.”

                “You got a new car? How? Where’d you get the money?”

                “I’m doing this new gig with Katie…”

                “Oh God this is worse than I thought. Please tell me no…Rhonda how can you have anything to do with her again?”

                “She’s changed this time. I swear…she’s not into that shit any…”

                “That’s bullshit and you know it. Katie doesn’t know what a hard day’s work is and she’s doing is using you like her pawn. What’s the gig this time?”

                “It’s cool and the money is easy…”

                “No good money is easy Rhonda. Why can’t you learn your lesson about this girl and move on from her.”

                “I’m not working with just her. She hooked me up with this guy…”

                “NO! The last guy she hooked you up with put you in the hospital for a week. You can’t trust anyone that she knows.”

                “That’s not gonna happen to me again Sally. This guy is different.”

                “Rhonda you know better than that. The guy…”

                “Sally the same thing can happen to you. Any guy you go out with can hit you the same way…”

                “No, they won’t…I won’t,” Storm said. He had been standing by the stairs listening to most of the conversation. When Jack was about to make everyone aware of his presence, he had motioned to him not to. He wanted to hear but couldn’t stay quiet after he saw the terrified look that came over Sally’s face. Looking at Sally, he emphasized, “I have never hit a woman and I never will either. I would hurt any man who puts a hand on my sister.”

                “What do you mean you won’t?” Rhonda asked Storm before looking at Sally.

“Rhond…” Sally began.

“Wait you’re seeing him? You said you didn’t like him. Wow! And you talk about the guys I go out with. You think because he has money he won’t hit you?”

                “Money doesn’t determine if a guy is going to be abusive. I have never been abusive to a woman and…”

                “All men hit. You may not have started on her yet…”

                “Rhonda not every guy is like that but the guys that Katie knows are only using you…”

                “And he’s not using you? How do you know he’s really interested in you and not trying to get back at some Barbie Doll he really wants? You think he’s really interested in slumming it with the help?” Rhonda asked. 

“Rhonda, I get that you’ve had some bad experiences but don’t imply that’s what’s happening between Sally and I. I don’t go out of my way to many anyone jealous and I’ve never slummed with anyone. Sally is the only woman I’m dating or interested in dating.” Storm sighed trying to keep his cool. “Rhonda, Sally cares about you…there are people who care about you. I’m here is you need help all you have to do is ask…”

                “Gosh, I wish everyone would just leave me alone. I can make my own decision. I’m not an idiot you know. I’m fuckin’ gone,” Rhonda yelled and turned to leave.

                “No wait!” Sally yelled and reached for her.

                “No Sal. I came here to share my news with you and all I get is attacked. I’m gone.”

                “No Rhonda, please don’t go. Tell me what you want to tell me…”

                “You know Sal sometimes I think you don’t want me to do anything for myself. You want everyone to keep praising you and when it comes to me you want me to always be asking you for shit. It’s the same thing Katie was say…”

                “Go to hell Rhonda. I’ve always supported you. I’ve always been there for you and wanted the best for you but I’m not going to kiss Katie’s ass for you and when she gets you into trouble again, don’t call me to bail you out. You’re nothing more than Katie’s pawn and you won’t see that she’ll sell you out the first chance she gets.”

“Yeah…whatever…she’s a real friend because at least she’s happy for me.”

“Find Rhonda she’s your friend…”

“Yeah she is,” Rhonda said as she turned to walk away.

“Rhonda, Sally really does care about you…” Storm said.

Rhonda rolled her eyes and said, “Yeah whatever,” and turned and left.

                “Well it’s about time you began seeing her for who she really is...”

“Nancy she’s not a bad person…”

“One day you’re going to have to let her go but I hope and pray it won’t be at the cost of your life.”

                “Nancy you’re never nice to her…”

                “Sal, nice can’t help her, the truth will. She had a perfectly good job here and she refused to show up to work. You go to school and show up every time you’re scheduled. Do you know the only time you’ve have missed work was the time you had strep? You know the reason why we put up with her and not call the cops? You! Jack and I and everyone here is proud of you but she…all she wants to is to leech off you and she’s not going to stop until you stop her or she sucks you dry. Storm it was nice meeting you. I’ve heard a lot about you from my husband.”

                Storm reached over and shook Nancy’s hand. “The pleasure was all mine.”

                “Don’t hurt her,” Nancy whispered.

                “No ma’am, I’ll do my best not to.”



                The rest of the night was silent, at least the only things said by anyone was about what needed to be done next. Storm helped Sally clean off some of the tables while keeping an eye on her also. Her mood was sad and she glanced at the stairs often. He knew she was hoping Rhonda would return but she wouldn’t. It would seem that many people had given up on Rhonda, everyone except Sally. Sally was still holding on to the friendship and he wondered if it was loyalty or obligation. It was time for them to leave and Storm walked her downstairs.

                “Good night. Thanks for stopping by,” Sally said as she turned away from Storm.

                “Spend the night with me,” Storm said as he turned her around to face him.

                “I can’t.”

                “Why, because of what Rhonda said?”  

                “No, I have something to do.”

                “At this hour of the night?” Sally looked at him. “You’re really worried about Rhonda aren’t you?” Sally looked away and he took that as a confirmation. “Is she in trouble?”

                “I don’t know…I have to go.” She pulled away from him and crossed the street. She sat on a bench looking out at the ocean. Storm followed. “You can leave, I’ll be fine.”

                “I don’t want to leave,” he said taking a seat beside her.

                “I don’t wanna talk.”

                “I know but I came here to see and talk with you and that’s what I’m going to do.”

                “What did you want to talk about?”

                “You and why you have been avoiding me.”

                “I’m not avoiding you. I’m right here.”

                “All this week you’ve come up with every excuse not to see me, why? Have I done something to offend you?”

                Sally looked down on her hands before looking to the opposite of where Storm sat. He was right, she was avoiding him but how does she explain to him that she can’t get involved with him and that he really should stay away from her for his own safety? She was in a no-win situation.

                “I’ve been busy and I’m sure you are. Also we spent a few days together, that’s cool.”

                “Yeah that was last week, this is this week and we have not spent any time together this week. We also didn’t see each other this past weekend. Why the barriers?”

“Why do you care?”

                “I think you heard me when I told Rhonda that I’m not seeing anyone else but you and I’m not. You’re the only woman I’m dating right now.”

                “Well you don’t have to do that…”

                “I know I don’t, I want to. So I’ll ask the awkward question, are you dating someone else besides me?”


                “Okay then why the barrier?”

                “Some things came up. I was trying to find Rhonda. I didn’t know where she was. This is the first time I’ve seen her in weeks.”

                “Why didn’t you tell me?”
                “Because it’s not your concern.”

                “Tell you what? I’m making anything that concerns you my concern.”

                “No. You can’t do that. Please just leave it be. She’s fine.”

                “No she’s not, you’re worried. Do you want me to ask Mike to try and find her?”

                “No, please don’t do that, please.”

                “Okay, I won’t.”


                “So are you ready to leave?”

                “I’ll go home soon.”

                “Come home with me.”


                “Because I want you to. Because we haven’t spent any time together since you left last Tuesday. Because you’re avoiding me and I want to know why?”

                “I told you things came up. I can’t.”

                “That’s not the reason Sally. Why are you avoiding me?”

                “It’s nothing,” she said and then got up to leave.

                Storm reached for her hand and held on to it as he stood also. “Why…”

                “I just can’t right now okay. I’ll see you next week.”

                “Why next week? Tell me what’s going on.”

                Sighing she whispered, “It’s that time of the month,” and looked away embarrassed.

                Storm smiled and pulled her into him. “You can’t see me because of your period?”

                “I have to go.”

                Storm held on to her and tilted her head up to him but even as he did that she still kept her eyes downcast. “Sally look at me.” When she didn’t comply, he asked again, “Sally look at me please.” She did. “I’ve had girlfriends before. I know about periods and such. Are you in any pain?”

                “Just a little…I have to go.”

                “I hope it’s to pack a bag to spend the night with me.”

                “No, I told you I can’t…”

                “And am telling you, you are. I want you to spend the night with me. Furthermore there’s something I need to talk with you about.”

                “What is it?”

                “I’ll talk with you when you reach to my place.”


                “Sally, you’ll feel better with me. Go get your things. I’ll be waiting for you.”

                “Why do you think I’ll feel better with you?”

                “Because you will.”



                Sally had just gotten out of a very long, hot shower and was leaving Storm’s bedroom.

                “Where are you going?”

                “To sleep in the other room.”

                “Sally get in this bed now,” Storm ordered as he pulled the covers back and put the legal brief he was reading on his bedside table.

                “Storm, I haven’t…”

                “Get into bed. I’m tired and I still need to speak with you,”

                Sighing she moved towards the bed.

                As soon as she was in bed she found herself on her back with Storm over her. “New rule, as long as you are in this house, unless I say otherwise, this is the only bedroom and shower available to you.  The others are now officially off limits. Understand Ms. MacDonald?”

                Sally smiled, “That’s silly.”

                “Good you’re smiling,” he said before he kissed her.

                Breaking the kiss, “Storm stop, please.” Storm stopped and looked down at her. “What did you want to talk to me about?” 

                “I’m going out of town for the next few days. I’m leaving tomorrow morning.”

                “So why did you have me come here just to have me leave early in the morning?”

                “I’m leaving in the morning, you’ll still be sleeping. Get some sleep, good night.” He kissed her goodnight and turned off the light. 

                The next morning when Sally got up, she looked around for Storm before remembering that he was out of town for a few days. She had slept through him leaving but for some reason her mind kept telling her that he had kissed her goodbye. She went to the kitchen to make breakfast and saw a note on the counter addressed to her. Picking it up, she read: Stay for as long as you want. Those are the keys for the front door. Spend next weekend with me please. Keep safe. Fondly Storm.

Sally smiled as picked up her phone to call Jack and ask for the full weekend off.



Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoy it. Look out for another chapter this week. :)

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