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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoy! 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



            Sally took the step two at a time to reach Paul’s apartment. She waited until Storm pulled away from the curb before leaving her apartment to tell her friend about her good news. She knocked on Paul’s door impatiently and when he didn’t answer the first time, she knocked again, harder. He threw the door open and she smiled at him.

            “Hey there stranger, what’s going on?” she asked.

            “You’re the stranger now. We no longer see or hear from you,” Paul replied turning from her but leaving the door open so she could enter.

            She did and closed the door behind her. “I know I’ve been busy and I just got back from my trip…”

            “I thought you were suppose to come back yesterday. We were looking for you.”

            “Who was looking for me and why?”

            “Well we were, you know your friends, the people who actually care about you.” Paul sat his sofa and grabbed a cigarette. 

            “Hey what’s wrong? Why are you snapping at me all of a sudden?”

“I’m not snapping…”

“Yes, you are. The first time I do something with someone other than you guys and you’re upset, why? When I spoke with you, you were happy for me or at least that’s how it seemed, so what changed almost overnight?”

            “I’m not upset. We don’t know this guy and if anything would have happened to you…, we care about you that’s all.”

            “Thanks for caring. I really appreciate it but I have to take a chance at some point in my life.” Sally sighed, “Come on, I don’t want to argue. Why are you in a bad mood and don’t tell me it’s because of me and Storm because it’s not. Did you have a shitty day at work today?” Just as Paul opened his mouth to speak, Sally spoke up again, “and by the way he’s not just some guy. He’s my boyfriend. We made it official this weekend. I’m dating him exclusively.”

            “What? You’re dating him exclusively? Why? What’s gotten into you?”

            “What do you mean Paul? I…I want to date him. I like him a lot…why…”

            “You don’t really know him? You don’t know anything about him but you’re ready to become his girlfriend over a weekend.”

            “Okay, you’re my friend and I understand that you care but don’t have the right to say that about someone that you don’t know and especially about my life. It’s fine that you go out with half the city but when I begin to date someone you get pissed about it and tell me that something’s wrong with me? Go to hell Paul.”

            Sally turned to walk away but Paul grabbed her hand. “I’m sorry. You’re right I’m being a dick and you don’t deserve that.” He took a deep breath and breathed it out. “I’m jealous because my lover and I broke up. I thought he would be the one or someone that I could have something with that wasn’t a one-night-stand but he turned out to be a real bitch. And here you come in glowing and happy about your new relationship and I’m jealous of you. I’m sorry.”

            She looked at him trying to see if he was being honest. When she was satisfied, she responded. “I accept you apology. And I’m sorry about your…”

            “Thank you.” After a moment of silence, “Well have you eaten? Are you hungry?”

            “Not yet but I will be.”

            “There’s a Closer marathon coming on in a few minutes if you want to watch with me?  We haven’t done that for a while now.”

            Sally smiled, “Yes that would be nice. What do you feel like, pizza?”

            “Sure if you don’t mind…”

            “No…that…” her phone rang at that time and when Sally saw who was calling she smiled, “Just a sec Paul,” she said to him before answering the call, “Hey there,”

            “Have dinner with me?” Storm asked as soon as Sally answered the phone.

            “No I can’t. I’m having dinner with my neighbor Paul, the guy who watched my apartment for me.”

            “I’m being ditched already? Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

            “Maybe…maybe we’ll see each other tomorrow.”

            “I’m reduced to maybe. As you boyfriend my answer should always be yes.”

            “That we’re gonna have to talk about.” Noting the look on Paul’s face, she ended her call with Storm. “We’ll talk later.”

            “I’m going to see Brad. Call me before bed.”




            Sally looked out at the ocean as she answered the call.


            “Hello, how are you doing?”

            “Well thank you. Do you have the information?”

            “Yes, I do. His name is Storm Antonio Niccolo Monsello and he is the son of the Antonio Storm Niccolo Mosello. He now owns the law firm that handled your case. Henry Lister was his Godfather. His personal worth is almost ten billion dollars not including what he inherited from his father with the firm. He speaks five languages fluently: English, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese, graduated top of his class and has several Juris Doctorate degrees. He’s considered amongst the best lawyers and his reputation keeps growing. His sister is Ayasha Monsello. She has some shares in the firm but he has controlling interest. He’s very good in case you were wondering about the safety of your transfer.”

            She knew he spoke Italian. She had heard him and his family communicate in the language. “Has he been informed as to who I am?”

            “No he has not. Would like me to make the introductions?”

            “No. It’s not time and there is still a ways to go.”

            “Only a few months.”

            “Yes, I’ll be prepared. Thank you for the information.”

            “Let me know if you need anything. Your information will remain confidential.”

            “Thank you.”


            As the woman walked to her car from a long day at work, her phone began to ring. She stopped when she saw the private number and after two rings the call ended. The phone rang again, showing a private number. This time it rang three times before stopping. The third call, she answered at the second ring.


            “It’s me.”

“Is something wrong?”

“She knows of him. I just gave her the information.”

Has she made the connection between her and his family?”

            “No, she was only looking for information.”

            “She never just looks for information.”

            “Should we tell him now?”

            “No we have to wait until it’s necessary.”

            “Has he taken over the firm yet?

            “He will as of this week. He was away this weekend. He’ll be in the office tomorrow.”

“She’s gearing up. This is the last year.”

“Yes, she’s calculating. She won’t make any sudden moves. No mistakes. We have to be ready.”

“Yes, we do. Let me know if anything changes.”

 “I will.”

The call ended.



           Storm opened the door happy to see Sally. She smiled but he noticed it didn’t reach her eyes. He wondered if she had gotten news about her internship and it had made her upset. He pulled her into the house and into his arms and kissed her. She pulled away from him and moved to the kitchen.

            “What’s wrong?” he asked as he joined her in the kitchen.

            “Nothing, just some things on my mind.”

            “Did you get news about your internship?”

            “No, not as of yet.”

            “Get some plates please. Do you want to go to the movies tonight or we can stay in.”

            “No I don’t feel like it.”

            “Okay. Well I’m inviting you to a party next week.”

            “What kind of party?”

            “Celebrating and fund raising party. It’s for my father and his partner Henry Lister.”

            “I don’t think I can make it. I have to work.”

            “I’m sure if you ask Jack he wouldn’t mind giving you the night off.” Storm came around to her and wrapped his arms around her. “I want you there with me. We’re together now and going to functions like this is one of the things we’re to do together.”

            “So what about the parties I want to attend. Do they count?”

            Storm looked at her form the side. She was tense in his arms. “Yes, they count. You just have to let me know when and what to wear and I’m there beside you.”

            “It’s not that easy. Not everything is that easy.”

            “Well this is. This party is to celebrate the legacy of my father and godfather and it’s also a fund raiser for students and single mothers who want to become paralegals and lawyers. It’s a good cause Sally and I want you there with me. I want to share this with you.”

            She moved out of his arms and began getting the knives and forks for their dinner. “Well I don’t think your mother would approve of me being there.”

            That surprised Storm because as far as he knew Sally and his mother had never met. “How would you know if she would approve of you being there? As far as I know you and my mother have never met.”

            “I heard what she said the day after Ayasha’s wedding, when she asked you about me or should I say the person you went to the wedding with.” Sally looked at the look on Storm’s face trying to remember what was said between both him and his mother that she may have overheard.

            “I didn’t say anything about you Sally. She doesn’t know anything about you.”

            “She said Audrey come from the right family. She’s not going to be happy seeing you show up with me.”

            He reached for her, pulling her into his arms. “Sally, I don’t care what she thinks. She’s my mother and you’re the woman I’m with. So what if she’s upset, she’ll have to get over it eventually.”

            Sally didn’t pull away immediately. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

            “Well you don’t have to worry about that. I got you a dress.”

            She pulled away from him and walked away before turning to look back at him. “Tell me you didn’t buy me a dress? You didn’t tell me about this even because you didn’t think I would be able to dress appropriately for the occasion?”

            “What? Where did that come from?” Suddenly Storm laughed, “Sweetheart I got the dress because I had forgotten to tell you about the party and unfair for me to ask you to get a dress on such short notice. It’s no big deal that I bought you the dress.”

            “You are so full of shit. You knew about this party. You said it yourself that this is a fund raiser held in honour of your father and godfather so how did you forget about it?”

            “I wasn’t too thrilled about attending before but I am now with you.”

            “Go to hell and take your dress with you. I’m not you mistress or some…” She grabbed her helmet and headed for the door.

            Storm grabbed her upper arm and turned her to him. “What is wrong with you? You know I don’t think you’re my mistress. You’re my…”

            “Get your hands off me now!” She wrenched her arm from his hand and slammed the door as she left.

            Ma che cazzo. Sally, tornare qui!”

            But she had already ridden off on her bike. Storm grabbed his car keys and tried to follow her, but it was impossible in the traffic and he lost her quickly. Instead he when to her apartment and waited for her but she never showed up. After about an hour of calling and receiving no reply he left.


He followed her home from work the next night and knew she saw him. She’d glanced back several times while riding and he didn’t hide the fact that he was driving behind her. He had also shown up at work at the end of her shift and waited for her to leave. Sitting in the car, he watched her get off the bike. She took a tentative step in his direction but seem to quickly change her mind. He looked on as she bent her head and went up the stairs.

Storm hit the steering wheel and willed himself to say in the car. He wouldn’t go to her. He wanted her to come to him and explain why she deliberately picked that fight. He knew that’s what she did but couldn’t understand why. Did she really feel that uncomfortable being with him? Did she really think he wasn’t serious or would change his mind about being with her? What did he have to do to make her understand she was his choice? Why couldn’t she understand he wanted to take this chance with her? He didn’t know what to do to convince her. All the other women he’d been with would have done everything they could to be by his side almost 24/7. Not Sally, she retained her independence and it was he who struggle with her freedom because he wanted her by his side all the time. He wanted her to be there to greet him when he came home. He wanted to have dinner with her every night.

While he loved his father and godfather, he was looking forward to showing up with a date on his arms. He wanted to enjoy going to the party with Sally. He didn’t want to deal with the flirting from women he was not interested in, or to be asked when he was planning on settling down. And he certainly didn’t want his mother trying to set him up with anyone. Although he loved his mother, he often felt she cared more about the image of the so called perfect women than someone who could and would actually love him. With his own personal money, his inheritance and the law firm, his wealth was in the billions. Only he didn’t feel like a commodity with Sally. With Sally he was just Storm, boyfriend to a girl who was as innocent as she had secrets.



The phone rang and the woman answered happily. “Hello my baby. When are you coming to see me again?”

“Hi, you sound great. I don’t know when I can. I’m still waiting to hear about finishing my degree.”

“You have not heard about your internship?”

“No not yet, but enough about me, what’s going on with you?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. You need to stop worrying about me. You have taken care of me long enough.”

“You’re the only family I have. I have to take care of you.”

“And I know you better than anyone else. What is on your mind Lina?”

After a brief moment Sally began to speak. “I got invited to party but I’m afraid to go.”

“Do you think anyone will recognize you?”

“I’m not sure. He said he would protect my identity.”

“Go Lina.”


“No, no but. Lina you cannot live in fear the rest of your life. You need to go out and meet people, meet someone, fall in love. You cannot live like this my baby.”

“I want to go…I mean I would like to go. It would be nice…”

“Who invited you?”

“A new friend I met.”

“Then you should go. Maybe you meet a nice guy and get married.”

Sally laughed, “That’s not going to happen. That’s not in the cards for me.”

“Yes, it is Lina. You need to allow it to be. Go to this party. Get dressed up. Have fun, dance, meet a nice guy and then come and see me and tell me all about it. I miss you my child.”

“I miss you too. I love you.”

“I love you too.”




Storm was coming out of his closet when he heard the chime of his door bell. He placed the diamond cufflinks into the cuffs of his dress shirt unhurriedly. The chime sounded again but he took his time putting on his shoes. Looking through the peephole, he couldn’t believe who was standing on the other side. His heart began to beat a little faster as he opened the door happier than pissed.


Sally looked up at him and swallowed hard. She didn’t know what to say but knew she had to say something. The dilemma she was in wasn’t easy. How did she protect herself and her family and still get what she wanted? When Storm stepped aside, she entered and turned around to face him.

“Hi,” she said softly and timidly.

“Hi,” he responded closing the door before motioning her to the kitchen.   

She moved ahead of him and turned to face him when they were at the counter. Memories of the last time she was there came back, the argument vivid in her mind. Her head was down when she began to speak.

 “This won’t take long…”

            His fingers when under her chin to tilt her face up to look at him. “Now I can hear you, continue.”

            “I’m sorry.”

            “For what exactly?”

            She swallowed hard. “I’m sorry for implying that you treat me like your mistress.”

            “You want to tell me the real reason you reacted that way.”

            She looked away and he turned her face back to him. “I’m afraid I won’t fit in and I felt uncomfortable with you buying me the dress. You’re always trying to buy me stuff and I don’t know how to feel about it…”

            “I buy…”

            “No wait, please let me finish.” She looked down at her fingers before looking back up and taking a deep breath before continuing. “You’re the first guy really to buy my anything, I mean dinner and you took me away for the weekend and I don’t know how to feel about it. I know you don’t treat me as your mistress, well I hope not but my father’s the only man who’s ever bought me clothes and well he doesn’t really count because he was my dad, and Tricks fixes my bike for free so…I don’t know…I’m terrified of anyone thinking I’m only with you because of your money. That really scares me and I know you have money. You’re a lawyer and that beach house isn’t cheap and neither is this house…not that I’m looking at that but…”

            Storm smiled and put a finger over her lips to stop her from speaking. He kissed her gently, “Thank you. I accept your apology and I’m sorry. I never thought about how you felt in all of this. I’ve never been with a woman who cared this much about the things that I bought her. I never thought any of it would make you uncomfortable and for that I am sorry.  I purchased that dress for you because I thought it would look beautiful on you. I want you by my side.”

            “You do? Even though we broke up?”

            “We broke up? When?”

            “When I left…”

            “We had an argument but I don’t recall either of us ending our relationship so Ms. MacDonald, you are still my girlfriend and I would like to formally invite you as my date, to a dinner party in memory of my father and godfather.”

            Sally smiled and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, “Yes, I would love to attend. Did you return the dress?”

            Storm kissed her again, “Come with me.” He took her into his bedroom and retrieved the box with the dress from his closet. “Hold on,” he picked up his phone and called Ayasha. “Hello sis, Sally and I need your help now.”

            “Sì, Storm che cosa avete bisogno.”



Chapter End Notes:

This one is a bit more confusing. In my head, (because I wrote it), it seems fine but tell me what you think. Does it leave you too confused or looking forward to the next chapter? 

Thanks for the feedback. :)

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.