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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry this is late. Having some computer problems. Thanks for your patience and reviews. All will be revealed in due time but please let me know how you like this next few chapters are they are new to the orginal story line. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

                Sally was accepted into the internship program which changed her routine for work. She reduced her work schedule at Jack’s to only one night for the week. Being in a relationship with Storm also required some adjustment from her. She now had to call Storm when she arrived at work, left and when she got home. Most of the time, he tried to get her to spend the night with him but she mostly did that on the weekends when she wasn’t at the hospital or studying.

Jack had been worried about how she was going to financially support herself but she assured both he and his wife that she had saved for this time period, and she also had Tricks whom she could rely on but wouldn’t need to. Storm had also offered her assistance for which she had steadfastly declined. Storm had asked her once again about the cop which she shut down immediately.

Tonight they were all at Jack’s. The night was slow and Sally was taking off for the next three weeks to study and prepare for her first set of exams. Standing by the bar speaking with Paul, she didn’t notice when Storm arrived since her back was to the stairs. Storm signaled to Jack and his wife, and a few other people who saw him, not to let on that he had arrived. He walked up to Sally quietly and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into his chest. She looked up at him started and he bent to kiss her. Looking up, he greeted the bartender and then Paul who Sally formally introduced then.

“Paul, this is Storm, Storm, this is Paul, my wonderful neighbor,”

Storm reached out his hand, which Paul took with some hesitation, “Nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you,” Storm said.

“Can’t say the same here. She talks about no one,” Paul replied.

“That’s not true,” Sally said to Paul smiling before she turned to look at Storm.

“You don’t talk about me?” he said kissing her again, “girlfriends are supposed to talk about their boyfriends.”

“I’ve mentioned you, several times,” Sally replied.

“Mentioned? Only mentioned? That’s all I am to you, a mention?” but Storm ruined his pretend disappointment by smiling at the shocked look on her face.

Sally looked at him not knowing what to say at first but then smiled when she realized he was teasing her.

“Oh hey Rhonda,” Paul said suddenly and everyone turned around immediately. But the smile on Sally’s face fell immediately when she saw who was accompanying Rhonda.

“Rhonda, how are you?” Sally asked.

“Yes, how are you doing?” Storm asked also. “We have not heard from you in the longest time.”

“I’ve been well, busy working. Sally, did you get into your internship program?”

“Yes, I sent you a text message.”

“Oh I changed phone. I have a new phone. Look,”

“There was nothing wrong with the old phone. Where have you been or do I need to ask?”

“Hi,” Katie said to Sally, rolling her eyes but when she looked at Storm, she smiled brightly.

“Hello, I’m Storm, Sally’s boyfriend,” Storm introduced himself.

“Boyfriend? When did this happen? You move fast girl,” Rhonda said.

“It’s not like that but don’t change the subject, where have you been?” Sally said.

“I told you, I’ve been working.”


“What are you, her mother?” Katie asked.

“I’m her friend which is more than I can say about you,” Sally replied to Katie.

“Bitch…” Katie replied.

“Sally, why are so mean to her? She’s my friend and she brought me here to see you. I came to tell you congratulations.”

“I thought you said you changed phones so you didn’t get my text message?” Sally replied.

“What’s with the third fucking degree? I’m not your child, don’t fucking question me. Why are you always like this now?” Rhonda said.

“Why? Because when you mess up, I have to bail you out…” Sally replied.

“What? I do things for you also Sally. You’re such a bitch. You think just because you have a degree that you’re better than me? Just because I don’t want to work some slave job, you think you can look down on me?” Rhonda yelled.

“I’ve never looked down on…” Sally said.

“…Yes you have. Ever since that time in the mall you wouldn’t hang out with us, me. You think you’re better than me and Rhonda…”

“…Rhonda and me,” Sally said looking at Katie directly. “But then again if you’d stayed in school and actually visited a class maybe you would have learnt that.”

“Fuck you bitch…” Katie said as she took a step towards Sally.

Storm and Paul got between the both of them.

“I didn’t move,” Sally said to both Paul and Storm.

“Hey, there is no need for this ladies. Let’s just put this all behind us and have a drink. I’m buying,” Storm said.

“Yes, I’ll take a drink,” Katie said smiling at Storm in a very flirtatious manner.

“Yeah sure,” Rhonda said conceding.

“No thank you,” Sally declined.

“Okay, Rhonda, why don’t you and Sally go and talk. I’ll keep the lovely Katie company,” Storm said and Sally looked at him shocked.

‘Did he just say she’s fucking lovely?’ Sally asked herself.

Sally walked away.

“See I can’t talk to her,” Rhonda said to Paul, Storm and Katie.

“She’s such a fucking bitch. I don’t know why you keep talking to…”

“Katie, shut up!” Paul said. “Rhonda, you know she cares about you, that’s why she gets so upset when she thinks you’re putting yourself back in danger.”

“Don’t tell me to shut up!” Katie said.

“If you don’t keep your voice down and stop with the cursing, I’m going to ask you both to leave,” Nancy said to Katie.

“I don’t need this shit…” Katie said.

“Hey, calm down,” Storm said to Katie. “Let have a drink. Why ruin a wonderful night with such beautiful company?” Storm addressed first Katie and then Rhonda.

Katie smiled at him and accepted his offer. Paul looked at Storm shocked and angry that he was so openly flirting with Katie.  

“Rhonda, go talk with Sally. I think she misses you,” Storm said.

“Yes, go talk with her. She’s been worried about you,” Paul said to her also.

Rhonda made her way over to Sally and sat across from her. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Sally replied looking at the ocean.

“When was the last time you went swimming?”

“A few weeks ago. I don’t get to do much since I’m still studying.”

“Yeah, you need to take some time off and just hang. Sally why can’t you let it go. It was so long ago. She’s changed,”

“No she hasn’t but you can’t see it. She doesn’t care anything about you because if she did she’d want you to get the one thing no one can take from you, an education.”

“Sally why is everything for you about school? Not everyone is like you. We’re starting out own business…”

“Who’s she ripping off now?”

“God Sally why do you have to be such a bitch? You think you’re so much better than me and her that you have to put us down every time…”

“I’ve never put you down. I’ve tried to help you, but I’m done,” Sally said standing.

“Yeah, well you’re way of helping is by trying to control me. You think you’re so much better than me? You think just because you have your trust fund that you’re better than me? So I’m poor and I’m doing…”

“What trust fund?”

“I know about the money in trust for you. I saw the letter when it came to the house. Your rich daddy left it for you and you think that you’re better than the rest of us because of it.”

Sally laughed. “Thanks for making everything so clear. You don’t have to be concerned with me every butting into your life again. You are now free from me as I am with you. Goodbye.”

Sally walked away. “Sally! Sally!  Wait!” Rhonda yelled but Sally kept walking to the stairs. “Sally! I’m sorry!”

But Sally never looked back.



Someone was knocking at her door but Sally didn’t move from where she was on her bed. The words Rhonda spoke kept ringing in her head over and over again. She was not a friend because she had the trust fund. Sally laughed. She was being taken advantage of because of approximately $80,000. It wasn’t even enough to buy a house or an apartment but that’s what Rhonda had deemed as enough money to throwaway their friendship. Why couldn’t she see that Katie was not a good friend? But it didn’t matter, her friendship with Rhonda was over.

‘Why will they not stop banging on the door? If I don’t answer doesn’t it mean I don’t want to speak with anyone? Why is that so difficult to understand?’ Sally asked herself. She got out of bed and made it to the door but before she could answer she heard voices on the outside.

“Did she answer?” Storm asked Paul who had knocked on the door.

“No and I don’t hear her phone ringing which means she’s either turned it off or has it on silent. You can go I’ll take care of her.” Paul replied not looking at Storm.

“No, you can leave, I’ll see to her.”

Paul turned to Storm, “I don’t think she wants to speak with you at the moment. You are only going to upset her more.”

“How do you figure that?” Storm asked wanting to know why Paul seemed to dislike him so much.

“Let’s see, you were flirting with a girl Sally hates and you were taking pictures with her as if she was your girlfriend. Tell me something, are those pictures going to become your new wallpaper or are you going to play one girl off the other for your entertainment? Are you that bored with the girls you know that you have to come here, on our side of the tracks to get your kicks in? Is Katie to become the girl on the side when Sally isn’t available? Is Sally the current girl on the side? But not to worry, Katie will make herself available to you, no questions asked. Why don’t you just leave Sally alone?”

“My actions are not yours to interpret. This is between my girlfriend and me.”

“I’m her friend and you don’t know the first thing about making her happy.”  

“You think you can?”

“I can because I wouldn’t take anyone’s side but hers,” Paul said before turning away and walking to the stairs.

Sally very quietly made her way back to bed.



Storm looked on at the car ahead of him and sighed deeply again. He was on his way into work and Sally still had yet to return his messages, voice or text. He sent the picture of Katie to Mike along with her phone number but what Paul said had him worried. Did Sally think he was interested in Katie? ‘She can’t be that insecure,’ he said to himself but his doubt increased.

When he got to the office, Mike was waiting with his assistant Dara.

“Good morning Dara, what are my appointments today?” 

“You have two meetings, one with a client and the other with Malcolm to go over the case going to trial.”

“Thanks, if Sally calls, interrupt me. Thanks Dara.” He opened his door, “Mike,”

Mike followed him inside. “You don’t seem to have begun your morning on the good side of the bed.”

“Sally’s still not speaking with me. Did you get the pictures and phone number I gave you?”

“Yes, thanks man. But why is she upset?”

“She and Katie don’t get along and when I say ‘don’t get along’ I mean on the side of hate each other.”

“Wow, I never thought Sally would feel that way about anyone except that cop. How did you get the picture?”

“I took when we were at Jack’s. I got Rhonda and Sally to speak with each other privately so I could get close enough with Katie to take the picture and get her phone number but Sally saw and now she’s pissed. I want this case closed soon Mike. I don’t like putting my relationship with my girlfriend on the line. I want Sally out of this mess too. I hate lying to her like this.”

“Storm I understand how you feel…”

“No Mike you don’t. I’m lying to my girlfriend and using her to spy on her friends to keep her out of trouble. This situation is so fucked up. I hope she never finds out about it.”

“Storm, I will do my best. I’m sorry you’re going through this but remember this is going to benefit Sally in the end. Nothing’s going to happen to her. I just need to get something solid on Rhonda and Katie and it’s over.”

“Yeah Mike but how is Sally going to feel knowing that we did that to her friend?”

“She’s a big girl Storm and I have to do my job.”

Both men looked at each other thinking about how this could go wrong for everyone involved.




                Storm heard the knock at the door and tried to ignore it. He was on his way out and didn’t want to be delayed, but the person knocked again. Looking through the peephole, he was happy and shocked. He opened the door and bade the person entry. They both walked to the kitchen where he put his key on the counter top as the person turned around and faced him.

                “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were going out. I’ll speak with you another time,” Sally said.

                “I was coming to see you.”



                They both stared at each other. Sally looked around the kitchen before looking back at Storm. He watched her openly, waiting for her to say something, anything.

                After a few minutes of silence Sally asked in a soft voice, “Do you like her?”


                “You know who, Katie.”

                “I have a girlfriend.”

                “That doesn’t mean you don’t like her.”

                “You’re right it doesn’t. But I don’t want to answer your question.”

                “Why not?” Sally asked getting angry.

                “Because no matter how I answer it, you’re still going to have that doubt in the back of your head.”

                “What doubt?”

                “The thought that I’m going to cheat on you or that when I’m with you I’m thinking about her. That doubt, the one where no matter what I say, you going to listen to that voice in your head that is afraid of giving us a real chance.”

                Sally looked at him, getting angrier. He knew what she was thinking. She was looking for a way out so she wouldn’t get hurt. “That’s not it. If she is better for…”

                “She’s not and she’s not the one I want. I want the person I’m in a relationship with, you.”

                “Then why were you taking pictures of her? Why were you standing there talking with her having the time of your life?” she yelled.

                “Finally we get to the heart of your anger. You were talking with Rhonda. I wanted you to talk with Rhonda. From what Rhonda told me, you two are best friends but she doesn’t know what’s going on with you and you’re angry that she’s friends with Katie. I don’t know the reasons but you have to realize that Katie is no match for you.”

                “What do you mean?”

                “She’s jealous of you. She wants what you have. You are liked by everyone and Sally, that is a hard to witness. You’re the one who’s always on guard. They only get a glimpse into your world. She wants to the be the person that can pay her bills on time every month and not worry about where the money is coming from. Here’s the difference, you actually have a plan and yes, you’re trying to help Rhonda but she’s going to have to figure it out on her own. You can’t always be there to help her. She’s chosen her path and like it or not you’re just going to have to watch her go down it.”

                “I won’t leave her behind…”

                “I’m not saying you should but you can’t stop the friendship between her and Katie. If Rhonda wants the easy way out in life, she’s going to have to deal with the consequences and there’s nothing you can do about it. And to be honest, I don’t want you involved.”

                “You don’t…”

                “I didn’t say to stop being her friend but I don’t want you losing everything you’ve worked so hard for over Rhonda and Katie’s bullshit. As your boyfriend, I’m going to protect you anyway I can. ”

After a very long moment of silence, “Where are her pictures?” Sally asked softly.

                “I deleted them the same night. I only took them to keep her distracted so you and Rhonda could have some time alone. You two should probably go out to lunch and talk, really talk. It doesn’t seem you two have done that in a long time.”

                “She knows about…I’ll think about it.”

                “She knows about what?”

                “Nothing… she knows about us and I just don’t want to hear anything from her right now.”

                Storm moved to stand in front of her. He put his fingers under her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his. “Whenever you’re ready, just do it. Clear the air with her. You both deserve it.”

                “I’ll get going.”

                “No, you’ll stay and have dinner with me. We haven’t been together for three days.” Sally looked at him then looked away quickly. Storm turned her face back to him. “What’s wrong?”

                “Nothing,” she replied softly.

                “Your guard is always up.” She looked at him. “Sometimes you let it down and I get to see the real you. The person that wants this but in a moment’s notice, the mask is back in place; all the barriers go up again. Why? What are you so afraid of? Tell me please.” He saw the sadness in her eyes. “Tell me,” he requested again.

                “I’m afraid it’s not real,” she whispered.

                He tilted her chin up so their gaze could meet. “Touch me, I’m real.”

                She reached up and kissed him.

Chapter End Notes:

Please let me know what you think of this chapter and the progression. Thanks. 

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