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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you everyone for your reviews and comments.

I would like to address the last comment or review left...First, thank you for your insight. I appreciate the feedback. About my writing: My characters do not react based on how they look but how they feel which is why the physical descriptions are so limited. I have puposely written nothing so far in the story to have anyone feel sympathetic towards Sally. Please explain the time jumps you wrote about, as I don't recall having any. This story will not have flashbacks. Once again, thanks for the feedback. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Storm noticed the change in Sally when she returned to the table. The smile that was on her face never reached her eyes. Jessica looked at Sally and smirked, but when Storm looked at her, she quickly lowered her eyes, and sobered. He did notice that Sally tried not making eye contact with Jessica or anyone else at the table including him. No matter how much he tried to pull her into the conversation, she seemed to retreat more. Getting back to their hotel room, he asked her again, what was wrong.

                “Nothing. I want to go home tomorrow.”



                “No. Not until you tell me what is wrong.” Storm sighed. He was getting frustrating. “Sally, you have to talk to me. I know something happened to you but I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me.”

                “Nothing happened. I just want to go home.”

                Sally sat on the bed looking down. Storm knelt before her. He took her hand in his and held them but when reached up to caress her cheek, she flinched.

                “Sally, what happened? Please sweetheart, tell me. I’m worrying now. Did Jessica say something to you in the bathroom?”

                “Why would you ask that?”

                “You began acting that way after you returned from the restroom. You were both in there together.”

                Sally tried moving away but Storm held her hands. “Sally don’t turn away from me, talk to me. Tell me what Jessica said to you. There’s something going on with her…”

                “I have to go,” Sally said as she tried to free her hands from Storm’s grip. Instead his grip tightened which immediately made her panic. “Let me go,” she demanded. “Let me go.” When he didn’t release her, she began to get hysterical. “Let me go!” she screamed.

                “Sally calm down. Sally stop!” Storm yelled back as she forced her way to standing.

                He released her hands and she moved toward the door. “I can’t…I can’t…I can’t do this.”

                “Sally, do what? Tell me right now what did she say to you?”

                Her eyes welled up with tears and she began to shake. Storm grabbed her and tried pulling her to him but she pushed back, fighting to get free. He let her go and she stood with her back against the door, terrified. He knew she wasn’t going to speak so he grabbed her hand, opened the door and pulled her out of the room towards the elevator.

                Jessica was staying with her boyfriend Richard the floor up from theirs. Storm wasted no time getting to this room and banged on the door.

                “Storm please, let me go,” Sally pleaded for the umpteenth time since he’d left the room but Storm was done listening and she now wondered how she was really going to escape.

                Richard opened the door, “Hey Storm,” he greeted with this shirt off but Storm noticed he looked as if he was on something. There was also specs of blood on his chest.

                “Richard, I need to speak with Jessica, now,” Storm said immediately.

                “You can’t she’s…” And at the moment, Storm heard a moan. He looked at Richard and pushed past him. “Hey, you can just fuckin’ come in here…get the fuck out!” Richard yelled.

                But Storm wasn’t listening and went to the bedroom calling for Jessica just to find her barely moving from the bed. Storm dropped Sally’s hand and went to look at Jessica. He gasped when he saw her bloody, swollen face. Looking back at Sally who stood by the door looking on, he ordered her to call the police. But Sally stood rooted. Storm picked up Jessica and brought her to the sofa. “Sally, call the police. Get an ambulance here now!” he yelled but Sally couldn’t move. “Sally! Sally!” Storm yelled but he realized she was in in shock.

                “Jessica, look at me sweetheart, can you open your eyes?” Storm asked.

                He could see Jessica was crying. Richard came over and grabbed Storm by the arm, but Storm was much stronger and pushed him off him so hard he tripped backwards over the other couch. “You fucking asshole. How could you do this to her? How? What could she have done to deserve you beating her like this?” Storm retrieved his phone from his pocket and called the police. “Sally, I need you to get some ice, please Sally, I need you to get some ice.” Sally looked at Richard where he was on the ground trying to get up. “Sally sweetheart, don’t look at him. I need your help to take care of her. Get me some ice from the bar please.”

                Sally looked away and moved to get the ice.

                “You think you’re her knight in shining armor? She’s never going to leave me. She loves the beating and the fucking. Why don’t I break in your bitch for you? She’s black, the marks won’t show.”

                Sally was walking toward Storm when she stopped suddenly. Storm glanced behind him to notice that Richard had stood up and was now moving toward him where he knelt beside Jessica. He stood and when Richard was in range, balled his fist and punched Richard so hard, he sent him flying over the couch again.

“Sally, bring me the ice please,” and she obeyed.

Sally watched as he placed the ice on Jessica’s cheek and eyes and the girl winced when the wounds were touched. The police and ambulance arrived shortly afterwards.



Storm was lying on the couch. The night’s activities had left his mind a muddled mess. Sally stayed away from him like the plague, but now he knew reason for her behavior. She still was not speaking, and had not said a word to him since they returned to the hotel room. She had gone to bed about thirty minutes ago, but he knew she wasn’t sleeping. She was tense, and watched the door like a hawk, watching to see when he would come in. The one time that he did, she pushed herself so far back into the bed that he thought it would get implanted into the wall.

His girlfriend was terrified of him and he didn’t know what to do about it. He knew telling her he wouldn’t hurt her like that would mean nothing at the moment. How could he make her understand that what they both saw tonight was just as terrifying for him as it had been for her? He had to find a way out of any business with Richard. He wanted nothing to do with someone like that. Jessica was taken to the hospital, and so far she had a slight concussion, two cracked and one broken rib. Apparently this had not been the first time he had hit her. Storm didn’t want to think. His body was weary, exhausted. But suddenly he heard Sally screaming and rushed to her side.

“NO! NO! NO!” Sally screamed over and over and over again.

“Sally, Sally, wake up sweetheart,” he said but her hands were up trying to defend herself from the attacker in her dream. “Sally, sweetheart, wake up, no one’s going to hurt you. I’m here.”

Sally woke up and immediately backed away from Storm, “No!” she yelled again but Storm went to her, pulling her into his arms and holding her even as she fought to be free.

“Sally sweetheart, it’s me. Shhh…baby, Sally…I’m here. No one’s going to hurt you. I’m here, sweetheart, I’m here. It’s okay, it’s only a dream. Shhh….baby,” Storm said over and over as he smooth her hair and rocked her back and forth in his arms.

When she had calmed a bit, he pulled back to look at her. She looked up at him and looked away. Storm went and got a glass of water for her.

She took a sip. “Drink it all,” Storm ordered softly and she did.

He took the glass from her and placed it on the bedside table, got into bed with her and pulled her into his arms. When she tried to pull away, he held her tighter until she stopped fighting.

After about ten minutes, with Sally relaxed beside him, Storm spoke, “You saw the bruises tonight when you both were in the restroom didn’t you?”

“Are you asking me so you can know how to defend him?” Sally asked in a soft tensed voice.

Storm tilted her head so he could look in her eyes. “If I was going to defend him, I wouldn’t have called the police. You saw the bruises didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Sally replied softly.

“Is that what scared you?”



“She said you were all protected because of the money. She said I was bought and paid for with the trip and clothes; that we were a part of the business deals; that you would pass me around…”

“Oh God sweetheart,” Storm sighed as he held Sally tighter. “God what has he been doing to her?”

Storm pulled away from Sally and turned to face her. He held her face in his hands. “Sally look at me. Look at me,” he repeated and she complied. “I have never hit a woman and I will never hit you. I don’t know what has been going on and I didn’t know this was happening. I did look at her and some of the women there as gold diggers so I never paid any attention to them or who they were with but I did think Richard and her were in a relationship. You are not a part of any deal. You are only my girlfriend and I will never share you with anyone. My relationship with you is both monogamous and exclusive. I need you to believe that Sally, I need you to believe that about me. My job pays very well. I can afford to pay for this hotel room but I would never use that to commit a crime and get away with it and what he did to her was a crime. That will never happen to you Sally, never.”



“Did you know,” Storm asked Iris as soon as she closed the door to her office.

“Did I know what?” Iris asked knowing exactly what Storm was talking about.

“Did you know Richard was beating Jessica like that? Iris you know all the happenings…”

“Do you think I have time to keep up with that shit? I run a corporation. I have employees and business deals that require my full attention so the last thing I have time for is some little girl who wants to play house with an abusive prick.”

“Iris how could you know and not tell anyone? How could you not call the police?”

“Do you know how many times people have tried to help Jessica? Do you? Do you think you’re the first?” At Storm’s stunned look Iris continued. “Yeah, we spoke with her, Ayasha and I both begged her to leave. Ayasha even went as far as offering you to help her legally to get him to stay away from her but she said she wouldn’t leave. Said she wasn’t going back to being poor. That she wasn’t going to give up the shopping and trips and fancy dinners, the lifestyle. Then when I heard the rumors, I asked.”

“Rumors? What rumors?”

“The rumor that she is shared and used to close deals with many clients but apparently there’s been one person she’s been waiting to close a deal with,” Iris said turning back to her desk.

“Who has she been waiting on Iris?”

Iris turned and smiled at Storm, “Why you.”

“What did you say?”

“She’s been trying to get your attention for the longest time.” Storm looked on in disbelief as Iris let out a little chuckle. “Do you remember when you and I were at the dinner party last year, when I closed the deal with Tracto Shipping?” and at Storm’s acknowledgement she continued, “I was watching Jessica and you very closely. It was the reason I stayed away from you that night. You moved away from her all three times she tried to get your attention. So I can just imagine you walking in there with Sally on your arms, and announcing to the world that she was your girlfriend. The unattainable prize became that much more unattainable.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what Storm, that she’s Richard slut and that she’s willing to put up with it.”

“His father has got to be told…”

“His father fucks her with him or they watch as she is used by clients at times to celebrate closing a deal. And no need to worry, the mother turns a blind eye to it, after all Jessica is not from their social class therefore she’s disposable.”

“She dines with my mother when she goes to New York,” Storm said shocked.

“Ah you never knew it was this close to home did you? Well now you know. But Jessica has been offered and received help but like she said, the lifestyle means more to her than her life. And in case you have not heard today, she left the hospital and is back home at Richard’s condo. Don’t worry, she’ll get a least two weeks off, he likes the wounds to heal before he begins the beatings again.” Iris got the folder from her desk and made her way to the door. “I have a meeting. I am sorry you had to find out this way and by the way, it’s the reason why I would never go near him and or do business with his family.”

“Iris if your business ever needs help…”

“I’ll call you first.”

As Iris opened the door, “Iris have you ever been hit by a man?” Storm turned away before looking back at Iris, “I don’t even want to think about it.”

Iris laughed, “My personal wealth is over 900 million dollars. Believe me I can afford the professional hitman.”

“You would have the defense.”

Iris smiled and left.



“Sally, sweetheart, come to bed,” Storm said as he gently shook Sally awake.

She was sitting round the dining table doing reports and completing her assignment. It was the first time in more than two weeks since they had been back from the trip that she was spending the night at his place. He knew she was scared and wanted her to feel comfortable around him which was why he didn’t force her to come over. She never wanted to stay over for dinner, and when they went out it was always rushed, she never stayed long. She drove herself, always making an excuse to not stay. She seemed to deliberately take on more work for school so she didn’t have to spend much time with him.

Storm felt as if he was being punished for all men such as Richard. His girlfriend was scared of him, and everyone he spoke with, Brad, Mike, Iris, Ayasha and Collin said to give her time; that the incident was traumatic for her. But he was being kept at more than two arm’s length. His father’s words, ‘Be mindful of the friends you keep’, had never made more of an impact until now.

Richard and his father had reached out to him to discuss the incident and his reason for withdrawing from a business deal that would have net him millions of dollars. Also the fact that Storm had happily given a statement to the police about what he witnessed that night had not been welcomed either. Instead, Storm had finalized the negotiations of that trip since it was too late to withdraw and withdrew from any going forward. Richard’s mother was called in to have dinner with Deborah to ask her to sway Storm’s mind but when Storm met with Deborah, he instantly shut down her involvement and formally requested that she no longer associate with that family.

Storm pulled Sally into his arms as soon as she got into bed. She tensed but relaxed almost immediately which made him realize she was too exhausted to put up a defense. In his heart, he hoped she was beginning to trust him again, especially considering she was asleep only a few minutes later.  



“Good morning,” Storm said kissing Sally’s neck as she finished putting on her moisturizer.

He pulled her back to him as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Good morning,” Sally said smiling at him in the mirror.

“How did you sleep?”

“Very well, thank you.” Sally turned and kissed him. “Sorry about last night. I was tired.”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about. Your work is getting harder?”

“Yes, but it’s fun,” she said smiling.

“What’s your weekend like?”

“I’m off!”

Storm laughed at her excitement. “Wonderful! Go on a date with me Friday. We’ll do anything you want as long as it’s us.”

“Really?” Sally said smiling.

Storm could see the absolute joy that came over her, “Really, anything you want.”

“Yes, of course. What time? Where are we going? How do I dress?”

“Dress up,” Storm said pulling her back into his arms. He kissed her, “I want to show you off to everyone.”

“Silly,” Sally said rolling her eyes and smiling but loving the compliment none the less.

“Am I seeing you tonight?”

“Working late.”

“Then why are you up so early?”

“Library to study.”

“Stay here and study. You can use my office. It’s peaceful and no one will disturb you.”

“Thanks but I can’t. I’m meeting Mitch.”

“Oh,” said Storm, his mood darkening at the mention of Sally’s lab partner. “Fine, well let me know when you get there and when you leave.”

“Why are you checking up on me?”

“Do I need to? I want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Okay. I have to go. I’ll call.”


“You better.” 

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks again. I appreicate all the feedbback and the point of view. It's good to see the others side. 

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