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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello everyone, 

My sincerest apology for not updating this story, and I will not be updating again for another possible six or more weeks. 

I am truly very busy at the moment with a new part time job to carry me over as I build by business, and I do have to put in the time as this is my lively hood. Learning about copyrights and building logos, cards, fliers and so forth has not been easy but I want to do it as correctly as possible the first time out. 

I will confess that because of the time constraints, I have not written a single word on this story and I apology that you have invested your time, and I have not been able to post the chapters as I would have wanted to. 

Thank you so much for your patience and I wish all a wonderful week and blessed endeavours. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

It was the sexiest dress he’d seen her wear so far and he loved it on her. Storm looked over at Sally again as she savored the succulent pieces of lobster, scallop and shrimp in the creamy garlic sauce pasta she was eating. The tan coloured strapless dress molded to her curves perfectly but gave enough room for her to breathe and move. Each time he looked up from his plate, it was to catch either a man or woman stealing glances at her. He had openly held the stares of two men when they looked at her a bit too long for his pleasure. Sally however, was completely unaware of all the attention she had solicited.

They were at Brad’s restaurant. Brad had sent Storm several text messages teasing him about the withering glare in his eyes when he looked at the men looking at Sally. In one teasing, Brad commented that it was the first time Storm's date was getting more attention than him. Storm had promptly replied, ‘As it should be’.

Storm had moved closer to Sally after ordering desert, which he wasn’t really interested in eating. He was more interested in them leaving and going someplace private. But it had been a long time since they had really been out like this and he wanted it to be relaxing and enjoyable for her. Also she was beginning to trust him again.

He kissed her shoulder softly and moved his lips up her neck. “You smell delicious,” Storm said as he licked the spot on Sally’s neck he had just kissed.

“You just ate; you’re remembering the food,” she replied laughing.

“Since you are equating yourself to food, then it’s only natural that I should taste you, don’t you think?”

Sally blushed and looked away. Just then her phone rang. “Oh, I’m going to get this,” she said hurriedly to Storm as she answered. “Hi, Tracy? How are you doing?”

“Hi Sally, I’m fine. Hope I’m not interrupting you? I know you said to call but I didn’t know if this was one of the weekends you were working. I was going to leave a message on your voicemail.”

“No, I’m off tonight. I’m out with my boyfriend right now.”

“Oh Sally, I’m sorry. I’ll call back some other time. I didn’t mean to disturbe you.”

“No, Tracy, you didn’t disturbe me. What’s up?”

“Are you sure? I’ll only be about a minute or two.”

“What is it?”

“I need help with chemistry please? I really don’t get some of the formulas and such. But only when you have the time.”

“I have the time and I also have some notes that I think would help you. Send me your email address and I will send you my notes. We can make arrangements to meet up next week or this weekend if you would like.”

“Really, Sally, you could do that for me? I would be so grateful. Thanks you so much.”

“I’m happy to help Tracy. Let me know when. Remember to send me your email address.”

“I’ll do it as soon as I’m off the phone. Thanks again Sally and enjoy your night.”

“Thanks Tracy, good bye.”

“What’s going on?” Storm asked as soon as Sally ended the call.

“Oh my friend Tracy is having a hard time with chemistry so I’m going to email her some notes I have saved and help her out this weekend.”

“You know this was supposed to be my personal weekend with you?”

“Yes, I know but it will be very short, I promise….” Sally reached over and kissed him tenderly.

“Ready to leave?”

“Yes, whenever you are.”

Storm signaled the waiter.

Brad came by with the paid receipt. “Are you guys leaving already?” he asked.

“Yes, why?”

“Dinner was wonderful Brad, please tell the chef I enjoyed everything,” Sally said.

“Will do but the night is still young. I thought you guys were going to hang out for a while.”

“What are you up to? Why do you want us to stay?”

“I’m not up to anything. I haven’t seen you both out together for some time now since I know Sally is very busy. Just wanted to catch up.”

“Oh, I thought you would be out with the assistant…I forgot who it is this time.”

“Accountant and no, she’s gone. Too much unsolicited advice on how to run my business. I mean if she wants to run a business, she should open her own that way she can implement her own ideas.”

Sally laughed. “I agree with you there,” said Storm. “But anyway, we’re leaving.”

“Thanks for stopping by guys. Have fun,” said Brad kissing Sally goodbye.

As they got to the door, they came face to face with Audrey and her date. She looked surprised then planted on her best smile to Storm. Following his movements, Audrey watched as he pulled Sally beside him with his arm around her. Her smile vanished instantly.

“Storm,” Audrey said in greeting. 

“Audrey,” Storm replied.

“Are you leaving?” Audrey asked.

“Good night,” Storm said mostly to her date before gently prodding Sally in front of him to the door.

When they reached the door, Norma was entering with her date.

“Storm, it’s so good to see you,” Norma said greeting him with a hug and kiss to the cheek.

“Norma, it’s nice to see you also. How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m busy. There are a few cases I would like your opinion on if you have the time. I know you’re busy now with…”

“Yes, that’s fine. Just let me know.” Storm saw Norma look behind him, “Oh Norma, this is Sally, my girlfriend. Sally, this is Norma, a lawyer I sometimes work cases with.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” Sally said shaking Norma’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you also,” Norma returned.

“Norma, we’re on our way home. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

“Yes, let me get in. I think my date has arrived and is waiting on me.” She hugged Storm good night, “Sally, once again it was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here, good night,” Sally replied.

When Norma left, Storm pulled Sally into his arms as he waited for valet to bring his car around.

“So what do you want to do the rest of the night?”

Sally smiled, “What do you want to do?”

“No you tell me.”

Sally thought for a moment, “Swimming.”

“Okay, beach or pool?”


“Pool it is even thought I’m surprised you didn’t opt for the beach.”

“Pool is fine.”

Storm kissed her.



“There’s a bottle of wine in the fridge if you want to finish it,” Storm said to Sally as he went to the bedroom.

Sally took out the bottle of wine and retrieved two wine glasses from the cupboard. She went to the bedroom and changed into a large t-shirt since she didn’t have any swimwear there. Coming out she saw that Storm had placed two large towels on a chair on the patio. Putting down the wine glasses, she dove into the pool. The rush of the cool water seemed to wash away all her cares and worries. As she was about to surface, she felt a tug on her ankle. She turned only to have Storm hold her to him as they surfaced.

“Thank you,” Sally said as she wrapped her arms around Storm’s neck.

“For what?” he asked holding her to him. 

“For a really nice night.”

“The night isn’t over yet.”

She smiled as he slowly kissed her passionately. He was naked and the heat from his skin, made its way through her t-shirt. He deepened the kiss and Sally couldn’t remember anything else. She didn’t feel when she began to move until her back hit the wall of the pool. Storm lifted the t-shirt over her head and she shivered from the chill of the night air. This time the kiss was ravenous and he drank from her as if she tasted of the wine that sat a few feet away from them. Her nipples burned where he touched and tweaked the peaks between his fingers, and she held on to him as she returned his kiss openly with all the passion she felt inside.

                He lifted her to the ledge of the pool and gently kissed down her body as he gently pushed her to lie back. Liquid heats of flames seem to burn her skin where his lips touch and traveled along her body. Her legs opened to him, and she looked up at him a bit scared. He smiled and looked in her eyes as he licked her gently. She moaned and arched, her eyes closing to the feel of his tongue on her. She felt his fingers open her to him and she grabbed his arm when he licked her again, harder than before. He sucked her hard nub into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it repeatedly.

                Sally’s mind seemed to spiral out of control. She couldn’t think clearly and breathing was becoming difficult. Her breath caught in her throat as the feeling cursing through her body seemed to rob her of that simple ability. She screamed out to Storm as she explode and his grip on her legs tighten as he held her close and drank from her body.

She heard the tear of the wrapper and soon after felt him slowly slide inside her. The feel of him was just perfect, as he moved in and out of her gently, causing the water to splash gently against the wall. She sat up on her elbows and looked at him, her mouth opening as her breathing changed with the increase of his thrusts. He bent down to kiss her stomach and she met him half way in a hungry kiss.

Breaking the kiss, he whispered, “Look at us. Look at where we are joined.”

She looked and the erotic sight of his hard cock disappearing in the folds of her soft body, pushed her into an orgasm. She grabbed on to his hand and screamed his name as her body convulsed on him. She felt his hands on her hips, holding on to her as he slowed his movements to prolong her orgasm. As soon as she relaxed and lied back, he picked up the pace of his thrust again. They came in rapid sequences, one right after the other another mini burst of feelings, one more intense than the other.

Suddenly he stopped. She looked up at him through dazed eyes and watched as he deliberately dropped a single drop of water on her hot mound. The temperature of the water was in direct contrast to hers and she arched off the tiles at the feeling. She arched off the tiles again and called out to him in a desperate plea for release when he did it a second time. His thrust started instantly, even paced and the feeling grew easily and rapidly in her, searching for release. She felt him tense and slammed into her forcefully, anchoring her hips as he erupted over and over again. She screamed as her body tensed and followed him into rapture.



“Do you still want the wine?” Storm asked quite a while after.

They were both sitting on the steps of the pool, Sally between Storm’s legs, his arms wrapped around her.

“Do you?” she asked in return.

“Being here with you is enough for me.” She looked behind her at him and he kissed her. “Would you mind us sleeping outside tonight?”

“Where here?” at his nodding, “sure. Do you have a tent?”

“Yes. Go get blankets.”

After a few moments later Storm returned with only a sleeping bag while Sally was carrying two pillows and a blanket.

“What do you have there?” Storm asked.

“I thought you were going to put up a tent.”

“Not tonight, furthermore, I prefer the sleeping bag. Do you mind?”

“No, not at all. It’s fun.”

Storm smiled happily. Other girls he had dated in the past had always said yes to camping but when the time came, they found one excuse after the other. They had only agreed as a means to get close to him but here was Sally, who never scoffed at the idea and gladly joined him. His fondness for her kept growing daily and it was the little things that she did that made him comfortable being around her. She never took him for granted.

Setting up the sleeping bag and the blanket, Storm pulled Sally into his arms as they laid back and look at the stars.

After long moments of silence Storm asked, “What are you thinking about?”

It took a while for Sally to answer but she did, softly, “You.”

“What about me?”

She raised herself up to arm’s length and Storm watched as Sally slowly bent to kiss him. Her lips gently touched his and her tongue softly licked at his lips until he granted her entry into his mouth. Quickly her tongue slipped in and gently touched his before withdrawing quickly. Storm relaxed and deepened the kiss, not an easy feat for him since he wanted to wrap his arms around her and pull her underneath him. He instead wrapped his arms around her as his hands roamed her back in soft stokes.

She ended the kiss and moved her lips over to his ear, flicking her tongue at the lobe before following a path his neck, over his shoulder to find his hard pebbled nipple. Sally licked the nipple while her other hand gently rubbed the other in between her fingertips. She bit down on the nipple in her mouth and Storm moaned and arched into her.

“Again,” he said and she bit down again. ‘Sally,” he moaned her name.

Sally followed along and did the same with the other nipple and again she got the same command, to do it over and over again. Storm closed his eyes as her tongue left trails of heat on his body. Never had a woman caress his body as gently as Sally was doing, and it was driving him crazy. She kissed down his chest, her tongue licking at his navel before moving to one side then up to his nipples again and down the other side. Each little nip was followed by a tender kiss.

She reached his hardness and took it in her hand. Her finger traced the length of him and she smiled at his moan. He was large, much larger than she had estimated and reached almost to his navel. She gathered a drop of his fluid on her fingertip and smeared it over the head. Storm smiled as her hand circled him and moved up and down slowly, learning the feel, size and texture of him. She bent and licked the junction of his thigh and he jerked back. She licked the other and he grabbed her hand.

“No, stop,” Storm said just as Sally was about to put him in her mouth. At her puzzled looked he clarified, “Not yet.”

Sally looked away, “Is it because I’m…”

“It’s because I want it to be special, much more special than now.”

“You think there will be a time much more special than now?”

“Yes, there will be and I want you to be absolutely certain and ready.”

They both looked at each other. Storm reached out and pulled Sally to him and kissed her gently.

“Should I continue?” Sally asked.

“You better,” Storm replied.

She grabbed the condom and gently rolled it on him and Storm thought the sight was erotic. She pushed him back and moved over him, straddling his hips. Slowly she lowered herself on him. Inch by inch her softness enveloped his hardness and she held his gaze until he was fully buried. Storm closed his eyes and released the breath he was holding. He opened them again to watch her rise and fall back on him slowly.

Repeatedly she did, pulling off him leaving only the tip of him inside of her before smoothly lowering herself again. Storm thought his senses were going to explode. He wanted to flip her over and drive into her over and over, until the torturous course she had put them on had come to an end. Sally began to tighten, her body sensitive from their prior session. She braced herself on his chest as she brought herself up and down on him, increasing her speed. She reached over and bit a hard nipple and Storm’s head went back as the sensation rushed though him. His hand grabbed her hips hard and she burst on him, her nails digging into his shoulder and chest. She rocked back and forth on him and Storm held on tighter to her, doing everything he could not join her in release.

She trembled on him, and felt him more prominent inside her. She began to move on him again and he called out to her. He reached up and she met him half way, joining their lips together in a desperate kiss that spoke of the intense feeling coursing through them both. One hand on his hip and the other wrapped around his neck as she rode him hard and fast, rushing toward the pleasure her body sought.

“Yes, baby, yes. Sally fuck yes,” Storm moaned to her.

“Storm,” she cried out to him.

“Do you belong to me?”


“Answer me Sally, do you belong to me?”

“Yes, yes, I belong to you,” Sally replied as her head fell back the feeling intensified.

“Good,” Storm said as he held her hips and began to slam her down on him over and over until they both plunged over, screaming for each other.

Sally collapsed on Storm’s shoulder and Storm caressed her back as he lay back keeping her on top of him. When she made to move, he told her ‘no’.




They were silent. Had been that way for a while now, neither had made a move since they had cleaned themselves up and returned to the sleeping bag. Both contented to lie in each other’s arms and look at the stars.

“Move in with me.” The words were said so softly that Sally thought her mind was playing a trick on her, but there they were again whispered just as softly, “Move in with me.” Sally turned to look at Storm as he looked down at her. He gently closed the distance between them. “I want you with me.”

“I’m already with you.”

“Every day, I want you here every day. I want to come home to you every day.”

Sally swallowed hard. She had some clothes there, not much. She had only used one of the four drawers he had given her and she had not put a single dress up in the closet space that he made for her. Her apartment was her home, her sanctuary in more ways than one. Could she possibly give it up?

“Storm you’re just…”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I want to take this next step with you.”

“What about Ayasha and…”

“What about Ayasha? She's my sister, not my owner. Think about it, and you can’t use my family as an excuse.”

“Okay, I want to think about it.”

“You have all weekend long.”




Chapter End Notes:

Please excuse any grammatical mistakes. I don't remember if I edited this chapter. Thank you for understanding. Good night and good day, :)

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