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Everyone, thank you so much for reading. I hope you will continue to do so and remember please send me any critical reviews you have for the story and the characters. Have a great week! 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


                Office Terry Eastman looked at the object of his obsession and smiled. She picked up an item from the stand and looked it over before putting it back. ‘Her eyes are so beautiful,’ he thought but sneered when she smiled at the vendor before walking away. ‘Bitch!  She smiles at him all cute and shit but when I try talkin’ to her she treats me like shit.’

Officer Eastman felt the anger he tried so hard to keep away come back with a vengeance. For weeks now he had been furious at Roger and it had taken all his strength not beat him within an inch of his life. The club was the one place he was guaranteed to be in her presence. He found out weeks ago that her bike was registered to someone named Bobby Chin but the address was an empty lot. His plan that night was to pull her over and make up some bullshit reason to arrest her. She was going to beg for her freedom, promising to do anything and then she was going to be his. ‘But that fucking ADA had to put his nose where it didn’t belong. I almost had you,’ Officer Eastman smiled to himself. ‘I want to fuck you so bad. I’m gonna fuck you so hard. You’re gonna scream so loud…’ He adjusted himself as he watched her slowly eat her fruit. Her smile was peaceful and relaxed. Even from that distance her eyes sparkled in the sunlight. As she strolled down the street looking at all the wares being sold, he silently screamed, ‘Look at me! Why do you have to be such a bitch to me?’ and was about to intercept her when he saw the patrol office. Unwilling to risk her screaming and bringing any attention to him, Office Eastman turned back into the alley and hid, and watched as she passed by enjoying her outing. ‘One day,’ he vowed to himself, ‘one day.’



About two weeks later…

                “Storm I don’t know how she’s doing it but she has to be involved,” Mike said before taking a bite of his sandwich.

                Both men were in Storm’s office having lunch and discussing a few cases.

                “My gut instinct tells me she’s hiding something but it has nothing to do with the robberies,” Storm said before taking a bite of his sandwich also.  

                “I don’t know what to tell you man. I know she gets good grades in school but she’s paying for school without loans; everything paid for cash.”

                “Tips, a second job, a benevolent benefactor…I don’t know but something or someone has this girl spooked.” Someone knocked at the door and Storm bade them entry.

                “Hey guys what’s up?” Kevin said entering.

                “Hey Kev, what’s going on man?” Mike asked as Kevin took the chair beside him.

                “Hey what’s up?” Storm asked also.

                “I got the information you wanted me to pull from the servers on those two cases. With the Albert case, the kid sent the email. Here’s the report on that,” Kevin handed Mike the report. “On the robbery case, your girl…let’s see…yeah, Sally MacDonald wasn’t there. On the evenings of the last three robberies, she was at the library and I can understand why.” Storm and Mike both looked at each other before Kevin began to elaborate. “She studies all the time. She has a 4.0 GPA and most of her classes are honors. The surveillance from the library showed that she took a call during the time of one of the robberies which lasted about fifteen minutes. It looked like she was reading notes to the person on the line. I tried pulling the cell number but nothing is registered in her name. I’m going to need the actual number.”

                “Do you know it?” Mike asked Storm.

                “No but give me some time. I’ll try and get it from Rhonda.”

                “The sooner I get it the faster I can begin working on getting her record.”

                “So what are you guys doing tonight?” Mike asked.

                “Going to have dinner and hang with Brad for a bit,” Storm replied.

                “That sound like a plan. I may join you,” said Mike.

                “It’s gonna be an indoor night for me. I have some work I need to complete for two new clients,” Kevin said.  

                “Your little business is growing,” Storm said to Kevin.

                “Yeah…I think it is. But this going legit is really hard…too much fuckin’ paperwork and shit.”

                “Yeah you got that right,” Mike replied as they all laughed.



                After dinner with Brad, Storm had a strong yearning to see Sally. He had so many unanswered questions such as why didn’t she report the cop? Why was the bike registered to someone else? As he climbed the stairs of the Waves and Stars he saw her laughing with her co-workers. All the tables were cleared which meant they were finished for the night.

                “Hey man, we’re closed,” Ricky one of the bartenders said.

                Storm looked at him then Sally. The smile on her face faded and her eyes became guarded. “Yeah, I know. I’m here to speak with Sally. It’s private.”

                Everyone looked at Sally as she addressed Storm directly. “We have nothing to speak about.”

                “Please, I need to speak with you about the incident at my house. It’s important.”

                “Sally, do you want...” Ricky tied to ask.

                “No…I’ll be fine. You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up soon.”

                “Are you sure? We don’t mind waiting,” another co-worker said.

                “No, I’m fine. Thanks. I’ll catch up.”

                After everyone left Storm moved to stand by the bar.  

                “What do you want? I thought this was all taken care of?”

                “I want to know if you could house sit for me next weekend?”


                “I want to know if…”

“I heard what you said, I want to know why?”

“I have to go out of town and I was trying to find Rhonda but she’s not answering her phone, so I was wondering if you could do it instead. I know its short notice…”

                “Did you leave a message?”

                “I need an immediate answer…”

                “Don’t you have any family or friends you can ask?”

                “Yes, but they are not available.” Storm sighed. “I’m sorry to ask on such short notice but I would prefer paying someone that way they are responsible and won’t forget to do the things I ask…”

                “Things like what? Are you leaving for a month of two?”
                “No…I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone but it should be longer than a week.”

                “Leave a message on Rhonda’s voice mail. She’ll call you back. I have to go.”

                “I’ll pay for all your expenses…”

                “Rhonda would appreciate your generosity. I have to go.”

                “Okay…if you see Rhonda, please tell her that I’m looking for her.” Sally nodded, “good night.”

                “Good night.”

Storm watched as Sally looked behind her several times to make sure she wasn’t being followed before speeding away. He moved to stand at the bar because she kept her eyes trained on the stairs. He was right, something or someone had this girl spooked and it made her wary of everyone. Not even the offer of having all her expenses paid made her consider his offer. He only hoped Rhonda wouldn’t return his missed calls until he could figure out a way to get Sally’s number.

Knowing she would meet-up with her co-workers to avoid any questions or suspicions, Storm decided to wait at her apartment instead of going home immediately.  He left shortly after she got home and he was satisfied she hadn’t been followed.  



A few days later…

Storm looked at the woman in front of him and tried to remember what she was talking about. He wanted to leave but good manners decreed that he stay a few minutes longer. He was tired from lack of sleep. The constant blabbering from his date last night had left him with a splitting headache. It was reactions like this that made him want to give up on dating. Honestly, he wanted to settle down but every woman he dated lately made him feel crowded. That feeling now had him avoiding parties and some friends in relationships who felt the need to play matchmaker. Some of his male friends would think he was an idiot if they knew how many advances he avoided or turned down. If some of those friends knew how many of those advances came from either their girlfriends or wives, they would never speak with him again.  

                Tall, muscular body with classic black hair, a ruddy complexion and deep blue eyes were some of the physical features Storm boasted. His vast funds also seemed to attract some unsavory females who wanted a permanent attachment to his name and wealth. Ayasha was like his personal watch dog. Knowing what lengths some women would go to be connected with his family, she openly voiced her opinion or objections easily. He wanted to walk into his house and be greeted by the woman who loved him, not servants. He wanted to hear his children screaming with laughter as they ran through the house causing mayhem. But as his dating pool got smaller and smaller, the bodies of gold diggers grew larger and larger, and he was beginning to lose hope.

                Storm looked behind the woman speaking to him and saw the aid ‘accidentally’ dropped the folder. She picked it up by giving him a good view of her backside. He sighed, ‘Where is the challenge?’ He could easily fuck her in the bathroom if he wanted. The woman finally stopped speaking and he took the opportunity to end their conversation. He didn’t allow her look of disappointment to prevent him for turning away. He and Mike where at the local university, last minute replacements for a workshop on careers in law enforcement. They were standing by the stairs discussing their departure when from the corner of his eye, Storm saw something moving rapidly and turned to see Sally running up the stairs full speed.

                “Play along now,” Storm said to Mike taking note of the curious look on Mike’s face but unable to explain. “Yeah, I have to go out of town next week for an abuse case. Wished the woman had reported the guy sooner before it reached this point. My only problem now is finding someone to housesit. My sister’s going out of town and I’m suppose to be taking care of her dog.”

                “Sorry man you know I would do it if I wasn’t going away also but my mother will kill me if I miss this trip. Wish I knew someone who could help.”  Mike saw Sally stop behind Storm and while she seemed to be looking around, he knew she was also listening to the conversation.

                “I’ll figure something out. But thanks for considering.”

                Mike watched as Sally looked at Storm before quietly moving away to the other side of the stairs. She moved along the hall looking for a room and knocked on the door when she located it. A man in a lab coat and another in a suit came to the door and they all began to speak. Storm turned slightly also to watch the exchange and noticed how the man in the lab coat showed a deep fondness for Sally. The man in the suit left shortly afterwards and the professor spoke with Sally. She smiled and shook her professor’s hand profusely.

                “I think I need a have a talk with that professor about your Sally,” Mike said.

                “I think so also.”



                Mike left when Sally’s meeting broke apart and the professor walked Sally to the stairs.

                “Sally you’ve worked hard for this so study for the final. The best grade gets to interview for the internship and I have every confidence that you’re going to get one of the positions.”

                “Thank you so much Dr. Marin. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

                “My pleasure Sally, you deserve it. So find somewhere quiet and go over everything.”

                “I will. I’ll rent a hotel room and stay there all weekend long so I’m not distracted by anything. I’ll even turn my phone off if I need to.”

                Dr. Marin laughed, “Now you don’t have to go that far…just make sure you’re not distracted and get lots of rest before the exam.”

                “I will.  Thanks again Dr. Marin. I appreciate it.”

Storm watched as Sally stood in the same spot after the professor left and seemed to do a silent prayer. She seemed worried but the conversation sounded like things were in her favor.

“Congratulations,” he said and she turned around sharply.

“For what?”

“It sounded as if you got something you really wanted,” he shrugged.

“Not yet, working on it.” For some reason she didn’t want to leave, “Did you get in contact with Rhonda?”

“No, it seems she now has an aversion to returning messages. She also didn’t show up for work yesterday. Do you know if there’s something wrong?”

“No. The last time I heard from her, everything was okay.”

“You don’t see her daily?”

“No. My schedule for school is very…if I see her, I’ll tell her you’re looking for her.”

“Yes, please do. I’m getting a bit worried about her.”

“Okay,” Sally said before turning to walk away.

“Oh wait, I’ll give you my number and you can call me when you hear from her.”

 “No thank you. I’ll tell her to call you immediately. You should hear from her today.”

“Okay, thanks again and I wish you the best. By the way, what are you studying?”

“Good bye. Have a nice day also.”


Storm watched as she left the same way she came, running. 

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.