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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the late posting. Working on house, volunteering and no internet for a while. Thanks for the reviews and reading. Much appreciated. 

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


                Someone was banging at the door again and Sally was tempted to call the police. Benji kept running to and fro snarling. Getting frustrated she walked to the door and looked out the key hole to see a woman sneering. Again Benji barked angrily.

                “I know someone is there. Let me in,” the door banger demanded.

                Sally ignored the request and soon after heard the car drive off again, hopefully for good this time. Less than fifteen minutes later, she heard the door opening and Benji ran to it excitedly.

                “Hi Benji, hi sweetheart…I missed you. Did you miss Mommy?”

                The happy little dog jumped around excitedly and licked the hand of the beautiful woman who picked him up.  

                “Hello,” Ayasha said surprised. “Who are you?”

                “Hello, I’m Sally, the house sitter.”

                “Storm hired a house sitter? That’s a first for him.”

                “Are you Ayasha?”

                Before Ayasha could answer, the door opened again and in walked Audrey. “I hope you know that’s called breaking and entering…” Ayasha said angrily.

                “I didn’t break in, the door was open. Where’s Storm?”

                “Get out!”

“Not until I see Storm.”

“I said get the fuck out bef…”

“I’m not leaving until I see St…”

                “You are such a pathetic dumb bitch. My brother doesn’t want to se…”

“We’re together whether you like it or not Ayasha so get used…”

                Ayasha laughed hard. “Are you crazy?”


                “Are you crazy? Never mind…you are crazy. You may want to forget but my brother told me he told you to leave him the fuck alone.”

                “He never said that…”

                Sally moved behind Ayasha which brought both women’s attention to her immediately. Ayasha spoke first, “Get out of his house. You’re making his girlfriend uncomfortable.”

                “What?” Audrey said looking between Sally and Ayasha. “He doesn’t have a girlfriend. We’re working things out.”

                “No, you’re trying to bury your fangs into my bother…”

                “I’m his girlfriend and I’m not going to let you keep us a part. You’re such a bitch and Storm would never be seen with someone like her.” Audrey gave Sally a look of contempt, “You’re going to…”           “You are a psychotic, delusional, warped low-life bitch and I’m done with you. Get out before I have you forcefully removed.”

                Audrey visibly tensed. She knew Ayasha was daring enough to call the police and they would listen to her. Storm would defend Ayasha but she and her family would be disgraced. She decided to hit somewhere else. “Tell me something,” she addressed Sally, “do you know of their brother and sister special affection?”
                Sally who felt insulted by what the skinny blond had said replied sweetly, “No I didn’t know,” and turning to Ayasha continued, “but I would love to join next time, if you don’t mind the company.”

                Ayasha smiled at Sally. “No not at all. We were going to invite you.”

                “Invitation accepted.”

                Audrey stared at both women as they returned her stare, everyone silent. Seeing that she had lost this battle Audrey huffed, turned and stomped away, angrily slamming the door behind her.  Ayasha immediately began to laugh as Sally tried to apologize.

                “You’re sorry? For what?” Ayasha asked.

                “I shouldn’t have gotten involved…”

                “I got you involved. Storm won’t be angry and if he is, I’ll deal with him.” Ayasha sighed, “Thank you for not believing that…”

                “It’s none of my business.”

                Ayasha’s phone beeped notifying her of a text message which read: Leave. Come to Mike’s now!

                “Well I have to get going. Thanks for watching Benji.”

                “It was my pleasure. He was a well behaved dog and he missed you.”

                “Yeah…he’s my baby. Say thank you and goodbye to Sally, Benji,” and the happy little dog barked and jumped around.

                “You’re welcome Benji and you were wonderful company,” Sally replied smiling.


                Kevin opened the Mike’s apartment door and allowed Ayasha in. She greeted  both him and Mike before addressing Storm.

                “Hey guys. You look great. What’s going on?”

                “You’re still looking fine as ever. So when you gonna leave that bum for me?” Kevin flirted.

                Storm grunted and Ayasha smiled. “Sorry but I sorta love that bum but who knows maybe I’ll change my mind one of these days.”

                “You know where I’ll be,” Kevin said.

                “Okay so what’s going on?” Ayasha asked finally addressing her brother.

                “Sally is under surveillance. Nice argument there sis…”

                “Your whore asked for it,” then Ayasha smiled, “and Sally handled her nicely also.”

                “Yes, we heard,” Mike said and the guys began to laugh.

                “Yasha…” Storm began.

                “You heard what she said?” Ayasha said in her defense.

                “Yes, and I will take care of it but stop calling her my whore.”

                “I hate the fact that you got involved with her in the first place.”

                “Ayasha, it was nothing. Let it go.”

                “Okay. So why are you watching Sally?”

                “Sorry babe but it’s confidential,” Mike answered.

                “Yeah…it’s nothing big.”

                Mike’s phone rang. “So why are you watching her from here?” Ayasha asked.

                “The main surveillance is going on elsewhere. This is just an additional feed,” Kevin answered.

                “I needed somewhere to stay and didn’t feel like a hotel or…” Storm answered.

                “You could have gone home for the weekend. I’m sure mother would have loved that,” Ayasha said.

                “Didn’t feel like it sis,” Storm said to her smart ass remark.
                “Okay thanks for letting me know. I’ll see you guys soon,” Mike said ending the call. To the others in the room he said, “I have to go.”

                “I’ll recheck to see if I missed anything,” Kevin said.

                “Thanks man,” Mike said to Kevin before turning to address Storm, “Storm thanks for letting us use your place.”

“Anytime,” Storm said to Mike and before turning to Kevin, “Can you get that stuff out of my house tonight? I’m going to dinner.”

“I’ll do my best but I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Thanks,” Storm said to Kevin before addressing Ayasha, “Sis, where are you off to now?”

“Home, do you want to come by. I’m ordering in,” Ayasha replied.

“No…I’m gonna wing it tonight. Thanks.”

                “Ayasha, see you soon babe,” Mike said.

                “Well your wish will come through if you attend my party next month.” She turned to Kevin, “Both of you are invited and both of you had better show up, no excuses. It’s going to be fun because it’s my party.”

                “Just let me know when babe, you know I’ll always make time for you,” Mike replied.

                “Yeah, me too especially when you leave that bum you’re dating…what is he again, a nurse or something?” Kevin joked.

                “He’s a doctor you idiot. Don’t get injured. I don’t want you to end up on his table especially if he knows you’re trying to steal his woman,” Mike said to Kevin.

                “It doesn’t matter, we’ll still be together,” Kevin said to Ayasha who laughed.

                Storm and Mike both shook their heads. “Delusional,” Mike said before walking away.



                Storm parked next to the car in his driveway. Walking behind it, he took down the plate number.  When he opened his front door, it was to see Sally dressed, ready to leave. For a brief moment, he imagined she was at the door to welcome him home. She looked beautiful and taller. Her hair was pinned up in a messy bun and for the first time, she was wearing makeup; a lip-gloss that made her lips look very wet and kissable. Her beautiful aqua blue shirt was breezy and airy and she paired it with skin tight dark blue jeans. Looking down he saw why she was taller today, she was wearing wedges that showed off her manicured toes. Deliberately blocking her path so she couldn’t leave, he inconspicuously forced her back into the foyer as he securely closed the door behind him. It also gave him a few moments to rein in his desire to kiss her.

                “Hello, how are you doing?”

                “Fine thanks. You’re back early.”

                “Yeah, I finished my business sooner than expected. Where’s Benji? He didn’t give you any problems did he?”

                “No, he didn’t. Your sister came by and got him not too long ago.”

                “Oh good. Thanks so much for watching him for me…”

                “You’re welcome.”

                After a moment of silence they both began to speak together.

                “Well I’ll…”

                “Where are…”

                Sally kept quiet and nodded for Storm to begin. “Where are you off to?”

                “Oh I was going to get dinner but since you’re back, I’ll leave instead.”

                “Did you order?”

                “No, I was just going to see what I wanted.”

                “Well give me a few and I’ll join you.”

                “No, that won’t be necessary. Thank you.  You have been very generous already.”

                “Sally, I’m hungry too and I wouldn’t mind the company.”

                “I’m not comfortable considering I’m temporarily working for you.”

                “Well your assignment ended when Ayasha picked up Benji so you’re no longer my employee. Wait here, I’ll be back in about five to ten minutes.”

                “Storm, I…”

                “By the way what were you going to get?”


“Which is?”

“You wouldn’t…what did you want to eat?”

“Jerk Chicken and I know a great little spot.”

“You eat Jerk Chicken?”

“Yes, why?”

“Nothing…” she smiled and Storm didn’t miss it.



                The owner of the restaurant greeted Storm happily and it was clear that he was a regular. Storm introduced Sally to Clive, a happy go lucky individual who obviously enjoyed what he did. They sat at booth and shortly after, Clive came by.

“So a weh yu fine dat preety girl?” Clive asked.

“Mi whan no mi self Clivey,” Clive’s wife Patrice said.

Storm laughed at the ribbing. It was the first time he had ever brought a woman there besides Ayasha. It was one of Ayasha’s favorite restaurants and why he didn’t tell her he was coming. He wanted this time with Sally.

“So I can’t be seen with a pretty girl?”

“A nu so me sey. Mi ask yu a whey yu fine ‘re,” Clive replied.

Looking at Sally and her joy at his expense, Storm answered, “She ran into me.” Sally looked away shyly, her smile diminishing a bit. She looked up at Clive who was smiling at her and then at Storm. “Her beauty knocked me over, literally.”

She was stunned by the compliment.  

“What yu name?” Patrice asked Sally.

“What part of the island are you from?” Sally asked in return.    

“St. Ann’s. Where yu from?”

“Sally, Kingston but then again, everyone’s from Kingston.”

“True dat.”

“Do you ever go back?”

“When me can get a cheap flight.”

Even though her question was meant to sound casual, Storm detected the under tone of longing and wondered why she didn’t return for visits like he knew Clive and Patrice did. Maybe it was because she no longer had family on the island. According to the report Mike had pulled on her, she was an orphan.

“What yu want sweetheart?” Patrice asked Sally before turning to Storm, “Mi already know what yu want.”

“What if I want something different tonight?”

“Yu already have something different tonight and yu a enjoy it already,” Patrice replied to Storm who laughed. “Whey you want babe? Arda anyting.”

Sally laughed, “I’ll take an order of jerk chicken…oh wait, do you have fried fish?”

“Of course. You want bammy or festival wid dit?”

“Bammy please. Thank you.”

“I’ll have a fried fish also and make my chicken order a large one.”

“Alright. Whey you want fi drink?” Patrice asked Sally.

“A bottle of water please.”

“Dat it?”

“Yes, that will be fine. Thank you.”

“Me know, yu want fruit punch.”

“You love me.”

“No try fi take whey mi wife. Yu ‘ave yu own woman,” Clive said to Storm who laughed out loud again.

Sally was stuffed. The food was so good that she almost couldn’t stop eating. The fried fish came with steamed vegetables and Storm had jerk chicken with rice and peas. He made her try a piece of his chicken and she was definitely coming back for more. Clive and Patrice also kept the jokes coming. It was a very quaint restaurant, not very large which made it very cozy and enjoyable. No one wanted to leave or so it seemed, but there was a steady stream of patrons who couldn’t wait to get their food. Now they were walking among some shops with Storm lightly holding Sally’s hand after she gave up her many attempts to pull her hand free.  

                “So what exactly are you studying?”

                “For now it’s biology focusing on microbiology.”  

                “Very nice. I never had a feel for the sciences. My Aunt Mary does though. She was a pediatric nurse and she loved it. How much longer do you have?”

                “I have these exams then hopefully I’ll get accepted by one of the hospitals for an internship as a tech. At least that way, I can steady support myself as I further my degree.”

                “Which schools are you looking at?”

                “I’m still looking. I’m going over programs and their cost.”

                “Well there’s loans right?”

                “Yes, but I’ll still have to budget to see what I can afford.”

Storm noticed she didn’t give any information about her finances so he held back on the questions so she wouldn’t become suspicious.

“How did you find that place?” Sally asked.

“A very good friend of mine, a paralegal I worked with at the DA’s office. We were working on a case late one night and she ordered us dinner from there. I’ve been hooked ever since. I go there a few times a month. I love the atmosphere and Clive and Patrice are sweet and funny, hardworking. They make everyone feel comfortable.”

Sally took notice of how he spoke about his friends.



Storm laid in bed looking up at the ceiling wondering what time today Sally would leave. Last night was one of the best dates he’d ever had. He observed how much she enjoyed her meal, spoke with Clive and Patrice and relaxed in the little restaurant. Not wanting to part from her company, he insisted that she spend the night, averting to the time of night for traveling alone. Currently she was in a bedroom down the hall but he wanted her beside him in his bed. Getting up, he pulled on pajama pants, washed up and made his way to the kitchen to begin breakfast. At the very least, he was going to feed her.

Breakfast was finished and Sally still had not made an appearance so Storm when to see if she was up. Knocking on the door, he heard her yelled, “Enter.” Text book, notes and pictures lay scattered on the bed. Walking over, he picked up a few of the pictures and marveled at the various microbes depicted. Sally came out of the bathroom wearing a blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants. ‘Adorable,’ Storm thought as she threw the towel over her shoulder.

“I made breakfast. You were studying?”

“Good morning. Yeah, I was looking at the pictures of some slides. Thanks for breakfast but I’m gonna leave now. I’ve imposed long enough.”

“You’re not imposing but you should eat if you’re planning on studying more. I have some cases to review. You can stay and study if you like. It’s nice and quiet.” 

“Thanks but I really should get going.”

“Sally, come have breakfast and then make your decision after that.”




Sally was sitting around the dining table trying to concentrate on what she was studying but it was almost futile. Try as she might, she couldn’t get last night or breakfast this morning out of her head. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with juice. The warm day accommodated them eating out on the patio.

“When is your exam?”

“Tuesday but I also have a paper that’s due.”

“How much more before it’s completed?”

“It’s finished but I want to edit it again.”

                “Again? Are you always this much of a perfectionist?”

                “I’m not a perfectionist,” but when she looked up at Storm and saw that one raised left eyebrow, she smiled and looked away knowing he wasn’t buying anything she was saying. “I want it to be right.”

                He smiled. “Come on let’s get you back to studying.”

                “Thanks for breakfast but…”

                “Sally, by the time you pack up, get home, unpack and get settled again to begin studying, you’d have lost your momentum. Stay and study. I have some work to finish in the office anyway.”

                “Are you sure I won’t be disturbing you?”

                “Help me with the dishes please?”

                “Yes, of course.”

It was two hours later and she didn’t remember what she read thirty minutes ago. Try as she might, she couldn’t hide the truth behind her distraction…she wanted to kiss him. She wanted to kiss Storm and didn’t know how.








Chapter End Notes:

Have a great weekend guy. 

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