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Storm put down the file he was reading and looked back at his computer screen. Running his hand over his face, he took a deep breath and released it. It was stupid but he wanted to go out there and watch her study. He felt like a school boy with his first crush. Sighing in defeat, he got up and went to get something, anything so he could talk with her again, hear her laugh. She was still sitting at the table but instead of reading, she was staring out the glass door. She seemed confused and distracted.

“Hey are you okay?” Storm asked which startled Sally. “I didn’t mean to startle you. Do you want something to eat? You’ve been at it for a while now. Want to take a break?”

“Yeah, I probably should take a break but I’m going to get my things…”

“Why do you want to leave so badly? Do I make you that uncomfortable?”

“Why do you want me to stay?” Sally asked softly.

“Because I enjoy your company.”

“You don’t…”
“I’m trying to get to know you but you keep trying to run away. Stay, have lunch with me.”



                Storm convinced Sally to stay for dinner. She was wearing jeans again with her wedges and a simple white t-shirt. They were standing by the door having just returned from dinner.

                “Well, I’m going to get my things. Thanks for a very nice day and evening.”

                “Thank you for joining me.”

                Sally smiled and walked away. Storm stood at the door trying to think of a way to convince her to stay longer, but when she returned quickly, he realized she had packed before they left for dinner. Coming to the door, she stopped in front of him.

                “Well thanks again for the job and everything. Have a nice week.”

                “Thanks for watching Benji and for spending the day. We should do this again sometime. I like hanging out with you.”

                Sally smiled happily. “Thank you, it was nice.”

                Storm bent to her and her soft, clean scent engulfed him. His lips gently touched her cheek and lingered a bit longer than it should as he relished the feel of her skin. Lifting his head just a margin, he looked in her wide eye stare and slowly lowered his lips until they gently pressed against hers. She didn’t pull away from him and he cupped her face, deepening the kiss. Her lips were very soft and he savored the fresh taste of her. Hearing her release the breath she was holding, he knew he had both won and loss. Some of her barriers were down but he had lost the battle to control himself. He wanted her, badly.

                She pulled away, breaking the kiss. Storm looked down and saw her rapidly beating pulse.

                “I have to go,” she said hurriedly and picked up her bag, opened the door and left.

                Storm reached for her hand, “Sally,”

                “Have a nice night.” She pulled her hand free and left.

                As Storm looked at the closed door, he remembered a particular moment he watched on the surveillance feed. Benji had curled up next to her on the couch while she studied and when she felt asleep he stayed curled beside her. The only other person he did that with was Ayasha.


                The week went by in a daze because all Sally could think of was the kiss. She wanted to feel it again. His lips were firm but soft and moved with such precision over hers. The experience was one she would never forget. He had sent her a text that night wanting to know if she got home safely to which she had replied. But over the last few days he sent her more text messages. She kept her answers short, telling herself nothing could come of it anyways. The kiss was only a fluke. It would never happen again. It was time for her to let go of the fantasy.  

Sally continued to stare at the ocean, something she’d been doing entirely too much since the day she left Storm’s. Turning around abruptly, she didn’t expect to face Storm’s hard muscled chest. She almost fell backwards, but he reached out in time to grab her arms, steading her.

“You don’t have to fall at my feet to show me how happy you are to see me,” Storm said smiling. “What are you doing here?”
“I sent you a message asking if you wanted to catch a movie or something but you didn’t reply. Busy?”

Sally looked away guilty. She had received the text message and wanted to go but was too afraid to reply. “Yeah…I’m busy but thanks for the invite.”

“What night are you not busy?”

“I’m busy every night. Sorry.” Sally tried to walk away but Storm held on to her arm.

“No movie, late dinner, this Saturday.”

“I can’t…”

“I’ll pick you up at about ten.” Storm turned and walked away.

“No place is opened at that hour.”

“Let me worry about that. Be ready at that time.”

Sally didn’t have to work that night.


Sally glanced at the speedometer…120mph, ‘And there’s still room…’ she said to herself as she pushed herself to go faster. Try as she might, she couldn’t come up with a good reason to get out of the date this Saturday. She bent into the corner and came out smoothly like she knew she would. Being on this stretch of road without any cops or other bikers was what she needed. She had to find a way out of this fantasy in her head. It was becoming an obsession if it wasn’t already.

She got to the four way stop and stopped. Sitting up on the bike, she took deep breaths as the readied herself for another pounding session. But suddenly another bike stopped next to her. She looked over and the biker and bike seem to be one; clothes and bike color almost the same. He looked over at her and nodded. She knew her bike was not match for the Ducati 1098s but if she was going to get her ass kicked it might as well be by the best, she thought. She nodded and revved her bike. The other biker did the same also.

They took off and it didn’t take long for him to pass her but he kept dropping back his speed to stay by her side mostly. She rode hard, taking her bike past 140mph but she knew it was still no match for the monster beside her. Soon she would be able to purchase the bike she wanted but loyalty forbade her to rid herself of her trusty companion. She smiled at the thought and glanced over to the rider who was beside her. He looked at her, nodded and then took off. He bent into the curve smoothly, melting, bike and rider becoming one. She smiled, it was a beautiful sight.

The rider was waiting for her at the stop sign. Pulling up next to him, she took off her helmet and turned, shocked to see Storm staring back at her.

“You ride?” she asked.

“So do you and very well too. I don’t meet a lot of women who can ride at that speed.”


                “Want to go again?”

                “I love riding but I’ll pass on the humiliation.”

                “No racing just riding. Come on, ride with me.”

                “I have to go.”

                “Why? You just got here.”              

                “Good night…be safe.”

                “Don’t bail on me this Saturday.”



Dinner was at an elegant restaurant and at nine instead of ten. She was dressed in an ivory linen dress with two inch heels. Her hair was wrapped in a bun and once again her only make-up was her lip-gloss. The square bodice of the dress showed off the top of her cleavage and the cut of the dress synched her waist and flared off her hip to hint at her hour glass figure. They were walking in the garden area of the plaza where they just dined. Storm kept the conversation going while she wondered what she was doing there with him.

“How was your exam this past week?”

“We didn’t take it so now I have three next week.”

“That’s a lot. How do you feel about them?”

“I feel good. I’ll be fine.”

“Good. Did you turn your paper in as of yet?”

“Yeah, this week.”

“What grade do you think you’ll...Sally, Sally what’s wrong?” Storm asked when he turned to see why she had stopped.

“I…I need to sit, please.”

“Yes, of course,” Storm said as he brought her to a bench. “Are you okay? Do you want me to call the ambulance?”

“No, no…I’m fine. I just need to rest for a moment.” After a few minutes, “I think I had too much wine.”

“I didn’t know…you didn’t say…”
                “No, I wanted to try it and it was delicious. I just have to get used to it.” But the dizziness remained.


Sally’s head felt a little heavy as she very slowly opened her eyes. She didn’t want to move from the very comfortable bed but on wobbly legs, made her way to the bathroom. Realizing it wasn’t her bathroom, she looked down at herself and noticed also that the clothes she was wearing wasn’t hers either, even though she was still wearing her bra and underwear. ‘Who’s t-shirt is this? She quietly made her way to the bedroom door but stopped at the door to look at Storm sleeping in the bed. ‘Did I sleep with him?’

As Sally turned to leave she heard, “Where are you going?” and turned around as Storm sat up and turned on the light next to him. Sacred, she looked down at herself trying to think of something to say. He got out of bed and stood before her.  “How are you feeling?”

“How did I get here?”

“You mean in my room, in my bed?” She nodded. “You had a bit too much wine. When I brought you back, I helped you undress, put you in my shirt and bed. Nothing happened besides you slept. How do you feel?”

“Better thanks.”

“Good. Now come back to bed.”

“I’ll sleep in the other room…”


Sally looked away then back at Storm. She couldn’t explain it but the need to touch him was strong and frightful. Not wanting to begin something she couldn’t control, she turned to walk away but Storm held her hand and brought her back to him.

“I won’t hurt you,” he said moving her hair behind her ear.

His fingers gently moved along her jaw to her chin where he tilted her head up as his lip descended to hers. Tenderly his lips moved against hers and the heat she felt the last time they kissed was back instantly. His tongue sought entrance beyond her lips and she granted it slowly, knowing she didn’t have the ability to deny him. He wrapped his arms around her securing her to him as he walked her backwards. They broke apart when the back of her legs hit the bed and she grabbed on to him for support. He began kissing her again but it was all too much too fast and she pushed him away causing him to take a step back. She was flustered, confused and the look in his eyes were hungry. He demanded control over her mind and body and she was close to giving it to him. She tried to move past him but he held her arms not allowing her to pass.

“Sally, I’m very attracted to you,” Storm said gently waiting for her response.

She gasped, “What? I have to go,” she said and tried to move past him again.

His hands cupped her face gently, “I won’t hurt you.”

Sally looked away. “Please, I have to go.”

“Why?” He kissed her cheek.

“I can’t...I don’t…”

“Sally I want to make love to you, do you want to with me?”

“I…I’m not as…as experienced,” she whispered.

Storm smiled and tilted her face to him, “Good, don’t think, feel.”

His kiss began gently then intensified when he felt her hands move up his arms and rest on his shoulders. His hands moved up, dragging both the t-shirt and her body temperature along its upward path. The kiss ended temporarily for Storm to remove the shirt but when Sally covered herself, he pulled her to him and kissed her hungrily, plundering her mouth with more force and directness than before.

He moved her hands to his back and his muscles jumped where her fingers touched. She hurriedly tried to remove her hand thinking she had hurt him somehow, but Storm tightened his arms round her like a band, restraining her from leaving their circle. She pulled back from the kiss to look up at him, “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Pearly white teeth smiled down at her as Storm tilted her face up. “You’re sorry for being beautiful? I’ve never heard anyone apologize for that before.” A shy smile played at her lips as she looked down. “I didn’t think so. Touch me.”

She looked back at him and the fear that had just left with his compliment came back with his order. Taking a deep breath, Sally moved her shaking hands inch by inch up his torso to his shoulders. She kept her gaze on her moving hands and inhaled a quick breath when he cover her hands with his and moved them around his neck. Her fingers knotted themselves in the hairs at the back of his head and when he kissed her again she tightened her hold on him, crushing her breast into his chest.

She didn’t know he had moved her to lie down until her back touched the bed and he covered her with his body. Keeping the bulk of his weight from her, he kissed down her body making her arch into him. Guided by her natural instinct to respond to him, Sally’s moans came effortlessly and her muscles quiver and jumped where his lips touched. The heat between her legs built and they moved a part of their own accord to allow him to settle in-between.  He reached her mound and placed a gentle kiss on top as his hands roamed up and down her legs, kissing along her inner thighs. Sally grabbed his hair not sure if she wanted him to stop or continue and her stomach quiver again as he made is way up her body and taking a breast in his mouth, licking and sucking on each nipple as he tried to make her forget the world around her.

He moved to her side without breaking the kiss while his hand moved down her body to stop at her heat. She gasped when his finger touched her swollen clit and closed her legs on his hand. He moved over her, maneuvering her on her back again and forced her head back into the pillow as he deepened the kiss. She tugged at the hand between her legs but it didn’t move. Relaxing again, her legs opened slightly and it was all he needed, his finger tip moved along the receptive outer engorged lips of her pussy. Her grip on his wrist tightened but his fingers didn’t stop and gradually her acceptance grew until slowly one finger began to enter her heat.

She took a deep breath as his finger began to move slowly in and out and he took a hard nipple into his mouth. He withdrew his finger and made a slow journey to her tiny button. Her entire body shook as he alternated between entering and withdrawing and touching her little button. The sensations grew until they felt overwhelming. Then she couldn’t breathe. Everything intensified and she pushed at his hand, terrified of what was coming.

“No. Stop,” she pleaded.

“Yes…yes,” he said as he continued to rub her clit gently.

She tried pushing at his shoulder but it was unmovable. His finger gently entered her again and again. He kissed her deeply as her body tightened further, preparing for an impact she had never felt before. She turned away from him, breaking the kiss.

“What? No…”

“Breathe sweetheart, breathe. Let it go,” he whispered in her ear. “Don’t fight it, Sally. Let it go.”

Upon his command, she stopped fighting and it burst upon her. Her eyes closed and she screamed while she grabbed his wrist and held it as her legs clamped closed. Her back and neck arched as she tried to breathe through the intense sensation rushing through her body like liquid heat. Her eyes opened and she looked up at him startled as she gasped for air and closed her eyes again.

“That’s it baby, yes, let it go. Breathe baby breathe.”

A while later, she opened her eyes again but she kept seeing what she thought were stars. Her breathing had not come back to normal but she no longer felt like she was suffocating. The tension that had knotted her body had eased a bit living a languid feeling in its place. He kissed her and she got lost in the taste of him as he settled between her legs. She didn’t see him put the condom on but she did feel his hands move to her junction as he placed himself at her opening. He gently entered her and her body opened for him. She looked up at him when he stopped thinking he was fully in her and took several breaths as she stared back at him.

“Open your legs wider,” he whispered in her ear. She obeyed. “Hold on to me tighter.”

 She gripped his shoulders stronger as he kissed her again and this time surged into her in one solid thrust. Her body tightened at his massiveness and she tried to twist away from him but his kiss was unbreakable, and he swallowed down her moan even as he held himself still, giving her time to adjust. He withdrew and reentered slowly and her body tensed as the new sensation washed over her. Steadily his thrusts increased as she gripped him tighter. His lips moved along her collar to her breast to suck her nipple into his mouth and flick his tongue over it until she cried out, before moving to the other. He kissed her again, deeply and the feeling he created intensified and spread through her body.

She heard his voice again in her ear as she struggled for control. “Breathe baby breathe,” and again she tried to breathe normally. “Let it go…don’t fight it baby.”


“Sally, don’t fight it.”

Her walls clamped down on him hard as he pushed in. His head was bent to her neck as she screamed and dug her nails into his shoulders. She heard his heavy breathing and felt his body go ridged. It was a many minutes later before she was able to open her eyes and take a labored breath. They looked at each other and Storm kissed her before gently withdrawing from her. Immediately she felt the loss. She didn’t see when Storm remove the used condom and threw it in the trash. She didn’t when he left the bed and got a towel to clean her up. But when he came back to bed and gathered her in his arms, she was asleep before her head hit his chest.



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