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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for this being late. Starting my own business, looking for employment, voluteering and family. It takes a toll...thanks for your patience. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe Holiday to all.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


                He was waking up alone again and for the life of him, Storm Monsello couldn’t understand why it was still bothering him. Since Sally’s quiet, unannounced departure Monday morning he had been unable to shake the feeling of being used. It was an alien feeling since he much preferred women who weren’t clingy. The rules he and Brad had acquired, developed and perfected over the years, never accounted for such emotions. But now here he was feeling used and he didn’t know if a girl leaving of her own accord should conjured such sentiments. As Storm thought about Sally, he could help but think about their night together. His instincts were right, Sally was a virgin and he now selfishly wanted to be the only recipient of un-orchestrated touches and actions. He wanted to be her only instructor.   

Finally getting out of bed, he made his way to the shower. The water stung his shoulders where she had embedded her nails for an orgasm that had intensified his a hundred times more. Storm smiled when he remembered how her body responded to his touch, how it felt to see and feel her experience her first two orgasms. His cock had reached heaven and waking up to her next day had felt simply perfect. He took extra care getting dress, planning how he was going to surprise her for lunch. Tying his navy blue silk tie against his light blue shirt, Storm once again thought back to how deeply he had slept where he didn’t hear her leave. It still left him in awe since he was normally a light sleeper.


                Officer Eastman walked among the bikes in the parking area, searching for Sally’s but it wasn’t there. According the stripper, this was the school Sally attended and the bike was the only mode of transportation he had ever seen her use. But both since she left the club, no one had seen or spoken with her. Also, the number Roger had for her had been disconnect month prior. Feeling angry and frustrated, Office Eastman got in his car and left, not wanting to arouse the suspicions of the officers stationed on campus. He was so occupied with his thoughts that he didn’t see Storm driving into the school.



                Waiting by the stop sign to turn into the visitors’ parking lot, Storm didn’t expect to see Sally walking toward the bus stop. Having gotten her schedule from Kevin, he was going to wait by her class room until she left, but as he waited for a car to pass, he saw her turn and greeted a guy with a hug and kiss. A fierce jealousy ignited in him that he had to forcefully stamp down. He wanted no other man touching her. Turning, he looked into his rearview mirror to see her hug and kiss the guy again as they both went their separate ways.

                He turned the car around when he saw her sit at the bus stop and pulled alongside. “Good morning.” He could tell she was surprised to see him but still replied in kind. “Do you mind if we talked for bit?”

                “No, I can’t right now.”

                “Where’s your bike?”

                “In the shop…you’re in the bus area. You need to move before the bus gets here.”

                “I’ll take you where you need to go. Come on.”

                “No thank you. The bus should be here in less than five minutes. Have a nice day.”

                Storm got out of the car. “Sally, I would really like to speak with you. Please get in the car,” he asked nicely. Picking up her backpack which was beside her on the bench, he opened the car door and waited for her to move.  

                “You can say what you have to say right here.”

                “As you pointed out the bus will be here shortly and what I have to say will take longer than five minutes. Come on.”

                They were driving in silence for a few minutes before Storm asked, “What exam did you have today?”


                “How was it?”

                “Why are you here?”

                “I wanted to see you.”

                “Why? Don’t you work?”

                Storm laughed, “Yes, I do. I had to see a client about five minutes away from here and I wanted to see you. Would you like to have lunch?”

                Sally turned and looked at him squarely. “Lunch? Are you kidding? And you want me to believe that you had a client to see that’s close by here? My school? Come on…really?”

                “Sally I did have a client to see that is less than five minutes away from here. Could I have pushed off doing the interview today? Yes, but she wanted it done as soon as possible and I thought lunch would be a great idea. Why are you being so defensive?”

                Sally looked out her window. Suddenly the car turned off the road and into the back parking lot of a Seven-Eleven.

                “Where are we going?”

                “Lunch if you would say yes.”

                “No. I’m busy. I told you that already. What do you want?”

                Storm parked the car and turned to her. “Why did you leave the other morning without letting me know? It was rather rude…”

                “You came to find out why I left? I had to get to school as you well know. Don’t tell me, something came up missing and I’m the main suspect.”

                “What?” Storm smiled thinking she was joking. “Nothing went missing but you should have told me you were leaving.”

                “Why?” When Storm didn’t answer immediately she continued, “Why should I have told you I was leaving? What great insight would you have gained with that information?”

                “Well I think it was rather rude after the weekend we had…”
                Sally laughed. “This is such bullshit.” She looked out the window before turning to address him directly. “You are so full of shit. How many women have you left without a backward glance? How many of them? Can you remember? I left because I had to get to class. I had an exam but even though you know the answer, it’s not good enough because you didn’t get to kick me out. I left of my own accord and that pisses you off.” She looked away again out the window.

                “I’m not pissed that you left for school…”

                She turned to face him again. “Bullshit…you are. What did you want me to do, beg you to let me stay? I’m not your skinny ass ex who’s claiming you to the world. I’m not going to sit by the door pinning after you like some childish school girl. We had sex. It was a mistake. It’s done…”

                “A mistake? Making love was a mistake to you?”

                “YES! Yes it was a mistake and I will live with it. Now leave me alone.”

                Sally grabbed her bag and slammed the door as she left. Storm sat looking at her for all of five seconds before he got out just as angry.  Reaching her, he grabbed her arm and swung her around to face him.

                “What do you want? Leave me alone. Go back to your…”

                “SHUT UP!” he yelled and repeated when she tried to speak again. “SHUT UP!” He was pissed. “What happened between us was not a mistake. It wasn’t. I know for a fact that that was the first time you had orgasms like the ones I gave you. If I wanted Audrey, I would be with her not standing here listening to this crap coming out of your mouth. And if I thought you were one of those girls who pinned after a man, I wouldn’t be here either. You want to talk about bullshit? Let’s talk about yours. I came here to take you out to lunch. To talk, to get to know you better but you’ve got that stick  so far up your ass that you can’t get past the fact that you want that mistake to happen again but don’t know how to ask for it.”

                They both stared at each other breathing hard. There was nothing else but so much more to say. He saw the fear in her eyes…and the loneliness. He wanted to pull her in his arms and kiss her until all the anger she felt left and all that remained was the soft, plaint woman he’d made love to on Saturday night. He watched as she turned and walked away.



                Her bike wasn’t ready and now she was both angry and sad. She wanted to ride, needed the freedom her bike would give her to clear her head. At that moment, it was her one wish, to have a clear head especially about Storm. She was now one of those girls…the ones who sat around day dreaming about a guy as if he was the miracle to all of life ailments, the unattainable fantasy.  She didn’t have time to entertain fantasies. She had planned her life out to precision and deviations could not be entertained. Storm Monsello was just that, a deviation. A tall, drop dead gorgeous, divinely made, blue eyed, black hair, not a flaw on his body, knows how to kiss, and how to bring a woman’s body alive deviation.

                The tenderness between her legs had eased, replaced by wanting. Masturbating was never something she had indulged in before but since Storm, she found herself trying to ease the needful want more often. He was right she had never had orgasms like the ones he gave her because she had never been with anyone before. She had tried but the guy wasn’t very experienced. Storm was her first and she was terrified. She wanted to kiss him so badly and if he had wanted to, she would have gone back to his place and made love to him. During class and even in her exam, she found herself touching her lips as if she could still feel his against hers.

                Their make out session on Sunday had left them both wanting but as much as they wanted to, Storm decided forego sex stating that he knew she was tender. How did he know that? Was he that experienced? How many women had he been with? Maybe it was because making love to her was a horrible experience for him. ‘But he came to take you out to lunch. He said he didn’t want Audrey,’ her conscience voiced. She was so confused. How could he have read her so easily to know that she wanted to make love to him again?

Sally got her bag and left her apartment. After eating dinner she walked along the beach since she didn’t feel like going home. Sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean, she thought about how the next few months of her life had to unfold. She was so close and nothing was going to stop her from her goal. Contact with Storm had to end. None of the feelings he invoked could be allowed to take root or they could deviate her from her path. But if she was going to be truly honest with herself, she would have to admit that the scariest thing about being was Storm wasn’t just the need he produced, it was how safe he made her feel. Sleeping in his arms had been one of the most peacefully night’s rests she had had in years and safety she knew didn’t exist.



“Mr. Monsello, was there anything else I could get for you?” the young housekeeper asked in a surly voice.

 “No,” Storm replied as he took another sip of his coffee and continued looking out the sliding glass door.

“Would you like me to make you breakfast?”

“No thank you. You may leave now,” he replied again without looking back.

“Are you sure? I…”

He looked back. “I’m sure. Go.”

She was upset but he didn’t care. He wasn’t sleeping with the help no matter how little clothes she wore. While he wasn’t fussy or cared that the household staff that came to his house wearing a uniform, they were to be at least modestly covered. He would have to tell his assistant to get him someone else. ‘Not a problem I would have with Sally,’ he thought as his mind drifted back to her again. Sally was extremely independent…maybe too much so. He turned to look at the door when he heard it close and his mind began to replay his fantasy of Sally standing there to welcome him home. When had he become fanciful? He was never one to daydream, at least not about a woman; cars and bikes yes, but not women or at least not about one woman in particular. But here he was, fully dressed hours ahead of time for him to be at the office and he couldn’t stop remembering how she moved beneath him, what her hands felt like on his skin, how soft and sweet her skin felt and tasted. He remembered the look in her eyes as her body built to its ultimate peak and the tremors that shook her when she climaxed. He wanted to do that to her again and again. He wanted to feel that calm happiness with her again afterwards.

But she was right, he had never cared for any of the women he’d left behind after the night’s romp was over. His ringing phone broke him out of his trance and after seeing who was calling, he pressed ‘ignore’. Shelly was a fellow lawyer and they also enjoyed the benefits side of their relationship, and while he knew she never called this early unless it was about a case, he couldn’t seem to focus on anything else but a flawless, walnut coloured, silky skinned, curvaceous beauty who had the most beautiful clear brown eyes, the softest lips, and curly satin black hair. 



More than five weeks later…

[Greg] - Hey how were exams

[Sally] - They were ok…yours?

[Greg] - Alright…want to go out and celebrate this Friday night?

[Sally] - Let me see if I can get off work. Will let you know soon

[Greg]- Cool…chil

Sally immediately dialed Jack and requested Friday night off. One of the new changes she had made was to get out more. So far it proved to be the only remedy against thinking about Storm which had dropped considerably but had not been completely eliminated. Rhonda finally confessed that she no longer worked for Storm and in some way, she was happy.  

The aching need she also felt had ebbed but did come back with a vengeance one night when Storm and his friends had showed up at the bar. They left before seeing her but one look at him had made her body go back into the extreme need and she found herself trying to find release a few times that night and over the next few days. She took long bike rides where she pushed herself to go faster and faster all trying to escape what she was feeling. She must have picked up her phone, ready to hit the call button about fifty or so times since the day of their argument but didn’t. How could she tell him that he was right? That she wanted to feel him again, that she was afraid of being discarded like yesterday’s newspaper? How could she tell him that feeling safe was the most terrifying feeling in the world to her and that’s how he made her feel.



Chapter End Notes:

Thanks again for reading. 

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