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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Sally’s back was to Greg’s front as they danced. Her swaying hips and arms didn’t go unnoticed by Grey and a few other patrons of the club. The music was loud and the crowd was a mixture of college students and professionals. She was having a good time which was surprising even for her. Greg had gotten them both a drink which he had finished but not Sally. Before coming to the club, they had gone for dinner. The conversation was kept light. They mostly spoke about colleges and universities, and plans on furthering their respective professions.

They were taking a break and standing at the bar speaking with the bartender, a friend of Greg’s when Sally thought she heard her name. Looking around and not recognizing anyone, she dismissed it but heard her name again after a few more minutes. Looking around, she came face to face with Ayasha.

“Hey, what’s up?” Ayasha said pulling Sally into a hug.

“Hi…” Sally replied not sure what to do.

“I’m having some much needed party time with my fiancé and some close friends. What are you doing here?”

“I’m celebrating the end of exams with one of my lab partners. Greg,” Sally turned to him, “this is Ayasha, an acquaintance. Ayasha, this is Greg one of my lab partners.”

Both Greg and Ayasha shook hands.

“You both have to join us. We’re having such a wonderful time,” Ayasha invited.

“Yes, you are,” said one of the women with Ayasha.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sally these are friends of mine. Ladies introduce yourselves, I can’t see you all.”

The women laughed and introduced themselves to Sally and Greg.

“Thank you but we’re heading out soon,” Sally declined.

“Okay then but I’m having a party in about two weeks and I’m inviting you,” Ayasha said taking a sip of her drink.

“Thank you but no…” Sally tried to decline.

                Shaking her head from side to side, Ayasha refused to accept Sally’s answer. “You’re coming even if I have to stalk you. I want you there.”

                “Ayasha, thank you but I can’t. I’m sorry.”

                “Sally, may I speak with you in private please?”

                Sally looked at everyone including Greg hoping he would say something but he didn’t and she reluctantly went with Ayasha.

                “Ayasha, thank you for inviting me…”

                “What’s the real reason? Does this have to do with my brother?”

                Sally looked down before looking back up at Ayasha quickly, “No. Why would you think that?”

                “Did something happen between the two of you? Did you two get in an argument?”

                “No, I was working for you both…”

                “No you were working for my brother. Sally, I like you. I think you’re a nice person and I am inviting you to my party, not my brother, me. It’s going to be very nice, very elegant and you’ll have fun. I promise you. Please think about it, okay?”

                Realizing that Ayasha was not going to take ‘no’ for her final answer, Sally nodded.

                “Good,” Ayasha squealed and hugged her. Sally couldn’t help her smile. “By the way, I don’t invite acquaintances to my parties, only friends.”



Storm pushed her further into the pillow trying to muffle the noise the girl was making. She screamed again telling him to go faster, she was cumming and he wanted her to do so and now. He reached under and roughly fingered her clit bringing her to orgasm easily. He pulled out immediately and took off the used, empty condom and pulled up his pants.

“Baby that was great…wait where are you going?”

“Home,” was his dry, terse reply.

“Wait, I’ll come with you.”


He grabbed his jacket and walked away.

“I’ll call you…”

“No don’t.”


It has been like this with the last five girls he’d been with. Sometimes he was able to finish and other times he wanted to leave as soon as he began. This was one of those times. He wanted to get away from this one as fast as possible. Getting home in record time, he went immediately for the shower. Once again his mind went to the one female that seemed to have him in this permanent state of unsatisfied arousal. He grabbed his cock and began to massage it, trying to put the right amount of pressure to simulate what it felt like being inside her. He closed his eyes and saw her half closed eyes and remember the feel of her tight walls which seemed to flow over every ridge of his hard cock like liquid silk, conforming to it perfectly. He remembered her taunt face and how he told her to breathe to release her orgasm, and the clamp of her pussy holding on to him as she came, making him cum also. Storm rested his head on shower walls breathing heavy as the water sprayed down on his head and back and his ejaculate ran down the drain. It had been like this almost every day since the day of the argument with Sally. His only true release was by his hands replaying the first and only time they had been together like a broken recorder in his head. Even when he was with the other women, he thought of her to finish. He didn’t want to go out tonight but Ayasha would kill him if he stood her up again.



Storm read the text message from Mike as he entered the club. Standing on the second floor entry, he looked for the easiest way to Ayasha’s party with the least congestion. There were a good amount of patrons there tonight including the gathering Ayasha and Collin decided to have with their friends. As he descended the stairs, he scanned the people only to have his eyes land on the object of his obsession. It seemed as if she was walking to him until he noticed the guy holding her hand. They stopped to speak with someone and the guy pulled her in front of him and wrapped his arms around her. She glanced back at him smiling and laughing.

Her smile was beautiful and she looked happy. They began to move again and she passed him unseen. Doing nothing to alert her to his presence, he followed them outside. They were waiting for the valet when the guy pulled her to him and kissed her. Storm’s hands balled into a fist and his eyes burned blue fire into them both.



Office Eastman couldn’t believe his luck. Right here almost in front of him was the object of his obsession. He was about to get out of the car when he looked up and saw the ADA that pulled him over that night standing outside the door looking for someone…or was it her? Did he know her? Now he had to be extra careful. Eastman remained in the car and watched as the guy and Sally kissed. He grabbed the steering wheel tight. ‘That bitch,’ he thought. How many times did he try to be nice to her and she rebuffed him as if he was nothing but here she was kissing this guy like a slut.



Storm sat beside Mike and ordered a beer for himself. The pretty waitress came back and smiled nicely to him as she bent to give him both the beer and a very good view of her ample bosom. Storm took the beer and smiled. He was going to need several of those tonight.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, you seem out of it. Something on your mind?”

“Nope,” Storm replied and looked away signaling the waitress to bring him another beer. He practically drank the first one in two gulps.

“So what took you so long getting here?”

“Was trying to finish up something…didn’t work out.”

“Another woman you had to cut loose?”

“Something like that. Hey what are the women here like tonight?”

“A few good ones. Gonna try your luck?”

“I may,” Storm replied taking the beer. He winked at the waitress gave her one of his movie star smiles. She smiled and winked back at him.

He was on this third beer when Mike noticed how fast he was drinking. “Hey man you may want to take it easy on those. I don’t want to drive you home tonight. I’m trying to get lucky.”

“You won’t have to do that. I won’t interrupt your game.”

“You may not want to but I’m not going to let you drive if you can’t. I can get random pussy anytime.”

“Hey guys what’s up?” Ayasha said coming to sit between them.

“Hey beautiful, you’re having a great time tonight.”

“Yes, I am.”

“I’ll be back,” Storm said to them both as he left with the waitress.

Sighing Mike looked away. “What’s going on with him?” Ayasha asked.

“Not sure hun but he’s not in a good place tonight.”

“How many beers has he had?”

“Too many if you ask me. He doesn’t normally down three in a row but something’s eating at him and he won’t talk about it.” Sighing, Mike finished his beer. “I’ll go talk with him.”

“No, I’ll do it. I want you to stay and have some fun. I’ll be right back.”

“Yes ma’am. Let me know if you need any help.”

“I will.”

“Hey where are you going? What’s going on with Storm? He seems distracted,” Collin said pulling Ayasha into his arms.

She kissed him, “Don’t know but I’m going to go check on him. I’ll be right back.”

“Want me to come with?”

                “No...I’ll be fine. Be right back.”

                “Okay,” he kissed her again.



                He was trying to build up the desire to kiss the girl on the lips but couldn’t. He kissed her neck and tasted sweat, cigarettes and stale liquor mixed with cheap perfume. The combination made him want to gag. He wanted to feel soft silken skin. He wanted to explore why her skin was so soft. Why did it smell like a perfect day outside; crisp, clean, bright? Why did he want to feel her arch into him as he took her nipple into his mouth instead of the breast being forced on him? He pulled back from the girl but she kept coming at him, kissing his neck and making those fake moaning sounds. He put his hands on her arms to push her away slightly. He needed to breathe and as much as they were outside on the balcony, he felt stifled.

                “Hey Storm, what are you doing out here?” Ayasha asked.

The girl looked at Ayasha with venom in her eyes but Storm was happy for the distraction even thought he was unable to smile.  

                “Just getting some air. Did you need something?”

                “Leave,” Ayasha ordered the girl clinging on to Storm’s arm.

                “Who do you…”
                “Leave us. I need to speak with my sister,” Storm ordered.

                Feeling affronted, the girl left realizing these two were used to giving orders and they were obeyed. It didn’t stop her from giving Ayasha a nasty cut of her eye when she passed by but Ayasha laughed thinking she was silly.

                “What’s going on?” Ayasha asked moving to stand by Storm who was leaning against the rail looking out at the road and vehicles passing by.

                “Nothing…is everything okay with you?”

                “Yeah, fine. I’m having fun. I just wished you would also.”

                Storm sighed and looked over at Ayasha, “I am having fun. I just have case on my mind.”

                Ayasha knew when her brother was lying and he was now. He hardly ever worried about a case. After a few moments of silence, she spoke again. “Guess who I saw here tonight?” At the shug of his shoulders, she continued, “Sally.” Storm visibly tensed. His fingers balled themselves into a fist before he released them just as quickly but not soon enough that Ayasha missed it. “I invited her to my party but she said she would think about it. Do you have her address so I can send her a formal invitation?”


                “Okay then do you mind taking one to…”
                He stood up straight and looked at Ayasha before looking back at the cars. “If she wants to attend, she’ll do so but I’m not going to ask her for you.”

                “Storm I don’t need you to ask her for me.  In case you forgot to listen, I asked her already. My only problem is if she wants to come, she doesn’t have the address and I forgot to get her number so I could text it to her. Can you give me her number?”

                “I don’t have it on me,” he lied. “I’ll find it and get it to you.”

                “Or you can just give her my address. Either way, I want her to have the option.”

                “I’ll see what I can do.”

                But as Storm stared out into the night he wondered what Sally was doing at that very moment. Was the guy kissing her goodnight? Was he making love to her right now? Was she arching into his kisses the way she did his? Every thought, the memory of she and the guy kissing was like someone taking a knife to his insides and chopping them up in little pieces. He wanted to stop thinking about her. He wanted to touch her again.



                “Hey man I’m sorry the bar is closed,” Richie the bartender said to Storm as he leaned against the railing at the top of the stairs.

It was a week after he’d seen her at the club and he was there to give Sally Ayasha’s address. For some reason he didn’t want Ayasha to know that something had happened between him and Sally, which was completely different since he didn’t care one way or another if she knew about any of the women he’d slept with in the past. So here he was after being properly yelled at by Ayasha, giving Sally the address to his Aunt’s home where Ayasha would be hosting her party. The one where only Sally McDonald dared to tell Ayasha Monsello who was spoilt and used to getting her way, ‘no’ at attending.

                “Yes, I know. I…”

                “Oh, hello there young man,” Jack said coming over to greet Storm.

                “Hello Jack. Nice to see you again,” Storm said meeting Jack half way.

                “I didn’t see you here tonight. Did you leave something again?”

                Storm laughed, his eyes landing on Sally who had moved to a far off table. “No, not this time. I came to see Sally.” He looked from Jack to Sally then back to Jack again.

                “I’m busy,” Sally said when Jack looked at her and they both watched as she turned her back and began clearing another table.

                “It will only take a few minutes,” Storm said to Jack. Hoping he wouldn’t mind but not caring if he did.

                “Sure, take all the time you need,” Jack said before turning to Sally who had stopped to look at Jack upon hearing that. “Sally that can wait.”

                Storm realized he had an advocate in Jack and decided to test his support. He addressed Jack with one of his more disarming smiles, “My sister is having a big party next Saturday and she invited Sally.”

“That’s wonderful,” Jack said turning to look at Sally.

“Yes it is but Sally says she has to work and I’m here to give her the address incase she’s able to get the night off.” Storm paused for the dramatic effect and it worked, Jack looked back at Sally again who was beginning to turn a different color if the limited lighting could be trusted. “It’s a big deal when my sister throws these parties. She’s over the moon and she invites everyone and I must say they are lots of fun.”

                “Sally, why didn’t you tell me you needed the night off? You know I would have given it to you,” Jack said.

                Sally who stood there looking at Storm wide eyed, wondered how no one else could see the fangs, snake like tongue and horns of the demon standing in their mist. He made it all seem so innocent, as if she was being difficult. “I was scheduled for work and I didn’t have enough time to request the time off.”

                “Oh? She told you about it more than a week ago and the party isn’t until this coming Saturday,” Storm said relishing backing her into a corner. He was almost certain he had Jack on his side and now he wanted her at that party.

                “That’s enough time for me rearranged the schedule and if I’m short staffed so what? It’s only one night,” Jack said addressing her concerns.

                Sally looked at Storm and through clenched teeth replied, “I had school, I forgot.”

                “Well that’s fine. You need to get out more and I think this party would be wonderful for you,” Jack said to her then turned to addressed Storm, “Does she have to get dressed up?”

                Storm laughed, he’d won. “Yes, the party is evening attire, no jeans and t-shirts.”

                “I don’t have anything to wear,” Sally said hoping she had just gotten out of going.

                “Sally, we can go shopping tomorrow if you like. I know some great stores we can check out,” Anna one of the waitress offered.

                Sally knew better than to take her up on that offer. Anna had gushed over Storm the last time he and his friends were there and Sally had not missed the narrowing of Anna’s eyes when she heard Storm say the invitation was from Ayasha. If Anna hoped to snag a tag-a-long invitation she was wishing in vein.

“Sorry but I can’t. I have a planned study group at the library tomorrow. I’ll do it sometime this week furthermore, I’m horrible at shopping and I won’t torture you like that.” To Storm she said, “I’ll see what I can do and I’ll let you know.”

                “Well I would have to know now since it is a catered party and all. She likes to know how many people will be on her guest list.” Storm hoped and prayed she didn’t say two because then he would just have to kill the guy she was bringing.


                “I’ll let her know,” and it took everything inside of him not to kiss her. He turned to Jack, “Thank you for giving her the night off. I will let my sister know how much it disrupted your business.”

                “Nonsense! Sally needs to go out more. No one should work every Friday and Saturday night.”

                Storm laughed, “I agree. Well then good night,” and then he turned to the bar and bade the rest of employees’ good night also.

                She was hiding her finances. That’s what his gut instincts told him as he sat in his car waiting for her to leave. She’d turned down the girl’s offer of assistance and he could only surmise she didn’t want anyone to know about the close to $70,000 she had tucked away in an account and the almost $2000 in her checking account. She also owed nothing on her one credit card that had a $7000 limit. Her credit was perfect but it seems she was deliberately staying off the radar.

He also couldn’t get over how she tried to decline the invite again. She consciously didn’t ask for the day off and if Ayasha had not insisted and annoyed him this week to get give her the address, she would have gotten away with it. She also didn’t ask him for the address which only meant she was planning on using that as a way out of the attending, but he knew how to get around that. More and more he wanted to know why Sally was determined to remain a recluse. It was more than the cop stalking her. She had enough money in the bank to leave so why wouldn’t she just go? He didn’t want her to but his gut wouldn’t let go that there was more than what everyone was seeing. She was hiding and it wasn’t because she was shy.


He gave her enough time to think she’d won but not too little time to find an outfit. On the Thursday, he sent her a text telling her the venue for the party changed last minute and she was to come to his house instead. She replied asking him for the time to show up. 

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks again. 

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