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Author's Chapter Notes:

I apologize for this being late but I've been very, very busy trying to get my business off the ground. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


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                Sally put her raised hand down again for the fifth time. She had arrived more than ten minutes ago and was still trying to convince herself to knock on the door and announce herself. She was still trying to convince herself to attend the party. Not bothering to look for a dress, she thought she was home free until she received Storm’s text on Thursday and realized her window of escape had closed. Storm had manipulated the situation to his advantage. Oh how she wished she had both jobs right now to play one off the other and leave town unnoticed.

                Anna had also tried drilling her after Storm left the night he made the invitation known. She wanted to know how well Sally knew his sister to be invited to her party. But there was no way she was going to tell Anna that not only had she worked for Storm but had slept with him too. That was something she was trying to forget even if secretly she was happy to see him, and had fantasized that he was happy to see her also. She had to stop that…the fantasizing, and with that resolve, lifted her hand and knocked.

                After a few minutes, he opened the door. His hair was damp and he was buttoning the cuff of his white shirt. He was wearing dress slacks and polished black shoes.

“Hey you made it,” he said stepping aside to let her in.

“Hi, yeah, I did. I have a dress to wear. Do you mind if I change?”

“No, no, not at all. I’ll go finished getting dressed. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure,” she replied as she walked away thinking he should be an abomination, no man should be that good looking. Her heart was racing. She was going to be at a private social event with no way to leave on her own. She hoped this night went smoothly.


                Storm was standing in the foyer when he saw her coming towards him. She was gorgeous and while her make-up wasn’t done by a professional, it’s barely there look fit her perfectly. Her eye were done up with only black eyeliner and mascara, and a very shiny red lip gloss. He wanted to kiss her so badly. The royal blue color of her dress made her skin seem to shimmer while the cut enhanced her sensual curves. The caftan sleeves and deep cut bodice tapered into a form fitting silhouette stopping just below her knees. Black patent leather, peep toe pumps gave her legs an elongated look and he immediately thought about making love to her in them. Quickly turning, he adjusted himself without her seeing as he opened the door for them to leave.

                “We have to get going,” he said. “Do you have everything?”

                “Yes, I do. Are you sure this is not an inconvenience? Are we picking up your date along the way?”

                “No, it’s not an inconvenience. Let’s go, Ayasha wants me there early for some reason and if I arrive late, she’ll bitch at me for the whole night.”

                Storm felt his decision to drive was both the best and worst at the same time. If he was in the limo, his hands would be buried in her hair and her lip would been swollen from his kisses. But since he was driving, he had to keep his focus on the road instead of the gorgeous woman beside him whose delicate fragrance was keeping him in a semi-hard state. She had asked about his date but soon she would know she was his date. He was planning on spending the night getting to know her.  

                When they arrived at the house, Storm stopped the valet from opening Sally’s door. He opened it himself and with his hand at the small of her back began to lead her up steps of the house.   

                She looked around and Storm tried putting her at ease, “It’s okay. You’re with me tonight.”

                “What about your date?”

                “My date?” he asked as he read the text he just received.


                “Let’s go, Ayasha just text me again. She’s becoming an impatient worry-wart.”

                As soon as they walked through the door, Sally realized they were very early. No one was there which made Storm very suspicious as to why Ayasha had insisted that he arrive so early and be on time. He asked the doorman for is aunt and didn’t have to wait long as the she come through the double doors of the formal dining room to greet him.

                “Storm, ci siete. E 'possibile per visitare me senza un invito formale?”[1]

                He smiled and hugged her, “Zia Annetta, sei bellissima come al solito e tu sei ancora la mia zia preferita.”[2]            

“Sono il tuo unico zia ti diavolo. È padre sarebbe molto deluso dal modo di trattare la sua unica sorella.”[3]

                “Che sul senso di colpa un po 'troppo pesante non è vero zia Annetta?”[4]              

“Niente affatto se si otterrà me più visite da voi.[5] And who is this lovely young lady?” Annette asked finally addressing Sally.

                “This is Sally McDonald, my date,” he introduced. To Sally, “Sally this is my only beautiful aunt, Annetta Lenittio.”

                “Devil!” she said to Storm as she laughed and took Sally’s hand. “You are beautiful. It is a pleasure to have you here. Please do come in, come in,” Annetta said as she turned and ushered them into the waiting room.

                As they entered, a maid addressed Annetta, “Mrs. Lenittio? Your niece is asking for you and of her brother’s arrival.”

                “Ayasha has been patiently awaiting your arrival Storm. Go up and see her now.” When Storm looked back at Sally, Annetta continued, “I’ll look after your date. We’ll get to know each other. Vai avanti ora.”[6]

                “Okay Aunt Annetta, thanks.”

                “Now dear, where are you from,” Annetta said addressing Sally.



                Ayasha Monsello looked at herself again in the full length mirror and smiled sadly at her reflection. It was the happiest day of her life and she wanted her father to be there. It wasn’t that she didn’t love Storm, quite the opposite. He’d taken over being her protector and confidant after their father died but every girl needed her daddy on her big day; it was just how it was suppose to be. Her beautiful custom made Vera Wang dress was decorated with hand beaded Swarovski Crystals and seed pearls into a Native American Indian pattern. For jewels she wore the diamond earrings her father gave her for the sixteenth birthday. They were her favourite jewels from him. Iris her best friend fluffed out the back of her dress as they heard the knock on the door.

                “I’ll get it,” Iris said putting down the bouquet of flowers.

                “Thanks Iris.”

                “Hey Iris what’s going on?” Storm asked.

                “I’ll leave you two,” she said and exited the room as Storm entered.

                Storm looked back at Iris curiously since she was never one to mince words. Looking back at Ayasha, Storm stopped as the door closed behind him.

                “Ayasha what’s going on?”

                “What does it look like? I’m getting married and I want you to give me away…please.”

                “Yashy why didn’t you tell me? Why are you rushing into this?”

                “You’ve known about our engagement…”

                “Yes, but I was expecting an invitation and such, formally. Is Mom coming?”

                Ayasha looked down at her hands before she moved to the bed and sat. She motioned Storm to sit in the chair which he did. “No, I didn’t invite her.”


                “Storm this is my special day and I don’t want her to ruin it. Please try and understand, I want my day to be perfect and she and I have never really gotten along.”

                “I know that Ayasha but she is our mother. You can’t just cut her out of your life like she’s a friend you are no longer on terms with? Dad wouldn’t have wanted that.”

                “Dad would have been fine with it…”

                “No he wouldn’t …”

                “Yes he would. He and I spoke about it before he died and he told me to do what makes me happy. This makes me happy. I don’t want her here and you know she’s always hated me.” Ayasha got up and moved to the window.

                Storm sighed. Both women had been at odds with each other for as long as he could remember. “She doesn’t hate you Yashy. You’re both headstrong.”

                “No Storm, you’re her son she loves you.”

                “Yes she does and she loves you too…”
                “Storm I don’t want to argue about this. This is my day and I don’t want her here.”  

“Ayasha, this is a mistake. She’s your mother…” 

“No she isn’t. She’s your mother not mine!” Ayasha yelled and turned away. ‘I’m sorry Daddy,’ Ayasha said to herself.  

                Storm took her shoulders and turned her around to him. She wouldn’t look at him so he tilted her face to up to his. Her eyes had unshed tears before one spilled and she looked away. “When did you find out?”

                She looked at him then, “You know?”

                “Yes, I know. Dad told me before I left for college. He didn’t want anyone else telling me. When?”

                “After the argument when I was about ten. She told me she wasn’t my mother and never wanted to be. I asked Dad why she said that and that’s when he told me. I’m sorry Storm I never meant to keep…”

                Storm pulled her to him and held her tightly. She was his baby sister and it didn’t matter to him that they had different mothers. She was his father’s daughter and he loved her. She was the pain in the ass sister that would yell at him when she didn’t get her way but she would obey him in the end and cook him the best meal 20 minutes later. She wanted the best for him and would fight the world for him if he asked her to. “It doesn’t matter. You’re my baby sister and I’ll love and protect you forever. I only want you to be happy.”

                She hugged him back tightly, “I love you too Storm. I love you too. I only want you to be happy also.” She pulled back and looked into his eyes, “Dad asked me not to tell you. He didn’t want you hating him. Don’t hate him Storm.”

                “I can’t Ayasha. He’s my Dad and I love him. Stop crying, you’re going to ruin your make-up.”

                Ayasha smiled. “I don’t mind. I have one of the best make-up artist on hand to repair any damages.”

                “You don’t need it anyway. You’re beautiful just the way you are.”

                “I need you to walk me down the aisle. I want you to give me away.”

                “You don’t think I would allow anyone else do it now do you?”

                Ayasha smiled exuberantly. “No, no one can take your place.”

“I just have one thing to clarify…” Storm said and continued at Ayasha’s curious look, “You will continue to make me dinner right? Not because your married doesn’t mean I’m not longer going to be invited over for dinner on a regular basis, right?”

Ayasha laughed, “Do you always make deals with your stomach?”

“Only when you’re cooking. You know I love hanging with you.”

“Nothing’s going to change. There’s always a place at my table for you, always.”

“Get dressed. I’ll be waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs.”

“See you soon.”

Storm kissed her before he left.


The ceremony was simple and elegant. The groom wore a black tuxedo and was very dashing with his slicked back dark brown hair and twinkling light brown eyes. Everyone was happy eating, drinking, talking, laughing, dancing and just having a good time. Sally was seated in the second row with his friends on the bride’s side. She had now formally met Mike and Brad, Storm’s best friend along with Kevin a computer scientist who offered her unlimited bootleg movies anytime she wanted. Mike had promptly informed Kevin he would arrest him if sold her any. The guys laughed and ribbed each other and made her feel comfortable. What Sally found disturbing was the nasty looks she kept receiving from some of Ayasha’s friends who were at the club. She had not spoken with those girls there they were, glaring at her as if she had grown horns.

The most interesting person she met at the wedding however was Storm’s Uncle Gianni. He was a charming flirt who knew all too well that he was still very handsome for a man in his sixties. Upon their meeting, he kissed the back of her hand and took her away claiming since it was his house he had to seen with the prettiest woman there. His so called tour of the house was him giving her the ‘dirt’ on the people attending especially of the women whom he claimed still ‘wanted him for his body.’ She had no choice but to laugh at his antics and how much he teased his wife. It was easy to see that he was madly in love with her especially when he told Annetta he had finally found her replacement, Sally. Annetta had happily replied that she knew that Sally wouldn’t want an old man when she could have a young, gorgeously handsome and virile man like her nephew. That comment made Sally blush deeply and it was seen by both Annetta and Gianni.

After a few hours of socializing, Sally needed a break and walked to a far off section of the garden. Before she knew it, she was standing by a beautiful long stem white and yellow orchid bloom, in a secluded area. Taking in the intricate curves orchid petals, she genuinely was started at the voice close to her.  

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” the tall, handsome man said.

She had seen him a few times the evening and had made eye contact with her several times so far, however, she could have sworn he came with a date and therefore couldn’t understand why he was there speaking with her. “You didn’t frighten me. I was just admiring the flower.”

“It’s beautiful, just like the person admiring it.”

“Thank you.” She turned her back to him hoping he would leave her alone.

Instead he took the remaining steps towards her and Sally moved to another plant to put more distance between them. “I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner sometime.”

She looked back at him, “I don’t know who you are…”

“Yes, I’m sorry. My name is Derrick and you are?”

“Hi, you left without letting anyone know where you were. Are you okay?” Chad one of Storm’s friends asked.

Both Sally and Derrick turned and watch Chad descend the remaining steps towards them. “Yes, I am thank you.”

Chad turned to Derrick, “If you don’t mind, I need to have a word with her in private.”

“Yes, sure,” Derrick responded but handed Sally one of his business cards, “Call me anytime. I would love to finish our conversation. Good night.”

Sally took the business card and bade him good night also. She noticed how Chad watched Derrick until he was out of sight before closing the distance between them. He touched her elbow which made Sally feel very uncomfortable, as if she was being hunted. She wanted to escape.  

“You’re very beautiful,” Chad whispered to her.

“So is your wife,” Sally replied deciding make her position clear.

“Yes, she is but I would like to get you know you better.”

“I’m busy and I think you would be also with your wife. Please excuse me.” Sally made to move by him and he reached out and held her arm.

“I’m sure you and I can find the time…”

“Like she said Chad, she’s busy,” Storm said in a soft menacing tone when he noticed Chad holding on to her arm. Chad quickly released his hold and took a step back from Sally. Sally moved towards Storm and took the hand he held out toward her. “I think your wife is looking for you,” and they both watched as Chad visibly swallowed.

“Yes, thanks for letting me know,” he said to Storm and hurriedly returned to the reception.

“Are you okay?” Storm asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m going to leave now. Thank you.”

“How were you planning on leaving?”

“I’ll call a cab. I know your address…”

“The code for my alarm has been changed and you no longer have the keys so you would have to wait until I got home to get the rest of your things. Furthermore, I brought you and I will take you back home. Did he do or say anything inappropriate to you?”


But Storm noticed she didn’t look at him when she answered and it was upsetting him.  Chad had no boundaries and didn’t take his marriage vows seriously. His wife was friendly with Ayasha but they were not close. He didn’t care what Chad did but if he found him around Sally again he would not be as cordial.  

“Sally please tell me what he said to you. I know Chad. He’s an asshole…”   

“It was nothing. He just said we could make time for each other. I told him no.”

They both kept looking at each other and Storm couldn’t look at her anymore, he closed the distance between them as he pulled her to him and sealed their lip together. His tongue pushed past her lips to lick at her tongue. He held her face in his hand as he tilted her head to the side to taste more of her. She was like a drug he was finally getting to assuage his craving after months of being denied. He moaned when he felt her fingers grip his shirt and got lost further in her taste. Her smell blended perfectly with the scent of the orchids. He felt the back of her dress and knew exactly where her zipper was. He wanted to undress her right there in the garden and make love to her amongst the beautiful plants and flowers. He wanted…


He heard his name the second time it was called and looked up but kept his hands around Sally’s neck holding her to him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” Ayasha said feeling embarrassed that she had interrupted them.

Storm looked over Sally’s bent head to Ayasha and stopped her from leaving, “Wait, Ayasha…stop.” She did and glanced back before turning back to face him. “What is it?”

“I’m so sorry Storm…”

Storm smiled but not at Ayasha, at Sally whose face was red and flushed from embarrassment. He knew she was afraid to face Ayasha so he pulled her further into his arms despite her resistance. He knew she felt his actions were inappropriate and he smiled more. If only she knew all the inappropriate things he wanted to do to her right there in his Aunt’s garden at his sister’s wedding reception.

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about Yashy. Did you need something?”

“I just wanted to make sure you were enjoying yourself.”

“Yes, I am, immensely.”

After a moment of silence and feeling it would be rude to ignore Sally, Ayasha asked, “Sally are you enjoying yourself also?”

Sally, swallowed hard and squeezed her already closed eyes tighter at being addressed. She opened her eyes slowly and turned to Ayasha. “Yes, I am. Thank you for the invitation. Your wedding was lovely and your dress is absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for including me.”

“It was my pleasure. I’m so happy you made it. Thank you again for coming. Did you have dinner?”

“Yes, thank you, I did.”

“Hey, is this where the party is? I’ve been looking for you my beautiful wife,” Collin said, coming down the step and wrapping his arms around his wife’s waist and pulling her back against him.

“No, it’s not,” Ayasha said turning her face to him to get her kiss.

“Hello, my name is Collin and I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of being formally introduced,” he said coming down the steps to Sally.

“Yes, sorry about that. Sally, this is Collin the man who tamed my wild sister,” Storm said, “Collin, this is Sally, my date.”

“I don’t know about the taming part as I like my women a bit wild. She’s the wildest one that’s the reason why I settled with her,” Collin whispered as he shook Sally’s hand.

Sally laugh, “It’s nice to meet you and thank you also for the invite. It was a lovely ceremony.”

“Yes, that it was but then again everything my wife does is beautiful and has to be, look at her, she’s gorgeous herself.”

“Okay, that’s my queue to leave,” Storm said, “it’s getting a bit sappy in here now.”

“One day my friend it will be your turn.”

“But until that day, take care of my sister. I will hurt you.”

Collin laughed, “Don’t I know it.”

Storm shook Collin’s hand and held Sally’s hand as he made his way up the steps to Ayasha who he kissed goodbye. “You had better tell Aunt Annetta you’re leaving in person if not, it’s your funeral and I’m not postponing my honeymoon.”

Storm looked at Ayasha, “Abandoned already Yashy?”



“So are you enjoying yourself? And let me just say, you are the most beautiful woman in this place next to the bride that is,” Mike said as he flirted with Sally.

                “I’m sure I’m not the only female you’ve said that to so far tonight,” Sally replied.

                Mike laughed, “Ouch, you’re tough. But really all the men here are finding it difficult to keep their eyes off you. I may have to offer you police protection.”

“Do those lines really work on women?”

“Sometimes,” Mike replied bring the beer to his lips and winking at her before taking a sip.

Sally laughed out loud and both her and Mike bent their heads together laughing at the looks they got from some of the other people. Apparently they were having too much fun by themselves.

“You may need to get new ones,” Sally suggested.

“Okay we’ll see. Let me see if it works on that woman who’s been eyeing me for a while now.” Sally glanced over to see the woman Mike was referring to as he acknowledged her with a nod. “By the way, we just broke up. I’m sorry but you will have live without me.” He then hurriedly bent his head and whispered, “I’ll let you know how it went.”

Sally laughed and turned to lean on the bar as he walked away. She was drinking her water quietly when she heard, “So how did you and Storm meet?” Sally turned to the voice and saw a beautiful brunette looking at her. Her black sheath dress was low cut in the front and stopped above her knee.

“Through friends,” Sally replied taking another sip of her water.

“I’m one of his closest friends and I don’t know you. What friend introduced you?”

“The one you don’t know.”

“I’m Megan, and you are?”

“His friend. Excuse me.”

Sally made to walk away but Megan blocked her path. “You’re just an experiment you know.” Sally looked at Megan as she continued. “He does this every now and then, finds some girl he knows is different from what he’s used to and she’s the novelty for a month or two. Then she’s passed along to his friends when he is through and then never heard from again. He always comes back to what he knows. He’s just trying to get over is recent ex-girlfriend but it’s not the first time they’ve broken up and gotten back together so it’s only a matter of time. I wouldn’t invest too much into him.”

“Don’t tell me…you’re just trying to warn me so I don’t get my hopes up? From one woman to another? We women have to stick together especially with these men who just use us and discard us like a whim, right?”

“Yes, I’m only trying to help. I’m glad you see that.”

“So is it the friend that you’re desperately trying to help or yourself? I think you’re trying to help yourself. I mean if you can have him for yourself then why shouldn’t you but then again, he didn’t come here tonight with you now did he?”


“Hello Megan,” Storm said coming to stand by Sally. “Are you ready to leave?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good, let’s go. Megan,” Storm said as he took Sally’s hand in his and led her away with Megan watching slack jawed.


                Sally looked out the passenger window as Storm drove to his house. A few times he tried to make small conversation but her answers were short. What Megan said was bothering her. It was her fear…that she was being used as a temporary distraction and she wanted Storm too much to stop herself from being used. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t realize he had arrived home. As soon as he closed his front door, he pulled her to him and kissed her soundly. She felt her back hit the wall and her hands got caught between their bodies. She tried to get some leverage but the way he was kissing her only fed her desire for him. His lips trailed to her ear and she to regain the restrain she lost during the kiss.

                “Storm…Storm, wait…stop.”

                “Why?” he asked as he continued to nibble at her neck. “You taste great.” He kissed her again and again Sally forgot why she wanted him to stop. He shrugged out of his jacket, letting it fall to the floor and reached behind for her dress zipper when she turned away from him, this time successfully.

                “Storm wait, please.”

                Storm stopped and looked at her noticing that she kept glancing at him and then looking away. “What’s wrong Sally? Are you ok?”

                “What is this?”

                “What is what?”

                “What is this? This that’s going on between us.  We don’t see each other for weeks…am I the novelty? Was that the introductory to your friends?”

                “What the hell are you talking about Sally? What novelty? I introduced to you to my friends because I wanted to.”

                She walked a few steps away from him. For some reason she felt cold and ran her hands along her arms. She turned back to him knowing that as much as she was afraid of the answer, she still had to ask the question. “Am I the first minority girl you have been with?”

                “What?” stunned Storm took a step towards her. “Sally, please start at the beginning and tell me what you’re talking about.”

                “You know what I’m talking about...”

                “No I don’t. What the hell kind of question is that. ‘Are you the first minority girl I’ve been with?’ I don’t date minority girls. I have date women of different cultures if that’s what you’re asking.”

                “We’re not dating…”

                “We would if you would let us date. I want to date you.”

                “Why, because I’m different from the rest?”

                “Rest? Rest of who?” Taking a deep breath and running his hand in his hair, Storm strived for patience. “Sally tell me what’s going on? What did you hear and from whom?”

                “Just tell me…”

                “Tell me Sally, now.”

                “Your friend or your sister’s friend Megan said…”

                “Okay, I’ve heard enough. God this is such bullshit.” Storm ran his hand in his hair again as he looked up at the ceiling, “She’s so fucking annoying. Sally, I don’t care what she told you, she’s lying…”

                “She’s lying because she told me about…”

                “She’s lying because she’s had a crush on me since the seventh grade and it’s fucking annoying.” He moved to stand in front of her and took her face in his hands, “Sally, she’s lying. She’s has been trying to go out with me for I don’t even know how many years now and I’m just not interested. I want to be with you.”

                “Until when?”


                “Until when? How long do you want to be with me for?”

                Frustrated, “Do I need a time table or a schedule to make you cum?”

                “Go to hell.” She tried to walk away but Storm held her arm.
                “Why do you keep running away like this? What was this, a comparison so you could make a final decision between me the other guy?”

                “What other guy? What are you talking about?”

                “The guy you were with at the club…when you saw Ayasha? Are you and he together now or were you trying to decide?”

                “You know about Greg? Wait how did you know…are you following me?”

                “No, I’m not,” but Storm turned away when he answered her before turning back to her, “I saw you at the club. Ayasha had invited everyone out that night. So are you with him now?”

                “If you’re asking me if I slept with him, I didn’t.”

                She turned again to leave and he caught her arm again. “Why do you keep running away from us?”

                “There is no us…”

                “There could be if you would let it. What are you so afraid of?”  

                “I’m not afraid.”

                “Yes, you are. You are terrified of anything more happening between us. Tell me you feel nothing when I kiss you. Tell me you don’t want to me to touch you. Tell me you don’t want to cum the way you did the last time. Tell me you don’t want feel what you felt when we were together. Tell me you don’t so I can tell you you’re lying. I want to feel you again Sally. You know I won’t hurt you but you keep running away from me. Stop running.”

                Sally looked at him shocked but scared. “I have to go.”

                Frustrated Storm yelled, “Fine! Go! Get the fuck out!” and turned his back to her.




[1] Storm, there you are. And is it possible to visit me without a formal invitation?


[2] Aunt Annette, you're beautiful as usual and you're still my favorite aunt.


[3] I'm your only aunt you devil. You father would be very disappointed in the way you treat his only sister.


[4] Laying on the guilt a bit too heavy Aunt Annetta?


[5] Not at all if it’ll get me more visits from you.


[6] Go on now.


Chapter End Notes:

Thanks again for reading. Have a great weekend. Also since I am behind on posting, I will be posting the next chapter soon after this. :)

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