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Story Notes:
The various fics have little plot and lots of fluffy lemon filled fun. Most are inspired by songs, so I will post the lyrics to the song that prompted the inspiration to set the mood.

Author's Chapter Notes:
A/N: Here's what I would've liked to happen when Michonne found Rick in S4 episode 'After'- Richonne (Rick/Michonne) from Rick's POV.

Inspired by Peaches and Herb - Reunited

Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited 'cause we understood. There's one perfect fit. And, sugar, this one is it. We both are so excited, cause we're reunited, hey, hey...

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

I did it without thinkin. Without permission, I kissed her. I startled her. I floored myself. It wasn't a regular kiss either.

I planted a good passionate one on her.

She felt better than I'd ever imagined she'd feel like.

Her softness took my breath away, I got a little weak in the knees.

A minute and a half had passed before I mustered the strength to unlock my lips.

I can't believe I kissed a woman who carries a sword and knows how to end you quickly.

She started to give me her signature scowl, but that quickly turned into a pretty smile.

Damn, she has a really pretty, sweet, smile.

From my hairline to neck, my face was tomato red.

Her big brown eyes just gleamed at me.

Those toned arms gently wrapped around my aching waist, while she pressed her soft body close to mine.

Does she even know how tempting she is?

I wanted to kiss her again. But I didn't press my luck.

We both needed a moment to digest it all.

We'd all been through so much.

But even in these tough times, good things can happen.

She found us and I was more than thankful for that.

Carl was beyond happy to see her again.

With her around, I don't have to worry so much.

I didn't have to carry the entire burden.

Now that she's back, everything will be better.

She's my partner and together, we make a good team.

"How are you holding up?"

She questioned him while giving him a big welcoming hug.

He smiled so big at her.

Something, I hadn't seen since the last time she came back to us.

"Pretty good" Carl fibbed; unless he thought his old man almost dying on the couch was 'pretty good'.

Honestly, we've had a rough time out here on our own.

After we scavenged for food, lit a few candles, boiled some water and settled in for the night.

We reminisced on the world that does not exist anymore.

It was well into the night and after so long Carl had eventually fallen asleep.

She lay close beside him. Nodding off and jumping wake at the slightest sound.

I told her she should rest, and that I'd be up for a while. She agreed and I left the slumber party so that I could tend to my wounds.

I was just a stone's throw away in the next room.

I had a sharp ear out for any sounds of danger. I'd taken the last blood-soaked bandage off when she popped her head into the entrance.

She had that 'I know all the secrets of the universe' smile on her pretty face and a kettle of hot water in her hand.

She set the water kettle down on the table and threw her bag on the bed.

She dug in the bag and pulled out a bottle of shaving cream, a straight edge razor, a few hand towels and some aftershave.

I smile at her not saying a word. She'd been asking me to shave for weeks now.

"Are you just gonna stand there grinning or are you gonna sit down in that chair and let me shave you."

My mouth dropped open.

I thought she was gonna have me do it myself, but I'll be damned, she wants to do it for me!

Shocked, I stutter on my own words for a good minute.

"I –umm, well …"

"Trust me; I am very good with sharp things."

She pointed to the chair and I scuttled over and parked it. I've never had a woman shave me before.

I've only had it done at the barber a few times. It's such a delicate procedure.

You really have to trust the person with the blade against your neck. No doubt, I trust her. And I'm gonna prove it to her.

I watch diligently as she prepares. She pours the hot water into a bowl.

"I learned how to do this on a few trips I'd taken to Morocco back in the late nineties.

The men can shave a full beard in a matter of minutes on a crowded street corner."

She wraps one of the towels around my neck. There was so much I wanted to know about her.

So I sat quietly, listening to her talk like a kid at story time.

"You have to make sure the skin underneath the hair is wet. That opens the pores and allows a smooth shave."

She dips the towel in the water and brings it up. She wrings the towel out and places it over my entire face.

It feels so damn good. I just relax, close my eyes instinctively I exhale.

It felt so right.

She let the hot damp towel stay on my face for a moment and we just enjoyed each other's presence.

Next, she pumped a gob of shaving cream into her hand and gently slathered it all over my face and I leaned back so she could get my neck.

When she giggled like a little girl I knew I must look like a starving Santa Clause so I gave her my best 'ho, ho, ho' and we both had a laugh.

"I guess since your Santa, suppose it's okay to sit on your lap."

She caught me off guard when she lifted her leg and straddled my lap. It felt like the air had left the room.

We are face to face, eye to eye. I try not to think about her soft round bottom sitting right on my manhood.

But that part of me has a mind of its own. I feel all the blood in my blushing cheeks traveled straight to my cock.

Without a doubt, she felt my hardness pressing against that soft mound between her legs. But she pays it no mind and continues on with her job.

She started with the sideburns with short, firm strokes in the direction that my hair grows.

She really did know what she was doing. With that beautiful, concentrated scowl that intimidated and turned me on at the same time, she dipped the razor in the water often to remove the whiskers and shaving cream from it.

She continued to wet my face, and apply more shave cream as needed.

She was silent unless she was askin me to turn my head.

After she was done she wet a fresh washcloth with the warm water to rinse my face.


She cheered as she playfully smacked my face with aftershave lotion.

Her warm breath felt great against my clean-shaved skin.

"Thank you Michonne, I…"

Before I could finish thanking her for making me feel like a new man again, she started kissing me with that sweet mouth of hers.

Goddamn, she's driving me insane with lust. No doubt about it, I'm falling for this woman.

My hands skimmed her side, waking the skin underneath her clothing.

I let my hands roam caressing the material that hugged her perfect ass.

I eagerly kissed her and slowly glided my hands up from her firm thighs and let my hands stroke the exposed sliver of flesh above her waistband.

She let out a sexy little moan, letting me know she enjoyed the contrast of my rough callused hands as they tickled her soft skin on their journey over her sleek back. She shot up quickly and removed her pants.

I followed her lead, on shaky legs I stood up and she pulled my boots and jeans off.

In less than a minute we were practically nude on the bed.

I palmed her beautiful pantie clad pussy and lightly thumbed her noticeable clit.

I needed more, so I yanked the panties down and she let out another beautiful moan of pleasure.

She whimpered as my fingers circled and caressed her swollen clit. I kissed her hard as my hands continued to roam.

Her hand gripped the head of my cock and a surge of heat bulleted thorough my system.

I undid her bra until I had full access to her beautiful tits and began to suckle her.

I knew how to make her impossibly wet, to make her whole body surrender to me until my needs were her own.

She licked her lips and closed her eyes to the electric feeling that my hot mouth, hard body, and the touch of my hands delivered.

I radiated through her whole being, from her fingertips to her toes.

Her touch made me forget everything else.

We could be anywhere at this point, all I knew was the moist heat of her mouth, her skillful tongue, her experienced hands and her expert touch made me forget about the despair and anguish around us.

She worked her hands up and down my shaft moving and touching me in the way I'd never been touched.

I moaned in vibration against her breast in response. She ever so slowly stroked my impatient cock.

It twitched in her hands and longed for entrance into her.

She rubbed my cock against her slit; she was so unbelievably wet.

She did it a few more times, stroking my cock over her slick sex. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Please, Michonne" I begged, my voice trembled with need.

Finally, she let me inside; I easily slipped into her hot pussy. She was softer than I thought possible, tighter than I could take.

I could live in her, and for a few, hungry, mind-blowing moments I did.

Our bodies quickly were in sync as she slips up and down my hard pole, working her hips and ass slowly at first and then faster, pressing me, contracting her muscles around me, keeping me deep inside her as physically possible.

I thrust my hips with all my might taking over her sensitive area and driving her to a shaky orgasm.

Soon I was there too, tightly holding her as I reached a violent climax.

I groan out her name, over and over as I gripped her ass and I found my blissful place within her.

I need her, she's my partner, my lover, now that she's back, everything will be better.

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