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Mid July 



    A hand pressed against her back and she sighed as they stood outside of the venue. Cameras flashed around them. She took a deep breath. 

    “Ready?” She looked up at him, her heart about to beat out of her chest. 

    “Yeah.” They entered through the doors into the grand hall where people laughed, glasses clinked and there was enough glitz and glam to make her vomit. At their arrival, some of the women stopped and eyed them. She ran her tongue over her teeth and smiled at them. 

    “Mr. Iwase! What a pleasure it is to meet you again!” He kept his hand on her back and gently pulled her against his side. 

    “Ah, yes! Morgan from J.C and Rodgers.” They shook hands firmly. 

    “Who is this charming young lady who has accompanied you tonight?” She smiled. 

    “Ms. Rae Marshall ma’am.” The woman’s lips formed a perfect ‘o’ shape and her eyebrows sky rocketed. 

    “Aren’t you Antonio’s pretty secretary? I would have expected you to accompany him again this year.” She could do nothing but laugh awkwardly. Hiroto cleared his throat and smiled politely at her. 

    “If you would excuse us.” As he led her away, she heard the woman utter under her breath, 

    “She sure does get around.” She tightened her grip on her clutch. 

    “Hiroto,” He stopped walking and looked down at her. Her breath caught for a moment. He truly did look breathtakingly handsome tonight. His hair was parted on the side and his hair was swept away from his forehead, creating gentle waves down the side of his temple and his tuxedo fit him like a glove. 

    “I’m thirsty.” 

    “Ah. I’ll get you something. Pick us a spot to sit?” She nodded with a smile as he slowly removed his hand from her back. She exhaled. When he had asked her to be his date, she hadn’t known at first what to do or what to say. 



    The days were blending together way too fast for her. She couldn’t believe that summer was almost over. She sighed as she dug her spoon into her ice cream. Glancing over, she saw Hiroto with his favorite kind, green tea. Memories of their teenage years came rushing back and she smiled. These were the days she missed so greatly. She was beginning to want to allow him to call her Rae again… exclusively. But she decided too soon. Still. Her process of forgiveness had been slow and fast at the same time.. she wanted to keep it steady. 

    “Ebere?” She paused, spoon in mouth. 

    “Hm?” He leaned over and gently spooned some of her strawberry. 

    “Hey!” He grinned as she pouted, holding her cup away against her chest. 

    “Can I ask you something?” He asked as he ate her ice cream. 


    “I am not sure if Rossi told you already. There is a gala coming up in a few weeks.” 

    “No, he ain’t mention it.” 

    “I want you to be my date.” She choked on her ice cream. His date?

    “Uh…I…I don’t know what to say…” He looked seriously at her this time. 

    “You don’t have to answer now.” She looked down at her melting cup of sweet berry. 

    “I’ll think about it.” 


    Here she was though and she wasn’t complaining. These types of gatherings weren’t particularly her favorite but the man currently bringing her a flute of champagne made it worth while. 

    “Here you are.” She smiled and gladly accepted it from him. 

    “Thank you.” The way he was looking at her unnerved her and she took a large gulp of bubbly to put them back into place. 


    “You’re so beautiful.” His answer was simple but made butterflies flutter in her stomach. 

    “Well I gotta be to come to these things right?” 

    “You’re radiant every day I see you. Not just here.” Okay so his chill was back at 0. 


    “Is it a crime to admire you?” 

    “N-No…” He took her in from head to toe and sighed. 

    “I’ll be back hm?” He went off in the direction of the champagne again, leaving her alone. She gently took another sip of her glass. 

    “Rae?” She turned and her fingers gripped the glass. Antonio. 

    “Hi.” His gaze fell down her body. 

    “You look stunning.” She cleared her throat. 

    “Thanks.” She eyed the pretty blonde who damn near attached herself to his hip. 

    “Your dress is gorgeous.” The woman smiled. 

    “Thank you. Yours too. Red is such a classic color.” 

    “Where’s Iwase?” He asked, looking through the crowd. 

    “Oh um he went to get a drink.” 

    “Ah. There he is.” She turned to find Hiroto heading back their way. 

    “Darling, why don’t you retrieve some champagne for us?” He spoke against the woman’s temple and soon she was on her way. At the sight of him, Hiroto’s expression grew stiff. 



    “It’s good to see you.” 

    “Likewise.” She could feel the tension rise between them like a flash of lightening. 

    “Hiroto, I’m gonna go find a spot for us to sit okay?” 

    “All right.” She turned and tried not to fly away from them. Lord. She prayed tonight would not bring any drama. 



    “She’s absolutely divine in that dress.” Rossi said, eyes sliding down the bare expanse of her back as she walked away from them. He took a sip of his champagne slowly, anger rising in his chest. 

    “Who is your date tonight Rossi?” 

    “Some blonde.” He still hadn’t taken his eyes off of Rae. 

    “I believe I’m talking to you Antonio.” Finally, his eyes met his. 

    “It figures she would come with you Iwase.” 

    “What do you mean?” 

    “Here we go.” His date came back and pressed a flute into his hand. He smiled at her. 

    “Dear, why don’t you find us a place to sit? I’ll be there shortly.” 

    “Oh… okay.” Upon setting eyes on him, she blushed. 

    “Hi.” He nod, a polite smile following. 

    “Hello.” She turned sheepishly, leaving them alone once again. 

    “If you think that bringing her to this gala was a win, think again.” 

    “It’s because of that ideology right there that explains why she is here with me tonight.” 

    “How much did you pay her? Perhaps you offered her a higher salary than mine.” His glass paused. The anger crackled between them now. 

    “You think I paid her to attend? That may be the case with your beautiful acquaintance. But I assure you…Rae came of her own volition.” 

    “I’m sure she did. Considering it isn’t beneath you to sleep with women to get what you want. How many times did you touch her?” Okay now he was starting to get pissed. Before he punched him, he needed to find Rae. 

    “It’s laughable that you think you know me Antonio. You know nothing about me. For your sake, I implore you to keep it that way. If you would excuse me…” 


    She noticed the way his jaw was tight as he came to the table. 

    “Hiroto? What’s wrong?” He inhaled through his nostrils and placed his tight fists on the table.     

    “Your employer is infuriating.” She gently slid her hand across his fist. 

    “Don’t let what he said upset you. Enjoy your evening with me.” He exhaled and gripped her fingers. 

    “You’re right.” A tinkling of a fork on a glass brought their attention to the room. 

    “Thank you everyone for attending this year’s Annual Starkman’s Gala! I am your host for the evening, Michael Burke from Burke and Holley Stock Firm. Let tonight be an enjoyable one for you all. Enjoy your evening!” And thus the evening commenced quite grandly. 



    After a few drinks in, everyone was much more relaxed and cordial. He had talked with a few new and upcoming businessmen and even some businesswomen. And now, he held Rae close as they danced to a soft ensemble. He pressed his fingers lightly against her back and they glided across the floor. The sweet demure scent of her perfume made him sigh. She pressed her cheek against his chest and he smiled, slowly tightening his arm around her. She gripped his hand tighter and closed her eyes. He pressed his nose against the nape of her neck, where the smell of her perfume was the most intense. She smelled so good. So feminine. He wanted to reach up and let her hair free from her updo. She had straightened it and he wanted to feel it in between his fingers. The sweet melody of the music guided them in dizzying circles and once the piece was over, he wished it hadn’t ended so soon. She stayed put against him but only for a while before she pulled away. He let her hand go slowly. 

    “Mr. Iwase!” Licking his lips, he turned to the voice with a smile. 

    Once done with more conversation, he turned to find Rae standing by the Hors d’oeuvres table. He felt rage as he watched Rossi push her back against the linen as he leaned over her, his hands flat against the table. That was not going to happen. Not while he was here. He crossed the room quicker than he had time to comprehend. 

    “Excuse me.” Rae’s expression screamed for him. Rossi ignored him. 

    “…I think maybe after work someday soon we can finally go dinner.” 

    “I’m not thinking so Antonio…” She grabbed his wrist. 

    “Let me go please. I don’t think your date would appreciate you being like this.” 


    “Take your hand away from the table.” He intervened, his voice firm. 

    “Fuck you.” 

    “Whoa okay that’s it…” She pushed his wrist but he gripped the table, preventing her from leaving. 

    “Rae, I’ve known you for ten years. You barely know this guy. How is it that you give him more time than me?” 

    “You’ve clearly had too much to drink…let me go.”

    “No dammit.” Enough was enough. He grabbed his wrist and yanked it away from the table, freeing Rae. 

    “Don’t fucking touch me you bastard!” He felt the pain before it registered that he’d been punched. Screams and shouts echoed throughout the hall. He felt the anger shatter and he didn’t stop himself from pulling back his arm and clocking him right in the mouth. He yelled and bent forward, holding his mouth in his hands.     

    “Hiroto! Antonio! Stop it!” 

    “You piece of shit!” Antonio landed one more blow to him and kicked him back until he fell on his back. Before he could get on top of him, she dashed in front of him to both of their surprise. She pressed her hands flat against the floor and put most her weight against him as if to shield him. 

    “Stop it! Don’t put another hand on him!” She yelled, her voice full of angry tears. He lifted his head, his cheek and jaw radiating with pain. Antonio blinked in his stupor. 

    “Rae…I’m just…”

    “No. Leave him alone.” 

    “Why are you protecting him like this?” 

    “Go home before you embarrass yourself further Antonio.” Her firm tone made him shake. 

    “Antonio…let’s…let’s go.” His date was pulling him away but he wasn’t trying to go. 

    “Mr. Rossi, we’ll have to respectfully ask you to leave.” Burke said coming to stand behind them. He let his date pull him out of the hall and soon, the violins began to play again. He slowly lifted and pressed his uninjured cheek against the top of her head.     


    “Let’s go. Please.” He gently stroked her back with his fingers. 

    “Okay sweetheart. We can leave.” 


    They walked in silence, forgoing the limo that had been offered them. The warm summer air pushed them closer. She swallowed and upon seeing a small playground, grabbed his hand and pulled him that way. She didn’t know what to say… at the moment she wasn’t sure she wanted to speak. The shock of what happened still making her mind spin. She let his hand go and went up ahead to get one of the swings. He came behind her and gently began to push her. Soon, she gained wind and speed and let herself lean back, her dress flowing like red silk. She smiled as the wind hit her face and breathed it in. 

    She felt the swing be pulled back against a hard chest and turned to look up Hiroto, his gaze intense but tender. She felt her heart beat faster. It must have been the drinks she had that made her reach up and softly touch his lip where Rossi had hit him. He gently pulled the pin that kept her hair up and her hair came flowing down like a long black river. He pressed his face into the strands and she bit her lip, closing her eyes. His hands slid down the chains of the swing and gripped hers. Her eyes popped open and into the deep brown streams she fell. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers without warning. She grew still. Her eyes wide. But soon… soon they closed and she kissed him back. The way his lips fit so perfectly against hers, the taste of him that suddenly burst into her senses, all of it made her dizzy. She gripped the chains to the swing tighter and lifted her chin to deepen the kiss. The rumble that came from him drifted into her tastebuds and traveled to her heart with a loud bang. She felt like she was floating, the attack on her senses too much. She pulled her lips away from his, her breath slightly heavy. 

    “Not…Not yet…” She spoke softly, her voice quiet. 

    “I’m sorry.” His voice whispered against her cheek. She pulled away from him and he let his hands slide away from hers. She stood, holding on to the bars of the swing set to balance herself. Her legs had lost feeling. She stood still for a while, gathering her breath. 

    “Let’s go…” Pinkies intertwined as they began the trip home. 




    A few days had past since the gala and she sat up in bed, letting the natural light and sun wash over her face. She purposely hadn’t called him or anything. She had been scared. The kiss they’d shared spun like rinse wash and repeat in her mind and she wasn’t ready yet… to face him. She didn’t know what to blame.. the champagne…him…her…both of them? If somebody had told her that the lips of the man you love could move your very spirit she wouldn’t have believed them. She woulda looked at them like they were crazy. But that kiss had done something to her. It was like she had literally felt her spirit shift. It had been so… so atmospheric… nothing like anything she had experienced before. Damn. That was all she could think then… and now. Just damn. Sighing, she rolled out of bed and put on some comfy clothes. It was cleaning day and she intended to bring her mind out of la la land. Putting on some music she got to work. She knew some time soon she would have to see him. But for now, she just wanted to clean and not even think about it. 



    He sat in his personal office as he typed up important documents. It was growing late. As the day turned into night, he sighed. He let his fingers grow still on his computer. He hadn’t heard from Rae in a couple days and knew she was avoiding him. Truth be told, he felt guilty. He had kissed her without her permission. But even so, the kiss they’d shared was…it was indescribable. He couldn’t stop thinking about it since. It seemed that as it had been in youth, touching her was a dangerous no no. He had to this point been very careful not to initiate touch… because of the very reason of temptation. She already made his blood sing and flow to places that too cried out for her. Sighing again, he laid his head back against the cushion of the chair and closed his eyes. He refused to let his flesh get to him. 

    His new journey with the Lord has been unfamiliar, frightening and even intimidating. All of his life, he had never known about the man called Jesus nor had ever had a relationship with Him. The only thing he thought about when Christianity came up was the crosses he saw in the latest rock videos. But ever since he had gotten back from Hocking Hills, he had this desire to buy a bible and so one day he had grabbed one. He couldn’t stop reading it since. It did something to him. It nourished him somehow. He wondered… was this the feeling Rae experienced when they were young; this unexplainable presence of love, warmth and goodness?

    He smiled softly to himself. For some reason, he been coming across the scriptures talking about marriage lately…the role and beauty of being a husband….and that of the wife. He wanted that so badly for Rae and him. Sighing heavily, he closed his computer. He had also read about sexual immorality and knew that it was his duty to keep them on track… no matter how much he wanted her. Thoughts of her had raced all day and he had worked until exhaustion in the hopes of distracting himself. But it hadn’t worked. Getting up, he packed up his things and closed the office. He would have to talk to her…soon.



2:31 am

    He pressed his face into his pillow and looked at the time. He sighed. Why was he awake? His thoughts strayed to Rae. Was she still up at this time? It was eating him up inside… this silence between them. They were going to have to talk about it. He grabbed his phone and began to dial her number but paused. No..what if she was asleep? Biting his lips, he closed his eyes and listened to the soft singing of the birds outside. He felt as though he should call her…Taking a deep breath, he pressed send and waited. After a short while,  a soft voice answered.




    “Mm morning.”

    “Mornin…It’s like 2 in the morning. Is somethin wrong?”

    “A crazy idea just popped into my head.”

    “What is it?” He licked his lips and lifted to look outside at the empty streets. 

    “Ride shotgun with me.” To his surprise, there was quiet for a little while until, 



    She quickly showered and brushed her teeth. Washing her face, she put her hair up into a ponytail. As she put on some workout shorts, a cozy shirt and a light jacket, she sighed. What were they doing? It was 2:55 am on a Sunday morning. Why were they acting like risky kids who had nothing better to do with their lives? She put on some comfortable shoes and checked herself in the mirror. Either way, it would be a good time to hash out what happened between them. That, she convinced herself, was really why she was going. She heard a horn outside and said a quick prayer. Lord, don’t let me act up. Don’t let him act up. Please.



    The wind felt so good in between her fingers and she smiled as the breeze drifted through the strands of her hair. They cruised through the empty streets, the lights from the many signs and street lights blazing a path of clarity. 

    “I think we needed this.” His voice spoke, relaxed and calm. She sighed. 


    “Are you hungry?” 

    “A little.” Lucky for them, plenty of fast food restaurants were still open. They pulled into a small eatery. 

    “Rae..” She looked up at him. 


    “I know. I…I just wanted to get this off of my chest..” She felt her cheeks grow hot and stared at him. 

    “I shouldn’t have kissed you that night. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” She swallowed tightly and cleared her throat. Without a reply, she got out of the car and entered the restaurant. 



    He sat in the car, fingers drumming against the steering wheel. The fact that she didn’t say anything was tearing at him. He was trying to do this God’s way, honest he was. But, it was so hard sometimes… sometimes, one look from her and he would grow aflame. He took a shaky breath and leaned his forehead against the wheel. He could do this. They could do this. He lifted his head as the car door opened and she got in with some greasy fast food. Handing him a bag, she began to eat without so much as glance at him. He sighed and ate some of his fries. 

    “Hiroto,” He glanced up at her. 


    “I kissed you back of my own free will.” He licked the salt off of his lips and pursed them. 

    “I still know better…” She grew quiet again and they finished their food in silence. He started the car and they began their journey back through the city until it led them home. 


    He led her up the stairs to her door. She took a deep breath. It wasn’t fair. She wanted to just let what had been inside her chest and heart free. She knew it was way too soon and that if they moved too fast…. it could get in the way of their progress. But the truth was that she had been afraid of what she might…might do around him. The truth was that she had intended to go home with him that night of the gala. Truth be told whatever happened after would have been intentional. She was emotional and hadn’t been thinking straight. She was drunk by the time they left and wasn’t in her right mind. She also knew that she would have regret it. They would have regret it. Wanting to be with someone as much as she did with Hiroto was not a cake walk. She understood the ramifications of what could…or could not happen. Was she still so immature that every time the man looked at her, she grew weak in the knees? Licking her lips, she tightened her fingers together.     

    So many things were going through her mind right now and all of it had to do with this man. He came up the last step and stood behind her. She felt like sooner or later what was between them was gonna explode. If she ignored it, wouldn’t it make it worse? Turning around, she faced him. Just one kiss then…then I’m done…He blinked as she lifted on her tip toes, caressed his cheeks with her fingers and slowly brought his lips to hers. So quickly his lips molded to hers, without complaint or complication. Just a soft one… not too intense. Pulling back, she bit her lip and their eyes found each others. 

    “Ebere…” She pressed her nose against his neck and gripped his shirt. Jesus I wanna kiss this man all night and day long…It was not enough. She lifted and slowly his hand came to touch her cheek. It sparked fireworks within her and her lips crashed against his again without a second thought. What are you doing…. Her conscious was not too happy with her but she took a deep breath before she let the love and desire she felt blossom. His hands slowly slid around her waist and somehow the door to her house was opened. She didn’t remember how but she stepped back into her house and he followed.    

    Shoes were kicked off hastily and limbs were eager to be intertwined. Everything was moving too fast and there were too many things in the room, too much in the way. So dizzy… the room spun like a top and she didn’t know where he started and she ended. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his eyes, dark and deep glanced up at her, their lips hovering above each other. Despite everything within her telling her no, her hands pulled him closer, her breath becoming one with his. Their legs led them back against her table. He pressed hands flat against the surface and leaned down to nuzzle her, making her breathless. Her skin grew flushed underneath her clothes as his fingers gently danced down her waist to skim her bottom. 

    He slowly lifted her up into his arms and she gripped his biceps, wrapping her legs around him. She breathed against his Adam’s apple and closed her eyes. It could not have been so right for a man to feel so good. He placed her bottom back against the table.

    “Hiroto…” He didn’t say anything, just gripped the linen under them in his fingers tightly. His cheeks were flushed pink, his lips bruised a rosy red, eyes burning with tenderness and conflicting desire. He laid his forehead on her shoulder and she heard the sound of his breath. Her fingers slid into his hair, gently massaging his scalp. 

    “Rae…This is a mistake.” His voice was low and throaty. Her fingers left his hair and slid across his shoulders. Even so, mistake or not… his fingers slid up the exposed skin of her thigh, bringing it higher up his waist. 

    “We’ve made a lot of mistakes in the time we’ve been together.” She replied, her voice hushed.

    “Doesn’t make it right.” He breathed against the tender skin. She was quiet with the feel of him overwhelming her. 

    “We can’t do this.” He was right. They couldn’t. They shouldn’t. But, she wanted to let the need for intimacy between them grow stronger and stronger until the dream of becoming one was made reality. All she seemed to do was fight against him. She was tired. The temptation that throbbed against her inner thigh was making her mind foggy. It felt so wrong… but right at the same time. Jesus please.

    “I know…I know we…we shouldn’t…” He tangled his fingers in her hair. 

    “Like so many times before… you’ve been right in my grasp and then you disappear. I don’t want you to disappear this time…” She leaned up and kissed him. 

    “I won’t disappear. I’m real. Can’t you feel that?” She should be ashamed of herself, moving her hips against his in the way that she did. He groaned and bit his lip, digging his fingers into her hips. 

    “That’s real Roto… What I feel is real.” She whispered, causing him to groan again, a low soft timbre. She lifted and slid her hands down his waist and gently played with the elastic band around his hips. 

    “Years of wanting you has broken me down. That kiss at the gala made it live again.”

    “There’s nothing more I want than to give you what you’re asking me for right now…” His voice was low and rumbled against her throat as his lips pressed against the skin. She sharply inhaled and gripped his shoulders. 

    “Roto…” He reached up to caress her cheek. 

    “We’re going to do this the right way…one step at a time.” He leaned down over her and she felt his lips press against hers. He stopped her hips and she damn near whined in protest. 

    “We have to stop. Before we both do something we’ll regret later.” 


    “Listen to me. We’re not ready for this.” She pouted as he let his hands slide away from her and he stiffly stood back, his fingers tight in a fist. She swallowed thickly and sat up, her legs closing. 

    “I’m sorry…” 

    “Come here sweetheart.”  She buried her face in his chest, her cheeks hotter than the sun. Slowly, her arms came around his waist. He wrapped his arms around her, enclosing her in his warmth. 

    “Don’t apologize.”

    “But…I literally almost… tossed this at you right now… like…” He chuckled. 

    “And I literally almost caught it.” She pushed against his chest. 

    “You did not just say that…” He grinned. 

    “After all these years, here you are still throwing yourself at me.” She sucked her teeth. 

    “I threw myself at you? What about on the swings? Who threw at who?” His grin grew deeper.

    “Too much to drink.” She pursed her lips. 

    “Sure Hiroto. Sure.” 

    “Well, you were looking absolutely stunning. Maybe it was the way that dress accentuated your curves… that probably had something to do with it.” 

    “You off the chain tonight huh?” His dimples deepened. 

    “It makes me happy you still want what’s in my pants.” She sucked her teeth and shoved him. 

    “Shut up Hiroto!” 

    “You tell on yourself. It’s so cute.” He laughed. She felt a small grin come to her face.     

    “Well, I mean…I’m curious about that reputation of yours. Is it true?” He chuckled lowly and pulled her flush against him bringing a gasp to her. 

    “You’ll find out first hand someday.” Oh snap… She gripped his shirt at the waist.

    “Well, guess I’ll have to take a raincheck then.” He leaned down and brushed his nose against the apple of her cheek. 

    “We’ll have to keep hands to ourselves until then sweetheart.” She smiled and nodded. He was still so honorable and respectful. He was a good man.

    “I guess.” He placed a hand on top of her head and gently ruffled her hair. 

    “For now… I should go. I’ll be good.” She let go of him.    

    “Boy please. When are you not causing trouble?”

    “Trouble? That’s what you call this?” His hand slid down her body and playfully teased the skin of her thigh. She sharply inhaled, gripping his forearm. 


    “If that’s what this is… I guess I cause it quite a bit hm?” She felt like her face was going to fall off from the heat.

    “Get out Hiroto.” He pulled his fingers away from her and slid them into his pockets, grin deep and mischievous.     

    “I thought you were going to ask me to stay.” She pushed his arm.

    “Nah nah nah. Your mouth got you in trouble. Nope.” He laughed before grabbing his coat. 

    “Ah, I’m being kicked out…” 

    “You sure are. Kick rocks homie.” He chuckled and slid on his shoes. 

    “Maybe we should ride shotgun more often.” 

    “Nope. Out. Go.” He poked her forehead playfully. 

    “I’m going.” 

    “You ain’t goin fast enough.” She huffed as she tried to push him out the door. He walked slowly, nearly cackling at her feeble attempts before finally making it outside. 

    “Good night you jerk.” He laughed and shook his head. 

    “Good night beautiful.” As she watched him get into his car and drive away, she sighed. She’d missed their playful banter. Smiling to herself, she bit her lip. Truth be told, she was overjoyed that somewhere in his journey, he had found Christ. The fact that he wanted to do this His way with her… that showed her just how much he valued and cared about her. 

    She closed her door and pressed her back against it, eying the living room and kitchen. The linen on her kitchen table was all crumpled. She’d have to iron it again. Some of the plates she had on her table were crooked and off center. She bit her lip. She needed to get her whole entire life. Now that he was back, she needed self control more than ever. She couldn’t forget just how passionate of a couple they were together. That man there… was trouble on legs. He was melting the ice she had built around her heart. Slowly, it had turned into the forgiveness they both wanted and needed. If she kept herself straight… maybe they could plant a new seed and start over. She wanted that. To start over. With the only man she would ever love. Grazing her fingers across the linen, she headed back to her bathroom and ran a bath. Soon, the water surrounded her and she let the warmth lull her to sleep. 











Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Woo y'all lol. So alas we have arrived at the second teaser in the introduction! I love that it always turns out different than how I originally wrote it haha. I love that Rae and Roto can laugh and push past their desire and love for one another. I also have to give a shout out to my man for actually being a REAL man. If there any fellas readin, LEARN lol. Y'all don't think Hiroto wanted to just give in? He had the love of life all over him. He very easily could have made the choice to forsake all he had learned and (believed in) for a moment of bliss to be regretted later. This proves that not ALL men think with they nether regions. The real ones anyway. He was man enough to tell his lady look babe, we're not doing this. Plain and simple. On another note, things with Rossi and Roto also "exploded" this chapter. Frankly, I am tired of Antonio Rossi. he get on my lassssst. Ya know, him and Kiko are more alike than they both know: annoying, intentionally choosing to be blind and need to get they life away from Rae and Roto.  


Let's talk about that KISS y'all. *dreamy sigh* It got kinda grown and sexy a bit lol.  <3 Writing the "shotgun scene" and the "kiss scene(s)"were the highlight for me this chapter. As you can probably tell, I am time skipping a bit. I at the most am trying to have a total of 55 chapter total by the end and I have a bit more to go lol. But, that is just a preliminary number. I will write until it is finished properly. :D The next chapter will also be a time skip. Get ready y'all. It's about to go downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Woo. Y'all. Y'all Y'all. lol. I have some pictures of gala night and then I'm off to write some more. Next chapter is in the works :) 


Thank you for all your comments, love and support! God bless you all on this Resurrection weekend!! <3 


Till next time loves, 


Be set free by the renewing of your mind! 


Shine into the sky, bright and yellow! 






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