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“You’re dead to us.” Sensation tickled his brow as the arms of a woman slumped across his chest. Her warmth was pleasant but there was that nagging touch there on his flesh. 

    “You’re dead to us.” There, the words were repeated and this time it was much harsher. His eyes opened and he grew still as eyes stared back at him. Shouting, he clawed at the eyes with his fingers, startling the woman awake.  

    “What’s wrong?” The woman mumbled, voice thick with sleep. 

    “Don’t say that! Don’t tell me you don’t want me!” The woman blinked as she sat up, sliding messy hair back from her face. 

    “Babe, what you talkin bout? Who tellin you that?” He had gotten out of bed, crouched low by the night table, hands shaking through damp strands. 

    “It’s like the past is coming back to haunt me…” 

    “What? Peter you’re scaring me..” The blood rushed through his veins and it pounded in his head. Turning blank eyes on her, he pointed at her. 

    “Get out of my house.” She scoffed as she slowly started to get up. 

    “You need to lay off the drugs. They fucking you up.” She grabbed her dress and sloppily threw it on. Soon she was out of the door. Closing his eyes, he licked his lips and took a deep breath. Turning on a small lamp, he opened a drawer and pulled out a tray. Crushed up white power neatly put into lines waited for him. Maybe the nightmares would go away if he took one more hit. Not enough it seemed but he’d take it all if he had to. He held a nostril and took the drug into his system. Now… a few minutes and everything would be better. All better. 


    Five men sat in a darkly lit room, thick white smoke billowing around the air. Fingers held a cigar while the voices continued. 

    “He has to go.” 

    “Yeah. We’ve put up with him long enough.” 

    “You know he has always been trouble.” 

    “Nothing we couldn’t handle before.” 

    “He’s created a bigger problem spilling secrets no one outside of the organization should know…” 

    “The question is how do we shut him up?” 

    “Jim, why don’t you go pay him a visit?” 

    “He doesn’t need just a visit. He needs to be taken out.” 

    “What about that chick he kidnapped? You think he told her what he told others?” 

    “I doubt it. He is concerned with owning her, not revealing well kept secrets.” 

    “I’m not worried about her.”

    “What about Pete?” Cigar smoke rose in the air. 

    “The girl can wait. That kid needs to be taught a lesson. Regardless of how long he’s been with us he needs to be reminded of the rules.” 

    “How will we do that?”

    “Send one of our guys to get their hands dirty. Then we bring him down.”

    “We don’t do rats. They’re dirty and sneaky.” 

    “This isn’t a rat situation. This is a a setup.” The men looked at the white fur and the scent of expensive Italian perfume. 

    “Don Fiore, what do you think about all this?” The man sighed and rubbed the butt of his cigar on the table, the wood hissing. 

    “We need to figure out a plan and stick to it because the problem needs to be fixed. Pronto.” 


    “Let’s get started then gentlemen.” 


    She stood by the window overlooking the New York skyline. Hair up and away, a soft silky breeze teased her neck. Shoulders bare, a brilliant white scarf wrapped around her, legs exposed. Smooth and rich like gold with the scent of cocoa butter and almond. Beautiful. 

    “What’re you thinking about?” She blinked as she turned around, arms crossed. He stood behind her, a small smile on his face. 


    “You’re lost in thought.” Her cheeks grew pink and she smiled a little.

    “Oh… I was just thinking about the things I could do with Antonio’s money now…” He smiled. 

    “You mean your money now…” 

    “See it sounds so strange to say it like that but I guess yeah.” He chuckled. 

    “It’s in no better hands than yours. You’ll do wonderful things.” He said, coming to stand beside her. 

    “I know. It just doesn’t seem real… like… how do I go from having nothing to having everything like that?” She snapped her fingers.

    “Isn’t that how favor works?” She looked up at him and blinked. 


    “It isn’t surprising that you now have what you deserve. Rossi’s funds don’t compare to all of what you deserve but…it’s a start.” He said with a silly grin. She grinned back. 

    “Yeah.” She was quiet for a little while, gripping her pinkies together. 

    “Something else is on your mind..” She glanced up at him and quickly found the floor. 

    “Oh…um…just thinking about my parents. I…I went to see them.” 


    “A few days after the trial.” 

    “How did it go?” 

    “It went as well as it could have. Shaundra has ruined any opportunity she had with me.” He tightened his jaw. 

    “What about your father?” She sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes. 

    “Ion know…” 


    “He told me he knew Minako.” He blinked, eyes a bit wide. 


    “Yeah. Apparently, he grew up with her and communicated to her before I got there. That’s how the whole entire plan failed. He said he never intended to let me be taken again.” He grew quiet. 

    “That is interesting indeed.” 

    “Yeah…so I don’t know about him but… time will tell I guess.” 

    “Mm.” She let out a big breath. 

    “Going there freed me.” He smiled and leaned towards her. 

    “As it should have. I’m glad you finally set yourself free.” 

    “I know you wanted to come with me but that was something I had to do myself.” 

    “I completely understand. It wasn’t my place to be there.” The crickets performed a night melody outside, silencing them both. She looked up at him who had sighed. 

    “Guess I’m not the poor little black girl anymore huh? Wonder what mommy would think if she saw me now?” His eyes met hers. 

    “Mother was and still is a fool. She never could see that you had potential to be the brightest star in the sky. Circumstances or not, it was there. And it made you glow.” Her cheeks grew hot. 

    “There you go talkin in sonnets again..” 

    “You’re the reason they exist.” He replied, a small grin on his face. She cleared her throat. 

    “Well… thank you…”

    “You’re welcome.” Her gaze found the cityscape which seemed right beneath her fingertips. 

    “When are you going back to Japan?” 

    “Soon.”  She nibbled at her lips. 

    “How soon?”

    “Maybe in a couple months… one more year..” 

    “I see.” 

    “You look sad…” He reached out to gently stroke her cheek. By now she was gnawing at her lips and trying to look anywhere but at him. He smiled softly and lifted her chin with his fingertips. 

    “I want you to come home with me.” His Japanese made her blink, a confused look on her face. 


    “I said I want you to come with me.”

    “With you?” He let his fingers fall from her skin and gripped them.

    “If I say too much now, it’ll be too soon.” She looked at him, a small pout on her face. 

    “Roto-” He cleared his throat and stepped back a little, enough that he wasn’t touching her. 

    “I should go to bed hm?” 


    “Good night Rae.” As she watched him glide past her, she licked dry lips. 

    “G-Good night..”


    Flashbacks of memories past flooded his mind. Too many of them at once…Too much at once…

    “Petey?” Red bloodshot eyes opened to settle on a familiar face. A brother…his brother. 

    “When did you get here?” The man whistled, looking down at him. 

    “Man, you look like shit Pete. Spent all night getting high huh?” He lifted a shaky sweaty hand to damp hair. 

    “Still coming down off that shit…”

    “I see.” He inhaled sharply as the last of the high left him. 

    “When did you get here? I didn’t hear you come in.”

    “A few moments ago. Hadn’t heard from you. Wanted to see if you were okay.”

    “Yeah man…I’m cool. Fucked some bitches and got high. Same routine.” The man nodded. 

    “But you want Rae.” HIs eyes lifted, gaze growing hazy. 

    “I need her.” 

    “Kidnapping her and drugging her isn’t the way to go man. You made that woman’s life a living hell Petey.” His fingers clutched his hair and he squeezed his eyes shut tight. 

    “I know that! I…I know that.”

    “You need to get a game plan together. You’re a mess right now.”


    “Come on Pete. Give yourself a few days… recoup. Settle on a game plan. Cause frankly, I’m tired of you fucking around with this. Either you make the woman yours or you don’t.”

    “She’s always been mine Jim. I’ve make sure of that.”

    “Good then it’ll be a piece of cake gettin her back.” He sniffed and rubbed the back of his hand against his nostrils. 


    “All right then. Listen, pick up the damn phone when I call you okay? We got business to attend to, we need you here.” 


    “Alright then.” Eyes watched the man walk out the door and leaned his head back against the wall. It was time to get back in the game. His memories served both to haunt and motivate him. He couldn’t live with just any woman… it had to be her. Not just any pussy would satisfy him. Hers was one that trapped him and blinded him… he’d give his soul for it. Until it was his again… he’d kill for it. He’d kill for her. 


    Her skin prickled and a chill ran through her. She sat up in bed, a deep feeling of dread washing over her. Fingers gripped her covers and she sat still. This feeling was familiar. Both familiar and unwanted. Somewhere… somewhere out there…He was plotting. She could feel it in her very bones. Peter was going to come after her. Throat tight, she felt her eyes well up with tears but held them back. No, this time… she’d be ready. This time… she’d fight to the death. 


    Days went by without a sound. Movement so fast, so fleeting but still the only thing he could see in his mind was the brown skin that awaited him. He’d forced himself to lay off the drugs… for a short while. He couldn’t let himself get that low again. No, now he was back and he was ready. Hair freshly cut and styled, he stepped out of his car and walked into the building he’d been stalking for a little while. He’d always been curious to know what it looked like on the inside. Upon entering, a pretty young thing smiled at him with a polite smile. 

    “Hello sir! Welcome to Shoutoii!” He smiled in return. 

    “Thank you sweetheart. Tell me, is Mr. Iwase in today?” 

    “One moment please.” She looked down and then, 

    “His schedule is quite packed today. Would you like to schedule an appointment for later this week?” He smiled, careful not to let it turn into a grin. 

    “Oh, no that’s all right. I just wanted to stop by and see the place.”

    “Are you a friend of his?” His eyes twinkled. 

    “You could say that.”

    “Well I’ll let him know you stopped by Mr..?”

    “Lugiano. Mr. Lugiano.” 

    “I’ll let him know.” 

    “Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you my dear.” He extended his hand. She gingerly placed her palm in his and he brought the skin to his lips. Giving it a gentle squeeze, he turned on  his heel and exited. Virgin. He could smell it on her. Such a sweet fragrance. If he didn’t want someone else, he’d surely go for it. Sighing, he got into his awaiting car and the driver sped off. Still, more planning had to be done. Now, he had no excuses. Tony was out of the picture. Now there was nothing to hold him back from what he wanted. Tony was such a fool. Looking out of the window, he reflected on the man he had betrayed. 


    “Tony was a fool.” Glazed over eyes watched the television as a pretty red head reporter told the dish on the ruined Affinity CEO. 

    “She sued him for all he was worth and won. Now that bitch is richer than hell.” 

    “Tony deserved it. He was sloppy. He left too many breadcrumbs. Too many witnesses.” 

    “All that work he went through to get her and still left empty handed.” Eyes turned to the man as he slowly took a sip of Grey Goose. 

    “They all damned him to hell.” 


    One by one, individuals from Affinity came to the witness stand to testify on behalf of Ebere Marshall. They all said the same thing: Antonio Rossi was obsessed and would stop at nothing to keep Rae Marshall all to himself. Ms. Marshall gave her personal account quite boldly in front of the judge and jury. Everyone was mum as she told her experience being kidnapped and subjected to twisted treatment. She testified that they dressed her up as a living doll, drugged her and found herself completely unclothed when she would wake. With no one to come to his defense, Antonio Rossi sat quite miserably, face red with embarrassment and perhaps humiliation. Sentenced to life with possibility of parole, Rossi will waste away in prison.”

    “To add fuel to the fire, with news of the sentencing, partnerships had with Affinity were immediately cut off. Decade long relationships were slashed and anyone associated with Affinity were blacklisted. It is estimated that within six months, Rossi’s business will fail and plunder. Well compensated for her troubles, $800 million dollars was allotted to Ms. Marshall by declaration of the judge.


    “The bastard’s finished.” In the midst of the chatter and laughter, he smirked. 

    “He deserved to be caught.” Eyes looked his way. 

    “You are heartless Peter.”

    “He was a spineless prick who wanted something he could never have. He did this to himself.” 

    “That was supposed to be your boy..” 

    “Just a pawn who didn’t know he was being used.” He sipped his vodka nice and slow, savoring the flavor. 

    “I’m glad he finally is out of my way. I can get back to what’s really important.” 

    “And what is that?”

    “Handling the business he didn’t have the balls to finish.”


    Thinking on it now made him grin. He’d be the victor. Rae was too much woman for Tony. That’s exactly why he lost it and threw temper tantrums every time she opposed him. He didn’t know her like he did. He knew what made her tick. He knew how to make her obey. Key point being fear. Mix that with pleasure and she melted like putty in his fingers. He licked his lips. He couldn’t wait. Now, what was he going to do with Hiroto Iwase? He wasn’t fond of sharing her with anyone and the way he radiated possession of her pissed him off to no end. He wanted to crush every bone in his body. 

    Better yet, what better way to torture him than to make him sit there and watch as he fucked her until she was bloody, raw and begged him to stop? His grin grew deeper. Then, he’d put him out of his misery by splattering the bastard’s brains out. Sighing to himself, he laid his head back against the headrest. She was the only one he had in this world and he’d be damned if he let her go. She had been his everything. And his everything she would stay. He promised he’d make her the happiest woman in the world. She’d have everything she ever wanted. She just needed to stop fighting him. 



    Warm air rushed at her, sifting through her strands delicately. She laid hands gently on her table, fingers gripping a small mug of coffee. Adjacent from her, Roto sat in comfortable clothes fingers gripping a mug as well. A relaxing silence surrounded them. Clearing his throat, he took a sip before speaking,

    “I’ll be going on a business trip for a few weeks.”



    “What do you have to do?”

    “I have to go check on the main branch and see how things have been in my absence. A few meetings, a few other affairs and then I am back here.” 

    “Oh Okay then. I hope you come back soon.”

    “I hope so too.” He snort, taking a sip. She fingered the rim of her mug.

    “The strangest emotion comes over me when you talk about leaving or going somewhere…”

    “You’ll miss me?” He asked, smile on his face. 

    “Don’t ask stupid questions. You know I will.”

    “Aw sweetheart…it’s only for two weeks at most.” 

    “I know but…”


    “I don’t want you to go..” Her voice was a whisper, hands tight on her cup. 

    “You want to come with me?” She looked up at him. 

    “Go with you? I wouldn’t want to get in the way.” 

    “You’d never get in the way. You know that.”

    “How am I going to have everything ready to go with you?” His eyes smiled. 

    “It’s simple. We’ll purchase another ticket. You have a few more days to get packed. When the day comes, we’ll be on the plane together.” She swallowed thickly. 

    “I don’t know if I feel comfortable barging in on your business like this.”

    “What sense does it make for me not to show up with my COO?” She damn near broke her neck to look at him. 

    “What you mean COO? No Hiroto… that position belongs to Shouchi. Or Daisuke.. Not me.”  He chuckled, dimples deep. He looked down, gently licking his bottom lip. 

    “You’re right. They both deserve that position.”

    “You damn right. And since when did you decide I was your COO?” 

    “I decided the moment I hired you.” He said, his eyes lifting to meet hers. Her heart jumped into her throat. The valves shot straight to her womb. She sat there shook, the look in his eyes making hot flutters dance all across her body. 



    “You can’t just not tell me this… what about Shouchi? Daisuke?” He lifted his cup to his lips. 

    “One of them can also be COO.” Her brows knit. 

    “You aren’t making any type of sense.” He didn’t say anything else, just sipped his coffee. Sucking her lips, she pursed her lips. 

    “And to think I was gon tell you I been thinkin bout startin somethin.” The came down, revealing his eyes. 


    “Yeah… Mm.” 

    “What kind of foundation?” 

    “Well…you know where we came from…”


    “What if we start an organization that deals with that?” His brow lifted. 

    “We?” Her cheeks flushed.

    “Yeah. I want it to be a we.” His dimples grew deeper with a smile. 

    “What will our organization be composed of?”

    “Education, housing, monetary funds and food to young abused kids who don’t see a way out. Definitely leaning towards sex trafficking and underage prostitution. It could be like a sect of your business..” She paused as she felt his fingers slowly slide through hers. 

    “I like that idea.” His gaze was like a heated candle, making her squeeze his fingers. 


    “It’s needed in Japan too for sure.” She nodded. 

    “Yeah cause there are so many other kids who experience what we did…who don’t have a choice but to endure and no way to escape.” 

    “In Japan, cases of suicide are very high. It’s normal. It is actually an accepted part of life there.”

    “Nothing about that is normal Hiroto. That is a problem in so many ways.” 

    “I agree.” He said, stroking her hand with his thumb. 

    “I like your idea and I think we should implement it into Shoutoii. This could change so many lives.” She smiled. 

    “It really could.” 

    “But…here’s the thing. I would need your help.”

    “In Japan?” His fingers gripped hers tighter. 

    “Surely, I can’t take all the credit for this and run it all by myself?” 

    “I…I guess I could come there from time to time to help out. I mean..I ain’t gotta worry about plane costs anymore.”  

    “Alright then. In our free time, why don’t we sit down and come up with some basic points…goals and things like that. I can definitely assist you in getting this thing up and running.” 

    “O-okay.” She stuttered, silently cursing herself out. She withdrew her hand and turned to look at him fully. 

    “So, I guess I’m coming with you.” 

    “If you want to.” 

    “I think about it.” She teased, sticking out her tongue at him. He laughed and stuck out his tongue, pulling the inner rim of his eye down. 

    “Fine. Do that.” He teased back with a grin. 

    “Get out my house.” 

    “Always kicking me out. What is up with that?” She pursed her lips. 

    “You don’t know how to act. Which is why you get put out.” He sighed dramatically. 

    “Ah.. so cold…”

    “Mmhm. Now, get ta steppin bruh.” 

    “Hai Hai…” He waved, sliding his chair back. 

    “I was going to go anyway. So you really didn’t kick me out.” He said, leaning over to kiss her temple. 

    “Keep tellin yourself that on your way out homie.” 

    “Hm..Call me later?” 

    “I will. Be safe okay?” 

    “You got it babe.” Words whispered on her skin, the wind led him out and left her breathless. Clasping her hands together, she pressed her forehead against her veins.

     What was she going to do? She had found herself with more money than she ever could have dreamed of. She didn’t know what to do with it. A college fund for Erica should she decide she wanted to go. A few thousands for Tre and Amee… A little more for James… Even still, she wanted to do more. Sometimes, money couldn’t be enough to thank those who deserved the world. 

    Lately, unbeknownst to him, she had been thinking about where they stood. He had finally become a best friend again… something she had craved. Finally that had come full circle. She knew she could count on him for anything. She trusted him beyond a doubt and a belief. But…with him leaving soon…could she handle it? They had found each other again…found themselves in each other. And now… suddenly that was going to end. She wasn’t sure how she was to feel about that. She couldn’t help but think that maybe she was ready for something deeper between them. With her 30th birthday not far off, she definitely had some choices to make. 


    His phone buzzed loudly, making him jump awake. Hair everywhere and breath rapid, he blew it out through his mouth and irritably grabbed his phone. The number he didn’t recognize. Frowning, he hesitated for a little while. Second to the last ring, he answered. 

    “Who is this?”

    “My, that’s how you answer the phone huh?” Relief rushed him and he grinned. Hana.

    “Why are you calling from an unrecognizable number?” 

    “I got my number changed.”


    “It was time for something new.” 


    “I’m going to hurt you when you come home.”

    “Eh? What did I do??”

    “You haven’t called me in ages! Poor Hisae has been worried sick about you! Is everything okay? We watched the whole entire trial.” He sighed and slid messy hair away from his eyes. 

    “I’m okay. That bastard thought he was going to walk a free man but the system finally worked in Rae’s favor.” 

    “How is she Hiro-chan?” 

    “She’s doing well. She’s a bit upset because I told her I’ll be coming home soon.” There was a brief silence. 

    “She doesn’t know that she’s coming with you?” 

    “The choice is hers. She’d have to give up a whole lot to come with me Hana.”


    “Her American citizenship. Two, her family and friends are here. How selfish can I be to tell her to give all of that up?” Hana was even more silent. 

    “Have you considered staying there…with her?” Sighing heavily, he turned his eyes out of the window. 

    “I’ve thought about it. At least that way I could retain Japanese citizenship so she could keep her American one.” 

    “Hiroto, I will be honest with you. I want you here at home. But, this is Rae we’re talking about. She’s more than worth it. After everything you two have encountered together, the most important thing is keeping you two together. Whether that is here or there. Home will always be here for you… and for her.” 

    “I know. Thank you for your honesty.” 

    “You’re welcome.” 

    “How have you and Hisae been?” 

    “I’ve been well. Just missing you. Hisae too misses you.” 

    “I’m sorry for the concern. My little sakura need not worry.” 

    “She’s not so little anymore.” His heart stopped for a second. 


    “She’s growing faster than the wind. Soon, she will start junior high school.”  He frowned.

    “Junior high school means boys. I don’t like boys.” Hana chuckled. 

    “Yes it does.” 

    “I’m going to have to come home quicker than I had anticipated.”     

    “Hiro-chan, you’re going to be her bodyguard?”

    “Yes. You wait and see.” 

    “Uncle Hiro the boy repellent!” She laughed, bringing a chuckle from his belly. 

    “The best and strongest there is.” He added, a big grin on his face. 

    “God, when are you coming home?” She said with a sigh. 

    “Soon Hana-chan. Soon.” 

    “Hurry up! And Rae better be with you on that plane! Either way, whatever she decides, I better see her!” 


    “Okay…I have to go now.”

    “Kiss Sae for me.”

    “Will do.”


    “See you soon.” 


    Glass crashed, making her sit up in bed. Glancing at the clock, it read 2:33 am. She grew still, fear making her stiff. What was that? Who..was that? Every sense on high alert, her ears honed in on every sound. To her horror, footsteps began to travel through her living room. Heavy. Male. Oh God… someone was in her house. Licking her lips, she quietly reached for her phone. Scrolling to Hiroto’s number, she quickly sent a text. 

    Hiroto, someone just broke into my house. 

    Waiting, she tried not to make a sound as she flipped her covers back. Carefully, she pressed her feet against the cool floor. Her phone buzzed. New Message. Her breath grew quiet as she opened it. 

    Do you need me to come over? 

    A part of her wanted him to but… something in her gut told her that it was Peter. And a tiny bit of her wanted to fight back… wanted to defend herself. Before she could reply, he had sent another message. 

    Is it Lugiano? 

    I think so. Her phone buzzed a second after sending her reply. 

    I’m coming over. That bastard picked the right day. 

    Hiroto wait. 

    Damn waiting. If he hurts you, I’ll kill him. 

    She knew he would follow through on his word. Biting her lip, she replied. 

    I know.. Her fingers paused as she heard the footsteps draw closer to the hallway. Ice slid down her back. 

    Come NOW.  

    On my way. Remember what I taught you.

    Okay.  She went to her video record and pressed play and hastily tossed the phone underneath her pillow. Going to grab her glass lamp, she held it up as the footsteps grew closer to her door. She swallowed the fear and flared her nostrils. Now was not the time. She had to fight. 

    “Rae?” His voice slipped underneath the door and she gripped the lamp. 

    “Are you in there baby?” Licking her lips, she kept quiet. 

    “I can feel you on the other side. You’re waiting for me aren’t you?” Come on you motherfucker. Come the fuck on. The door slowly opened and she raised the lamp just as he stepped inside. Without a second to think, she swung it, hitting him in the chest. Glass shattered and she heard a groan as she slipped through the opening and ran into the hallway. Grab a weapon… anything sharp…anything. She sharply turned the corner and sprinted into the kitchen. Yanking open her knife drawer, she grabbed the biggest knife she could find. Turning around, she found him standing there in the hallway, blood soaking his shirt. His hair was disheveled, so very uncharacteristic of him. 

    “I love it when you play dirty baby. Let’s get dirty together.” 

    “Stay the fuck away from me Peter.” He chuckled and stepped into the living room. 

    “Are you going to stab me Rae?”

    “What the fuck it look like?” 

    “Let’s put the weapon down hm?” 

    “No.” He sighed. 

    “You know, when I saw you put Tony in jail and took his money, I was so very proud of you.”

    “I don’t care.”

    “I thought to myself..that’s my girl. He underestimated you. I told him to watch you. Be careful of you. But the bastard never listened. That’s why you fucked him over.” 

    “Why are you here Peter?” He lifted his eyebrow. 

    “My, this time is quite different. You’re not afraid of me.” Good he picked it up. Truth be told, she was shivering in her very soul but this time was different. She had reason to live. Reason to survive. 

    “You thought I was going to fear you forever?” 

    “I never wanted you to fear me. I wanted you to love me.” 

    “You thought passing me around to a bunch of hot greasy dick was love? You thought kidnapping me and drugging me was love? You thought forcing me to suck your dick until I almost threw up on it was love?” Angry tears welled up in her eyes and she gripped the knife tighter. 


    “Shut up! You didn’t love me. You just used me. You saw young pussy and used me to gain a buck. You knew I had nobody. And you manipulated me into doing some sick shit. And now what huh? You think I’m going to let you do that to me again?” 

    “Rae, I love you baby. Why can’t you see that? I love you.” 

    “BULLSHIT. Stay away from me.”

    “Or what?” He grinned, stepping closer to her. 

    “You’ll accidentally walk into this knife.” 

    “Come on baby… don’t be mean. Put it down. I won’t hurt you.” 

    “Liar.” Up until now, his eyes were calm. But suddenly they grew hard and angry. Crazy. 

    “Get over here and stop playing with me!” He barked, slamming his hands down on the table. She jumped, breath caught in her throat. That tone… that tone scared the shit out of her. That same tone… that same anger beat Angel to death. 


    “Come here.” Tears slid down her eyes. How did she let him get so close? How? 

    “No… No!” 

    “Ebere get over here!” He charged for her and she screamed, pushing the knife outwards. She felt it go through flesh and muscle and gasped, stepping back. He grew still for a moment, almost as if in shock. Glancing down, he looked at the protruding knife in his chest. Eyes turned back up to hers and she froze. Fury. Murderous fury stared back at her. 

    “All I’ve ever tried to do was love you and this is the thanks I get. You bitch.” To her shock, he reached out and grabbed her by her hair and yanked her closer to him. She shivered, heavy fat tears falling down her skin. 

    “How…how did you not?”

    “You forget that I like pain baby. I can take a lot.” He threw her on the floor. 

    “Now…” He grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head. 

    “You’re going to pay for that little cut.” 

    “No…. get off of me…” 

    “Maybe I’ll put the butt of this knife here…would that make you feel good?” He took a hand away and gently pressed his fingers against her thinly covered rectum. She screamed, thrashing her body away from him. 

    “No! You sick motherfucker!” 

    “Yeah… I’ll fill you with all the love I have for you baby. Then you’ll never doubt me again.” He leaned down and kissed her. Bitterness and filth flooded her mouth. BITE HIM! CALM DOWN AND BITE HIM! She swallowed her tears and latched her teeth onto his lip and bit with all her strength. He tried to yank back but that only caused more tearing. His hand let go of hers and she reached up to try to gouge out his eyes. His fist struck her cheek and she let go of his lip. 

    “You want me to kill you don’t you? Why do you keep fighting me?” Blood soaked his shirt and the sight of it made her want to vomit. Paired with the swirling dizziness from the blow, she swallowed, her vision watery. 

    “The more you fight me the more angry I get. Obey me. Just lay there and be a good girl.” Her ears took in a ripping sound. Panties. No. NO…She could feel his blood drip on her stomach and his nose press against her triangle. His eyes rolled closed and he sighed, his blood soaking through her shortly trimmed hair. 

    “I missed my pussy. I missed her so much.” 

    “No….Get…get away…” 

    “She’s ready for Daddy. Let me taste her.” The smell of his blood and sweat repulsed her and she groaned, looking around. What… what could she grab? She had to do this for Angel. She had to do this for Lilac. For Blossom and for Squirrel. 

    “Rae!” She heard a voice shout from the other end of her door. Hiroto.

    “Roto… help… please.” That seemed to stop Peter, whose breath was so very close to her inner thigh. 

    “What is he doing here? Why is he ruining this?” She grit her teeth and wrapped her legs around his head, squeezing with all of her might. 

    “I hope you suffocate in there you bitch!” She screamed, tightening her grasp. She could feel his gasp for air, his hands bruising her hips as he hit her. Die in there. Die. She lifted and began to punch him, grabbing and ripping his hair.     

    “Roto! Hurry up!” The door unlocked. Thank God he found the spare key. Pushing it open he stepped in only to stop in his tracks. 

    “Oh fuck…” 

    “Grab him… Please…” He tightened his jaw and yanked him back. He grasped the precious breaths of life undeservedly and closed his eyes as he fell on his back. She slowly got up, forcing herself to stand. Hiroto took in the blood that drabbled her shirt, the shreds that were her underwear, the sweat that dotted her hairline. The bruise that was spreading across her cheek. Her heart grew chilly as his eyes grew hard. 

    “He did that to you?” 


    “He hit you.” It was matter of fact. She swallowed. 

    “Roto…I took care of him see? I got him.” 

    “I told you if he hurt you what I would do.” He turned to face Peter who laid on the ground, a twisted bloody smirk on his face. 

    “If you’d walked in a moment later, I would have been tongue deep in her pussy. Eating her very soul.” Hiroto’s knuckles cracked and he inhaled. 

    “You sick motherfucker. How fucking dare you.” Oh shit.. His aura was red, angry and full of revenge. He wanted blood. 

    “I would have ate her until she cried. That shit belongs to me.” Peter slowly got up and reached up to touch his lip which slightly dangled. 

    “Bitch almost bit it clean off. You always were fiesty baby.” 

    “Shut the fuck up.” Chills ran down her entire body. Never had she heard Hiroto talk so quiet before…not even with his mother. His body trembled, his fists tight. Peter laughed, eying him. 

    “I’m sure she told you. About her beginning with me.”

    “I know everything.”

    “What would you have done had you seen us? Would it make you want to kill me? Or perhaps seeing the woman you love in so much ecstasy..maybe it would have turned you on.” 

    “Enough!” She cried out for him but it was too late. He had kicked him and he had fallen to the ground. Hiroto climbed on top of him. 

    “You ever heard the saying that pussy can destroy you?” Her spirit shook. She’d never…heard him like this… before… ever. Peter grinned. 

    “How can it destroy you? It’s the most wonderful thing on this God forsaken planet.” Hiroto slid fingers into his hair and yanked him upward, bringing his face closer to his. 

    “It gives life. But it also can take life. Fuck the wrong one and you’ll be cold and dead before you know it. It’s the most deadliest thing on the planet. Let me give you an example.” He reached down and wrapped his fingers around the handle of the knife in his chest. 

    “Your intention was to violate her body again right?”

    “Until it bled.” 

    “And where did that leave you? Suffocating in between thighs you tried to force open.” 

    “I’d destroy her before she destroyed me.” 

     “Let me tell you the difference between me and you.” He twisted the knife, wrenching a haggard breath from Peter. 

    “I’d worship that pussy like it was the last life sustaining force on earth. Praise it like it was God and devour her until she allowed me to have more.” Her knees grew weak and her mouth dropped open. Oh dear God…

    “That’s the problem with you and men like you. You don’t know what good you have until it’s literally ripped from you. Everything you’ve done to her…it led me to her. For that I thank you. But you wish to teach me about jealousy. I’m going to teach you about vengeance.” He pulled the knife out of his chest and pressed it against his neck, blood gushing from the wound. 

    “What you did to her…you deserve to burn in hell for that.”  

    “Oh God Hiroto please… wait…” 

    “Let me end this Rae.” 

    “No… not… not like this..please…” Peter chuckled. 

    “You’re a weak bitch. Letting a woman tell you what to do.” He swiftly moved the knife into his skin, a thin red line half way across his throat. 

    “Hiroto…baby…” Her voice broke, tears welling up in her eyes. 

    “Don’t…please..” He dropped the knife.

    “Do not come back here. Leave her alone. Stay the fuck away from my office. You don’t know what kind of man I am. I can end you and your miserable life in ways you would never imagine. Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me.” He slowly lifted from off of him. 

    “Rae, call the police.” She stood still, eying him. He turned to face her and at the look on her face he tightly swallowed. 

    “I’m sorry..” She slowly walked up to him and gently wrapped her arms around him. He grabbed her tightly and lifted her into his arms. She wrapped her legs around him and tenderly slid fingers into his hair. 

    “Thank you…thank you so much.” 

    “Don’t thank me babe. I’m here for you…” 

    “I know…” Emotions rose in her chest and she pressed her face against his neck. 

    “When the police come… and take him…. I want you to stay here with me… I want you to sleep with me in my bed…and hold me until the nightmares go away…can you do that?” She whispered into his ear. 

    “I’ll do whatever you need me to.” He slowly brought her back to the ground and she let go of him, looking at Peter who laid sprawled out on her kitchen floor. 

    “Piece of shit.” Gathering the built up taste of his blood and her desperation, she spit it back at him. Landing on his cheek, he groaned. She walked away from him and led him by his fingers to her room. She grabbed her phone from her pillow case and called the police. On their way, she sighed in relief. Sinking on her bed, she turned away from him and curled up in a ball. Tears soaked the pillow and her body still trembled. She felt arms come around her as a warm body pressed against hers. She slowly slid her fingers up his arm, trying to quiet her cries. 

    “Don’t do that.. don’t hide…” Turning, she pressed her face against his chest and let the cries free. He kissed her forehead, brushing her nose with his lips. 

    “I scared you and I feel so bad about that…” 

    “You’d never hurt me…I…I know that..” Her throat filled with tears and she couldn’t talk anymore. His warmth was the sun and it radiated throughout her entire body. Sighing tiredly, she closed her eyes. Within a few minutes more, she heard the police. She kept her eyes closed and in Roto’s arms, she let everything fall off of her. She let herself drift far away.


    Footage of a woman, face physically drained showed on the camera. 

    “Ma’am can you tell us what happened?” Eyes were firm and strong though her body visibly trembled. 

    “He came here and tried to rape me. He tried to make my life a living hell all over again.” 


    “He traded me in underage prostitution as a child. He never left me alone. He was the ring leader of the kidnapping that he and Antonio Rossi orchestrated.” 

    “Ma’am can you tell us what the other gentleman is doing here?” 

    “I did it. I finally fought back and I got justice for Angel. I got justice for her.” Tears welled up in her eyes. 

    “Make sure that he goes to the hospital. And please don’t leave anything of his here. I wash my hands of him at this very moment. I no longer fear him…” The camera showed as the woman went back into her hallway. It panned to the man who was brutally injured. Having lost so much blood, his skin was white, veins blue. His breath came shallow and light. Barely there. 

    “Who is this man?” 

    “His name is Peter Lugiano, son of the most deadliest mafia boss in the New York underworld.” 


    As the plane touched down, she held tightly to his hand. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, the skin having healed bit by bit. As they got out of the plane, she took a deep breath. Upon coming to the large windows, she paused.

    “What’s wrong?” He murmured, voice quiet. She looked up. Eyes like topaz, they melted her insides like hot chocolate. Clearing her throat, she shook her head. 

    “Nothin… I’m… I’m just glad to be here…” He squeezed her hand. 

    “I’m glad you came with me.” 


    “Welcome back to Japan Ms. Marshall. Are you ready?” She felt warm light flood her and she giggled. 

    “Ready when you are.”

    “Okay…let’s go.” He grinned as he headed towards the baggage claim. She was really here… She was back…Her spirit screamed something she wasn’t quite ready to accept. Home. 


    The barrel of a gun stared him in the face. It was cold, the ground still wet with rain. Somewhere in the distance, there was the sound of bubbles arising from the freshly thrown bodies. Each breath meeting the air. He stared, his jaw tight. 

    “Something tells me you aren’t playing this time.” 

    “I’m not.” 

    “Jimmy…we can talk about this. It doesn’t have to be with guns right?”

    “No this time it has to be.” The ice from the air coupled with the water brought the coldest chill to him. 


    “You ever wonder why they always told you to keep your mouth shut? You never could. And that always would get you in trouble.”

    “Like now?”

    “Yeah. But this is trouble you can’t sweet talk your way out of. This time, it’ll end with your corpse floating in the New York Harbor. Seems you never learned your lesson Pete.”

    “What lesson was that?” 

    “Familia don’t like insignificant street scum like you who can’t keep their trap closed. So, they send me to teach street scum a lesson.” 

       “Who was it Jimmy? Who was the rat?” 

    “Our father sent one of your good buddies down to the police station. Even the big Don got on the stage to play your card.” 

    “Inside job..” 

    “Never trust anyone. Remember I told you that?” The dark water crashed against the banks and he turned to look out on the city line. His eyes had grown wet but he refused to shed the tears. Deep pain dwelled inside but he wouldn’t let it show. 

    “Kill me.” 

    “I’m going to give you an option. Either you take a deal for life without parole or sink to the bottom of the New York Harbor.” As he inhaled, the air zipped and an even deeper pain radiated through his stomach. He gasped and crumpled over onto the concrete. 

    “Make the choice Petey. Life in prison. Or death.” He clutched his stomach and closed his eyes tightly. He didn’t want to die. Jail would have to be better…a watery grave was not on his list of achievements. Sure he’d catch shit but anything was better than being shot like a dirty dog in the midnight air. 

    “I’ll… I’ll take the deal.” 

    “Smart man. Good choice.” Gun pressed to his head, he was instructed to get up and soon got into a black car. What remained of his heart flew out of the window but at least he had his life. 


    “Peter Lugiano raped me.” Those were the words that resounded throughout the courtroom. A young woman fearfully averted her eyes. 

    “Are you saying that this man violated you?” It was a moment before, 

    “Yes.” Somehow he had found himself in a courtroom full of his brothers and many faces, some he recognized…some he didn’t. The same brothers he had made a oath with were sitting in front of the judge and testifying against him. He smelled a rat but all around they all looked like they had taken a piece of cheese. 

    “He almost killed a young lady once. He bragged about it to me. Not once did he feel regret.” Everything out of his closet was tumbling out. Betrayal was building in his chest but he couldn’t do anything but sit there and look on as one by one fragments of his past came to expose his life. 

    “I have court documents showing that the defendant Mr. Lugiano shot Mr. Giamente  DiFranco sixteen times, silencer attached to lessen the sound of his murderous rampage. A crime of revenge for outting him once before to the police.”  Either way you looked at it, the bodies added up and it was all for the sake of the organization. His family. Regret and guilt was nothing. He had found something to fight for and wouldn’t apologize for that. 



    Mr. Peter Lugiano was admitted into the toughest penitentiary in New York early this week. Reports clam that he already has been found beaten in the prison bathrooms and more that cannot be mentioned live on air. Being that he exploited children in sex trafficking, prisoners are not happy about that and have wasted no time in showing Mr. Lugiano just what they think of him. Sentenced to a life sentence, Mr. Lugiano will spend the remainder of his life in the prison. Hopefully, he can find time to get along and allow justice to be served for his crimes. Lastly, to add, after being admitted to prison, there was found to be a bullet wound to his abdomen area. He was shipped to the hospital immediately. It is believed that this injury was a retaliation from the Mafia as it appropriately happened a few days before he was to start a life sentence. We will report more as the story develops further. 


    She stood outside of the bathroom, the droplets of water from within crystal clear. Only been in Japan for a day or two, they had been staying in a hotel. She smiled to herself. She watched the whole entire trial. His very own people had screwed him over. And now… now he’d be some sweaty prisoner’s bitch for the rest of his life. Now, finally Angel’s spirit could rest. Now, finally they all could rest. 

    “Roto?” She asked quietly. There beyond the door he was, perhaps in his own thoughts. She knew she shouldn’t even want to go in there… but at the moment… she just needed him. She needed him regardless. 

    “Hm?” His soft reply. 

    “Did you see the trial?” It was quiet. 


    “What did you think?” 

    “He got off easy.” She balled up her fists and pressed her forehead against the door. 

    “Can I come in?” 

    “Something is wrong…” He spoke and she heard him sit up in the bath. 

    “Come in.” Her heart beat faster but she slowly opened the door and peeked in. Steam had frosted the windows and his hair was slicked back from his eyes. The water droplets slid down flushed skin. She averted her eyes, mouth dry. 

    “Come closer Rae.” 

    “I…I don’t think that’s a good idea…what if I see somethin?” 

    “You won’t see anything I don’t want you to see.” 


    “Don’t worry.” She licked her lips and came closer, kneeling right next to the tub. 

    “What’s the matter sweetheart?”

    “I don’t know…” His hands came out of the water and cupped her cheeks, bringing her gaze to his. The fire flickered in his gaze and it spoke to her heart. 

    “Be free with me Rae.” She lifted and gripped his wrists. 

    “So many emotions are going through me right now…” 

    “Like?” His voice was quiet and calm. 

    “Sadness. Excitement. Vindication. Nervousness. Even…even desire.” 

    “All normal things to feel right now. I feel the same way.” She sighed and pressed her head against his collarbone. 

    “I really should not be in here but… I can’t stay away…in the midst of what is going on… I’m in here with you…” He pressed his lips against her temple and she inhaled the scent of him. 

    “It’s okay. Now your mind can be free from thoughts of Lugiano. Antonio Rossi. Even your parents. Now you are here and you can truly live again.” Her fingers slid down to stroke the bare skin of his back underneath the water.

    “Yet I’m here frustrated as hell. I want so much… I want you…so…so much.” He smiled against her. 

    “I want you too. You know that.” 

    “Is somethin wrong with me because you’re the only thing I see…I don’t understand…” 

    “Don’t try to understand it. Just let it be real and untouched.” She closed her eyes against his shoulder. He felt so good underneath her fingers. Skin smooth like silk, fingers gliding across like art. 

    “I’m proud of you Rae. I’m proud of the both of us for coming as far as we did. No one thought we would survive but we did. We are.” He lifted her hands out of the water and pressed a kiss to the wet skin. She took a shaky breath. 

    “I finally feel like it’s over…everything…my whole life has ended and now… now where do I begin?” 

    “Begin anew with me.” He whispered against her. Her cheeks grew warm. 


    “Yeah baby?” 

    “I think I want to go deep into the depths of the water with you…” He smiled, stroking her cheek. 

    “And swim until we reach a hidden paradise?” She sighed dreamily. 

    “Yeah…” He pulled away from her and leaned back against the tub, his head back against the rim. 

    “That sounds nice.” She took a breath as she suddenly stepped into the water, her pajama shorts soon growing wet as she pressed her back against him, her head against his shoulder. 

    Above, a large skylight window rested, starlight drifting in. She closed her eyes as she felt his arms come around her. 

    “I wanna stay like this for a little while…” She whispered, threading her fingers through his underwater. She felt his lips press against her. 

    “I won’t let you go.” As the moon turned the blue wine slowly into red and starlight, she let the emotions come out from her, written and held sacred and secret on the lips of the man she wanted with all her heart, soul and spirit. His lips allowed her to live and she took breath from his lungs. She turned and pressed her chest against his. Hands slowly slid down her back. She could finally be free now… the final chain had been broken and now there was nothing but him. Him and her. She could feel his body start to come alive underneath her bottom and sighed against his lips. Still too soon yet. She had to leave before she found herself entangled in his being way before its time. His lips whispered against her, some she could understand… some she couldn’t. But the one thing she took with her as she slowly got out of the water and left him was this: New life would come and she was ready…With each kiss, she made her decision over and over again. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply. Taking off her wet clothes, she slid underneath the covers, bare and free. She would choose Freedom. She would choose love. She wanted to soar this time and see where her wings took her.

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Hello beautifuls! First of all, woooo. This chapter have me chills as I was writing it. It was hard for me to write a lot of it. Being the language and subject matter. Peter Lugiano is such a sick individual and I wanted this chapter to focus on him and his delusions. Finally, he got (a little) of what he deserved and for that I am so happy. To be honest, the conversation between Roto and Peter was one I debated putting in here... the language is so uncharacteristic of him... or... perhaps not. I think what he said was powerful even in its vulgarity. It shows just how deeply he loves Rae and appreciates her and her body. The whole time I was writing I was like OOH I JUST WANT HIM TO GO DOWNNNNN MANNNNNNNNNN DOWNNNNNNNNN. And now he has. PRAISE GOD! HALLELUJAH! As you can tell, there is now a shift taking place. With Hiroto talking a lot about Japan and being there with Rae... I believe something new is on the horizon. The America chapter is coming to a close and soon Rae and Hiroto will begin their new life together in Japan. I am excited for all that will bring. Firstly: NAKAMURA TOBU. Like I missed my baby. I missed him so much. Hana and Hisae too. I'm just excited hehehehe. 

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