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Everything Above-Ravyn Lenae 

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“Welcome home Mr. Iwase! It is so good to have you back!” He smiled and bowed his head. 

    “It’s good to be home! Tell me, how has everything been in my absence?” 

    “Everything has been great! We did think that our stocks were going to plummet once in the previous year but thankfully, they did not.” 

    “That’s good news.” 

    “We’ve been following you since you left us and you have made everyone here at Shoutoii proud! You’ve done great things while abroad!” His cheeks grew pink but he bowed his head lower. 

    “It’s nothing at all. This business has become a passion of mine so I intend to do well.” Eyes turned to look at the woman who sat next to him.

    “Who is this beautiful lady beside you?” He turned to look at her and smiled. 

    “This is Rae Marshall. She’s one of my most trusted friends and partners.” She blinked, now having been included in English and smiled shyly. 

    “Hello everyone.”

    “You two are quite a team. She’s brought good to Shoutoii I hear.” 

    “Yes. She’s made the company better and she’s made me better as well.” 

    “Thank you Mr. Iwase..” She spoke softly, blushing as he winked at her. 

    “Okay, let’s get started shall we?” The lead officer turned down the lights and started a presentation. 


    The first week was passing quicker than she had expected. Meetings galore it had been thus far but she had enjoyed learning more about the company. It was amazing to see the genuine respect and admiration the people had for him. He was such a pure hearted businessman. He truly wanted to do good for his people. The same way she wanted to do good for hers. Sighing, she closed her eyes. Inhaling the air, she smiled as Roto stepped out onto the balcony.

    “How you holdin up?” He sighed, the comfortable and pleasant breeze rustling his hair. 

    “Better now that we’re half way through the day.” 

    “Glad we have a moment to ourselves for a little while.”

    “Yeah for sure.” She sighed again. 

    “As much as I’ve enjoyed attending these meetings the past few days… I still feel like I’m in the way…” His eyebrows furled. 

    “How so?” 

    “I can’t understand anything y’all sayin. I’m not familiar with Shoutoii like I should be.. I haven’t been able to contribute anything to the meetings but a smile and a nod.” He clucked his tongue.

    “You’re being too hard on yourself Rae.” 


    “Don’t be that way. Everyone understands that you are learning. It does not matter if you know the language or not, they see you trying. They see how passionate you are about it. That’s all that matters.”

    “Hm..” She eyed him, the sunlight making his skin glow. 

    “How’s your fam?”

    “My mother has been ill for quite a long time now.”

    “Is…is she okay?” 

    “She should be. I’ve seen to it that she be taken care of by the best in the country.” She snorted. 

    “You sound so impersonal.” He shrugged. 

    “She doesn’t deserve emotion.”

    “What was wrong with her?” 

    “Her entire body was rejecting her. Her heart. Her kidneys.” 


    “She’ll be fine.”

    “How is your father?” 

    “Moved away from my mother into Grandmother’s home in Nara. He found out soon after that he was sick as well.” 

    “What’s wrong with him?” He turned to lean over the banister a bit, arms crossed. 

    “He has failing eyesight.. Something also was awry with his kidneys as well.”

    “Did he drink?”

    “Sake like water.”


    “I never would have thought he would have moved there.”


    “I always thought you would live there…” 

    “I intend to someday.” She looked out at the horizon. Bustling and filled with people, Tokyo and New York were so different from the quiet life found in the country. 

    “Last I talked to him…he was doing well.”

    “I’m glad to hear that. He deserves to at least have a chance for a well life.” 

    “You think so?” 

    “Well.. I know what he did to you. That might still be somethin between you two but…I think redemption has been given by his illness. He’s paid for his actions.” 

    “Interesting perspective.” She looked at the cars below as they whizzed in every direction, creating colors that of the rainbow. 

    “Mr. Iwase was the only one that actually treated me like a human being. I am thankful to him for that.” 

    “That’s one of the reasons why I decided to forgive him.” She blinked at him, her cheeks growing warm. 

    “It was?” 

    “Regardless of what he did to me.. he could see the deep affection I had for you. He knew that it was real.” 

    “Yeah…it was.” He drew closer to her until his fingers slid across her back, pulling her against him. 

    “Would you like to go see him?” She inhaled. 

    “Y-yeah we can. It don’t matter to me.” 

    “I think he’d like to see you.” 

    “I’m glad you decided to forgive him Roto.” 

    “Me too.” She smiled. 

    “You inspired him to take courage against my mother.” She eyed him, eyes wide. 

    “What? Me?” 


    “Oh man…” 

    “He’s really fond of you.”

    “That means a lot to me. Maybe we should bring a gift or somethin when we go. ” He smiled and his hands slid away from her into his pockets. 

    “You alone would be enough.” 

    “Aw..well okay then.” He was quiet for a while before he spoke again. 

    “Rae, let me ask you a serious question.” 


    “Where do you see yourself in five years?” She licked her lips. 

    “Hm..five years?”


    “Hopefully happy with a family and doing really well at the job I have..”

    “Would you like to stay at Shoutoii?” 

    “Yeah…it’s nice. I love the people and the atmosphere. We work well together too.” 

    “I see.” 


    “If I asked you to relocate would you?” She licked her lips and looked away. 

    “I might…”

    “What would prevent you from moving?” Her mind raced but she could only think of one thing. 


    “Hm.” Her eyes fluttered closed as lips pressed against her ear. 

    “The unknown is all around us. I wonder if you’ll be ready to jump.” The scent of his cologne wafted across her nose and she inhaled it like a drug. 

    “You’ll be there with me… right?” 

    “You know I will.” She felt like her legs would fall from underneath her but turned her eyes up at him. 

    “You’ll jump with me?” 

    “All the way. We’re Bonnie and Clyde remember?” She sighed. 

    “Just… let me think about it…” 

    “Okay sweetheart.” 

    “Thank you..” He slid fingers through hers. 

    “We’ve got a meeting to get back to. Shall we?” 

    “Lead the way partner.” She said with a gentle smirk.




    “Hey A.” Her feet pulled underneath her bottom, she leaned against the cushion of the couch.

    “Rae!  What’s up?” 

    “I’m great. How you?”

    “We good. We real good. How’s Japan treatin ya?” 

    “It’s just like I remembered.” She said with a small smile on her face. 

    “You visit some of your old spots yet?” 

    “Nah, not yet. We been up to our necks in meetings and stuff so we ain’t really got a chance to venture out.” 

    “Aw, that ain’t no fun.” She chuckled. 

    “Welp with this last week coming up, Roto has more free time so that means fun.” 




    “What happened? I can hear it in your voice.” She licked her lips and sighed.

    “He asked me to relocate…” For a moment, Amee was quiet on the other line. But when she spoke, she spoke with confidence. 

    “And your problem is what?” Not the answer she was expecting, she blinked. 


    “He asked you to live there with him and you not sure about it?” 

    “I-I mean… this was completely unexpected. I just got back to my normal in New York…and what about you guys? I wouldn’t want to leave you-”

    “Tre and I are going to be fine.”

    “But to just up and move without so much as a thought-”

    “This happened before. When you were kids.” Amee’s voice cut through her. 


    “You were the one who wanted him to live with you. And he punked out because he was scared. Right?” 


    “Don’t be the one to punk out this time. There is nothing holding you back anymore Ebbie. If you don’t take this opportunity to grab your happiness, you would be a fool.” She gripped her phone and closed her eyes. 

    “You’re right.” 

    “The man came back and proved to you and to us that he’s in it for real. If the man wants you to move to Japan, do it! That’s where you need to be.” 


    “Don’t worry Ebbie. Tre and I are only a plane ride or phone call away. We’ll visit you.. and you and Hiroto come visit us. Just don’t let anything or anyone including yourself get in your way.” Tears started to fall and she shuddered, a chill passing through her body. 


    “Take the leap won’t regret it.” 


    “I love you Ebbie.”

    “Love you too.” 

    “Tell Hiroto Tre and I appreciate him…”

    “I will.” 

    “Don’t come back here until you wifed up okay? I better see the ring or else I’m punching him in the throat.” 

    “Amee!!” She sucked her teeth. 


    “You too much. I gotta go.” The sisters shared a laugh. 

    “Bye Ebbie.”

    “Bye boo.”  Laying the phone against the couch, she let the moment marinate. Amee was right. She would be a fool not to go for it. Having their support, maybe she could…just maybe.


    Smoke curled around the air. He sighed. He hadn’t smoked in quite a while…a very long while. Tapping the cigarette against the steel railing of the balcony, the cool night air slid through his veins and chilled him. Inside, on his bed the phone rang. Holding the cigarette between his lips, he went to retrieve it. Smiling at the number, he answered. 


    “So I take it that you’re home.”


    “Glad you’re back Hiro-kun.” 

    “It’s good to be back. I missed this place.”

    “I missed you too bro.” 

    “Why are you calling so late?” 

    “Ah, I just been thinking…”


    “You and Rae..” He coughed. 

    “That’s keeping you up?” 

    “By the husk in your voice it’s keeping you up too. Are you smoking?” Caught. 

    “I decided to treat myself.” 

    “It’s stressing you out when it doesn’t have to man.”

    “Well, it’s not just her. A lot has happened this week.” 

    “Meetings back to back hm?”

    “Yeah. I just haven’t found the time to wind down.” 

    “Understood. How is Mommy Dearest?” 

    “Raising hell. She’s much better than the last time I saw her.”

    “You went to see her?”


    “She’s eating?”

    “Remarkably. Nurses told me she’s been so difficult. In true Eri fashion.” 

    “How is everything with the business?”

    “In good standing.”


    “How are you To-chan?” A sigh was heard from the other line. 

    “I’m doing all right.”

    “That doesn’t sound all right.”

    “Yeah well my parents are getting on my nerves.”


    “They want me to settle down.” He chuckled. 

    “Ah, they want grandchildren.”

    “Any woman will do according to them.” 

    “They sound desperate.” 

    “Tell me about it.. I can’t catch a break.” 

    “I’m sorry To-chan… truly.” 

    “It’ll be fine. What I really want to know is what’s up with Rae?” 

    “What do you mean?”

    “Now that everybody is out of the way, aren’t you going to settle down with her?” 

    “I want to.”


    “I am not sure if she’s ready.” 

    “Do you hear yourself?” He blinked. 


    “She’s waiting for you Hiro-kun. You know as well as I do that she’s not going to say no.” 

    “You’’re right.” 

    “I need you to make that final move..” 

    “I will… trust me I will.”  Tobu sighed deeply. 

    “I miss her and I want to see her. 

    “She misses you too.” 

    “If I don’t see her before you leave, I’m kicking your ass.” 

    “Don’t worry Tobu.” 

    “All right. So, now that you’re back on home turf, when are we going out for a drink?” 

    “Soon. Definitely before Rae and I fly back.” 


    “Well, I should be going to bed soon. Catch you later To-chan.”

    “See ya.”


    The second week had started and the feel was much more relaxed. Summer was on the wind and the waves of the silken beach pleasantly warmed their toes. She screamed as he lifted her and tossed her in the cool water. Laughter, the pure and unrestrained type sprang from his belly and her heart warmed as tears came to his eyes, the picture of joy in its highest form. 

    “You jerk! You got me wet!” She growled, a serious pout on her face. 

    “Aw, don’t be mad Rae..” He near giggled as she hit him. 

    “You are such a jerk. Take me on.” 

    “Hai Hai!” She couldn’t stop the smile that came to her lips though as he led her back to the car. Pressing her head back against the headrest, she sighed. 

    “Are you okay?” His voice was soft, apologetic. 

    “You good.. I just wanna wash my hair and get in somethin comfy now..” 

    “I must be getting old because I feel the same.” She grinned. 

    “Popcorn, movies and blankets?”

    “Oh yeah.” He wiggled his eyebrows, eyes smiling. The ride back to the hotel was chill and he helped her out of the car. 

    “Why don’t you get showered and I’ll get the movies?” He suggested as they made their way to the door. 



    The smell of her skin made him dizzy. He felt hot with nervousness. Pressing his fingers against the back of her neck, he curled his tongue up at the corner of his mouth. She had just got out of the shower and everything was dewy and delicate. When she’d appeared in a long t shirt and pajama shorts, she was in the middle of finger combing her hair. Eyes couldn’t get enough of the thick wet strands and the way her fingers carefully slid through them. Before he could catch his mouth, he had blurted out that he wanted to do it.

    “Ah… I’m sorry… damn it…” His mind raced trying to remember how she had instructed him. His hands were slightly shaking and he forced himself to take a breath. She had never let anyone touch her hair. But… she had allowed him to.

    “If you tryna braid, do it in threes.” 

    “Wait… show me again anata..” She softly laughed and turned around in between his legs. 

    “Okay like this..” She took a medium section of her hair, still dripping with droplets and separated it into two smaller sections. 

    “You start at the root but I don’t twist or braid it too tight.” She started at the top and quickly twisted it, leaving his eyes stunned. Fascinating. 

    “How did you do that so fast?” 



    “Okay now you try..” He swallowed and gently picked up a small section and with nervous fingers parted it into two and slowly twisted. Once done, he sat back while she evaluated it in the mirror. 

    “Not bad Roto.”

    “You’re just saying that..”

    “I’m not. You didn’t do bad. Just a bit higher and a bit tighter..” Relief rushed over him. 

    “Thank God..” 

    “You’re too cute. Never did a black woman’s hair before and it got you sweatin.” He pouted, with a sigh. 

    “I don’t know how you do it..”

    “I wasn’t always natural.” She pressed her strands against his hand. 

    “A lot of black women don’t start out like this… but… I’m glad that I got to the point where I embraced my God given hair.” 

    “I cannot imagine not loving who God created and made you to be.” She smiled and squeezed his hands. 

    “Me neither.” He sighed, a small smile on his mouth. 

    “Okay..can I try again?” 

    “Yep.” He licked his lips and tried again, slowly twisting the thick strands down like a rope until he got to the ends. She leaned her head back a bit, stopping him. 

    “Did I hurt you?” He asked. 

    “No…it just feels good..” 

    “My fingers?”

    “Mmhm. Massage my scalp and I’ll be sleep I promise you.” 

    “You’re just telling me all your secrets hm?”

    “Yeah well you bet not tell nobody else.” 

    “Secret safe with me.” 

    “Hm… good.” He slid his fingers through her hair, pressing his tips against her scalp. 

    “Roto, I’ma be sleep…” 

    “Then sleep. I’ll carry you to bed.” He said softly. She hummed and reached up to slide her fingers across the backs of his hands. 

    “We was supposed to watch movies and you tryna put me to sleep.”

    “I just want you to be relaxed.”

    “Was I tense?”

    “No..we’ve had a busy past week. That’s all.” She hummed again, eyes closed. 

    “You’re the first man who has ever had their hands in my hair like this…” She spoke quietly, closing her eyes. 

    “Why is that?” 

    “Hair is a woman’s crown…and not everyone is worthy to touch it…it’’s a spiritual thing..”

    “That’s beautiful.” 

    “..Y-yeah…energy and all that… can be transferred through hair and touch..” Letting her hair fall from his fingers, he wrapped his arms around her and leaned his chin on the top of her head. 

    “I never thought about it that way..” 

    “Not many people do..” 

    “I love learning more and more about you…” Her heart skipped a beat as his lips created electricity underneath her skin. 

    “You’re something else..” He whispered, pressing his nose into the fragranced strands. 

    “Roto…I’m..I’m gonna go get somethin to drink.. you want somethin?” 

    “Go ahead.” He let her free and watched as she padded into the kitchen. Sliding fingers through his hair, he smiled as the fragrances fell across his nose. What she said about hair was such a deep perspective on a simple thing. He wanted to know how she felt about other things. She cleared her throat as she came back into the living room area and he bent his fingers in a grabby motion. She choked on her drink with a cough. 

    “You a creep.” He laughed and stretched, sighing as his bones popped. 

    “Sit tight. I’m going to shower..” She smiled as he got up and ruffled the untwisted parts of her hair. 

    “Okie doke.”


    She twisted the rest of her hair and rubbed some more coconut oil on the strands and then on her skin. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply. What would she do first with her newfound freedom? She didn’t know what to do first.. Where would she go with the world seemingly at her fingertips? What world would she choose to create? She strummed her fingers across her belly but as she felt her bed dip slightly she opened her eyes. There he was, fresh and clean, his towel wrapped tightly around his hips. Her mouth became the desert as her eyes feasted on the beads of water that slid down his chest. Without a word, he slowly laid against her, pressing his face against her stomach.

    “R-Roto…what are you doing?”

    “You looked like you needed some company.” He spoke softly, wrapping his arms around her hips. She gently bit her tongue. 

    “You ain’t give me no warning or nothin…just came in here like that…” He grinned. 

    “I apologize.” She sighed. 

    “I went ahead and finished my hair. You took too long..” 

    “Ah… sorry. A lot was on my mind..”

    “Like what?”


    “What’s everything?” The brush of his cheek against her bellybutton made her pinch his shoulders.

    “For some reason… I cannot get you being pregnant and alone out of my mind… it disturbs me…” Waves of emotion hit her and she sucked in a breath. That was sudden…and unexpected…

    “What brought this on..?” 

    “I know we haven’t discussed it…in full detail…but…”

    “You want to talk about my unborn child?” He looked up at her. 

    “Please?” She licked her lips and took a shaky breath. 

    “What do you want to know about her?”  

    “Was it his?” He asked quietly, his face hidden beneath his hair. She gripped his shoulders again…forcing herself to talk. 


    “Fucking bastard.” The hiss came sharp and she swallowed thickly. 

    “I…I was the only one he purposely got pregnant. ” 

    “How did it happen? I mean…when?” She slowly loosened her grip on his shoulders and slid fingers down the bare wet flesh of his back.

    “When I was adopted into the Marshall home, I had to have been a few months pregnant. My stomach was showing a bit..”

    “How did you get away?” 

    “He had been using my baby to keep me there. He threatened that he’d kill her. After one of our many sessions James allowed me to get out while he distracted him.” 

    “If I had known this… I surely would have killed him Rae.”

    “I know…but I’m glad you didn’t because you wouldn’t be able to be with me.” He moved up her body slowly until he pressed his head right below her breasts. 

    “Prison is the best place for him. I’d probably go after him if he wasn’t locked up.” 

    “No cause then I’d lose you…”

    “You’d never lose me sweetheart.” She sighed and hugged him. 

    “Truth be told… I’m scared of getting pregnant. I don’t know if he did anything..if he damaged something..” 

    “Have you had any problems before?” 

    “Not many… but um… it’s just a fear in the back of my mind.” 

    “Fear aside.. do you… want kids? Would you want to try again?” He whispered, almond shaped eyes looking up at her. Her womb replied with a throb. 


    “I’m delving into inappropriate territory..I’m sorry..” 

    “ I- I want them. I think I’d like to try again someday..”

    “You deserve another chance…” It was quiet for a while before she spoke again. 

    “Kwasame and I almost got pregnant once.” His body grew tight but he hummed. 


    “It was completely by accident and I was dumb because I didn’t enforce the protection thing. He had insisted that one night we go without and well…soon after I thought I was going to have a baby. I was overjoyed but he wasn’t. I wanted kids but he didn’t.”

    “You can’t force someone if they aren’t the right one.” 

    “Yeah..I know.” 

    “Naturally your body knows who is.” He murmured, voice low as a whisper.

    “Where do you think you stand?” Those eyes stared into her soul and she inhaled sharply as her womb did flips.    

    “If I say what I want to say, you’ll hit me so I won’t say anything. How does your body respond to your question?” A screaming resounding yes shook her. 

     “I don’t know…I let you know if and when we ever get to that point.” 

    “Okay.” He closed his eyes and slid a leg in between hers, his ankle touching hers. It grew quiet again. 

    “I dug way too deep didn’t I?”  

    “It was bound to come up sooner or later…” 

    “It was something I had on my mind for a little while..I just had to get it out.” 

    “I’m glad you did.”

    “Your heart still grieves for her doesn’t it?” She licked her lips, unexpected tears welling up. 

    “She was apart of me…and even though I was young…I would’ve did my best to make sure I took care of her. That’s just how bad I wanted her.” 


    “At first I hated her because of Peter. I felt like my body had been betrayed..given something I hadn’t asked for. But Roto…the first time I felt her move…I fell in love.”  Again, his body moved and he lifted slightly, hovering above her, his fists tight in the sheets. 

    “I’m sorry baby.” 

    “It’s fine now what could I have done? I was too young to deliver her safely and probably would’ve had complications anyway….” His hand lifted and caressed her cheek. 

    “You don’t know that…” Her shirt was wet from the tears and her throat was tight. 

    “Can we stop talking about it now… please.” 

    “I’m sorry I brought it up.” She gave him a watery smile and brushed her tears away. 

    “Nah… you good.” Sniffing, she sighed. 

    “I don cried my eyes out so much I got sleepy.” He snuggled against her again. 

    “It’s all right. I’ll hold you until you fall asleep.” 

    “Okay..” She replied, voice little. She closed her eyes as his lips kissed her forehead. His thumb gently smoothed her baby hairs and traced her jaw. Her hands once pressed against his back curled up into a relaxed ball. He watched her until his eyes closed and he felt sleep wash over him.  


    When the sun came into the horizon, he had long since left her. He had leaned down and pressed a kiss to her calve. Lifting her legs, he’d placed them underneath her duvet. Three words he’d breathed against her temple before he left her in peace. I love you.

     He stood in his bathroom getting ready for another slew of meetings. All day, he knew he wouldn’t see her until late. Combing his hair he eyed the strands which had grown considerably. Inappropriate for the business world. It would need to be cut. Sighing, he slid into a white silk button down before smoothing his collar. He much preferred cotton but time was ticking. He shaved his five o’clock shadow and smoothed some aftershave into his skin. That would do. Clearing his throat, he softly came into her room, entering with a gentle knock.

    “Rae? I’m leaving sweetheart.”  She awakened slightly with a groan. 

    “What? Whereyougoin?”

    “I have a meeting to attend.” She sighed, tiredly outstretching her hand. He intertwined their fingers and pressed a kiss to the back of her hand. 

    “I can’tcomewithyou?” 

    “Why don’t you rest up a bit? I’ll have one of my drivers escort you anywhere you want to go when you’re ready.” She nodded sleepily. 


    “Mmhm. I’ll see you this evening.” 

    “Okay…come back soon…”

    “I promise I will.” He kissed her hand again.    

    “I love you.” Sliding his fingers away from hers slowly, he grabbed his suitcase and left much to his dismay. Stepping into an awaiting car, he was off. On the way, his phone buzzed. Looking at the number, he pursed his lips. It was a matter of time. 

    “It’s about time you called.” 

    “You’re back in Japan and didn’t let me know.”

    “You’d have found out sooner or later.” 

    “You brought that woman with you I see.”

    “I told you I would.” 

    “She has such audacity.”

    “Where is your fiancé?”  Before he could stop himself, he replied, 

    “Currently back at our hotel room sleeping.” That stopped her in her tracks. 

    “W-What did you say?”

    “Is your hearing suffering as well now Eri?” 

    “Listen here you arrogant little bastard-”

    “I told you what I was going to do. You know that I keep my promises.” 

    “This is unforgivable! How dare you..” 

    “You just worry about getting better. Have things not improved since I’ve been away?” 

    “All of this nonsense makes me want to die.” He pressed the phone closer to his mouth. 

    “We can’t have that. We have to make sure you are alive and well.”

    “She can’t become Iwase…”

    “She can and she will.” 

    “Is she pregnant?”

    “Not as of yet.”

    “Thank God..”

    “You’ll get the heir you desire Mother.”

    “The children of this union will never be acknowledged as one of mine!” 

    “Listen, I have to go. Do eat your greens and drink plenty of water.” Before she could reply, he hung up. He got out of the car, having pulled up to his destination. Smoothing the lapels of his suit down, he walked into the building. He had more important things to deal with than his mother’s melodramatics. It was time to get down to business. Bowing as he entered the lobby, he was escorted to the first meeting on his agenda for the day. 


    Eyes watched the cars go by on the freeway. The wind warm and welcoming lifted her chunky twists, taking the smell of coconut with it. 

    “Ms. Marshall?” She turned to look at the kind older man who had driven her here. 


    “Are you well?” She smiled softly and gave a small nod. 

    “Yes.” She licked her lips before turning her eyes back on the freeway. Japanese was a taste she hadn’t had in a while and she knew it was old and rusty. She only remembered some small conversational words..barely enough for that. Still, she was glad she could answer the man’s question. Closing her eyes, she sighed. Talking about her unborn daughter had flustered her. She hadn’t been expecting him to ask…much less think about it. Looking down, she swallowed. Her now flatter stomach was once growing… a child within. A child that did not ask to be conceived but only asked to be loved and cared for. It wasn’t her fault but she felt like it was. There was nothing she could have done to prevent herself from aborting her…but it still hurt. It still grieved her spirit. 

    Biting her lips, she tightened her fingers into a fist and straightened herself. It was time to let the fear go…she was in good hands.. Boundaries hadn’t been crossed or breached. In fact they had been honored and respected. When his hands had wanted to touch her in places he had no business, he only balled them up. When his lips wanted to explore and find treasures that lurked beneath her surface, he only used them to smile.

    “Mr. Takada?” 

    “Ah yes yes dear?”

    “Ready to go back.”    

    “Oh kay.” She smiled as he opened the door to the backseat and she slid inside. She had been given freedom…and she was going to take advantage of every drop..even if she had to scream all the way. 



    By the time he got back to the hotel, he was completely wiped out. Messing up his hair, he untied his tie and let it hang around his neck. Undoing a button on his suit jacket, he pulled it off. Grabbing his suitcase, he entered the lobby and soon strolled up to their room. Sliding the key in, he came into the living space. 


    “Yeah?” Her voice answered from her bedroom. 

    “I’m back.” Soon, she came into the living area, bright and fresh faced. Most of her twists had been covered by a decorative scarf while some of them formed a slight bang. All of it smelled sweet and she looked even sweeter. In a night gown and a thin robe, she radiated. 

    “You surely taking an eyeful huh?” A shot of remembrance shot through his body. Once before, she’d said the same thing. Only it was in a dream. How uncanny…

    “Hello??” He blinked, clearing his throat. 

    “Ah… sorry. Um…h-how was your day?” She smiled. 

    “It was good. I had Mr. Takada take me to get some ice cream and drove around some familiar places.” He lifted an eyebrow as he sat down on the couch. 

    “Where?” She sat next to him, her legs underneath her bottom. 

    “Our high school for one.” 

    “You went way back.”

    “I wanted to see if it was still lookin like it used to.” He grinned. 

    “Did it?”

    “You know it. Straight out a magazine. Shoo, it look better now than it did then.”

    “I’m not surprised.” 

    “How was your day Mr. Businessman?” He sighed and closed his eyes. 

    “Busy. Nearly hectic. But good.” 

    “Mmhm.” He felt fingers slide down his ankle and opened his eyes to find her removing his socks. 


    “Continue.” She said quietly, looking up at him. 

    “Ah..well…” She rolled her eyes. 

    “You stutterin twice now… what is up with you? A woman can’t take off your socks?” His cheeks flushed. 

    “I appreciate it.” 

    “No prob.” 

    “I don’t have anything else to add. It was fine.” 

    “So things with Shoutoii are..?” She plucked the last of the sock off of his foot and sat back up, eyes and ears attentive. 

    “Economy is great. We’ve bringing in major sales internationally and domestically. My father made sure it was immaculate and clean when he was owner. I’m doing the same..though my vision is different than his.” 

    “What is your vision?” Her voice was whispery and soft. 

    “I want to make sure that not only Japanese succeed but those across the world. Whereas my father’s mindset was on Japanese, my goal is to unite all colors and creed.” 

    “I believe in it. You’ll make it come true.” 

    “You think so?”

    “I know so.” 

    “Thank you sweetheart.” She stretched out across him, laying her head in his lap. Sighing, she yawned. 

    “What’s up hm?” Fingers slid across her waist. 

    “When’s your next day off?” 

    “I don’t have many meetings tomorrow. The rest of this week I’ll have more free time.” She bit her lips. 



    “I want to see Tobu.”

    I was just talking to him. He’d be delighted to see you anata.” She knit her eyebrows and pursed her lips. 

    “What does anata mean?” He smiled and leaned down to press his forehead against hers. 

    “It’s a secret.” 

    “I won’t tell.” 

    “Nice try. Still not telling.” She pouted and sucked her teeth. 

    “You irritatin. Let me up.” His arms came to entrap her and he smiled against her eyelashes. 

    “Stop playin.” 

    “I’m not playing.” She wrinkled up her nose playfully.  

    “Boy, you smell like work…” He grinned. She stuck out her tongue at him. 

    “You smell like islands and seas.” 

    “You smell like long nights in the office…woo.” His fingers pulled her closer.

    “But you smell of paradise and pure gold.” Warm flutters started in her stomach.

    “Maybe you also smell like words yet unspoken.” His lips slid down the bridge of her nose.

    “And smell fragrant like love waiting to be made and stars yet to be touched.” Her breath hitched in her throat. She didn’t say anything else but her breath spoke volumes to him. He wanted to let the aria inside her bloom.

    “Why’d you…say that?” 

    “Should I not have?” That took her breath away and she reached up to grip the collar to his shirt. She leaned up and pressed her nose against the nape of his neck. 

    “I don’t think you were playing that time.”  

    “I wasn’t. I have to be honest.” The way his timbre dropped instantaneously made her hot.

    “Okay.”  She croaked, waiting. 

    “I think it’s time you and I became more than friends.” Her heart beat faster in her chest and she looked away.

    “I want to make you happy and give you everything you deserve. I want to make love to you and not have to walk on eggshells and I know we’re not even remotely ready for this but I want to start a family with you. I just want you. That’s all I ask.” Still, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t think she could. He brought her gaze back to his.  

    “What is it that you want Rae?” She licked her lips and took a breath. 

    “I wanna have a family too…and I just wanna be happy…I don’t want anything or anybody else…”  She felt her cheeks grow warm. She felt like hiding her face from embarrassment. 

    “Don’t do that…it’s okay.” He smiled as she pressed her cheek against his palm. How uncanny that he knew what she was feelin. 

    “I wanna take that plunge and see where we go…” She whispered against his hand.

    “Me too.” He sighed against her. 

    “Now I can call you mine again..”  She pressed her lips against the corner of his mouth. 

    “I’ve always been yours baby. You just had to wait on me a little while.” The sound that came from his throat was strained, a sigh on the verge of releasing his heart. She let her lips finally roam free and pressed them against his throat. 

    “Thank you for spendin so much time to get me back..” 

    “I would have done it all over again if I had to.” 

    “I know..” 

    “I think we should get to bed now before I get us into trouble…” His voice was a whisper and she smiled against his skin.

    “Okay..” He lifted her into his arms and she wrapped her limbs around him. Not a word was spoken as he headed towards her room. Her back met her sheets and she sighed, looking up at him. 

    “Stay with me…” Her legs relaxed, lazy around his hips. 

    “We both know that isn’t a good idea.” Kissing her on her shoulder, he dislodged himself from her. She leaned up as he started to rise from her bed. 

    “We have to be up early so you have to get some sleep.” 

    “I don’t wanna sleep alone..” Their fingers met. 

    “It’s best you do tonight. For your sake and for mine.” She groaned. 

    “Fine.” His fingers brushed her lips. 

    “You’re so beautiful under the light of the moon.” She blushed.


    “I’ll see you in the morning..” 


    “Good night.” No..not quite yet…One last thing…

    “Say it with a kiss.” Her request was quiet. Her eyes fluttered closed as his lips teased her jaw line. 

    “I’d kiss every inch of you if I could but this will have to do for now.” Fingers tilted her head back, throat exposed. Small tiny kisses adorned the skin.

    “Good night.” Another by her shoulder. Another on a small birthmark. Up he teased, playfully brushing her cheekbone. 

    “Good night.” Curling his fingers around her chin, he brought her lips to his. She sighed against him. Fingers slid up underneath the collar of his shirt and inched their way into his hair. She took the breath that he willingly gave until they both could no longer be connected. Pulling his lips away, he tried to regain his breath, sliding his palms up above hers. 

    “Damn..I can’t feel my legs…” She whispered, breath drawing in slow. He couldn’t contain the cheeky chuckle that escaped. 

    “I’m sure…” 

    “You know what…go Hiroto..” She pushed at him playfully. 

    “I simply did as you asked.”

    “You and your comments again…”

    “One more and then I’m gone. I promise.” He kissed her one last time, liquid heat pooling between her thighs.  

    “Mm…” He hummed against her lips. 

    “It’s time for me to go…” Pulling her hands away from his, she tried to gather her breath. 

    “Good night beautiful.” With a furious blush aglow in her cheeks, she bit her lip. 

    “Good night Roto..” As the door closed, she laid the back of her hand on her forehead. Biting her lip, she savored the tingling feeling…having been kissed..wanting to be kissed again. After everything…they were back right where they belonged. Things would be all right. They’d make the wrongs rights again. His kiss soothed the fear that still lurked in her spirit. They’d handle that as well…After everything and above, they could finally be. Just be. Indefinitely. Laughter bubbled up in her chest and she pressed her face against the pillow as it flowed free, tears of joy streaming down her face. She had finally let his love heal her and now she wanted to return the favor. 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: FINALLY RAE AND ROTO ARE BACK TOGETHER...WELL OFFICIALLY!! YAHOOOOOOOOO I AM SO HAPPY MAN. This means Japan "Arc" is in full swing and we can expect much happiness and warm fuzzies for everyone hehe! Gotta love Amee for lettin her sista know and of course my baby Tobu-channn. Writing this chapter was emotional for me especially the part where Rae and Roto talked about her unborn baby. As a commenter mentioned, it was never clarified (only implied) on if that Peter was the precious child's father. Being that Rae had many sexual partners, it definitely would have been questioned. However, with Rae, Peter made sure she was protected with others (requirement for an extent) but when it came to him.. he did whatever he wanted with or without protection. He wanted to gain the profit from her but he didn't want anybody else to impregnate her (but him..SICK FREAK). Rae never went into detail about it because deep down she is still trying to heal from it. The abortion crushed her and she took it so hard. I have many Iwase chil'ren planned for the two but I think it is a relatable fear in the back of one's mind like... what if I can't get pregnant? What if I miscarry? What if I abort again? When Rae and Hiroto decide to have kids, I tell you it shall be a truly wonderful experience. I can't wait. OFFFF COURSE Eri Iwase had to pop up. She needs to sit her crusty behind down and stop tripping. Seriously. We'll see how things go with her. I'm ready for this next installment. Are you guys? RAE&ROTO forever baby! R&R! WOO! <3 Please leave your comments, questions, concerns and thoughts in your reviews! I may not reply to them but I DO read them and take them into consideration in my creative process! <3 Thank you, love you and God bless! 


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