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Sweeterman- Zach Farac

Ovcoco-Me and You (Feat. Bevy Maco and jeebanoff)

GIIANA-Paradise (feat. Summer Soul)

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“Welcome to Tokyo Haneda Airport! We hope your flight has been relaxing! Please find your baggage at the baggage claim and please fly with us again!” The busy shuffling of feet sounded, suitcases and zippers hustled by. She stopped walking and for a moment just looked around at all the busy people going to and fro. Small children trailing after their mothers and fathers right behind them.



    “How are you feeling?” 

    “I feel fine…I just…can’t believe…I’m here again. Everything is so tangible like I could reach out and touch it.” 

    “You can.”

    “I can?” She looked to find him smiling, cheeks rosy. His hand came up to her hair and he brought her closer to him, his arm gently cradling her head against him. 

    “Rae..” She didn’t reply as she reached up to grab a small portion of his shirt. 

    “Welcome home.” She bit her lip, his warmth exploding around her. 

    “It’s…it’s good to be home…” He smiled as he let her go. Without another word, they got lost in the crowd, suitcases trailing behind them. 



    I am coming home. I am not quite finished with the mission given to me but I think my progress so far will suffice. As I write this letter, Rae and I are in the process of moving. Everything has been completed with the American sectors and I have promoted Ishimoto Shouichi head over the New York and California offices. I trust that he will take good care of the vision I’ve tried to instill in the business this far. As for myself, it is time I return to the shores of my motherland. With me, I bring the woman acceptable to carry forth our name. I have kept my promise. 

Tears filled old eyes.

    When we arrive, we can finally begin our lives anew. Once we get settled, Rae and I will visit you. It may be unlike me to express this but…I have thought about you frequently as of late. I’ve been yearning for our talks over tea, sakura petals pressing the shoji. More than that, I hope that you have been well. We will see you soon father. Until then, take care and be well. 

    Your son 




    “Hiroto?” He turned around. There in the doorway she stood, her skin mahogany and hair like black silk down her back. She was breathtaking as she held a small clutch against her stomach. She wore a beautiful dress that accentuated her curves just right, the full bodied skirt adorned with an almost dizzying pattern. Up further, black sheer mesh covered her shoulders and traveled down her arms. A tasteful amount of cleavage was seen, just enough to tease.

    “You look divine.” She blushed as his eyes took her in. He slowly stood, fingers having been pressed against light paper, ink having faded. 

    “Did you still want to go? It’s not too late to skip the party.” 

    “That does sound very appealing.” He spoke softly, a grin coming to his face.     

    “Welp we got half an hour to declare the final verdict.” He chuckled as he made his way over to her.  

    “This time I think we should go.” She pouted with a sigh. 

    “I knew you was gon say that.” 

    “It’s important.” 

    “Yeah… I know. It’s our first Shoutoii engagement since we came back home.” 

    “That’s not all.” She looked up at him as he smiled. 

    “It’s the first time you will be introduced not be just as my COO but as my fiancee.” At the statement, her skin flushed and she looked down. 

    “Yeah that’s… that’s huge.” 

    “So?” He asked as he lifted her chin with his fingertips, a teasing smile on his lips. She stood straighter. 

    “We should go.” 

    “I think so too.” He let go of her and reached up to straighten his tie. 

    “You look fine Roto…every part the CEO of Shoutoii.” 

    “I wonder how I appear as your fiancé?” He asked, fingers gripping his bow tie. She smiled and gently took his hand into hers. 

    “You look so very handsome and very nervous. Relax babe.” He exhaled shakily and lifted her hand against his mouth. 

    “This is the first time we’ll be in view of the world… as we really are.”

    “It’s about time doncha think?” 

    “Mm.” He squeezed her fingers before standing back.

    “Shall we go then my lady?”

    “We shall.” 


    As they entered the grand ballroom, applause greeted them. He grew still and her mouth dropped open slightly in shock. All around, employees from the central Tokyo branch, acquaintances and business associates clapped and cheered. She let her fingers slide away from him as he bowed in front of them, his back straight and fingers pressed firmly against his sides. She smiled as he slowly rose, happiness radiating around him. 

    “Welcome home Iwase-kun.” A man said as he came to bow before him. 

    “It’s good to be home.” 

    “You’ve brought a lovely lady with you I see. Ms. Marshall, how are you?” At the mention of her name, she bowed slightly. 

    “I am well. How are you?” Though she didn’t recognize the man, she could tell that Hiroto knew him well. 

    “Good thank you. Everyone was so concerned about Iwase-kun after seeing what his mother did to him. Thank you for taking such good care of him.” She bowed her head. 

    “Oh no, it’s no problem.” 

    “You’ve accompanied him as a friend or professional tonight?” She glanced at him.



    “I think it is appropriate to say that she is much more than that Takeuchi-kun.” The man lifted his eyebrow. 

    “She is my fiancee.” At the announcement, several of the other guests paused and eyed them.

    “Fiancee?” She smiled prettily as he gently reached for her hand. 

    “I’ve asked her to honor me by being my wife.” 

    “That’s beautiful…She always struck me as someone who would keep you grounded.” A woman spoke up, friendly smile on her face. 

    “I should’ve known. The way you two would look at each other…” He laughed. 

    “It was that obvious hm?”

    “Dreadfully so.” Takeuchi smiled and gently bowed in front of her. 

    “It is a pleasure to finally meet you Ms. Marshall. It warms my heart to see Iwase-kun so happy. Thank you for being with him.” She blushed, not quite sure how to respond. 

    “No…uh…T-thank you for your support.” 

    “Why don’t we welcome you home the proper way?” She watched as Hiroto grinned boyishly. 

    “I was waiting for the formalities to end.” 


    Bottles of champagne traveled throughout the air and glasses were filled to the brim. 

    “How has your transition back to Japan been Iwase-kun?” 

    “Things have been so busy since we moved back here. Business does not cease because of a move. Rae and I have been working non stop. This is our first leisurely outing in a long while.” Kind eyes looked at her. 

    “I trust you are starting to get settled into your place Ms. Marshall?” She nodded with a smile. 

    “Yeah. I’m surrounded by all of these beautiful sakura trees. It’s breathtaking.” 

    “That’s good. I’m glad.” She took a sip of her champagne. 

    “If you don’t mind me asking… how did you and Iwase become acquainted? I know of the dealings with Affinity but something tells me you’ve known each other longer than that.” She looked at him who smirked.

    “I’ve never liked many questions…” Ishida blinked and flushed. 

    “My apologies if I offended you…” She grinned. 

    “It’s okay. Hiroto and I met in high school actually…” The shock that reverberated throughout their faces made Roto chuckle.     

    “You’ve known her all this time?” 

    “Guilty as charged.” 

    “It’s a long story that I won’t get into but…Hiroto and I drifted apart for some time. Life brought us back together and well…here we are.” 

    “That’s awesome! That explains the chemistry between you.” 


    “She’s a good woman Iwase-kun…you’re lucky to have her.” He raised his glass at her.

    “That I am.” 


    The warm air pulled them along and she clutched the lapels of the jacket he’d placed around her shoulders. He had his hands in his pockets, hair rustled out of the sleek style of earlier. She glanced up at him. He had left the businessman in the building for the night. With his bow tie draped loosely around his neck and a button of two unfastened he reeked of relief. 

    “I think that went well.” She spoke up quietly as they walked down the street, the small lights adorning their path on each side. 

    “Mm. I’m pleased it succeeded.” 

    “I wonder if them folks was prepared for our announcement.” He grinned. 

    “Maybe…maybe not. It doesn’t matter though.” 

    “Right. It don’t.” There was silence before, 

    “It feels good not to have to hide anymore. When the world finds out that you and I are together…I will breathe a bigger sigh of relief.” She nodded. 

    “I agree.” His fingers slid down to grasp hers and she smiled to herself as they continued to walk in silence until they came to his car. 

    “I can’t wait to get in the bed man…these heels comin off as soon as I get in this car .” She mumbled, reaching for the door. To her surprise, fingers gripped hers and she froze, turning her gaze upwards. 

    “Roto?” He didn’t answer but instead pressed his lips against hers. She stiffened only for a brief moment before she leaned into him. His cologne was starting to make her dizzy and she wanted to fold into his warmth. Soon, he pulled away from her and opened the door, allowing her to slide inside. A smile on her face, she glanced outside at the darkly lit petals scattered on the ground. His kiss here… in this place… truly meant home. As he drove her home, she slid her pinky around his and held onto it tightly. 


    The familiar hum of the cicadas chirped outside the thin shoji, a sound that brought a smile to his face. Old weathered hands lifted a tea cup, crafted beautifully in jade and gold leaf. 

    “Do you remember who made it?” 

    “Of course I do. Small immature hands molded it into something beautiful.” 

    “This one is special; something that cannot be replicated.” Warm eyes lifted to meet his. 

    “Your Obaa-chan helped you…That’s why this is the one she must receive.”  He smiled and leaned back, hands pressed against the tatami. 

    “No doubt she will love and cherish it Hiroto.” His father set the cup back into its lacquer box. 

    “Mm.” He sighed. 

    “How have you been father?” 

    “I’ve been alright. Better now that you are home again. Even better that you’ve brought Rae back with you.” 

    “It took a long time to return but it is so good to be back.” His father smiled to himself with a sigh. 

    “I am glad that the truth always comes forward. I believe now the spirits of both your grandmother and Eri are at rest.” He looked at the ocha stirring around in his chawon.

    “Father tell me…what happened to the woman who birthed me?” Shou’s face grew serious, eyes intensely dark. 

    “I divorced her.” An eyebrow shot up. 

    “Is that so?” His father tightened his jaw. 

    “That woman was nothing but a manipulative liar and murderer. She deceived me in the highest sense and took away the only woman I ever let into my heart.” He was silent as he listened. 

    “You know how we are as Iwase men Hiroto. You know that our hearts are guarded from the day we are born until the way we die. As it has to be.” 


    “Eri was such a pure hearted girl. She had an inner light that spoke to and scared away the darkness I had inside.” He looked at his father who had turned his gaze towards the open shoji, settling on a single bird that had perched itself on a tree branch. 

    “I truly loved her Hiroto. For her, I would have given up even my name.” 

    “Surely the purity within her quickly changed. When did you start to have doubts?” 

    “One thing about your mother is that she is a master of replication. She can copy a behavior or tendency exactly as it is performed from one exposure to it. Though I thought her ruthlessness a bit disconcerting, I found it at the time almost fitting. To be an Iwase woman in those days, you had to be cold and calculating, showing only loyalty and submission, grace and poise. All of these things she exhibited. Alone however, she acted just like the young girl I fell in love with… with who I thought she was.” 

    “I see.” 

    “I did what I thought was right at the time. Now I see that everything wasn’t.” 

    “We’ve all made mistakes.” His eyes landed on his face. 

    “I’ve been lucky to receive a chance to make them right.” He smiled and took a sip of his tea. 




    “Thank you.”  He shook his head a slight smile on his face. It grew quiet for a little while and then his father spoke again. 

    “I have to say, Shoutoii is a much better company in your hands.” He snort. 

    “Is that supposed to be a compliment?” His father laughed. 

    “Take it as one son.” 


    “You’re reconstructed the entire foundation and it’s truly admirable what you’ve done with the business. In a way… you’ve put purity back into it.” 


    “The Junsui initiative…”

    “Rae’s initiative.”

    “Yes. I think that is quite respectable. Shoutoii is more than just a domestic business now. You’ve taken it far beyond anything I ever could have imagined or desired.” 

    “Thank you for passing me the torch.” His father chuckled to himself and pat his knee. 

    “I wouldn’t have passed it to anyone else.”  Things grew quiet around them and it was comfortable. 

    “Father,” Shou looked at him, a small smile on his face. 

    “Did you ever think that we’d be here 10 years ago?” There was a thoughtful pause, the shoji gently rattled in the breeze. 

    “No. I didn’t. I was a different man then. And you were a product of my mistreatment. You were so hurt and abused.” 

    “I never imagined we’d be here either. But…I am glad we are.”

    “Here we are…no longer just Hiroto and Shou. Now we are Father and Son.” 

    “Yes…finally hm?” The two men shared a laugh. 

    “I’d better get going Father. I have something planned with Rae tonight.” An eyebrow lifted. 

    “All these plans and yet I’ve heard nothing about a wedding date.” He chuckled. 

    “My, aren’t we impatient?” His father snorted.     

    “I’ve wanted you to marry that girl for fifteen years. Now that it’s being dangled in front of me, I’m growing greedy. Besides, I want grandchildren Hiroto.” He choked and coughed, bringing laughter to the man who sat across from him. 

    “I’m getting older now. Surely you in your youth possess such vitality and stamina. As is the Iwase way.” He couldn’t help the furious blush that adorned his cheeks. 

    “Father please…” A cheeky chuckle escaped. 

    “Now now, don’t be embarrassed Hiroto. You’re not a child anymore.”     

    “I’ve got to go now.” The sound of his father’s laughter followed him as he bowed and swiftly made his exit.


    Her phone chimed softly and she nearly tripped over her shoes trying to get to it. 

    I’m on my way sweetheart. Stopping by my place to change.  She smiled to herself as she put the phone back down on her bed. Tonight was going to be very special and she hoped that they made it a routine thing. At his suggestion, they were going to do something new. The cool kids called it Netflix and Chill…They called it Bible and Chill. They were going to eat lots of yummy food and have bible study. She could hardly keep the excitement to herself and sighed contently into her pillow. Best be gettin our food together then.

    Getting up, she went into the kitchen and started setting out some take out she’d ordered. It was that kinda night. She got two small sake cups from her cupboard. It’d been a long day for the both of them. She knew more than anything, Roto needed to kick his feet up and relax.  Humming to herself, she’d just finished up when she heard the door buzz. Going to the small pad, she saw Roto standing outside. She smiled and opened the door. Upon the sight of her, he smiled in return, a small blush coming to his cheeks. 

    “Come in.” He bowed his head slightly. 

    “Thank you.” She leaned against the wall as he slipped off his shoes. 

    “How’s your night been so far?” He rustled his hair. 

    “It’s been interesting to say the least.”


    “Mm. I visited my father.”

    “And? How is he?”

    “He’s fine. He uh…” A curious blush spread into his cheeks and he cleared his throat. 

    “He is enthusiastically awaiting our marriage.” She snickered as she led him into the kitchen, pouring chilled sakura sake.  and glanced at him. 

    “He started that again?” 

    “The man won’t stop until you’re down the aisle.” 

    “Shou is cute.”

    “Cute you say?” She pursed her lips. 

    “He been the only one outchea ridin for us. Been doin that since the beginnin. I think it’s only fair he ask when he gon be blessed with our union.” He laughed to himself and came to slide his arms around her waist. 

    “You’re right I suppose.”

    “Hm.” He pressed his lips against her shoulder. 

    “Your Japanese is getting better.” He noted, watching as she put everything on a small tray. 

    “Thank you. I feared I’d lost all traces of it. But being back is bringin it out some. I still need a refresher course.” 

    “Mm. I can help if you’d like.”

    “Mmkay..” He let go of her as she led him into the living room. 

    “All this looks delicious.” He commented, coming to sit on a small pillow. 

    “Boy who you tellin? I almost smashed waitin for you to come.” He stuck his tongue out at her. 

    “You could barely control youself huh?”

    “You already know how it be when I’m hungry.” He playfully poked her forehead. 

    “Tsk tsk…so greedy.”

    “Hey watch it dude.” They shared a laugh. It was so good to relax and chill after a hard day at work. They dug into the food as a comedy played on TV.  They ate until their bellies were full. 


    Soon they opened their bibles, food and sake making them unwind. They dug into Ephesians 5; the topic appropriately titled “Marriage.” Roto had just got done reading a verse. 

    “What’d you think about it?”  She asked, peering up at him as he gently fingered the corner of his page.

    “Hm…” Fingers intertwined softly as they laid against pillowy cushions. 

    “I think it speaks to the love of the Father.” 

    “How so?” 

    “He emphasizes how man is supposed to love his wife, how he is supposed to treat her…how he is supposed to submit to His spirit in order to submit to her…The involvement of the Holy Spirit is not only crucial but it reflects the love relationship God desires to have with us. Everything about marriage is representative of Jesus’ relationship with us…His Bride.” His answer made her spirit soar.

    “Whoa babe. That’s deep.” She wrote down the points he’d made and tightened her grip on his fingers. 

    “I think the bible is deep in and of itself. It’s kinda like a book of relationship. That’s all God desires… evident in His words and his thoughts.”

    “Mm. I used to think that Christianity was just a pointless religion. But, once I actually accepted the fact that Jesus died for me…that God loved me so much He sent His son to do that, I realized that real Christianity isn’t religion. It’s a relationship with God through His son Jesus.”

    “That’s so true Roto! It’s kinda hard to accept at first. Cause you be like how could God possibly love me? Look at the things we did… the way we lived our lives… we couldn’t possibly be called clean or worthy…But the truth is that we are loved. He wants us exactly as we are…”  He smiled, dimples deepening sweetly. 



    Their study continued longer than they’d expected and soon hours had passed. Through it all, they had grown even closer to one another. They’d grown full in their faith. She laid against his chest and listened to his heart beat against her ear. Sighing deeply, she wrapped an arm around his waist. 

    “That was amazing.”

    “Mm. We should do this again.”

    “Everything piles around us and it be feelin hard to get through the week sometimes.” 



    “Yeah babe?” 

    “Speakin of marriage…we haven’t actually talked about it you know…”

    “About what?” 

    “Our wedding date.” 

    “Ah..” He sat up some, holding her tight against him. 

    “We’ve both been so busy babe.”

    “I know.” 

    “If you could envision the perfect month to get married, when would it be?” She bit her lips and hummed. 

    “I’d wanna do it in the spring cause that’s the season we met in.” He smiled. 

    “I was thinking in the summer because that’s when we were both allowed to be the freest. So many good memories we had in the summer.” 

    “Then again… we could get married in the winter time…member that Christmas kiss under the school mistletoe?” 

    “I’ve never forgotten about it.” She snickered. 

    “Good. Neither have I.” He grinned, glancing down at her. 

    “After all these years huh…” She hit him on the chest. 

    “Hiroto…you gon get out.” He laughed heartily, reaching for her. 

    “Don’t be like that babe…” Pursed lips faced him. 

    “I think we should pray about this weddin date and see what comes up. I’ma get with Lee and Amee and see what they think and you get with Bu.” He nodded. 

    “That sounds good. To be frank, I don’t particularly care about the date. As long as you’re Mrs. Iwase at the end of the day… I’m good.” He yawned and stretched across her bed, sighing into the sheets.

    “Let’s call it a night babe.” She gently slid fingers into his hair.

    “Yeah I’m tired too.” 

    “I’d best be going then. If I’m not careful, I’ll fall asleep right here.” He slowly got up and went into the living room. She soon followed to find him disposing of the food containers and placing the sake cups in the sink. 

    “Roto you didn’t have to do that…”

    “It’s only proper.” He said softly as he washed the cups and put them on the drying rack. Smiling to herself, she came behind him and wrapped her arms around him. 

    “Be safe going home?” He turned and stroked her cheek.

    “I’ll text you as soon as I’m in.” 

    “Thanks for comin over.” 

    “Anytime.” She slowly lifted on her tip toes and pressed her lips to his. 

    “Goodnight Roto.” He smiled against her mouth.

    “Goodnight my darling.”  


A few weeks later…

    Screams permeated through the summer air and the smell of cotton candy and popcorn wafted across her nose. Fingers intertwined tightly as the sky rose to meet them. The sun had gone down, leaving the night clear and stars bright. She allowed the wind to drift through her shaky fingers and with a slight smile glanced at the man who held her heart. He had a large grin on his face as he peered down at all the tiny people below.

    “You look like a kid in a candy store.” She mused with a smirk. 

    “This is exciting.”


    “I’m proud of you babe…the last time I brought you up here you freaked out.”

    “I’m still freaking out. I still feel like I’m going to throw up…” He squeezed her hand. 

    “It’ll be okay! This is the last time we go around.” She licked her lips and sighed, the mesmerizing colors of the lights swirled around them. Soon as he’d promised, they were on the ground and a young girl came towards them. 

    “UNCLE HIRO! Come with me! I wanna take you guys on this really big coaster!” Rae shook her head. 

    “Nah boo, my stomach can’t handle it right now. Too soon.” 

    “Okay! Come on Uncle Hiro!” She yanked him in a random direction, bringing laughter to the small group. Weeks turned into summer vacation and quite reminiscent of their high school days, the trio had turned into a group of five.

    “Hisae, wait for us!” Laughter bubbled in the night. 

    “She’s so happy you’re back Hiro-chan! She’s been dreaming of this day for a long time.” 

    “I’m glad of that too. But Hime is still going too fast.”

    “You sure you just aren’t getting old?” 


    “You knew she was gon come for you like that Hiroto.” 

    “You women always tag team.” 

    “Oh it’s you women now huh? Tobu, come get ya boy fore he get himself in trouble.” He sniggered and put his hands up in defense.

    “Hey, I’m stayin outta this. I am not tryin to be in the dog house too. Hiro, you on your own.” 

    “Is that so?” He shouted as he lifted his foot and playfully hit him on the bottom. 

    “Ah! Hiro…” 

    “Nope I don’t wanna hear it.” 

    “You’re the one who got yourself in trouble!” 


    “I’m sorry bro but I fear Rae more than I fear you. Look at her.” The two women busted out laughing. 

    “Smart man! She’s little but she is to be reckoned with!” Hana said, face full of glee. 

    “Hisae-channn! Wait for me!” Rae ran up to catch her and they linked arms as they headed towards a smaller less intimidating ride. 

    “Let’s go get some cotton candy! Hiro-chan, come with!” Hana dragged him away from the direction Rae was headed in with a sharp tug. 

    Hands in his pockets, he smiled to himself as childish wonder lit up Hana’s face. 

    “Let’s play that game Hiro-chan! I bet you can’t out shoot me!” 

    “We’ll see about that.” PEW. PEW. PEW PEW! The vendor grabbed the microphone as they battled it out. 




    “AH NO!” The vendor clucked his tongue as Hana yelled in victory. 


    A pout rested on his lips as she carried away her prize, a bear half her size. 

    “Hey, don’t brag.” 

    “Not bragging. I just smell the sweetness of victory.” He stuck out his tongue at her as they moved through the crowd in search of the group. The bright fair lights lit rainbows into the sky and the night was young…much more fun to be had.  


    Fingers brushed against paper, neatly written prose starting to dry. The heat from the sun was almost searing and the clouds in the sky danced so delicately across the blue horizon. A window slightly ajar let a gust of breeze into the room. Soon, the sun would hide away and a blanket of night would clothe the earth, a million little lights brightening up the way. Smoke curled in wisps, floating like mystical clouds upward towards the ceiling. 

    “Hiroto?” He didn’t reply, instead let his fingers dance across a picture. 

    “Hiroto,” The voice had grown closer until it came directly behind him. 

    “Is it today?” 

    “Yes.” Is all he said, tears welling up in his eyes. 

    “She would be proud of you. You know that right?” 

    “I’d definitely like to think so.” 

    “She’s watching over you Hiro-chan. Always has and always will. She’ll be giving you her blessing until you travel on from this life.” 

    “Thank you Hana-chan.” 

    “You’re welcome.” 

    “Did you just come back?”

    “Yeah. Rae’s in the car with Hisae. We thought you would be here so we came by.” He lifted his eyes to the paper that sat on the old battered wood desk. Lifting his fingers, he wiped away the tears that had formed. 

    “How was it? It’s been so long since you saw Rae.” 

    “It was as if she’d never left. Hisae immediately recognized her and damn near tackled her to the ground.” They both laughed. 

    “We spent the longest talking and catching up. Hisae invited her to one of her school performances next month.”

    “That’s amazing. I can tell Hime missed her so much.”

    “She did. Rae is like the Aunt she never had. She’s always held Rae in that regard. I’m just glad we got her back.” 

    “Me too. Now you can stop threatening to beat me. I’ve finally brought her back home.” Hana playfully punched him on the arm. 

    “Thank you. Come on, let’s go and get something to eat. It’s been a long time since we all ate as a family.” 

    “I’d like that.” He took her hand and she helped him stand. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. A soft smile on his face, they left the room, the incense burning out as if someone had blown on it. There still sat on the table the letter. The wind gently picked it up and it wafted to the ground, the breeze letting in three soft sakura petals. There they landed on the paper, sunlight soon following after. 



     I wonder how you are doing. I miss you so much. I have wondered throughout the years if you’d be proud of me… I’ve tried to keep the essence of who you are in my mind. I’ve never gotten over your death and perhaps I never will. What happened in this very room haunted me for so many years. But now… I feel a peace. No longer do I see nightmares. Now, I see light. Happiness has filtered in through the shoji and made it warm. Father has taken good care of your home and for that I am grateful. He has appeared to be healed here where you resided. Perhaps he too has made peace and even atoned for his wrongdoings against you. You would have forgiven him. It’s only right that I too practice forgiveness. For as you taught me, life is short and should not be taken for granted. 

    The one thing I am sad about is the fact that you haven’t been able to see me grow… the man you helped form with your own two hands…I can rest assured though. For your spirit is with me even now as I write this to you. I feel your warmth and your love. I’m glad it’s still felt the same since then…long ago. 

    Baa-chan, I have some really good news. I’m getting married. Finally I know! Her name is Ebere…Rae for short. I know you would have loved her. She is strong willed like you. You two would have had a lot of common ground. I think you would’ve called her yours right then and there. Rae and I will be getting married pretty soon and the people in my life are all happy…Everything feels right. As for you, I hope you have been resting well. With what has happened, I imagine you are relieved now Baa-chan.   I will write to you again. For now, let the breeze lull you to paradise. 

    I love you. 



Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Hey my loves!!! It's been so long since I last updated! So much has happened in four months! <3 If I hadn't stated it before, I moved to Arizona with some family! Soon after, I got a job and I've literally just been working this entire time! <3

My hours are so crazy haha so that's interfered with my writing/creating time! I just had two days off in a row so you bet your butt I spent it writing haha. <3 I think this is such a wonderful transitional chapter!!! So many emotions to be felt! How lovely it is to see how Rae and Roto are growing in their relationship with God together!!! Truly beautiful! <3 Settin that foundation is K E Y lol.

My favorite moments of this chapter is the time Roto had with his father, the trio becoming five and at the very end... Roto's letter to his Baa-chan. So heartfelt! <3 My baby!!! Okay y'all... all I can say now is this: They're ready... Catch you soon! I pray you enjoy this update and that I update soon! LOL. 

P.S- I am still in the process of trying to get Accordance published. That take MOOLAH lol so for the meantime, that's a savings goal lol. <3 Thank you guys for your support thus far! I love and appreciate you!!! <3 

Till next time, 

SHINE BRIGHT, sunny and yellow 

Be set free by the renewing of your mind~


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