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Justin Nozuka- Right by You 

Justin Nozuka-Sweet Lover

Justin Nozuka-Eyes Changing Color 






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“What’re you doin here?” Eyes lifted to see the one he’d waited for standing in front of him, hands on her hips. He cleared his throat. 

    “You forgot your bag at school.” Large brown eyes peeked down to find her back pack sitting next to him neatly. 

    “Oh snap…I didn’t even notice.” He smiled, dimples deepening. 

    “Lucky for me to find it.” She sucked her teeth. 

    “How long you been waitin?” Balling up his lips, he shrugged. 

    “Not too long.”

    “Don’t lie.” He didn’t reply but instead took the time to observe her as she reached down to pick up the bag. 

    “Thank you Roto…I appreciate it.” He gently pulled himself up from the stairs and slid his hands into his pockets. 

    “It’s nothing.” For a little while it was quiet before, 

    “W-would you like to come in for a lil bit? You came all the way here…” 

    “Are you sure?” 

    “Y-yeah. J-just for a lil bit.” The blush on her cheeks and stutter on her tongue warmed his heart. He swallowed thickly. 

    “Sure.” Gently, she took his pinky in hers and led him inside. 


    Sliding fingers through damp hair, he took a deep breath. The air of the morning was cool, the crisp refreshingly unusual for summer. Fall was on the wind and he could almost taste it. The morning sun and the sky intertwined beautifully and the colors that exploded therein were nearly magical. He heard a soft sigh from the inside and turned towards the woman who still slept, deep and sound. Everything that had happened in the past 24 hours would have worn anybody out. They’d left their loved ones in Japan and made it to France after a 12 hour flight. As soon as they had been taken to their room, she had crashed, her shoes still on her feet. He was surprised that he wasn’t asleep yet. Perhaps it was the excitement of being in a new city, sites, sounds and experiences to be had.  Then again, the time spent watching her was precious and he didn’t want to disturb her. Turning back towards the breeze, he inhaled the clear night air. Just a fingertip away it seemed stood the city’s most iconic symbol, its lights bringing clarity into the dark otherwise quiet atmosphere. 

     Slowly turning away from the open french door, he slowly came to the side of her and gently skimmed her calve. He quietly unlaced her shoes and pulled her feet into freedom. Socks were pulled away and with a smile, he leaned down to press a kiss to the flesh. Letting her go, he lifted his shirt and shook messy strands out of his face as he came to collapse next to her, face first into the pillows. Then and only then did he fall asleep. 


    The smell of freshly baked bread brought my stomach to life and now I can’t go back to sleep. I don’t know how long I’ve been knocked out but however long it was, I needed it. Roto and I just made it to Paris and so far, the first day here we are still resting. He’s completely gone and it makes me smile to watch him get all tangled up in the covers. 

    At that, eyes drifted to said man and a smile appeared deep and humored. 

    I am sitting here still in complete shock over all that’s happened. Like…. am I really no longer Ebere Marshall? Am I really Iwase Ebere? Every time I run it over in my mind, I get chills. Mrs. Iwase never sounded better and it fits perfect like a glove. My heart skips a beat and my entire face flushes every time I hear it. That damn twinkle in Roto’s eye engulfs his entire face. He’s a trip. 

    The pen paused as she sighed. 

    It’s nice to be able to get away for a little while. From the wedding planning to Shoutouii… it’s been crazy stressful. For a moment in time, Roto and I can finally exhale. Everybody back home has been so supportive of us and it really means a lot to us. How’s life so far as a married woman? Well so far dear pages, it’s too early to place any insightful experiences. Mostly, it’s been full of emotion. I’m excited to see what Paris has to offer the both of us.  I’ll let you know all about it as the time passes. Till then,


    Yawning softly, she placed the pen in the center fold of the journal and closed it. It had been a while since she’d last journaled and it felt good to chronicle their new journey. The weather outside looked beautiful but truthfully, she wasn’t in any hurry to head out. Her body still felt like a sandbag and all she wanted to do was be lowkey and chill. Her stomach growled and she silently told it to hush. Since it was being impatient, she might as well gon get somethin to eat. Glancing at her big sleeping baby, she quietly slid on some slippers and headed downstairs. There at an empty table sat a lone couple, what appeared to be the morning news showing on the television. French filled the room and the smell of eggs went right to her tummy. 

    “Ah…hello.” She tightened her fists. Her French was non existent and she severely hoped the couple knew English. The woman turned to her and smiled warmly.  

    “Good morning. I trust you slept well?” Her tone was warm, rich and like butter and it made her instantly feel at home. She nodded with red cheeks. 

    “I did. Thank you.”

    “I am glad. Breakfast shall be ready in a few more minutes. Surely, more of our guests shall join us.” 

    “Mm.” She gingerly pulled out a chair a little way from them and sat down, licking her lips. 

    “I recognize you.” The woman got her attention, eyes intensely focused on her. 


    “Yeah. You’re that young man’s business partner.” Dang even in France they know. 


    “You two make nice couple.”


    “I am glad you finally married him.” Her statement made her look at her, cheeks warm as the sun. 

    “I-I’m sorry?”

    “Ah, forgive me. Would you like sausage link or patty?” The woman, kindness and wisdom all over her stood up. 

    “Link please…” 

    “Link it is. I shall return with a feast for you.” She didn’t reply as the woman entered into the kitchen. She wasn’t sure why but the older woman kinda reminded her of Minako. She grew quiet as soon more guests came to fill the tables. 


    It had to be that damn sienna. Every time it flashed it made her grow weak. Too many times before, she’d almost found herself in trouble. Sure they had established that the mere want… the mere desire was of no harm. But the act of carrying out the mere want and mere desire was something else entirely. Maybe it was the way his fingers caressed hers absentmindedly. He was nose deep in a book. His eyes stayed fixed to the pages but occasionally, his fingers would brush her knuckles. It sent a rush of electricity up and down her spine. Time and time again she wondered… if it were to happen… what would she do? It wouldn’t be the first time she’d seen a man naked… but he was different… he was the love of her life. It could have been the way his lips formed her name or the laughter that came unchained from his belly. Whatever it was, she was certain that when it did happen… she’d never be the same. As far as she knew, the love between them was otherworldly. She’d change and maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. 

    “Rae, would you like to make Hiroto-kun’s plate?” Minako’s voice brought her away from her intense gazing. She allowed her eyes to fall away from him. For the tiniest moment, her fingers would have to forego his. 





    The next morning he had gotten up and washed the long hours of travel off of him. Everything was quiet and still, the sun pale. He’d come back, towel drying his hair to find Rae sprawled out across the bed, traces of drool pooling on the pillow. He grinned to himself and sat down not too far away and just watched her. The simplest things about her, the most mundane things he loved. She was so precious. Lifting his arms to stretch above his head, he felt his legs ache. It was time to go for a run. Sighing, he got up and pressed a kiss to her temple. She moved not. He smiled against the skin before quietly closing the door. His feet began its natural rhythm upon the pavement and he let the sun, wind and surf guide him. 


    When she’d finally awakened, it was growing late in the afternoon. She groaned against the pillow and slowly lifted her head, her hair covering her face. 

    “Good morning baby.” She whined and turned over, glancing up at him. 

    “What time is it?” 

    “3 pm.” 

    “I slept that long?” 


    “I don wasted this entire day.” He chuckled. 

    “Don’t worry about it babe.”

    “I didn’t mean to sleep that long.” 

    “You needed it.” 

    “I guess.” She pouted with a sigh. 

    “I haven’t done much myself.” 


    “Are you hungry?”

    “Boy you know I’m always hungry.” He chuckled. 

    “Want to get something?” 

    “Mm I gotta wake up first…” 

    “Understood.” She yawned and lifted her arms above her in a stretch. 

    “Oh… I got you a plate from yesterday. Did you see it?” He nod. 

    “Mm. Thank you. Devoured it as soon as I got back.”

    “You’re welcome. Where’d you go?” 



    “I doubt we’re going to go anywhere so I say we get something to eat and watch something on the television. Tomorrow is when the fun will begin.” 

    “Oh yeahh we goin to the Louvre!”  He wiggled his eyebrows playfully. 

    “I think we should save our energy for that hm?”

    “Yeah you right. Let’s go grab some grub and make it back.” Pulling her hair back into a puff, she hopped off the bed and slid into some shoes. 


    “Ready Freddy.”


    Three days. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve been in Paris, France. In such a beautiful city such as this, I swear all we been doin is lazing around. Tomorrow though, we are actually gonna get out and go do somethin. That flight took more out of us than I think we anticipated. I know this entry is short but I’ll have a lot more exciting things to share with you tomorrow Journal. Till then… goodnight. 




    Instead of sunshine, the rain met them the next day. Even though it was pouring, she had grown tired of sitting up in the hotel room. Roto with his restless self felt the same so they’d gotten a bite to eat from the downstairs cafe and headed out, umbrellas in hand. A trip to the Louvre had their names on it and she was excited. Glad that she’d dressed real casual, her tennis shoes dipped into the small puddles that lay in the streets. All around, tourists scattered about, forcing her to stay close to him. 

    “Babe, where we meetin this group at?” She asked, glancing up at him. 

    “A cafe up ahead.”

    “Mm.”  They kept walking and he let go of her hand to press it against her back, pulling her with him as they navigated through the throng of people. A myriad of languages surrounded her and she felt nearly overwhelmed until finally they saw a small group of people up ahead. Lightly jogging, they made it to the group which appeared to be departing. 

    “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome! My name is Alois and I will be your tour guide on today’s trip. We will be venturing to the Louvre, which is one of the most famous museums in the world. I hope you are ready to get out of this rain.” The group chuckled and soon they all filed into a shuttle. Soon they made it to the museum. 


    Swirling color, marble and dizzying French countryside took his breath away. Depictions of life no longer lived permanently covered the walls but what fascinated him the most was the woman with her face pressed up against a painting. There in the painting was a woman, drawn in such classic elegance. She stood with a quite manly weapon in hand and the expression captured was that of ferocity. A warrior woman. 

    “Is she your wife?” A voice brought his attention away from her to find a couple standing beside them, a smile on their faces. He nodded. 

    “I could tell by the honeymoon shirt she’s wearing. Congratulations.”

    “Thank you.”

    “I knew I recognized you. You’re the famous business mogul right?” He slid his hands into his pockets. 

    “Right now, I’m just Hiroto.” The man smiled and outstretched his hand. 

    “Nice to meet you Hiroto. I’m James. This is my wife Beverly.” Fingers tightly gripped each other. 


    “We’re from the UK.” 

    “Ah, quite a lovely country that is.” He mused, the tiniest trace of a smile on his face. 

    “Thank you.” 

    “What brings you to Paris?” 

    “Funny you ask. We just recently got married too! Bevy has always wanted to come to Paris so I thought it nice to treat her.” He smiled. 

    “Congrats on your union.” The woman blushed but nodded. 

    “Same to you Hiroto.” 

    “Baby?” They all turned to see Rae slowly come up to them, confusion on her face. 

    “Oh sorry! We didn’t mean to distrupt you!”

    “No you’re fine.” 

    “These are some of the people in our group. James and Beverly.” He spoke against her shoulder, his arm coming to enclose around her. 

    “Oh. It’s nice to meet you two. I’m Rae.” 

    “Pleasure is all ours.” 

    “Well I think we should explore some more. What do you think Bevy?”

    “Yeah, let’s go! We hope to see you guys again… hopefully soon!” 

    “Yeah that’d be nice! Um… Beverly, would it be forward to ask for your number?” The woman gently shook her head. 

    “Not at all. I was thinking the same thing.” The women exchanged numbers and soon they all went their separate ways. 

    “Nice couple.”



    The rain pelted against her cheeks, her fingertips spread to catch the cool drops. The sky wept and it hit her throat, soaking into her shirt. 

    “Rae?” The earth beneath her shifted as she opened her eyes towards the voice. There stood Hiroto, the only one worth the distraction. 

    “Shouldn’t we get inside? It’s starting to pour.” She smiled, her skin lukewarm. It once was so warm. 

    “I don’t mind it.” He didn’t say anything else but instead came to join her in the rain, the cool refreshing burst of wetness shocking his system. 

    “It’s beautiful here.” He was quiet but she could feel his eyes on her. 

    “The lights, the warmth…it’s really special here.” 

    “I’m glad you like it so far.” She finally turned her head, away from the sobbing atmosphere to meet an intensity altogether different. The light from the nearby lamp drifted across his face and it suddenly set her skin ablaze, the rain no longer a sedative. 

    “What?” He said not a word but smiled softly, letting the drops to cover his throat. 

    “It amazes me how connected you are with the earth. It’s uncanny.” She swallowed. 

    “In a way deeper than the average can understand… you connect with God Himself through the simplest things.” 

    “I guess I always been like that.” The laughter that arose from him was kind and gentle. 

    “Hey, you two should get in before you catch colds!” They glanced at the person who who had stopped walking past, the suggestion sincere. 

    “What he say?”

    “We should get inside.” 

    “Oh?” The foreign reply that came from him allowed her to drift away from there and once again indulge in the quiet night, the lights and soft pattering against the ground surrounding her. 

    “Let’s go babe.” Strong arms came to close around her. She sighed and leaned back against him. 



    The next few days passed like a blur and the time hadn’t waited for no man. They’d made new friends out of the couple they’d met at the museum and had stopped to have drinks with them once or twice. Above all the street food she’d consumed and the local markets they’d happened by, they’d gone to the Eiffel Tower and climbed to the top, despite her scary ass being scared of heights. She’d damn near gripped Roto’s hand off but once they’d seen the breathtaking view of the city, she fell in love with Paris all over again. Pictures could not compare to the way the sun hugged the city, robust and full of history. They’d shared a drink at the bar and once the sun started to set, they made their way back to the hotel. Energy zapped through the streets and it never seemed to run out, even at night. In a way it reminded her of New York but more warm. All this she had recorded in her journal, the wanderlust now at 10. Though it had only been a few days since their arrival, she wanted to see and do more, make more memories. And indeed they had. But one such memory would never be recorded within the pages. It instead would permanently stay in her mind and live in her heart. 



    That particular day she thought they were going to travel to Luxembourg Gardens and see the River Seine but instead, she was met with a team of photographers and a grinning Hiroto.

    “Um…what is goin on?”

    “I thought it would be a good idea to capture our honeymoon in photo.” She blinked at the smiling photographers.


    “Come on babe. It would be a waste not to. This’ll only happen once.” Clutching her small purse to her stomach, she swallowed tightly. He was right. 

    “Okay.” He pulled her to him and kissed her temple. 

    “You look beautiful.” She felt her cheeks grow warm. 

    “You two are such a good looking couple. It would be our pleasure to take you around for a shoot.” The main photographer complemented as he eyed them, his smile friendly. 

    “Thanks… I guess I’m dressed right.” Unbeknownst to her, when she’d put on the parisian inspired dress she was not expecting a photo shoot. But somehow it all went according to somebody’s plan. 

    “Shall we?” Gripping Roto’s hand, she allowed them to lead her into the city in a way she had never before experienced. Her head spun with the intense beauty of it all and by late evening, she found herself standing on the balcony of a really expensive hotel, gazing towards the city, pink, dark violet and azure hues starting to paint the sky. The breeze picked up and rustled the delicate white lace of her dress.

    “Éthéré…” She grew still as Roto came towards her. Reaching out, he gently brushed her hair away from her back, exposed and bare. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to her shoulder and glided his fingers down the expanse of her skin. Warmth flooded her entire being and his intense gaze held her captive. The click of the shutter briefly sounded. 

    “Je te trouve très belle.”  Her mouth dropped open and she gaped at him as his arm came to loosely drape her hip. She’d never before heard him speak in French and it just about turned her legs to jelly.

    “W-what’d you say?” He pressed his forehead against hers. 

    “I find you very beautiful.” The click of the shutter sounded. His voice was warm and throaty as honey. It sent chills down her spine.

    “Roto…” He said nothing and pressed his lips against her temple.

     The shoot lasted a few more minutes and she was amazed that they had spent the entire day in front of a camera. But oh the views she’d seen…the quiet cobblestone streets and small nooks had been her favorite. She wanted to protest when his touch left her but just smiled and thanked the director as the crew began to pack up. He kissed her cheeks and shook hands with Roto. 

    “Please keep in touch Mr. Iwase. You two are special. ”

    “Thank you Alexandre. We shall.”


    When they’d made it back to the hotel, she had hopped in the shower, the day washing away from her. She couldn’t get the way he’d looked at her out of her mind. She knew that look and so many times before they had been forced to separate. But now… the tender and fragile intimacy between them… was it to shatter once and for all? Something about the way his fingers had touched her had her attention and wouldn’t let go.

    The water ran and the steam fogged up the glass. She sighed and pressed her forehead against the glass. Glancing down, she looked at her hand, the beautifully adorned ring sat on her finger. Smiling, she bit her lip. A knock on the door startled her from her thoughts. 

    “Y-yeah?” It was quiet for a while but his voice while soft was clear as day.

    “May I come in?” She froze, instantly growing flush. What a simple question to ask. Surely a husband should be able to share a shower with his wife. But truthfully, all of it… was making her dizzy. Taking a shaky breath, the possibilities of every outcome shot through her head and she licked her lips. Clutching her fingers into fists, she swallowed.




    He had expected her to say no. But the softly uttered word made his palms grow moist.  For a while now, he’d been turning over and over in his mind whether he should do it. Fifteen years had passed and after all the fighting back and forth, they had arrived at a place where they no longer had to do so. Suddenly finding themselves without inhibition, he wasn’t sure what to do or how to handle it. Taking a shaky breath, he slowly opened the door to the large bathroom. She had her back turned to him and the translucency of the glass gave him a moment to look at her. He felt his knees grow weak and he exhaled slowly. She stood pressed against the wall, face hidden. Water trickled down smooth brown skin and dripped off of ample cheeks. He bit his lips. His fingers itched to touch her. He lifted shaky hands to his clothes and soon he was just as exposed as she was, his very heart on his breath. He gingerly curled fingers around the handle of the glass door and softly stepped in. For the longest time, he couldn’t speak, the reality of what was happening hitting him in waves. Don’t chicken out now. He swallowed thickly and came towards her. 

    “Rae?” She grew stiff and gripped her hands together so tight he thought they might lose color. 

    “Y-yeah?” The nervousness that dwelled in his stomach soon disappeared and he wanted more than anything for her to look at him. He reached out and lifted her cheek, slowly bringing her gaze to his. 

    “Let me see you.” She blushed, gaze dropping. Slowly she turned, breasts covered. He smiled gently, his dimples deepening.

    “Don’t be afraid to look at me.” At that, her gaze lifted and every ounce of fear and desire that radiated from her hit him. She’d been bare and naked before, so many times before and every hand that had touched her had abused and mistreated her. Somewhere that still laid in the back of her mind. He could see it. Though she trusted him… still… she wondered… what if… was there a possibility… 

    He let go of her cheek and held his hand up, palm open, fingers waiting. Touch. Slowly, she lifted a hand from her breasts and intertwined her fingers with his. He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed the back of her hand. She took a shuddery breath and of her own accord, her other hand fell to her side, finally allowing his gaze to see her in all of her flawed entirety. He smiled again and lifted her other hand to tangle their fingers. There resting below her ribcage rested the reminder of their past…the love that still lived. He closed his eyes and took in the steady pour of the water above them, her breath and his heart. He could feel her eyes slide down his body and he let her look. Her breath had grown heavier and it was then that he opened his eyes to find her face blossom in a becoming blush. 



    “I…I…d-don’t know what to s-say…”  His lips kissed her cheek and down to her lips.

    “Then say nothing at all.” He breathed against her lips before pulling her into his arms, holding her close. Her eyes fluttered closed and she pressed flush against him, fingers digging into his back. Silence went on but the language that lied between them spoke louder than any words of the tongue. After a long while they stepped out and she shivered as the cool air hit her. He reached for a towel and wrapped it around her, holding her close. She reached up to slide the wet hair back from his face. 


    “Yes baby?” 

    “I love you.” 

    “I love you too.” Threading their fingers, he led them away from the bathroom, the promise of warm soft sheets ahead. 


    Is this really happening… She must have repeated the question a million times but the answer was a very real very naked man who was bringing her closer and closer to their bed. Her eyes couldn’t help but stare and she felt dizzy just looking at him. She bit her lip. He had such a strong back, the muscles relaxed.The wet strands of his hair teased the skin on his neck. His waist was slender but his body was deceiving in the strength that lied beneath the almost fragility of his slim build. Lord Jesus help me. Even the cheeks of his ass were supple but firm. By the time they had made it to their bed, her legs had lost feeling and her throat was drier than a bucket of sand. He sighed and collapsed into the sheets, water soaking into the pillow. She stood there in front of him, towel tightly wrapped around her. 

    “I feel a hell of a lot better.” 

    “Me too.” He lifted and came to sit in front of her Indian style. 

    “What’s on your mind babe?” She inhaled and little by little let the towel go until it wafted to the ground. The breath he took and the way his gaze grew intense again made her heart beat wildly but she was quiet as she slowly climbed onto the bed, reaching for him. He leaned forward, his hands pulling her closer. She hid her face against his hair as he lifted her to sit between his legs. The press of him against her was nearly maddening and it took every ounce of control within her not to move. His fingers gripped her cheeks, his breath soft against her collarbone. 

    “What’s on my mind…” Her voice was whispery and light and she wrapped arms around his shoulders. 

    “You.” The simple word brought him to life beneath her and she tightened her grip on his shoulders. 

    “I want you to have me Roto.”  His fingers left her bottom and hugged her back, soft whispers of touch. 

    “I’m not scared anymore.” She breathed against his lips, eyes meeting his. 

    “Rae…baby…” She slid fingers into his hair and kissed him. The groan that came into her mouth shifted her entire being and it crashed into her without warning, leaving her breathless and wanting more. 

    “T-This time…you don’t have to stop. We can do whatever….but make me a promise…” 


    “Promise that you’ll make me high.” His lips collided with hers and from that moment on, her very breath belonged to him. Hunger vibrated through his entire body and the kisses he pressed to her throat left fire in its wake. He reached up and slid fingers into her hair, making their eyes meet. 

    “I promise.”  


    The way she looked up at him took his breath away. It was as if the memories he’d held onto in the past had come into living color. So many years ago, the woman had been a girl and the trust and desire that had dwelled in her depths were met with tears and heartbreak. But all his hard work, his prayers and his love had paid off. Their fingers intertwined and he leaned down to kiss her breastbone. She was hot to the touch and smooth as butter. This time, he’d make it right. He nuzzled her cheek, adorning her with soft butterfly kisses. Her chest rose and fell against his and he couldn’t find any words to say. The thumb that glided across her bottom lip was a start. But when he finally allowed them to meet, that was more than enough.

     Reaching up, he gently gripped the smooth soft flesh of her breast before he took her  small hardened bud into his mouth. She moaned softly, arching her back. He suckled for a little while, teasing her with his tongue.

    “Hiroto…” He sighed against her as the force of her consumed him. He pulled away, his lips soon teasing the thin skin across her ribcage and down to her bellybutton. Her fingers slid into his hair and he hummed, her tips massaging his scalp. Further down, raised skin met his hands and he for a moment pressed his face against them. Flashbacks of what once was hit him one after the other, a knife screaming for bloodshed…contact with flesh. But neither the knife or the bloodshed had succeeded. Though she’d carry them the rest of her life, these wounds of victory would always serve as a triumphant reminder. No longer would they represent pain, suffering and hatred. He pressed his lips against the scars and kissed them.

    “Rae…” He whispered, bringing a blush to her cheeks. 

    “Yeah?” He looked up at her.  

    “I wanna taste you. Will you allow me that?” Cheeks red, she slid fingers down his cheek, lightly pressing them against his lips.

    “Y-you’ve been so patient… waitin for it.” She licked her lips and inhaled deeply. Slowly, she opened her legs, keeping his gaze the entire time. Her heart felt like it was gonna come out of her chest but she had grown lost in those eyes. 

    “It’s yours baby…” The blush that had been in his cheeks spread to his neck and his mouth parted slightly. For the longest time he couldn’t move. Her soul was finally bared to him and he would take damn good care of it. Mouth watering, he leaned up and pressed his lips to hers. Pressing their intertwined hands back against the sheets, his hips moved against her and she bit her lip, head falling back against the pillow. Mine. Breath slow and steady, he kissed the skin offered to him. Mine. She wrapped her arms around him and lifted her leg ever so slightly, begging him to touch, to taste, to feel. He slid hands down to stop her hips, breath now panting. Time had passed them but it had been kind. Time had allowed them to pick up the pieces to the love they had tried to forget. With this woman, now he could create the world they both wanted… needed in order to survive. 




    The desire that dwelled in his depths made his eyes stormy, arousal flushed in his cheeks. The words that formed on the tip of her tongue had died and she found herself speechless. She gently wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him. All the years they had waited… His fingers inched their way back toward her love, dewy with anticipation. Slowly they dipped into her, teasing her. She moaned softly, her fingers tightly gripping his wrist. His lips instantly took in the sound and he groaned against her mouth, the sound penetrating her womb. All the pain, tears and blood that had been spilt and sacrificed for this…was worth it. Fire fell like rain down her body as he stopped teasing and began to thrust against her, sharp and quick, taking her breath. She arched her back, the music that had lived in her spirit finally releasing itself. Her hips tried to keep up with him but soon the fire grew hotter and she couldn’t ride it out anymore. 

    “Let it come…Let it come baby…” He spoke against her, voice gentle. The feelings inside her burst free and it swept her away like a tidal wave, giving her no choice but to surrender. He quieted her moans with his lips, drinking the sounds from her as he rocked against her one last time before growing still. Their breath mingled and once they became calm, she opened her eyes to look up at him, her cheeks blazing. 

    He withdrew his fingers and for what seemed like the longest time, his eyes devoured her, his cheeks rosy and breath deep. She turned her face away, hiding it in the pillow. She couldn’t look at him…it was too much. His breath grew closer and he pressed a kiss to her neck. 

     “Don’t hide…” She bit her lip, glancing up at him. He lifted his hand and gently caressed the corner of her mouth. 

    “You’re so beautiful when you come…” 

    “R-Roto…” He sighed against her, pressing his cheek against her clavicle.

    “I’ve grown greedy…” 

    “Then let us both be guttons.” Her tongue darted out to swipe his fingertip and soon sucked on the fingers he provided. The almost serious expression intensified, his cheeks crimson.

    “Goddamn it Rae.”  He breathed, leaning her back into the sheets. From that point forward, he lost the last shred of control he had. Before she had time to react, he’d eased his way down her body, hands gently opening her up. The heat from his mouth lovingly urged the spring within her to flow. I need you. The heat threatened to burn her and she whimpered as he lifted her leg, not caring that she sounded so damn needy. I want you. 

    His nose pressed against the covering where underneath a small pearl lived. I wonder…if my tongue was a brush and my love the paint…where would it go? His gaze turned up and their eyes met. It’s free to go wherever. Slowly his tongue came forward to greet the small pearl that no longer wanted to play hide and seek. She slid fingers into his hair and arched her back, the sound that came from her belly a scream…a moan… both. I love you.

    “Oh God…” I love you too. His tongue played a game with the pearl until she gave in, the pleasure sharp and swift as it led her into the deep. We’ve been apart for so long. Let’s become one… 

    “Hi-Hiro-roto….”  He groaned, glancing up at her. Everything about him… it made her shatter into a million pieces. His fingers came into her swiftly and she sobbed, waves of intensity crippling her. Please. Please don’t…don’t stop…please.  

    “B-Baby…I…I can’t…” The love I feel…it’s bursting apart at the seams. It cannot be contained anymore. He hummed against her, once again using his tongue to paint his heart upon her body. Once again, his gaze turned up to hers and it coaxed her…so sweetly…Come for me Rae. Powerless to it she released, crying out to him. He consumed it all, feasting until he grew full of her. His fingers grew still and he pulled his mouth away from her, breath harsh, hair messy and wet. She lifted as best she could and buried her face into his hair. Without a word, he lifted up by his arms, lips crashing into hers. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and they fell back against the covers. She kept him close, the feel of him heavy, hard and hot against her thighs.

    “I love you.” He whispered quietly,  pressing his face against her breast. She kissed his forehead, down the bridge of his nose and his jaw line.

    “I love you too.” He sighed deeply, hair shielding his face. The scent of their love lingered on the wind and the lights of Paris blazed through the rainy night sky. In the quiet, limbs tangled, they drifted to sleep.


    “I should go.” Deep brown eyes pulled her in and she could see the fight within them. Her heart pounded against her chest and she gently lifted hands to tighten in his silky soft strands. 

    “I don’t want you to.” His thin shirt had been taken off and a white crew neck shirt clothed him. The cool air from the fan dried the the sweat of the humid day from their skin. Quiet and alone. She knew it was a bad idea letting him come inside. Minako was at work and she had finished school early. But she was weak around him.

    “I have to.” He pulled her fingers out of his hair to her dismay and she slowly sat up, watching as he put on his other shirt. 

    “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have kissed you…That’s what started this…” He pushed his hair back from his face and turned to face her. 

    “If I don’t go right now…if I stay…” 

    “We’ll make a mistake.” He licked his lips. 

    “I know I say that all the time but I mean it. If I have you before I’m meant to, I’ll never forgive myself.” She felt her cheeks grow hot.


    “The world calls it sex… just meaningless pointless sex…but with you…From the follicles of your hair to the bottom of your feet… I want to love you. I want to take my time.  That’ will take time and by the end of it all, you’ll own me in soul, body and spirit. We haven’t gotten there yet. So…I want us to wait… until it’s time.” 

    “Y-yeah…I…I agree.” 

    “I’m sorry.”

    “N-no….don’t be.” He gripped the sheets on each side of her. 

    “I’ll catch you later…okay?”

    “Mmkay…” Taking a shaky breath, she leaned up to kiss him, fingering the collar of his shirt. He hummed against her lips but pulled away before the kiss could deepen. Without another word, he left her sitting on her bed, tightly gripping the sheets. Only one word ran through her mind. Rivet.


Chapter End Notes:

A/N: ....WHEW.....I am actually speechless like... I don't know where to start first.... guess I should start by saying that the time a lot of you (more than half of you lol) been waitin for is HERE lol. MY BABIES DON GOT DOWN WITH THE GET DOWN LOL. It got REAL, GROWN and SEXY in here lol. In all seriousness, I paused so many times lol. Like... prayed to God like Lord help me get it together. Had to take breaks, drink me some water and continue on. I wanted this to be special because Rae and Roto aren't just anybody and their love isn't ordinary. Sex is very easy to write and for the longest time, I wrote it well. But, making love... writing love making was something I struggled to do. It required me to involve God in my writing process (Imagine that!!). I had (have) to get with God to keep me in line... keep me focused. I had to come to terms with the fact that love making was not wrong... being a creation of God Himself. But rather, unmarried people "love making" was the problem. Now, I ain't married but I have read Song of Solomon and Galatians in the Bible and when I tell you that marital love and intimacy is the best there is... that's straight Bible. (for real, it says it exactly.) There is a beauty in a husband and a wife expressing the love they feel in a deeper, more spirtual way like this. I wanted Rae and Roto's first time to be and read as poetry. 

Okay... now I'm gon get goofy again lol. WHEW. Lawdy lawd I tell y'all....I about cried and melted all at the same time LOL. Roto put it downnnnnnn for a sista and went to WORK! To think I got two more chapters planned! GIRL BYE. Everything about it was beautiful... simply beautiful. I have some pictures/gifs used as inspiration for the chapter and outfits! <3 Man... do y'all know how long it took me to make this chapter poster?! First of all, the site I was using (Photobucket) to edit and copy link to put all the beautiful pictures y'all saw decided they wanted to be a jerk and make it so if I (and anyone else) want to "3rd party host" off they site, we (I) gotta pay $400 dollars (I kid you not folks...ya heard it right) just to be able to do so! I been using Photobucket for YEARS and it really made it hard for me. Until, I can afford to use the site again, I will warn you now... my works may not have pictures or visuals... it hurts cause y'all know I'm a visionary person so I have to SEE IT first. But yeah... <3 I went through gifs and everything else but when I saw the picture of Sakaguchi lookin like this I was like okay that's how I imagine desire looking on Hiroto's face. I hope y'all have enjoyed this short novel of an author's note lol.... I'm tired and actin like I ain't gotta be to work later on today. *sigh* I hope you enjoy the chapter! I'm pretty sure there might be some grammatical errors... I try to be perfect that way but I fail most of the time lol. I love you guys and will see you soon! God bless! <3 

D&L <3



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