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    It was all a blur. From the touch of hands to the laughter that flowed freely from the stream within. Love never felt like this before. Fresh. Deep. New. Gentle always and never harsh. This was what some people waited their entire lives for and never found. On a level beyond skin, touch and taste, rather sometimes the only thing worthy to describe it was sound.      



    The sound of a streetcar below rattled two still made one by way of limb and breath. It pierced the otherwise subtle quiet within and in the disturbance, fingers still danced across planes of bare skin. So rudely interrupted were the man’s dreams and full of her they were. The radiance that emanated from her being set to consume him once again. In the space, not even the tick of the clock nearby or the sudden horns that occasionally blared in the morning day would be able to separate them. And a blur once again ensued…again and again until it seemed sound and time merged into something quite wondrous. Day turned into night into day once more.


    The morning sun filtered in through the doors and fell upon tangled limbs. The woman slowly opened her eyes. Intensity met her gaze as colors blazed around her. She found herself pressed against a warm chest, an arm lazily around her hip, lax and comfortable. Cheeks growing warm, she turned her eyes up to glance at the man who held her. His hair was messy, covering his eyes. Mouth slightly open, his chest rose and fell softly. He was sleeping so deeply. Slowly, she pulled away from him, the soft silky sheets falling away from her body. The cool morning air rushed to greet her and she shivered, wrapping arms around herself. 

     Coming to stand outside on the balcony, she gripped the rails. All of it still felt like a dream. But the yearning that dwelled between her legs certainly wasn’t. Glancing back towards the bed, her cheeks grew warm. What had happened in the past two days was definitely real. In that time love had without a doubt been made. So selfless, he gave her more than she could handle and together they had traveled up into the stars. Finally, their own special place where just the two of them could live. It slightly unnerved her but she welcomed, needed and treasured all of it. 

    Facing the city, she looked down to find the streets below empty and quiet. She now understood just where his sonnets came from. For it seemed nothing but poetry now lived on her tongue. Without warning, arms came around her and pulled her against a solid body. Startled, she grew still with a sharp inhale. 

    “Morning…” Voice gruff with sleep, lips pressed against her ear. At the rich timbre, instantly her heart skipped a beat. So quiet, she didn’t hear him get up. Nearly melting into him, she lifted a hand and caressed his cheek, shock gone. 

    “Mornin sleepy head.”  His lips turned into a smile as the strands of his hair teased her fingers.

    “You’re up early…” 

    “Paris woke me up…” His lips drifted down past her ear to press lightly against hers. 

    “Come back to bed.” The first mistake was meeting his gaze. The intensity within his eyes rivaled the sudden flash of amber as the sun breezed past them. She took a shaky breath and forced herself to look away. The damage had already been done. 

    “I’m surprised you ain’t hungry…” His fingers slowly slid down her stomach and held her close, nestled in between her legs. 

    “Oh that I am. But I don’t want anything but this.” She took a shaky breath, heat flushing her skin.

    “You just plain greedy…” The famed Iwase grin answered her and even in his quite sleepy stupor he managed to bring her dreamworld crashing into real life. Biting her lip,  she turned to face him. Their lips met as he gently lifted her into his arms and led her back to their secret garden where only the two could play. 


    Eyes stared at the reflection in the mirror and for a while he could do nothing but stare, mind trying to make sense of the glow that seemed to emit from him. He remembered a time when looking into the glass surface brought disdain. Time and time again he had found himself looking and feeling so unhappy. Lifting fingers to glide through much less unruly hair, he smiled to himself. Now the feeling within his heart matched the way he looked. 

     “Baby?” Her voice called from the bedroom. 

    “Coming sweetheart.” He took one last look at himself and smiled before turning to exit the bathroom. Upon setting sight on her, he felt his cheeks grow rosy. Dressed in a comfortable cropped sweatshirt and jeans, he found her incredibly radiant. She too like him glowed like a light bulb and it felt damn good to know he put it there. Her face was bare, fresh and clean and all of that gorgeous hair of hers had pulled into two large puffs, the smell of coconut wafted across his nose.    

    “You ready to hit the town Roto?” 

    “Oui Mademoiselle.” 

    “Lookit you thinkin you fancy withcho French and alla that. Showoff.”  He grinned and playfully stuck out his tongue at her. 

    “Looks like I’ll have to teach you French hm?”

    “Yeah yeah…” Lips pursed, she took him in. 

    “You look really handsome.” 

    “Thank you ma belle.” He came to slide hands around her waist. 

    “I don’t know about you but I’m starving…”

    “Yes lawd…let’s go before my stomach throws a fit.” 

    “Lead the way.”



    The way he loves me is so pure and each time I think about it it makes my heart soar. His intensity is sometimes too much and most of the time I can’t look at him. The adoration that lies in his heart lives in the fingertips that caress me. It gives me chills that someone could love me this way. He doesn’t hide what he feels and it vibrates throughout his entire body. Love with him is beyond the stars… beyond the planets…it’s transcendent. If his intention is to worship me then I let my voice sing praises of my own right back to him. 


    Looking up, she watched as the man across from her lifted a cup of tea to his mouth. A couple hours into their excursion, they had found themselves a small charming cafe in a part of the city she knew neither the name or location to. Fingers stilled, the pen stopping. She hoped Roto remembered how to get back cause she didn’t like being lost as it was. Sighing, she focused her gaze back onto her husband. Deciding it was too hot, he had pulled his hair back from his face, fastened with a tie. He had let it grow quite long… she was surprised he hadn’t gotten it cut yet. Surely, before they returned to Shoutoii, he’d do somethin about it. But, personally…she liked it. All about structure, principle and order, something as simple as his hair growing out meant he was letting loose the way he should. Shoutoii could be so demanding.

    “What’s up babe?” He asked quietly, eyes still on the pages of the book he held. 

    “Nothin.” His eyes lifted, warmth within them.

    “Something’s on your mind.” 

    “I’m just thinkin bout how carefree you look. That’s all.” He pulled the book away from his face and laid it flat against the top of the table. 

    “It’s been a long while hasn’t it?” She leaned forward, gently intertwining their pinkies. 

    “Yeah…” His finger tightened on hers. 

    “I’m glad we’re here babe. The both of us needed to relax some.”


    “I always know when you’re deep in thought. You stare so intensely.” She smiled to herself. 

    “Sometimes I just like lookin at you. I take notes.” His eyes met hers again. 

    “Of what?” 

    “Everything.” His eyebrow lifted.

    “I see.” She pulled her pinky away and sat up straighter, lightly brushing the pages of her yet unfinished journal entry. 

    “I’ma be honest…. I be writin poetry bout you. And I wonder just how it would sound if spoken.” Neatly folding the book he placed it down.

    “I think it would sound intense.” 

    “You think so?”

    “I know so.” He leaned back in his chair. 

    “I imagine it would sound otherworldly, a sound unlike anything anyone has ever heard before. Deeply emotive, surely it would captivate audiences around the world.” She blushed, watching as he placed his elbows on the table, leaning forward. 

    “For example, take the beautiful notes that arise from your lips when we are intimate. They must be but small parts to a much greater symphony waiting to be made.” Her mouth dropped open. He chuckled at her silence. 

    “I guess you can say I too am taking notes hm?” He playfully winked at her. 

    “Well played homie. Wellll played.” The chuckle was back and he grinned. 

    “Okay enough of that. I’m hungry.”    

    “I know you are.”

    “And I know you ready to eat a cow so I say we go see what they have to eat.”

    “Let’s go.…” As he stood, he couldn’t help stealing a kiss, smiling as the blush warmed her cheeks. Sifting through the delightful smell of coffee and baking bread, up ahead in a small window were many displays of breads, sandwiches and pastries. Time to chow…


    “Hello! Can I get you anything?” Rae blinked at the young woman who had walked up to them and looked up at him, her face screaming HELP. He bit back a chuckle and cleared his throat. 

    “Hello. Can you help us with your menu? We are visiting from another country.”  She smiled politely. 

    “Sure! On one side we offer freshly made sandwiches, salads and bagels. In the middle we have our coffee drinks and to the left we have our pastry list. We even offer ice cream here!”     

    “Uh….Roto what she sayin?” 

    “Ah…she is explaining the menu to us. On the left they have sandwiches, salads and bagels. In the middle they have their coffee and expresso drinks and on the right they have pastries.” 

    “Ohhh… okay. What you thinkin bout gettin?”

    “I’m thinking about the French Onion soup.” He pointed where it was and she swallowed, clearly overwhelmed by the amount of French on the boards. 

    “Do they have croissant sandwiches?” He skimmed the menu briefly before nodding. 

    “Ham and Cheese, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Turkey or Roast Beef.” She hummed, biting her lower lip.     

    “Can’t go wrong with Chicken Salad. I take that one… please make sure they put mayo and tomato on it.” He nodded and ordered their food. Finding their seats once more, she slid fingers through his.

    Sooner than later, a waitress warmly greet them and made sure to pile their entire table with food. He didn’t remember ordering this much but by the flush that had taken to the woman’s cheeks, she had recognized him. With a sigh, he smiled at her and bowed his head slightly. 

    “Thank you miss.”

    “On behalf of our humble cafe it’s the least we can do Mr. Iwase.”

    “It’s kind enough for you to allow us in. Truly.” 

    “If you need anything at all, please let me know. I’m Majorie.” 

    “I shall. Thank you” Rae watched her walk away, lips pursed. 

    “Damn. Even married you get hit on.” He choked on some water and glanced at her, cheeks hot. 

    “That’s okay. We both know who you sleepin next to at night.” With a smirk, he left it undisputed and dug in. 


    After hours of play and a nice long shower, they had gotten settled in front of the large picturesque backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Arms tight around her, he sighed against her shoulder. My, had they had a full day. His legs surely didn’t mind reminding him of that and he knew he’d have to get his morning run in. 



    “What do you think of Paris?” He took a thoughtful breath and looked upon the dusky sky and all the people still blazing with an electrically tangible energy. 

    “It’s simply out of this world.”


    “Truly fascinating.”

    “What do you find fascinating?” He smiled against her. 

    “When I was younger, I came here to study. Along with the love of the language came the love of the food and culture.”

    “I see.”

    “Japan has had a long standing history with France so I assume it was influenced by that as well.” 

    “Oh really?”

    “Mm. France had quite a big influence on Japanese life, history, cuisine, everything…even still today…if you pay close enough attention you can see the remnants.” She had turned to look at him. 

    “I ain’t know that… that’s cool.”     

    “I think so too.” He said with a small chuckle; wonder alive in her gaze. 

    “What do you think of Paris? Thus far.” 

    “I think it’s breathtaking.” 


    ‘I’ve been in love with this city since I was 15.”

    “What about it do you love?”

    “I know that France as a whole has good and bad influence when it comes to people of color….but….I can’t help but get lost in the dreamy aspects of it… while not denying the other stuff. I just want to enjoy it as it is…free and uninhibited.” 

    “Mm…” He slowly let her go and lifted his arms above him in a stretch. 

    “I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself baby.”

    “You bet your butt I am! I’m kinda sad we gotta leave soon.”

    “Me too.” She took a deep breath and slowly reached for his hand. 

    “I don’t know bout you but I don’t think it’d be right unless we spent some time in the Word. Whatchu think?”  She yelped as he suddenly grabbed her and hauled her back into their suite. 

    “DANG WATCH WHERE YOU GOIN!” Rich laughter filled the place and soon not a sound but rather the presence of the Spirit of God permeated through the air. 



    The Lord had steered them different, a book never before explored and she began to understand why.  Song of Solomon. Glancing up at her husband whose cheeks had grown a boyish pink, she bit back a smile. Now that they had both tested the waters in the area of intimacy, it was only right that they be grounded in the marital love between them. As he read the some of the first chapter, his fingers gently teased hers. 

    “Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions? If thou know not, O thou fairest among women, go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed thy kids beside the shepherds' tents. I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots. Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels, thy neck with chains of gold. We will make thee borders of gold with studs of silver. While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof. A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me; he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts. My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of Engedi. Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes. Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green. The beams of our house are cedar, and our rafters of fir.” 

    The sound of his voice made her insides warm and her spirit catch on fire and she determined that for the rest of the study, he would be the one reading. Such a melodic voice, his timbre made the poetry within that much more poignant. She hadn’t even realized that she had closed her eyes, a soft smile on her face or that he was now speaking to her. 

    “Rae?” Eyes snapped open and she looked at him, humor radiating in his eyes. 


    “Were you listening?” 

    “Oh heck yes! You made it sound like a dream.” His blush deepened and he cleared his throat. 

    “A-ah…I have a question…”


    “Why is there something like this in the Bible? It’s almost erotic.” She squeezed his hand. 

    “Is that bad?” He looked up at her. 


    “Is having something sexual in the Bible bad?” He shifted his legs and took a deep breath. 

    “I…I am not sure… I never thought anything like it would be in the Holy Bible.” 

    “Lemme ask you this… If God created man and woman…created the very act and intention of what we know of as sex… why do you think it wouldn’t be in His Word, breathed by His very breath and Spirit?” For a moment, he blinked and thought about it, the gears in his mind turning. Indeed, it was something to think about. 

    “I never thought of it like that before.” She giggled and sat up straighter. 

    “I wondered why the Holy Spirit led us here… to this book. But now it makes sense.”


    “Mmhm. When you think about it…in the beginning before the fall of Man there was just Adam and Eve…and the two of them were free and connected so intricately with their Creator. He made them to be naked and with that came a reason only He knows. In their nakedness, I believe it reflected their relationship with Him… open, loving and hiding nothing. Their love, affection and devotion for only Him to see. With this all, He gave them a gift, another creation of his to be shared and experienced alone by the two of them.” She looked up from her Bible to meet eyes and ears that were all hers. 

    “Go on.” She squeezed his hand again. 

    “I think that this time and this moment is made even more special because we’ve allowed ourselves to accept the gift. It just makes me more appreciative and grateful of the Lord.” The soft smile that came across his lips was radiant and the light within shined through. 

    “I couldn’t agree more. I’m even more excited to learn more about the Father through His word. He’s definitely surprised me thus far.” Happiness lit up within her and she lifted his hand to her lips. 

    “He’s definitely got a lot more in store for us… believe that.” 




    Face pressed against the deep line that traveled down her back, he sighed as the morning while still dark beckoned him to awaken. She was so warm and he didn’t want to get up. Sighing again heavily, he brushed his nose against her skin and slowly pulled away from her. Deeply frowning, he dragged himself out of bed and with a lazy hand ran fingers through messy bed head. He’d been indulging in both his wife and the city affairs and his body had no problem scolding him. Right. He wouldn’t feel completely together unless he had. Heading into the bathroom, he got ready despite his desire to crawl back into bed. Pulling his hair up into a small ponytail, he tightened up his shoe laces. Time to go. 



    Her alarm clock blared, making her jump nearly to the ceiling. With a loud frustrated sigh, she grabbed her phone and quickly shut it off. Groaning, she sank back into the warmth of the duvet. She’d forgotten to turn off the damned thing and it had nearly gave her a heart attack. Tossing the phone away from her, she yawned. Rubbing her eyes, she sat up, covers sliding away from her. Room was empty but she could smell the faint scent of his shower gel. Stretching, she slowly got out of bed and made her way into the bathroom. He must have gone out runnin.         Sliding fingers through her hair, she got up and stretched. There wasn’t no point in lazying around so she might as well get up. So early in the morning, he stomach wasted no time in growling and she glanced down at it with pursed lips. Greedy. Just plain greedy. Hadn’t even let the rest of her body wake up. That was a damn shame. 

    Sighing, she went into the bathroom and started the shower. Inhaling the scent of Roto’s gel, she smiled as she lifted fingers to scratch her scalp. It was bout that time again. She’d need to wash her hair again. She closed her eyes and let the warmth of the water soothe her. She wondered when he’d be back. A warm pool flowed between her legs instantly and she bit her lip. Okay she knew that this intimacy thing was brand spankin new between them and all but she found it sad that the mere thought of him made her go coo coo for cocoa puffs. Smiling to herself, she lifted hands to hug herself loosely. Even so, what existed between them was beautiful and she knew she’d never get enough. And that was all right. 

    From the looks of it, it looked like it was gonna be a bright sunny day and she was ready to do some more exploring so she hoped he made it back before then. 




    Quietly, he opened the door and stepped in. Was she still asleep? Licking his lips, he turned the small corner to find her very much awake, leaning on the balcony of their suite. The morning breeze drifted in through the open doors and he took a deep breath of it. 

    “Morning.” At the sound of his voice, she turned. 

    “Mornin baby.” He smiled, slowly coming to stand next to her. 

    “How do you feel?” She blushed but met his gaze. 

    “I feel alright. Glad you’re back. How was your run?” He tousled his hair. 

    “Lovely. But I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” Her blush intensified. 

    “Yeah that makes two of us.” His fingers glided across her hip. 

    “Did you sleep well?” She turned and pressed her face against his chest. 


    “Good.” He closed his arms around her and she lifted her fingers and balled them up in his shirt. 

    “Are you hungry?” She asked, her voice light and airy. 


    “Well, it’s still early enough to grab breakfast.” He pressed a kiss to her temple. 

    “Why don’t you get dressed and we’ll go see what we can get.”

    “On it now!. Mama needs some eggs.”




    Visions of her seem to haunt me. What once was a dream… designed to torture me in cruelty now has become sweet reality. The rich and smooth texture of her and I create a very complex and yet delicate piece suitable only for the two of us. How strange that I too feel now like Solomon, every breath and sign that escapes her a litany which I must time and time again recite until it becomes permanently inscribed on the surface of both heart and body. Oh, this woman in whom the sun delights, the moon adores and owner of the authority to bring me lovingly into submission. No wonder Death tried to claim her, even I. She has a force can move mountains, shift seas and encourage life, peace and change. Coupled with mine, we are unstoppable. 



    “Damn, you forgot all of us back home huh?” Chuckling, he stood alone on the balcony, phone in one hand, small glass of wine in another. 

    “Trust me, you are the last people I’m thinking of currently.” Tobu chortled. 

    “You don’t have to say any more my man. I read you loud and clear.”


    “I  have been waiting for this day for God knows how long. Now that it’s happened, I can say that now I can die a happy man.”

    “So dramatic To-chan.”

    “I’ll take whatever you wanna call it. Dramatic or not, I can live with it.” The two men shared a laugh. 

    “How is she?”

    “She’s doing fine. We both are.”

    “You sound good Hiroto-kun. You sound different.” He blinked. 

    “Do I?”

    “Yeah. Can’t explain it but you just sound changed…fresh.”

    “Ah..thank you..”

    “That good lovin did it.”


    “How’s Paris?”

    “You’ll have to come with me next time and find out yourself.”

    “Soon as I can get away from the job it’s a date.” He sighed and leaned against the railing. 

    “How long have you been working for that company To-chan?” 

    “Too long and still I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere.” 

    “Have you considered a company like mine?” 

    “I thought I explained to you that business world and I don’t mix Hiroto…”

    “Yeah and it all sounds like excuses. You don’t think you can succeed?” His friend sighed deeply into the phone and it was a little while before he spoke. 

    “I don’t know Hiro.”

    “You will never know unless you try Tobu. You’re a talented guy who has a lot to offer the world. Frankly speaking, the company you’ve been working for has under appreciated you and you deserve better.” He could almost see him run fingers through his hair and smiled to himself. 

    “You’re right. I don’t wanna be in the same place forever. I’m not getting any damn younger and I want to make a life for myself and for the future I want.”

    “Alright then. That’s the Tobu I know. When Rae and I come back, we’ll talk more about it. Even if you decide Shoutouii isn’t the company for you, we can most certainly work something out for you.”

    “I don’t want you doing me any favors just because we’re friends. I wanna earn my shit Hiroto-kun.”


    “Alright then it’s settled. I guess I should let you go.”

    “Talk to you soon mm?”





    Outside the same cozy little cafe they’d come to the previous day, she read through her little translation book she’d purchased right before the trip. She was determined this time to ask for herself; not depend on Hiroto to do it. Even though she understood that he was fluent in more languages than her, it bugged her that everywhere they went she couldn’t speak for herself. Alone, she read through some suggested phrases in the food section. Roto had decided to go meet some friends he knew in the city and she stayed behind to get some experience. It was a nice change of pace being by herself. Yes, this was their honeymoon but being all up under and over each other 24/7 wasn’t something she wanted to do. She liked that he respected her need for freedom and she gave him his as well. Comfortable enough to be apart and wise enough to know when to come back together, they paired real nice. Perhaps it had to do with their age but the younger couples seemed to suffocate each other with the constant need for attention. 

    Smiling to herself, she flipped to the next page. She definitely could understand it. There once was a time when she only wanted to go to school just to see him, breathe him and be by him. She couldn’t imagine life being apart from him. What a pure hearted puppy love. 

    Her phone ringing was what drew her attention away from the book. Glancing at the number, she blinked. Amee? She answered, hoping and praying nothing was wrong.

    “Hey A…what’s wrong?” 

    “Nothin! I hope I haven’t interrupted anything!” She put the book down on the table.

    “No…I’m just chillin at a local cafe.” 

    “Oh…where Hiroto?”

    “Meetin some of his friends.”

    “Oh… why you alone?”

    “Cause Roto and I ain’t bout to be smothering each other just cause we on our honeymoon.”


    “What’s up?” 

    “Well I been thinkin bout y’all and wanted to see how y’all was doin. Y’all enjoyin y’all trip?” 

    “Yesss. Paris is perfect… like in the movies.”


    “It’s truly beautiful.” 


    “You and Tre make it back home safe?” 

    “Yeah. Things are back to the same ol same ol.”

    “Good. I woulda thought you and Tre woulda stayed in Kyoto another day or two.”

    “Can’t say we ain’t think about it. But see the way our funds set up neither one of us could afford to change the flight date so we hopped on that big bird back to the Big Apple.”  She laughed, bringing a small cup to her lips.

    “I’m glad y’all made it back safe. I been meanin to call and check up on y’all but you know…”

    “Mmhm you ain’t gotsta explain.” She felt her cheeks grow warm and cleared her throat. 

    “Ma and nem still pissy bout the no invite thing. “ She pursed her lips. 

    “They got their nerve. They ain’t got nobody to be mad at but themselves.”

    “I’m still not over that mess. Tre don’t want anything to do with them and neither do I. Since we been back, we only been over they house once or twice and that was for Erica.” 


    “Speakin of Tremaine here he come now.” She grinned as the voice of her brother could be heard. 

    “IS THAT NUG?”

    “Yeah boy keep it down! Gon blow her ear off!” She snickered loudly. 

    “Ebbie you should see him, he cheesin mad hard.” 

    “Hey Tre!”

    “AYE WHAT’S GOOD BABY GIRL? TELL MY MANS I SAID WHAT’S UP!” She pulled the phone back and sucked her teeth.     

    “Tre you gon blast my ear off with all that yellin. Chill out.”

    “My bad…” 

    “I think it’s ironic that you love you some Hiroto now.”

    “That’s my nigga aiight?”

    “I member just yesterday you wanted to beat his ‘Japanese ass’” Tre coughed, bringing a chuckle from Amee. 

    “Aye that’s in the past now. I found out he a good dude. Therefore, Nug, Hiro and I cool now.” 


    “He gon have to come back to New York and everything so we can chill man to man.” 

    “I’m sure he gon be lookin forward to that.”

    “Look here I gotta run but in all seriousness…I’m glad y’all together.” Her heart warmed. 

    “Thank you Tre…”

    “Aiight. I’m gone!”

    “Bye!” Soon Amee returned solo. 

    “Girl he happy he got him a bomb ass brotha-in-law. Hiroto and him bouta be like brothas from another mother in a minute watch.”

    “Yeah add Tobu to the mix and that’s a brotherhood for ya.”

    “Oh yeah that fine friend of Hiro’s. Yeah he can come to New York too. I show him around real nice.”

    “Nawl you won’t. You gon stick yo claws in him and I ain’t gon have that.” She could almost see the pout she was sure was on Amee’s face. 

    “Damn you such a mother hen over that man. Can’t do nothin.”

    “Ya damn right.”

    “Hm and to think I called tryna be a responsible sister since somebody forgot how.” She playfully sucked her teeth. 

    “Listen, I been busy okay? I gotta man to spend time with and a whole city to digest.” 

    “Mmhm and I trust that quality time been aiight with my mans?” She grinned. 

    “See there you go bein nosy.”

    “I ain’t bein nosy! I’m just askin a question…” 

    “I ain’t givin no details. But know this… it’s special.” 

    “I dig and respect that Ebbie! Do ya thing!”

    “Thank you.”

    “And uh I’m sure you know them paparrazi folks back in Japan gon be all up in ya grill when they find out y’all jumped the broom. You prepared for that?”

    “I’m as prepared as I’m gonna get. Them folks gon learn to stay out married folks business.” 


    “Enough of that…when you and Tre comin back out Japan’s way?” Amee sighed. 

    “I don’t know yet. I gotta plan and save for that. We come up with somethin. Maybe try to get Lee back out that way too.” 

    “Yeah I miss both y’all already.”

    “Hana in too. I like her. She a cool chick.” 

    “Now we talkin. I’m down for that.” Her phone buzzed and she glanced at it. Roto. 

    “Hey A, Roto on the other line… I call you back.”

    “Okay I ain’t want nothin… you gon back to enjoyin your honeymoon.” 

    “I will babe.”

    “Love you.”

    “Love you too. Have a great night.”

    “Night.” Clicking over, she answered Roto. 

    “Hey babe.”

    “Hey. Are you all right?”

    “Yeah I’m cool. Chillin and readin.”


    “You was worried?”

    “Just a tad. I have to make sure mon amour is okay.”

    “Aw yeah I’m just fine sug. What you into?”

    “Nothing much. Catching up with a friend from college.”

    “Oh snap how is he doin?”

    “Good! Perhaps a business merge could come of this little meeting.”

    “OOH! I smell expansion yet again!” He laughed deeply, bringing a smile of her own to her face. 

    “So uplifting…thank you Rae.”

    “That’s what I’m here for bae. Gon handle yo business.” 


    “In a little while I’m gon head back to the spot. Text you when I’m back.” 

    “Okay. See you later on.” 

    “Kay babe.”




    It was all moving so terribly fast and the ride was proving to be worth it. Their future bright as the sun, she wondered if the world they were creating for themselves could merge with the existing one. Even a bit. In such a short time, they had grown even more and she wondered if the world would appreciate it… appreciate them. Sighing, she began to pack up her belongings. Maybe as time went on they could merge. For now, she wouldn’t think too much about the outside world. For now as always, she would allow God to lead Roto and her in the right path… in the right way. For now, she’d let sound speak louder than her voice. After all, le son est tout simplement un accord d’un seul esprit à un autre.

Chapter End Notes:


A/N: This chapter was inspired by musicality and one of (many) favorite books of the Bible... Song of Solomon. I never thought a book like that would be in the Bible and it amazed me how beautifully poetic it is. I tried if you will to almost create R&R's own S of S with their poetry haha. Rae and Roto are literally like..... MY FAVORITE COUPLE EVA LOL! OMG I JUST ADORE THEM! THEY SO CUTE OMG! SO SO SO CUTE! Okay *ahem* lol. This note gon be real short and brief cause I didn't get much sleep last night and I need to sleep lol. SO! lol. Translation to the end is as so: (the sound is simply a chord of one spirit to another). I have more planned for these two...Anywhoo, I'm going to stop rambling and go to sleep...If there are errors PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I love you all and it was truly a pleasure to write this chapter! Rae and Roto are my BABIESSSSSSSSSS and they are growing together so beautifully. Sonnets await...

Till next time, 

God bless you! 

Sunhalo17 <3 



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