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“Mr. Iwase, how are you this morning?” The blare from the lights and the heat was making him dizzy but he gave a curt nod.


    “It is a privilege for you to be here with us. Are you here on behalf of your father?” 


    “I am.” 


    “I’m sure he is very proud of his son taking control of his business in his absence.” Silence. He could feel a bead of sweat slide down his back. The sooner this interview was over the better. 


    “Ah, well why don’t you let us all know how the business is going.” He steepled his fingers on the glossy wooden table, his expression cool. 


    “Stocks have remained at good standing. With sales also overseas, our economy has boosted considerably. We are doing very well.” 


    “That’s impressive.” He closed his mouth and waited for any other questions. 


    “I’m sure you are under a lot of pressure. Being that you are the son of Iwase Shou. What is it like?” 


    “It is something I have been groomed to be from birth naturally. It is something that I can handle.” For now. The interviewer nodded and glanced down at his cards for another question. 


    “Ah, so this is a question from the viewers. The female population is quite taken by you  Mr. Iwase.” 




    “Yes well their question is about marriage. Is it possible that you will find a wife soon?” His throat tightened. 


    “I am not sure how to answer this question.” 


    “A simple yes or no would suffice.” 


    “I prefer to focus mostly on my father’s business. I do not concern myself with things outside of this.” 


    “Ah…Ladies, he must be a cool reserved type.” The interviewer joked to his audience, bringing laughs. 


    “Well, thank you for your time today. You are a promising young man. I look forward to interviewing you again.” 


    “Thank you.” He bowed stiffly and made it into an awaiting car. Windows tinted and rolled up on purpose. Calm. Peaceful. Quiet. His driver made no sounds. Leaning his head back against the head rest, he closed his eyes. He had to remind himself why he had decided all those years ago to do this. For a while, he had gotten caught up in the tide that threatened to sweep him away. But he was a man on a mission. He couldn’t get blindsided now. The dream he’d had was like a reaffirmation. He couldn’t get lost now. His fingers reached up to twirl the small ring around. He still wore it, a token of a love that he destroyed. What it symbolized brought him the courage he would need. With it, there was a beacon of light that surrounded him. He’d wear it until he died. That was his promise. 


    “Iwase-sama?” He gently pressed the small ring against his lips. 




    “It is your mother. Shall I give her a message?” His lips twisted up. He wanted nothing to do with her. He didn’t want to talk to her. But… if this was going to go as planned, he had to. 


    “Put her through.” The driver put the call through. 


    “Hiroto?” He tightened his fists together. 


    “Mother.” His voice ever so calm. 


    “How are you my son?” 


    “I’m fine.” 


    “I’m fine too. Better now that I’ve seen your press conference. You looked so handsome, just like your father.” He swallowed. 




    “Why did you not mention Kiko?” 


    “She wasn’t worth mentioning.” 


    “Why not?” 


    “The discussion was about father’s business. Not about my love life.” 


    “Do you even have one?” He inhaled. 


    “Honestly Hiroto, have you made any effort to even touch the woman given to you?” 




    “The more time you waste, the more and more you become impotent.”


    “Is this all you called me for? To nag?” 


    “I am not nagging. I am only expressing my concern.” 


    “I do not have to explain every little thing to you Mother.” 


    “Ah, I see. You’re trying to prove how much of a man you are now.” The woman had the nerve to laugh. 


    “Don’t bother my son. Anyone can look at you and tell you are still a child. Handsome as you looked, you should have talked about your fiancee. You are engaged to her so start acting like it. I am not getting any younger. Your father and I want our heir. Stop playing games. It’s been ten years. Marry her.”


    “Do not waste your time or mine by calling me to nag. You should worry more about your health than matters that are no business of yours.” That shut her up and the silence was deadly.  


    “I have to go.” 


    “Do you?” 


    “Yes. I am not feeling well suddenly.” 


    “Well by all means, rest.” 


    “Goodbye precious son.” 


    “Goodbye Mother.” Hanging up the phone he sighed closing his eyes. He wasn’t going to let her take the last of his soul. He had grown weary this while but he had to hold on. Just a while more. Carefully. He wasn’t sure he could beat his mother to be honest. But he was going to make a move that would solidify his position. His life. His freedom. It would take some more time. But what he had in the works would surely surprise them all. He had given both of his parents his whole life up until this point and that was more than enough. While he was still somewhat young, he had to break free while he still had the courage to do so. It may have taken him ten years but he finally would take the leap. Slowly, the fear and desire to please had died. And all that remained was red hot fire gently wavering around him, ready to explode. He opened his eyes. May that fire consume him. 








    When he got home, he found Kiko sitting at the table. He didn’t bother announcing himself and came into the living room. At his presence, she looked up. A pink blush in her cheeks, she stood and came to him. 


    “Welcome home!” 




    “How was your interview this morning?” 




    “Are you hungry?” 


    “No.” He walked past her into the bedroom and began to unbutton his shirt. 


    “Let me help you.” She came behind him and moved his hands out of the way. He watched her as she unbuttoned his shirt. 


    “Are you done for the day?” She asked softly, keeping her eyes level with her hands. 




    “What else do you have to do?” 


    “A lot.” She didn’t say anything else and popped open the last button. He swallowed thickly and began to move back. She gripped his shirt in her hands and pulled him back towards her. 




    “What is it?” 


    “Sit down.” 




    “Just… just do it.” He eyed her, not once blinking as he slowly sat on his bed. 


    “What is it Noa.” 


    “Hiroto stop calling me that.” He rolled his eyes and looked away, sighing. 


    “I am not in the mood for anything you have in mind.” 


    “You never are.” His eyes found hers again. 


    “Why do you push it?” 


    “I don’t… but now I… I want to.” 


    “I would advise you don’t.” She came closer and slid her hands inside his shirt, pushing the white shirt off of his shoulders. 


    “Is it wrong that I want you?” She hadn’t stopped touching him and he could hear her breath grow deeper. Her finger tips slid down his chest and across his abdomen. 


    “Your body is so beautiful…” 


    “That’s enough.” He reached for her hands but she shoved him with all of her might until he fell back against the sheets. She crawled on top of him and looked down at him. 


    “I can’t stand it. For God’s sake, touch me Hiroto! I try everything I can. What more must I do? You don’t even look at my naked body. Do I turn you off that much? Do you not react even a little bit?” He breathed evenly, his expression cool. 


    “What are you going to do? Force me to have sex with you?” He asked, his tone hard. She blinked, hurt flashing her features. 




    “Will you find pleasure in my stiff body?” 


    “N-no… I…” Her hands balled up on his chest. 


    “Well?” He asked, lifting up. She gasped as his lips grew close. 


    “I just want you to love me…” She whispered, biting her lip. He looked down at her, his arms stiff at his sides. 


    “I told you before. I cannot love you the way you want. I will try to show you affection.” 


    “Then show me. I know you want a woman’s touch. If I can’t be your fantasy then what good am I?” He blinked, staring into her eyes. 


    “What are you talking about?” 


    “I read somewhere that if a man does not have sex in a while, it hurts him physically. It’s not good for you…” He wanted to laugh. Was she that stupid? 


    “You don’t have to worry about me or my health. I have gotten along fine without it.” 




    “Get off.” She gripped the collar of his shirt. 


    “No.” He sighed and grabbed her by her hips. He threw her to the side and crushed her into the bedsheets just enough to make her uncomfortable. 


    “Kiko this is our last time talking about this. Don’t try anything else.” He slid away from her and removed his shirt before going into the bathroom. He sighed and tightened his fingers into fists on the cool counter. Was she not unlike all the other women in his life who had only sought to use and abuse his body? Was she truly no different? No. Never again. The only woman he would give his body to… the only one who deserved it… was… was… 


    “Your phone is ringing.” He heard Kiko’s voice call from behind the door. He tightened his jaw and turned on the water to the shower. Locking the door, he stripped of his clothes and stepped into the hot water. He let the water soak his hair and body and stood still. Steam rose up from the heat and he sighed. He had had enough. He wanted to be rid of her. He had to stick to the plan… but it was hard. He was trying to be cordial… but it was not working. And honestly, he didn’t care. Her touch made him want to vomit. She was the unfortunate casuality in this war. But he would gain his freedom whatever it took. Once he was clean, he got out and changed into something comfortable. 






    Sweat prickled on his skin. His heart beat so fast he felt like it was going to burst through his chest. He was running. Each time his foot hit the pavement, he pushed harder. Harder. More. His hair stuck wetly to his forehead and his thin t shirt covered his body like a second skin. Without warning, he turned left and headed into the woods. The dense green and brown made his head spin. The smell of the bark, the moist dirt, the leaves made him high. He swerved in and out of the trees as he ran. On his way deeper, he saw a figure up ahead. He narrowed his eyes and jogged up ahead. What was it? Closer he got the figure became outlined. The soft curves. A woman. He slowed down, breath heavy. What was a woman doing here? He came to a stop and stared. The woman was the color of the earth, her bare skin glistened with drops of midnight rain. Her hair was thick, curly, the strands touched her shoulder blades. All around it was wild. He swallowed thickly, his eyes feasting on her body. He felt wrong, doing so. But she was so beautiful. 


    “Excuse me…” He tried in English. Perhaps she was a foreigner that had gotten lost. She stood still, not turning her head. 


    “Miss?” He tried again. She lifted her arms above her head and stretched, arching her back. He felt blood travel south and awake a part of him he thought was dead. He came to life and suddenly blood pumped through his entire body, making him feel alive. A deep line rested in the middle of her back, down until his eyes met the wide round hips and plump smooth cheeks of her ass. Breathless. 


    “You’re certainly getting an eyeful.” He wasn’t aware that his mouth had gaped open or that she had turned slightly, her eyes on him. He felt his heart leap in his chest. Those eyes. He knew them anywhere. 


    “W-what are you d-doing here?” He stuttered, eyes wide as she smiled. Her lips held a secret that he wanted to discover. 


    “I came to get you.” 


    “G-get me?” She turned around fully and he felt the earth shift. God she couldn’t be real. She stood still and let him look, those lips of hers still in that smile. 


    “You could do more than look Hiroto.” Her voice was playful but seductive in only a way she could make it. His palms were moist and by now he couldn’t move. He throbbed and strained in such a wanton way. 


    “R…Rae…” He dared utter her name… almost afraid she would disappear. She started to walk towards him and when she touched him with her fingertips he felt his body fall until they crashed into the ground. She crawled on top of him and slowly slid her fingers underneath his wet cold shirt, lifting it up his body. 


    “Rae?” She leaned down and pressed her forehead against his, her hair shielding everything from sight. 


    “Yeah baby?” He was afraid to breathe, afraid to move. 


    “Are you real…” She sighed, her breath light against his lips. 


    “I’m in your dream this time. But I wanted to let you know something.” She pulled back from him and pulled the shirt off of him. Slowly, she slid her hands down until she had pulled his sweat pants down to his ankles. The ground beneath his head felt so solid, the greens of the trees and the rich smoothness of her skin intoxicated him. He couldn’t tell where the earth started and she ended. He felt the cold touch him and shivered but only for a moment. Her fingers cupped his cheeks and brought his gaze to hers. She smiled and before he could say a word, she had pulled him inside her, gently rocking against him. He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut, tightly. She was like the pull of the deepest ocean and he was drowning. She coaxed him deeper into the waves and he didn’t stop until he was submerged.


    “Fuck…” He couldn’t stop what happened now. He didn’t want to. 


    She laid her head against his chest and gripped his ribcage. 


    “Hiroto…” She breathed against his heart and he wrapped his arms around her. 


    “L-Look at me… open…open your eyes.” She panted, biting her lips. He forced them to open. That smile was back and she lifted and sat on top of him. He was in awe, simply speechless as she moved against him, her hips swirling against his, making him dizzy. Like art, her body became living breathing motion and faster than the speed of light it seemed, it zipped around and in him. She dug her short nails into his stomach and cried out, her head falling against her back. 


    “C-c-come… c-come find… finddd…m-me…” She spoke, several moans following her speech and he felt the fire within him threaten to burst. 


    “N-No matter…what…I’m…I’m y-yours…” She pushed him until he couldn’t hold on anymore and he pushed her against the wet dirt, not caring that the dirt stuck to her skin. It turned him on in fact and her eyes glanced up at his but not for very long. She wrapped her arms around him as he rocked against her until the fire inside spread into white light. Obscenities flowed out of his mouth like word vomit, the English and Japanese mingling. She declared his name, it never leaving her tongue until they grew still. She laid her head back against some leaves. He pressed his face into her neck, his heart pounding. 




    “You’ll…. disappear….if I talk…” He breathed, opening his eyes. The skin underneath him was dewy and slick. 


    “Find me. I’m tired of waiting… come get me.” She whispered against his forehead. 


    “I’m coming baby. Just wait a little longer.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. He sighed, feeling safe. Something he hadn’t in a long time. 


    “I’ll protect you Hiroto. I always will.” He smiled, teeth showing and pressed his lips against her skin. 


    “Rae…my beautiful Rae…” Her fingers stroked his back and he closed his eyes. 








    He felt like his very spirit had been jolted and groaned. The feelings of pleasure had worked itself back up his body and he tossed and turned. Could she still be here? He licked his lips and stayed still. Wait a minute. His brow creased. This wasn’t like before. He slowly opened his eyes. A figure black in the dark moved against him. He blinked, trying to get his eyes to focus. Soft moans sounded in the room and he stared at the woman. No. Not Rae. Not her. He leaned up and reached out to grab the body of the woman on top of him. She gasped and grew still. The moonlight filtered across her face. His jaw tightened. Kiko. 


    “What the hell are you doing?” He barked, making her jump. She looked at him, eyes wide and filling with tears. 


    “I-I’m sorry. I-I just wanted to make you feel b-better.” He gripped her arms tightly and eyed her. She was naked, her hands still underneath the covers, fingers still on him. He brought his eyes back to hers, disgust written so plainly on his face. 


    “Get off of me.” He shoved her back and she fell off of the bed onto the floor. He heard her the moment she fell. He felt anger rise swiftly inside him. 


    “Get your things.” He said calmly. Too calmly. She cried and balled herself up on the floor. 


    “Hiro… I’m sorry. I didn’t… I didn’t mean to…” 


    “Shut up. You violated me.” 


    “If you had of made love to me I… I wouldn’t have had to… touch you like that…” She cried loudly. He pushed the covers back from his body and stood up. Going to the front of the bed, he grabbed her and yanked her up. 


    “This is your excuse?! You justify touching my person without my permission as my fault?” He yelled at her, making more tears flow from her cheeks. 


    “Hiroto please… you’re… you’re hurting me.” He threw her on the bed and went over to his drawers. Angrily finding some pants and a shirt, he threw them on. 


    “W-where are you going?” 


    “Don’t talk to me Noa. Don’t say a word.” He shoved his short hair back from his face and slid into some shoes. 


    “When I come back, I want you gone.” 


    “Where am I going?” 


    “Go stay with the woman you love so much.” He spat before slamming the bedroom door behind him. He got in his car and drove off into the middle of the night. Enough was enough. He was not going to let his past repeat itself. He’d come to a place where he finally was able to face what happened. Years of therapy had helped him there. But this… this was too much. He was not going to let this happen. He refused to spiral down that path again. Come find me… I’m waiting… The words whispered to him by the woman he loved. No matter what… I’m yours. Tightening his fingers on the stirring wheel, he swallowed. If he thought he had motive before… he sure as hell had it now. Rae wanted him and she would get him. He’d find her all right. And when he found her, he’d never let her go again.





























Chapter End Notes:

A/N: I don't know what to say about this chapter just that Hiroto need to hurry up and find his woman! Okay! Good night! Thank you for reading! God bless! 


Sunray into the sky!~~

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